Brocc Huntington. Device. Per pale sable and argent, on a bend sinister counterchanged Or and gules between two eagles each maintaining a sword counterchanged argent and sable, three fleurs-de-lys palewise counterchanged gules and Or.

This was pended from the February 1999 LoAR.

Willa of Westminster. Device. Vert, between two bendlets gemel and two bendlets sinister gemel fretted argent, a gout Or.

This was pended from the March 1999 LoAR.


An Tir, Kingdom of. Badge for the Western Region. (Fieldless) A cross of four ermine spots conjoined gules.

Khadijah al-Rakkasah bint Tayyib. Name.

Melyssande Dunn. Device. Argent, a wyvern erect sable winged and bellied azure within a bordure per saltire counter-ermine and azure.

This acceptance overturns the precedent dated April, 1992, which banned bordures per saltire of low contrast. While this is unattested in period heraldry, it is consistent with the types of extrapolation which SCA heraldry routinely makes. As such, it is a "weirdness", not a returnable offense.

Natasha Orionova Zateeva. Badge. (Fieldless) An amphora azure.

Walter of Minstead. Badge. (Fieldless) A boar’s head couped close argent.

William Geoffrey the Rogue. Device. Ermine, a wingless gryphon rampant contourny within a bordure sable.

We are registering this submission despite its similarity to Helmut zu Jülich, Quarterly gules and Or, a lion rampant contourny within a bordure sable. The language of the prior return, dated May 1998, strongly implied that a redraw was all that was needed to clear the conflict, and the submitter has done this. We leave open the question as to whether a wingless griffin and a lion rampant should be considered significantly different in the future.


Aeddan ap Trahaearn. Device. Per fess argent and vert, three billets fesswise counterchanged.

Alys Durivau. Name and device. Azure estencelly and a chief embattled argent.

Nice armory!

Andrew Talbot. Device. Argent, a saltire gules between in pale two swords fesswise and surmounted by a lion contourny sable.

The letter of intent questioned whether this conflicted with Fitzgerald, Argent, a saltire gules. The question was whether the swords and the lion count as two groups or one. The relative size of the charges is unimportant here; the lion is an overall charge while the swords are entirely on the field, therefore they must be in two groups.

Daniél Caimbeul. Name.

David Dayly. Name.

Elizabet von Minden. Name and device. Argent, a lion contourny sable, on a chief triangular gules a rose Or barbed and seeded vert.

Ivo Blackhawk. Name.

Katerine of Roscommon. Device. Per chevron vert and argent, three domestic cats sejant one and two and an open scroll counterchanged.

Magnus von Lübeck. Badge. (Fieldless) An alembic flask reversed gules.

Modius von Mergentheim. Change of name from holding name Modius of Stargate.

Patrick Kincaid of Kincardin. Name.

Richard MacRichie. Name.

Rouland Blackwell. Name.

Thorgrim Bjornson. Badge. Quarterly gules and azure, a cross within a bordure Or.

Tiernan Shepherd. Badge. Gules, a bend sinister checky argent and sable.

Victor Dufresne. Name.


Anna Lys. Name.

Annabelle Phair. Name (see PENDING for device).

Anne Dearne of Wessex. Name and device. Azure, on a bend between two keys bendwise argent, wards to chief, a key azure.

Brian Brock. Badge. Sable, a portcullised wall between three musical notes and a sword fesswise Or.

The badge is not in conflict with William of Houghton, Sable two towers joined by a bridge Or. There is a CD between a wall throughout and a castle. While the usual rule of thumb is that there is no CD for a non-ordinary for the same non-ordinary throughout, a wall acts effectively as a fess embattled.

Catherine Elizabeth Döling. Name and device. Argent, on a bend vert between two butterflies purpure, three musical notes palewise argent.

If she wants an English version of her mundane surname, she may want to consider the English place names Dalinges (1165) or Dallenges (1138).

Corwynn of Tir Ysgithr. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per chevron vert and sable, a pall inverted bretessed between three unicorns rampant argent.

His name was submitted as Corwynn the Lost.

Corwynn of Tir Ysgithr and Katherine Jane de Meritt. Badge. Per pale sable and vert, a fleur-de-lys per pale argent and Or.

David Drzislav. Badge. Or ermined gules, a man-tyger sejant sable.

The badge is clear of Gilles of Lennox, Or a domestic cat sejant paw extended sable. The man-tyger is a period charge dating to 1529, therefore by X.4.e there is a significant difference between this charge and a cat.

Deille of Farnham. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Dougal MacPherson the Tall. Name change from holding name Dougal of Atenveldt.

Duncan Silverwolf McTyre. Name (see RETURNS for badge).

Eyvindr Thorleifsson. Name and device. Argent, on a bend sable between two swords bendwise gules, a needle Or.

Geoffrey Blackstone Stephen. Name and device. Per bend gules and sable, on a bend between a talbot rampant and a hunting horn Or, a log sable.

Gregory Whitehawk. Name and device. Per fess azure and argent, a hawk displayed argent and a rose slipped and leaved fesswise proper.

Gunnar of Jomsborg. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and vert, a bend sinister sable between two oak leaves counterchanged.

Gwilym Coedwr. Name and device. Azure, a serpent involved in annulo between three roundels Or.

Gwilym Coedwr. Badge. (Fieldless) A serpent involved in annulo azure.

Gwynneth Wenche of Wight. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Ilo Isengrim. Name.

Isobel MacIan. Name.

Judith of Herefordshire. Name.

Juliette de Deuxmont. Name.

The name was submitted as Juliette de Duo Montes, but the locative was incorrectly formed. We have changed it to a reasonable French form.

Katherine Jane de Meritt. Name and device. Or, on a chevron dovetailed vert between two catamounts couchant sable, three fleurs-de-lys Or.

Kilian Graywolf of Ravenwood. Name.

Magdalen Galbraith of Blackmoor. Name and device. Erminois, a sword inverted purpure surmounted by a heart gules.

Margaret Raedwulf. Device. Argent estencelly, a wolf’s head erased gules within a Coptic cross throughout sable.

Maximilian Utz von Wulfen. Name and device. Sable, a wolf’s head cabossed argent, on a chief checky argent and sable two double-bitted axes crossed in saltire gules.

The name was submitted as Maximillian Utz von Wulfen, but we know of no examples of Maximillian with a double-l. Therefore the given name was changed to a documented German form.

Miriam of Ried bei Kerzers. Name and device. Or, two lions combattant, on a chief gules a foi Or.

The name was submitted as Miriam of Ried bie Kerzers; we have corrected the spelling of the preposition.

Monique le Basset. Name and device. Vert, a cross flory Or surmounted by a fox’s mask, on a chief argent an arrow reversed vert.

Muirghein of Forest Keep. Name and device. Per pale gules and Or, two trees eradicated counterchanged.

Rhodri ap Gruffudd. Name and device. Sable, a phoenix, on a chief indented argent two arrows inverted and crossed in saltire sable.

The device is not in conflict with Cairbre mac Amargein, Sable a falcon striking and on a chief indented argent two arrows in saltire sable. There is a CD for a phoenix vs. a falcon, and a second CD for displayed vs. striking.

Rhys ap Gwylym. Name.

Seaan Mac an Ghabhann. Name.

The name was submitted as Seann Mac an Ghabhann, but the documentation and the forms list Seaan.

Sibeal inghean Mhurchadha. Name and device. Purpure, a pegasus segreant contourny within an orle argent.

Submitted as Sibeal ingen Mhurchaida, we have corrected the patronymic.

Taran the Wayward. Name and device. Per bend argent and vert, a falcon striking sable and a mouse rampant contourny argent.

Taran Wulf. Name and device. Argent, a pawprint sable between four leaves in cross, stems to center, vert.

Submitted as Taranis Wulf, Taranis is only documented as the name of a god. The submitted noted that he would accept Taran as well, so we made the substitution.

The submitter should be told how to correctly draw pawprints.

Tatiana Gordeevna Kazimirova. Change of name from holding name Tatiana of Sundragon.

Submitted as Tatiana Gordeeva Kazimirovna, there are no known examples of a patronymic ending in -ovna that do not immediately follow the given name. We have thus adjusted the forms of the two patronymics.

Valdis Allrasyster Valdimarsdottir. Name.

William MacIan. Name.


Áedán uí Néill. Name.

Submitted as Áedán Uí Néill, we have corrected the form of the patronymic.

Alfeva Blackfox. Name.

Originally submitted as Aelfeva, that form was it was changed to match the documented form that best matched the time period of the surname.

Alicia of Greyhill. Name.

Arawina of Ravenhall. Badge. Or, a fleur-de-lys, a bordure nebuly purpure.

Arawina of Ravenhall. Badge. Purpure, a fess flory counter-flory Or.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Northern March Pursuivant.

Caterina Lucrezia da Bergamo. Name.

Colin Macpherson. Name and device. Azure, a winged sea-horse argent, on a chief embattled Or a trident reversed sable.

Collette de Calais. Name.

Cwenhild of Cydllan Downs. Name and device. Gyronny raguly of four issuant from dexter chief ermine and vert.

Cynwrig ap Rhys. Name.

Edvard Gayer. Change of name from Edward Gayer and blazon correction for device. Argent, two vultures rising respectant, wings inverted and addorsed, a chief engrailed sable.

His old name, Edward Gayer, is hereby released.

Efenwealt Wystle. Badge. (Fieldless) Two arms embowed and clasping hands proper vested vert.

Eógan Mac Ailpein. Badge. (Fieldless) A hare’s head cabossed argent.

Étaín ingen Thadgáin. Name and device. Per pale argent and purpure, a tree eradicated, a bordure counterchanged.

Jehan Franc de Blauvac. Name.

Magdalena Laurens. Name and device. Argent, a corbie volant, wings elevated and addorsed, sustaining a cauldron sable.

Margalide de Clary. Name.

Submitted as Margalite de Clary, we have changed the given name to a documented form.

Margery Marche. Device. Argent, in bend a torteaux and a pomme, each charged with a trident head inverted argent.

Maria von dem Mäuseturm. Device. Vert semy of mice couchant to sinister argent, a tower Or.

Maridonna Benvenuti. Alternate persona name Aurelia Secunda.

Milko Sanguineti. Name.

Morgaine MacDaniel de la Rose. Badge. Purpure, a triquetra inverted argent.

Morgaine MacDaniel de la Rose. Device. Purpure, three triquetras inverted, a chief embattled argent.

Please instruct the submitter to make the chief thicker.

Morgan Raines. Name.

Thorbrandr Olafsson. Badge. (Fieldless) A Latin cross of bones argent enfiled with a coronet sable.

Thorbrandr was King of Atlantia in the winter of 1994-95 and is therefore entitled to the coronet.

Thorbrandr Olafsson. Household name House Olafsson.

Thorbrandr Olafsson. Household name House Stilhavn.

Victor the Wanderer. Name.

William the True. Name and device. Gules, a winged panther passant contourny head facing sinister, a chief urdy Or.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the chief thicker and with fewer, larger "urdies".

Wolfram von Aalst. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Alonso Giovanni da Livorno. Name.

Amargein of Puckridge. Name and device. Azure, a Bowen cross Or within a mascle of four arrows argent.

Ann Travers of Amberlye. Device. Vert, a hand in benediction Or, a chief Or semy of dragonflies vert.

Bjorn atte Woodepyle. Name change from Bjorn Pile of the Wode.

Calafia, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Serpent’s Talon. (Fieldless) A dragon’s jambe inverted couped Or sustaining an orb azure.

Caterine Barré de Venoix. Badge. (Fieldless) A Catherine wheel gules.

She has permission to conflict with Iathus of Scara, Ermine, a cogwheel gules.

Cristal Fleur de la Mer. Device. Per pale vert and azure, a fleur-de-lys and a bordure embattled Or.

Clara Luisa da Livorno. Name.

Douceline de la Hay. Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, a roundel between in fess an increscent and a decrescent counterchanged, on a chief gules three triskeles argent.

Elspeth of Foxden. Name.

Felix Selwyn. Device. Argent, a pale between four lozenges gules.

Gareth Nikodemos Somerset. Device change. Per pale gules and Or, three towers counterchanged.

Nice armory!

His old device, Per pale gules and Or, three towers palewise in bend counterchanged, is hereby released.

Gráinne inghean Dhiarmada. Name and device. Argent, three triskeles gules, on a chief sable a Great Dane couchant argent.

Submitted as Gráinne Inghean Diarmada, we have lenited the patronymic and changed the ‘I’ in inghean to lowercase in keeping with the usual practice.

Ismay of Giggleswick. Name.

Joia de Tarleton. Device. Per bend vert and gules, two spoons in cross reversed argent and a pomegranate Or.

Martin de Thalassa. Name.

Michael Patrick Morgan. New name.

Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti. Household name La Lancia della Casa Rosatti and badge. (Fieldless) Two spears in saltire proper headed Or penneted vert overall a rose argent barbed and seeded proper.

We found evidence that "Lance" was a termed used in many places in Europe, including Italy, to describe a very small military group, and that Lancia is a valid Italian term. Therefore we are allowing it as a household designator. It is unclear if such groups had names (beyond the leader), but we are giving the submitter the benefit of the doubt.

Rafaela Bianca Manciata. Release of name and device.

Rowan Killian. Device. Per bend sable and azure, a griffin segreant and on a chief argent three crescents sable.

Sabine of Shernbourne. Device. Argent, a chevron between three chalices inverted sable.

Sciath Ni Chúanachtaigh of Clan MacRath. Device. Gyronny gules and Or, a dragon passant azure.

Her current device, Gyronny gules and argent, a dragon couchant wings elevated azure, in chief a compass star Or, is hereby retained as a badge.


Adamestor, Shire of. Badge. (Fieldless) A sea-lion Or maned sable.

Kaarnemaa, Canton of. Device. Or, a raven wings elevated sustaining with dexter claw a halberd sable and in base a laurel wreath sable.

The Canton should be informed that a raven is properly drawn with rough or hairy feathers and a longer, straighter beak.

Laure Aleire de Leon. Device. Per chevron azure and ermine, two natural dolphins naiant embowed respectant argent and a fleur-de-lys azure.


Adele Krin. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Listed on the LoI as Adele Krin of Malagentia, examination of the forms revealed that the submitted name was actually Adele Krin. We have, therefore, changed the name back to the originally requested form.

Averill Danielson. Name and device. Purpure, a fox’s mask and on a chief argent two caltrops purpure.

Duncan MacBain. Name.

Eleanor Kendal. Name.

Ermellina da Urbino. Name and device. Azure goutty, on a chief argent three carnations gules.

The preposition was changed from di to da, which is the appropriate preposition for locatives.

Maire ni Sheaghdha. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and azure, a pegasus segreant argent crined and winged Or, a bordure Or semy of triskeles vert.

Sorcha nic Aedha. Name.

Submitted as Sorcha nic Aedh, we have corrected the grammar of the patronymic.

Vincent of Wildwood. Name and device. Vert, a unicorn rampant, on a chief argent two oak trees eradicated proper.


Aneala, Barony of. Order Name Order of the Golden Swan of Aneala (see RETURNS for badge).

Submitted as Order of the Golden Swans of Aneala, there is no evidence of plural nouns used in order names in period, with the exception of the word "knights." They have permission to conflict with the Order of the Golden Calon Swan, registered to the Kingdom of Calontir.

Alycie Stirling. Name.

Eleanor de Valence. Device. Per chevron inverted argent and Or, a chevron inverted sable, overall a rose gules seeded Or.

Eleanor Flambard FitzWilliam of Winson. Device. Per chevron gules and sable, three cats sejant guardant argent.

Katya Ivanova. Name.

Maidiú Ruadh. Device. Gules mulletty, a lymphad argent.

Nice armory!

Marion de Gael. Name and device. Argent ermined vert, a rose proper and a chief vert.

Submitted as Mariana de Gael, she asked for an authentically French form. The most authentic French form of the Spanish name Mariana is Marion.

Rowena of Seventowers. Name (see RETURNS for device).

The name was submitted as Rowena of the Seven Towers. We dropped the article from the byname and combining the name to better follow documented forms.

Rowena is SCA compatible.


Cana Mac an Abdadh. Device. Per bend azure and sable, a bend argent, overall a phoenix Or rising from flames gules.

This was pended from the February 1999 LoAR.

Gryffri de Newmarch. Name.

Margaret Powell. Name (see RETURNS for Device).

Meridies, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Mereswin Herald.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Transfer of heraldic title Mereswin Herald to Sionyn Muirgen ni Dhomnall.

Sionyn Muirgen ni Dhomnall. Acceptance of transfer of heraldic title Mereswin Herald.

Talan Cam vap Morcant. Device change. Gules, a chevron between three crosses crosslet argent.

Nice armory! He has permission to conflict with Merevyn Hanley of Myrkfaelinn, Gules, a chevron between two pairs of candles in saltire argent, enflamed Or, and a squirrel sejant erect argent, maintaining in both forepaws an acorn Or.

His old device, Gules, on a chevron between three crosses crosslet argent, three pheons sable is hereby released.

Owen Tudor’s arms, Gules, a chevron between three tilting helms argent, were removed from the list of protected arms by Laurel in 1995. The online ordinary says "via the West" in the release because the release was requested by a Westerner.

Zofia Wis’niewska. Name and device. Vert, three salamanders Or enflamed gules.


Alan Fairfax. Name and device. Bendy sinister Or and gules, a canton sable.

His previous name, Alan Fairfax Aluricson, and device, Paly Or and vert, an ox of St. Luke rampant sable, haloed argent, are hereby released.

Alan Fairfax. Augmentation. Bendy sinister Or and gules, a canton sable, for augmentation the canton charged with an annulet Or.

Berowelf fon Haholtesheime. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Listed on the LoI as Berowulf fon Haholtesheime, the documentation and the forms used the e.

Clare Hele. Device. Azure, on a bend ermine between two dolphins haurient argent, a vine vert.

Clarel the Innocent. Name.

Edrich Moorshead. Name and device. Per pale embattled argent and vert semy of roses argent, in dexter a frog salient contourny vert.

Frederic of Lub Shiochail. Name.

Gleann Iaruinn, Canton of. Branch Name.

Isabella Sharman. Device. Azure, a sexfoil and on a chief invected argent three sexfoils azure.

This was pended from the February 1999 LoAR.

Kyra neyn Gilbride. Name.

Leolin Gofar. Name and device. Per pale azure and vert, a lion rampant Or and in canton a Latin cross argent.

Matthias von Würzburg. Name and device. Azure, a bear rampant and on a chief argent three seeblatter azure.

Rikharðr inn Vegandi Svannson. Device. Per bend embattled vert and Or, in chief two mullets in bend argent.

This was pended from the February 1999 LoAR.

Sara de Mowbray. Name.

Willelm le Pied. Name and device. Per bend sinister sable and azure, a footprint argent.

This device is clear of both Nicholas Wolfmar, Gyronny of six issuant from base gules and Or, a wolf’s pawprint argent, and Griffin le Bere, Per saltire azure and sable, a pawprint argent. As neither pawprints nor footprints are attested period charges, and because they have significantly different shapes, we are inclined to grant a CD between the two.

Yehudit bat Rina. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and sable, six pairs of wheatstalks crossed in saltire Or.


Bohémond le Sinistre. Change of device. Per bend sinister argent and checky argent and sable, on a bend sinister gules a sword inverted Or, in chief an elephant’s head cabossed sable.

His current device, Per bend sinister argent and checky argent and sable, on a bend sinister gules a sword inverted argent, in chief an elephant’s head cabossed sable, is hereby released.

Galen of the Axe. Name and device. Per pale azure and sable, a dragon and a lion combatant and on a chief Or three axes sable.

Jacques of Pickering. Name.

Lute MacAlpine. Device. Per pale sable and vert, a Celtic cross argent and in chief three compass stars Or.

Madog Barfog. Name.

Matthias Fledermus. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Robert Blackhawk. Name.

Originally submitted as Robert Blackhawk and changed at kingdom to Black Hawk, we have returned the surname to the submitter’s original form, as this is a better reflection of period practice.

Sorcha inghean ui Aoilleacháin. Device. Per saltire gules and Or, two artist’s brushes in saltire argent surmounted by a rose azure seeded Or.

This was pended from the February 1999 LoAR.


Eachan Mac Gille Fhaolain. Device. Per bend sinister wavy Or and azure, a wolf rampant sable and a dolphin haurient argent.

This was pended from the March 1999 LoAR.


Eleanor d’Aubrecicourt. Name.

Submitted as Eleanor d’Aubrécicourt, the accent was dropped to match documented forms.

Ilia filia Symeon. Name and device. Sable, in bend sinister three mascles palewise between two scarpes argent.

Submitted as Ilia Filia Symeon, Filia was changed to lowercase to match documented forms.

Isabelle Fisher. Device. Azure, a fess wavy and in chief a roundel argent.

Rouland Campion. Name.

Sithech mac Caerill. Name and device. Per saltire Or and azure, a lozenge ployé counterchanged.

William Aikenhead. Device. Quarterly azure and argent, in bend two garbs Or.





Andrew Talbot. Badge. (Fieldless) On a cross moline argent fimbriated gules, a lion’s head contourny sable.

This is being returned for violating the precedent set by Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme as Laurel (January 15, 1993, cover letter) concerning which charges are suitable for fimbriation. A cross moline is too complex to fimbriate. Note that being fieldless is not itself a reason to return a fimbriated charge; while the fimbriation is not needed to avoid a contrast problem, it is nevertheless a valid design feature.


Alexander le Browere. Device. Per pale sable and vert, a serpent involved in annulo Or.

The device conflicts with Vladimir Vitalieich Volkov, Per pale argent ermined purpure and purpure an annulet Or. There is one CD for the field but nothing for involved serpent vs. annulet.

Andronicus Ursacor. Change of name and badge. Barry wavy argent and vert, a griffin segreant contourny gules.

There was no documentation indicating that a byname which is possibly justifiable in Middle English could be used for a Latin byname. Metron Ariston recommends the cognomen Ursus and we pass on the recommendation.

The badge conflicts with Garth ap Ronan, Quarterly argent and sable, a griffin segreant to sinister gules. There is just one CD for the field.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Paramount Pursuivant.

This title conflicts with Paramount Pictures, which the College of Arms feels is a non-SCA name important enough to protect. Also, we’d like to see more evidence of adjectives used as heraldic titles in period.

Brian Brock. Household name Clan Caer Lonn.

The name mixes two languages, Welsh (Caer) and Gaelic (Lonn) in one phrase, violating rule III.1.a, "Linguistic Consistency." Brian should also be informed that Clans were named after personal names and nicknames, not places. Lastly we would prefer to see some evidence that "Strong" is a reasonable adjective to apply to keeps.

Corwynn the Lost. Name.

Although names of the form X the Lost has been registered in the past, English bynames were not formed from adjectival past participles, and previous Laurels have been returning names for that reason. Da’ud ibn Auda, in the September, 1994 LoAR, wrote: "[Modifying ‘the Brown-eyed’] English bynames were not formed from adjectival past participles. We have substituted the documented form.". Given that the name already has a weirdness with the use of Corwynn, which is undocumented but SCA compatible, we are not willing to give the byname the benefit of the doubt. The name must be returned barring documentation that such bynames were found.

His armory was registered under the holding name Corwynn of Tir Ysgithr.

Deille of Farnham. Device. Vert, a chevron between three cats sejant guardant Or.

The device conflicts with Penelopee of the Quill, Vert, a chevron between two hawk’s bells and a quill pen Or. There is only one CD for the change in type of the secondary charges.

Duncan Silverwolf McTyre. Badge. Per pale vert and azure, a boar statant contourny argent.

Conflict with Muireann ní Riordáin, A boar passant to sinister argent. There is only one CD, for fieldlessness.

Gunnar of Jomsborg. Badge. Or, in pale a dragon’s head couped vert and a drakkar sable, sailed gules.

The badge conflicts with the Lord of Lorne of Old (important non-SCA Arms), Or, a lymphad sable. There is a CD for the addition of the dragon’s head, but none for the type of ship.

Gwynneth Wenche of Wight. Device. Per bend sinister Or and azure, a wooden tankard proper.

This device is being returned for contrast problems. The primary identifying element of the brown tankard, the handle, lies completely on the azure portion of the field (the elaborate carving was completely invisible from five feet away), rendering the whole unidentifiable.


Conall Ruadh Mag Fhionnain. Device. Argent, a serpent erect contourny, a chief gules.

This conflicts with Robert de la Tor-Fraisse, Argent, a sea-serpent haurient reguardant gules. There is only one CD for the addition of the chief. An examination of the emblazon shows that Conall’s sea-serpent is in essentially the same posture as Robert’s.

Feyerwary Ersebet. Device. Per chevron inverted embattled argent and gules, in chief a bat displayed sable.

We can do no better than to quote Da’ud ibn Auda, as Laurel, in his October, 1999 LoAR: "The field is not really per chevron inverted; it is not chaussé, it is not a pile, it is not a chief triangular; being somewhere between all of these, we really don’t know what it is. Chaussé issues from the corners of the chief and would touch the base point of the shield; per chevron inverted would issue from the sides of the field (rather than the chief corners); a pile would issue from farther in on the chief (rather [than] from the corners) and would almost touch the base point of the shield and would not have room for a charge beneath it; and a chief triangular would not descend the field nearly so far as the one here does." The device must be redrawn to be one of the above forms.

This device is equally close to Gules, on a pile embattled argent, a bat displayed sable, and as such conflicts with Domhnall Eroyces, Gules, on a pile embattled argent, three ravens close sable. There is only one CD for the changes to the tertiary charges.

Gunther von Lindenwald. Name and device. Barry bendy argent and azure, a trident bendwise sinister gules, overall a natural dolphin haurient sable.

The device was withdrawn by the submitter.

Magnús balliknarr Thorvaldsson. Name.

There is no documentation indicating that "strong merchant-ship" is a reasonable epithet in Norse. We could not register the name as Magnús Thorvaldsson both because he only allowed minor changes and because it would then conflict with the already registered name Magnus Torvaldson.

Wolfram von Aalst. Device. Azure, on a bend between a quill pen bendwise sinister and an open book Or, a monkey dormant palewise gules, a bordure Or.

This is being returned for identifiability and complexity problems. The placement of the monkey dormant fesswise on the bend makes it too small to be identifiable. In addition, the design is unbalanced, and given that its complexity count is eight, this is enough to push it over the edge.


Andrés Miguel Rodriguez de la Rosa. Device. Checky azure and Or, a tierce sable, overall a winged rabbit rampant maintaining a rapier argent.

There is long standing precedent against having charges overlie a peripheral charge. "It was ruled some five years ago that flaunches should not be surmounted by charges (Wilhelm von Schlüssel, April, 1983) and we see no reason to reverse that ruling." (Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, LoAR 23 April 1988, p. 16). Barring evidence that such was done in period, we see no reason to overturn this precedent. We also see no reason to classify a tierce as a field division barring solid evidence that period heralds considered them as such.

Ghislaine d’Auxerre. Transfer of Badge to the Kingdom of Caid. (Fieldless): A spur fesswise Or.

The owner indicated that the transfer was accidentally included on the LoI.




Adele Krin of Malagentia. Device. Quarterly, purpure and argent, a cross patee botonny counterchanged.

No documentation was provided that such a cross, which looks like a cross bottony with added flanges, was a reasonable variant of period crosses.


Aneala, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) A bezant voided of a two headed swan displayed heads respectant.

The voiding here is essentially an attempt to use a tinctureless (or rather, omni-tinctured) tertiary charge. Such have been disallowed for some time. In returning A cross pierced of a mullet Da’ud ibn Auda wrote, as Laurel: "It is true that we have registered fieldless badges consisting of a charge which has been pierced or voided, but in these cases the piercing/voiding was part of the definition of the charge (e.g., a mascle, a rustre) and can hardly be considered as being in the same category as ‘cross pierced of an (omni-tinctured) mullet.’" (January 1996, pg. 27 (Anlon MacMatha, Calontir))

In addition, this badge uses a plain line charged roundel on a fieldless badge, a practice that has been disallowed since Baldwin of Erebor’s tenure as Laurel.

Lyssandre le Téméraire. Change of device. Ermine, on a chief embattled sable three fleurs-de-lys Or.

The device conflicts with Brianna Laurina de Winton, Erminois, on a chief dovetailed sable, three fleur-de-lys Or. There is a CD for the change to the field but nothing for dovetailed vs. embattled.

Rowena of Seventowers. Device. Per chevron gules and purpure, an ankh Or.

The device conflicts with Mary the Melodious Lady of Flanders, Gyronny ermine and vert, a crux ansata Or. There is only one CD, for the changes to the field.


Margaret Powell. Device. Argent, a talbot passant guardant azure and on a chief vert three crosses formy Or.

The device conflicts with Lucrezia di Francesca Argent, a hound statant and on a chief azure three crosses swallowtail Or. There is a CD for change to the color of the chief. A cross swallowtail is significantly different from a cross formy but not substantially different, so there is no difference for changing just the type of the tertiary charges.


Berowelf fon Haholtesheime. Device. Per saltire argent and gules, two axes argent.

The device technically conflicts with Richard of Walterna, Quarterly Or and sable, in bend sinister two double-bitted axes argent. There is one CD for the changes to the field. Under current precedent the arrangement of the axes is a forced change and not worth a CD.

Clare Hele. Badge. (Fieldless) A dolphin haurient argent maintaining in its mouth a vine vert.

The badge conflicts with Anton Hojen (registered November 1980), Gyronny from canton Or and sable, to sinister a dolphin haurient argent. There is the CD for fieldlessness, but nothing for position on the field versus a fieldless badge, and nothing for the held charge.


Matthias Fledermus. Device. Azure, in chief a reremouse and a bordure embattled argent.

The device is being returned for lack of paperwork.


Janet MacDonald. Device. Argent, a ship sable, in chief three thistles proper.

The device conflicts with the arms of the Earl of Aran of Old (important Non-SCA Arms), Argent a lymphad sable. These arms were protected in the LoAR of September 1998. There is only one CD, for adding the thistles in chief.



Abigail Pinel. Device. Quarterly argent and azure, on a bend sable between two domestic cats sejant argent three fleurs-de-lys palewise Or.

The tincture of the fleurs-de-lys was missing from the blazon.


Annabelle Phair. Device. Argent, three butterflies azure, on a bordure gules three mullets argent.

The tincture of the mullets was missing on the LoI.

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