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February 27, 1999


Unto the members of the College of Arms does Mistress Jaelle of Armida, Laurel Queen of Arms, send heartfelt Greetings!


Herein you will find corrections to LoARs and the armorial:





October 1997


An Tir


Rhonwen McBride. Device. Per chevron rayonny azure and argent, two estoiles of eight rays Or and a tree eradicated proper.





Ottar Finnson. Badge. Argent, eight rapiers points to center sable, points surmounted by a hurt.

The LoAR had an unnecessary sable in the blazon.



November 1997


An Tir


Aedan Haukesblod. Name.

The LoAR left off the e in Haukesblod.


Dana Chathair Saibhin. Name.

The LoAR inadvertently added an r to Chatair.





James the Mercer. Device. Or, three chevronels braced gules in chief a fountain, a bordure gules.

The a was left out in front of fountain.



December 1998




Süleyman Khayám. Badge.

The LoAR misspelled his name.





Grainne inghean Dhonnchadha. Device.

The LoAR misspelled her name.





SkallaGormr Berserkr. Device.

The LoAR misspelled his name.





Aubrey Murray. Device. Per fess vert and Or, in pale three arrows fesswise Or and a turtle tergiant fesswise to sinister vert, a bordure counter-compony argent and sable.

The blazon originally had the arrows as vert on a vert field and the turtle Or on an Or field.



January 1999




Alexander Kallidokos. Name change from holding name Alexander of Darach.





Mora Naturalist of Blackmarsh. Name change from holding name Linda of Dreiburgen.


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