April 2000


Alexander Ó Chonchobair. Name.

Submitted as Alexander O'Conchobhair, we have corrected the spelling of the byname to the correct Gaelic form. The name would be far better entirely in Gaelic, but, as the submitter hasn't said he's interested in authenticity, we have declined to change the given name from an English to a Gaelic form.

Anna im Turm. Device. Argent, a tower between three crows sable.

Anna im Turm. Badge. (Fieldless) In pale a crow perched atop the sinister embattlement of a tower sable.

Auveré de Ver. Name and device. Per pale argent and sable, a double-headed eagle displayed, on a chief three mullets of eight points counterchanged.

A possible conflict was called against Aubrey de Vere, found in Encyclopaedia Britannica. However, according to Morlet's Dictionnaire etymologique des noms de famille Auveré appears to be a French variant of Alveredus (and thus related to Alfred), while Withycombe notes Aubrey comes from Auberi, the French form of Alberich. The names are therefore ethymologically distinct; furthermore, there is no aural conflict between the two.

Averill Messinger. Device. Or, on two bars azure three doves two and one argent.

Beautrice Hammeltoune. Badge. (Fieldless) Two horses rampant addorsed tails entwined argent.

This badge should be associated with the household name House Kyngesbridge.

Bertran de Mellegwenn. Device. Pean, a mountain couped within a bordure argent.

Bethoc of Ravenswood. Name.

Brandubh Ó Donnghaile. Name.

Submitted as Brandubh Ó Donnghaíle, the accent over the i appears to be a misinterpretation of the handwriting in the forms.

Catelin the Patient. Badge. (Fieldless) Two thespian masks conjoined in fess argent.

Colin MacWilliams. Name and device. Argent, two swords in saltire sable, on a chief vert two wolf's heads couped respectant argent.

Constance Glyn Dwr. Name.

The point was made whether the locative was so closely associated with Owain Glendower that its use should be considered presumptuous. There is, however, no evidence for such a claim; on the contrary, Glendower is an entirely ordinary Welsh place.

Duncan MacDougald. Device. Per bend sinister sable and Or, a lion rampant counterchanged, on a chief Or a double-bitted battle axe fesswise reversed sable.

Eibhlín ní Chaoimh. Badge. (Fieldless) On four demi-fleurs conjoined in cross Or a torteau.

Elina Einarsdottir. Device. Counterermine, a unicorn couchant argent gorged of a garland of daisies leaved proper, on a base argent three hurts one and two.

Elisabeth Johanna von Flossenburg. Name and device. Or, a tower between in fess two fleurs-de-lys sable. a base wavy gules.

Submitted under the name Elisabeth Johanna von der Flossenburg, von der appears to have been used with common names and von with proper names; it is rather similar to the English distinction between of and of the. As Flossenburg is a proper name, we have to agree with the earlier return. This time, however, the submitter allowed us to drop the article.

Elizabeth Law Robertson. Name and device. Vert, a fox sejant guardant between flaunches argent, each flaunch charged with a thistle proper.

Submitted as Elizabeth Law of Clan Robertson, we have changed the clan affiliation to a more appropriate form.

Eric McGuinniss. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and vert, a lizard rampant and a mug counterchanged.

Eric McGuinniss. Badge. Per pale wavy argent and sable, a raven and a tree eradicated counterchanged.

Geoffrey of Sunderoak. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Azure, a chalice, on a chief Or three roundels sable.

Submitted under the name Geoffrey Montgomery.

George Henry Waldeweye. Name change from Georges Henri Dupont and device change. Sable, a hummingbird rising wings elevated and addorsed Or between flaunches ermine.

Submitted as George Henry Woldsway, the locative was neither a period form nor a standard modern form. We have changed it to a period spelling.

His current name, Georges Henri Dupont, and device, Sable, on a pile indented Or between two rapiers argent, a hummingbird rising wings elevated and addorsed gules, are released.

Hilderun Hügelmann. Name.

Kirstyn von Tobel. Name.

Marina MacLymond of Craignethan. Name.

Michael of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Sable, a pale fusilly between two falcons close Or.

Submitted under the name Wladyslaw Polonus.

Murdoch Bayne. Name change from Muireadhach MacBheathain.

His old name is released.

Peregrine of Thescorre. Device. Argent, a chevron rompu gules, in base a mullet of eight points sable.

Phyllis Longacre of Ravenglass. Name and device. Or, an iris gules slipped and leaved, on a chief vert two threaded needles palewise Or.

Submitted as Phyllida Longacre of Ravenglass, Phyllida is the accusative singular form of the classical feminine name Phyllis. The earliest citation in English seems to be Phillida and Corydon by Nicholas Breton (1542 - 1626) who appears to have been trying to translate or at least emulate a poem by Propertius. In the original, the name Phyllis appears in the Latin accusative (Phyllida) and using this in translation is probably a misreading of the correct form of the name. As so often happens, a popular poem or song gave rise to a brief vogue for the name.

It seems likely that the submitted form appeared as a given name after our period, so we have changed the given name to the documented period form.

Pierre de Baxas. Name and device. Azure, a decrescent and in chief two compass stars, a chief potent argent.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the compass stars larger.

Riverouge, Canton of. Name and device. Per chevron azure and vert, two laurel wreaths and a stag passant, on a bordure Or three maple leaves gules.

Stefan von Baden. Name and device. Vert, three dolphins naiant argent.

We have changed the given name to the form originally submitted, since the spelling Stefen in the LoI seems to be a typo.

Nice design! Please instruct the submitter to draw the dolphins larger.

This is clear of Marina Ariadne ni Chlurain, Vert, in pale a dolphin naiant to sinister and a dolphin naiant inverted argent. There is a CD for number of primary charges and a CD for orientation of half of the primary group.


Deicyn Moel. Name and device. Or, three pine trees couped proper and on a chief gules a spoon fesswise Or.

Duncan Doyne. Name and device. Vert, on a bend sinister sable fimbriated Or an anchor palewise argent.

Submitted as Duncan Ó Duinn, the client requested an authentic mid-1400's Irish name. Since mixed English-Gaelic names are extremely rare for any period, we've changed the name to an entirely English form. The entirely Gaelic form would be Donnchad Ó Duinn.

Ellen of Blatha an Oir. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Quarterly vert and azure, on a roundel Or a butterfly gules.

Submitted under the name Ellen Fraser.

Emma in draumspaka. Name.

Submitted as Emma inn Draumspaki, we have changed the gender of the byname to match the given and changed it to lowercase to match conventional Old Norse spelling.

Ewan of Balquhidder. Name and device. Argent, a three headed thistle proper and a bordure purpure.

Submitted as Ewan MacLaren of Balquhidder, the point was made in commentary that Balquhidder figures prominently enough in the MacLaren history to be considered a clan seat. As such, while there is no clan title of MacLaren of Balquhidder, this byname would imply that the person belongs to the immediate family of the chief. Since dropping Balquhidder would result in a conflict with the already registered name of Eoin MacLaren, we have dropped MacLaren instead.

Please inform the submitter that a thistle has prominent leaves that extend upwards from base.

Gareth of Eastbrook. Device. Azure, on a chevron between three harps Or three trefoils vert.

Gavin MacKinlay. Name and device. Per pale gules and argent, two wolves sejant respectant ululant counterchanged.

Submitted as Gavin MacKinley, Black (p. 530 s.n. MacKinlay) dates the spelling MacKinley to 1730; no ey spellings show up in period. MacKinlay would seem to be a reasonable period spelling requiring only a one-letter change, so we have registered that.

Geneviève de Clairvaux. Name.

Submited as Geneviève de Clairvaux les Lacs, we couldn't find documentation for the place name. We have therefore dropped les Lacs.

Kareema bint Yusuf. Name.

Kateryn atte Crouche. Name.

Kenric inn kyrri. Name.

Submitted as Kenric inn Kyrri, we have changed the byname to lowercase to match conventional Old Norse spelling.

Kristin in tasalda. Name and device. Per bend sinister purpure and sable, a sun and a butterfly Or.

Submitted as Kirstin in Tasalda, the submitter has requested a period form, so we have changed the given name to an early enough form to match the byname and changed the latter to lowercase to match conventional Old Norse spelling.

Kristin in tasalda. Badge. (Fieldless) A butterfly purpure.

Kristin in tasalda. Badge. Purpure, in pale a lotus affronty between a lotus in profile and a lotus in profile inverted Or.

Melisant de Alemayne. Name and device. Per pale azure and sable, a chevron cotised argent.

Natalie de Caen. Name and device. Per chevron argent and sable, a chevron azure between two goats salient respectant sable and a leopard's head jessant-de-lys argent.

Piotr Constantinovich. Name.

As Escutcheon put it, the client has chosen variant spellings that are non-Russian and thus has ended up with a very authentic Russian name as it would have been spelled by a non-Russian scribe. Very nice!

Rowen O’Ceallachain of Muscraidhe. Badge. (Fieldless) A torch argent enflamed gules enfiled of a pearled coronet Or pearled vert.

Clarion has given evidence that pearled coronets existed in 16th century Scotland, although they were not associated with barons. Therefore we are allowing the use of pearled coronets; however, if the type of coronet is blazoned at all, it will be blazoned as pearled not baronial.

Rowen is a Baroness of the Court.

Seachnasach O Braonáin. Name.

The submitted name is a reasonable 15th century form of the 11th century name Seachnasach úa Bróenáin. Although there is no evidence that the given name was still in use in the 15th century, the name is quite registerable. We have added an accent to the byname, though.

Sile ingen Chonchobhair. Name and device. Azure, on a bend sinister gules fimbriated Or between two natural dolphins naiant in annulo argent a harp palewise Or.

Submitted as Sile ingen ui Chonchobhair, the submitter requested a 12th century form meaning 'Sheelah daughter of Connor'. We have, accordingly, changed the preposition from ingen ui 'granddaughter of' to ingen 'daughter of'. The submitter should know that Sile is very unlikely as a 12th century name, although it is fine for late period.

Solveig Tryggvadottir. Name and device. Per pall inverted sable, argent, and lozengy gules and argent, in chief two birds migrant counterchanged.

William of Blatha an Oir. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Gules semy of annulets, a sinister hand in benediction argent.

This was submitted under the name William Mac an toisich.


Adolf von Steinberg. Name.

Andrew of Doune Castle. Device. Per bend embattled Or and vert, a martlet gules.

This is clear of the badge for Karena del Falco, Argent, a falcon close gules. By recent precedent (see the January 2000 cover letter), two birds which were heraldically distinct in period are a CD apart when shown in period postures. Falcons and martlets were distinct charges in period and both devices show the birds in their default postures.

Ariel of York. Device. Azure, on a bend sinister Or between two open books argent a grape vine vert.

Asne Whitewolf. Badge. (Fieldless) A wolf sejant argent.

This is clear of the badge for Catriona Mairghread nic Dhuibh of Moray, reblazoned elsewhere in this letter, In pale a talbot argent sejant atop a stool azure. The stool is as large as the dog, thus there is a CD for number of primary charges.

Nice badge!

Cainneach mac Asgaill. Name.

Christall MacKellar. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Claire de Mont Saint Michel. Name and device. Vert, on a saltire between four lions passant regardant Or five crosses fleury sable.

We do not register scribal abbreviations, so we have changed St. Michel to Saint Michel.

Please inform the submitter to draw the lions larger and the crosses slightly smaller.

Éadaoin na Slebhte. Name and device. Gules, three martlets Or.

Submitted as Eaodaoin na Slebhte, we have changed the spelling of the given name to match the documentation.

The summary of documentation in the LoI consisted mainly of the Academy of Saint Gabriel client number and the names of the people who worked on it; this was insufficient enough to have warranted pending this item. However, since members of the College provided sufficient documentation we can register it. The College should be warned that in the future we will either pend or return similar submissions for serious violation of section V.B.2.d of the Administrative Handbook.

Nice armory!

Erich Eadweard Kerr. Device. Per pale sable and vert, two thistles and a demi-sun issuant from base Or.

Please inform the submitter to draw the thistles larger.

Fritz der Klewer. Device. Or, on a bend sinister between two wolves rampant sable three Maltese crosses palewise Or.

Grainne of Aileach. Name.

Janeta Baily. Device. Azure, a dove rising wings elevated and addorsed argent within a bordure indented Or.

Knud Kieser Mürrisch. Name.

Submitted as Knud Kieser der Murrisch, we have dropped the article to match period usage and put back the umlaut dropped in the LoI.

Lecelin of Arundel. Name and device. Per pale gules and vert all trefly, a saltire parted and fretted Or.

Please inform the submitter to draw the individual pieces of the saltire closer together. Additionally, if the submitter wants fretty or a fret, the device will have to be redrawn to use a proper fret or fretty field and submitted as a device change.

Marguerite Daroux. Name and device. Per saltire azure and vert, a tree and in chief two mullets of four points argent.

According to Dauzat, Daroux is a form of [fils] de Roux 'son of the Red'. The desired exact meaning 'the Red' would be Roux or Leroux (also from Dauzat); feminising the latter to Larousse would also be possible. The submitter, however, has not requested us to correct the submission for meaning, so we have retained the submitted form, which is itself a nice late-period hereditary surname.

Marie Ashton. Name and device. Or, a sheaf of heather purpure slipped and leaved vert between flaunches sable fretty Or.

Sine Fergusson of Kintyre. Name.

Submitted as Sheena Fergusson of Kintyre, the submitter has requested that we change the name to be authentic for Scotland. To do so we would need to change the name to either entirely Gaelic or entirely English; Janet Fergusson of Kintyre would be a reasonable English form. However, she has also forbidden major changes, so we are unable to make this change. We have therefore changed the given name, undocumented in the submitted form to our period, to Sine.

Stefan Leblanc. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Taran Dragonovich. Name.

Contrary to what the submitter thinks, Dragon in Russian does not mean a 'dragon' but 'dearest'; if the client wanted to be related to the monster he'd have to be Drakonovich. However, he's more interested in the sound than the meaning, so we have left the name as submitted.


Alistair Ian McGregor. Badge. Argent, two crampons crossed in saltire within a bordure dovetailed azure.

Arianna of Atenveldt. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, a winged natural panther sejant affronty, in chief a rose purpure barbed and seeded vert.

Submitted under the name Arianna Katzenfreunde die Wissbegierige.

Adriana Kavanaugh. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Arianna Kavanaugh, the given name seems reasonable for 16th century Italy but, unfortunately, we couldn't document the submitted form any closer to Ireland. The surname in turn is rather exclusively Irish. We already have a precedent against mixed Spanish/Irish names (Jaelle of Armida, LoAR of July 1997, p. 7, with the submission of Sanchia O'Connor); mixed Italian/Irish names are not any more plausible. We have therefore changed the given name to Adriana, a plausible feminisation of the English Adrian, which is found in 16th century sources.

Brighed O'Dáire. Device. Per saltire vert and sable, in pale three lozenges argent.

Cassandra Annabelle O Shannahan. Name.

Submitted as Cassandra Annabell O Seanacain, the name has two weirdnesses: the mixture of Gaelic and English spelling conventions and the use of two given names, particularly in an Irish context, where it is not allowed. It also used a masculine form of the patronymic with a feminine name. By Anglicizing the surname, we make this an English name for someone of Irish decent, making it registerable.

Catherina of Londinium ad Rubrum Flumen. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per saltire gules and Or, a butterfly sable marked argent, on a chief Or two acorns proper.

Submitted under the name Catherina of Dandroy.

Connor Alexander Maxwell. Device. Per saltire azure and sable, two dragons combattant Or and a compass rose argent.

Danielle Delamare. Name and device. Purpure, a seal sejant argent, a bordure compony azure and argent.

Danielle is the submitter's legal give name, but no paperwork was included proving this. Fortunately, while we have no evidence of Danielle in period, it is a reasonable French feminization of Daniel, which was known in France in period.

Dathi Tennant. Name and device. Argent, in pale a boar's head couped close and in fess two crescents within a bordure sable.

Diego de Marulanda and Deborah Inis Glas. Joint badge. Argent goutty de sang, two rapiers crossed in saltire sable surmounted by a harp reversed proper.

Domingo Diaz de la Vega y Martin. Name.

Dýrfinna Knarrarbringa Vilhjálmsdóttir. Device. Gyronny argent and vert, a knarrar and a bordure azure.

Edward of Westmark. Device. Argent, two rapiers crossed in saltire sable surmounted by a ram's head cabossed gules, on a chief sable a sheaf of three arrows argent.

Fine MacEwan. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and azure, an arrow bendwise sinister inverted and a double-bladed axe argent.

Submitted as Fíne MacEwan, the submitter is interested in having the name authentic for an unspecified language/culture. We have therefore made the name entirely English by dropping an accent from the given name. Fíne inghean Eoghain would be a correct Gaelic form of the name.

Francesca d'Aymonet. Name and device. Azure, a bend sinister sable fimbriated between a horse's head couped contourny and a fleur-de-lys Or.

Genevieve Gabrielle Plubel d'Avon. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Genevieve Gabriel d'Avon Plubel, the name had a given name, a patronymic byname, a locative byname and a hereditary surname; we have no evidence that this kind of byname set was used. However, feminising the second name and switching the last two gives two given names, a hereditary surname and a locative byname which, while not ideal, is registerable. Dropping one of the two first names and one of the last two would make this a fine 15th century French name.

Gunnarr Egilsson. Name and device. Paly of four gules and argent, a valknut between three Thor's hammers sable.

Submitted as Gunnarr Egilsson av Uppsala, the submitter is interested in an authentic 8th–10th century Norse name. However, this would be inconsistent with the locative byname, as the name of Uppsala is several centuries and linguistic changes younger. We have dropped the locative to get Gunnarr Egilsson, which is a plausible Viking-era name; Gunnar Egilsson av Uppsala would be a fine medieval Swedish one.

Gunnarr Einarsson. Name and device. Gules, a wolf dormant argent, a chief ermine.

The submitter is interested in an authentic 10th–11th century Norse name, so we have changed the name from medieval Swedish to Viking-era Norse by adding one r to the given name.

Gunnarr Gunnlaugsson af Bláskógi. Name.

The accents were missing from the LoI; we have changed the name back to the spelling used in the submission forms.

Honor of Sundragon. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, in bend sinister four pawprints bendwise sinister between two cats sejant respectant sable.

Submitted under the name Honor Caitlin nic Curtin.

Jacques d'Aymonet. Name change from Jacques le Forgeron.

His current name is released.

Jean Pierre Dubois. Name.

Submitted as Jean-Pierre Dubois, we know of no period examples of double given names that use the hyphenation.

Judith of Herefordshire. Device. Vert, a bend embattled between a horse's head erased and a mortar and pestle argent.

Kayleigh von Brückenheim. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Kayleigh von Bruckenheim, her father's registered name, Johannes von Brückenheim, used the umlaut.

Kayleigh is her legal given name, and Brückenheim is grandfathered to her.

Leif the Wanderer. Name and device. Per bend purpure and azure, a bend between a double-bitted axe and an arrow inverted both bendwise Or.

Lochlainn Ruadh. Name.

Submitted as Lochlainn the Red, the submitter is interested in an authentic Irish name. Since he has allowed major changes, we have changed the name to be entirely Gaelic.

Mariette Dominique du Beau. Name.

Marsaili inghean Fhionghuin. Name and device. Purpure, an increscent moon and on a chief wavy argent three triquetras gules.

Submitted as Marsaili ighean Fhionghuin, we have corrected the typo in the LoI.

Martin MacGregor. Name.

Nikodemos Synadenos. Name and device. Per chevron vert and sable, two crosses clechy and a chimera statant argent.

Richard le Rat. Name and device. Quarterly argent and sable, four rats rampant counterchanged gules and argent.

Submitted as Richard the Rat, he wishes an authentic English name, so we have changed the byname to a documented form.

Please inform the submitter to make the legs shorter.

Sean of the South. Name.

The submitter has requested an authentic Irish name. This, however, would need major changes, which he doesn't allow. Furthermore, it is not clear that a construction like 'of the South' is a legitimate Gaelic byname.

William of Ravenscroft. Name.

Wolfgang Williamson. Name.


Adriana la Bretonne. Name and device. Sable, on a chevron inverted between three crosses bottony one and two argent three roses proper.

Aislynn of Jarrow. Badge. (Fieldless) A flame argent.

Alejandro Mateo Ramirez. Name.

Brian du Bois Breton. Badge. (Fieldless) A fishhook bendwise sinister inverted barb to sinister base Or.

Brychan ap Dafydd. Device. Vert, on a bend sinister between six daggers inverted argent three crosses formy fitchy palewise sable.

Cadwgan Ty Mawr. Name.

Submitted as Cagwgan Ty Mawr, we have corrected the typo in the LoI.

Caterina d’Este da Venezia. Device. Or, a pall engrailed sable between three crosses fleury gules.

Please inform the submitter to draw the pall larger.

Cicilia Tironi. Name.

Eleri Vwyn. Device. Sable, a fret the saltire parted and fretted, on a chief argent three annulets gules.

Please inform the submitter to draw the lines wider.

Emma Grey. Name and device. Or, three piles in point sable, overall a butterfly vert.

Genevieve d’Aquitaine. Device change. Per fess argent and vert, a rose gules between three fleurs-de-lys counterchanged.

Her current device, Argent, two foxes sejant erect gules and on a chief vert three thistles argent, is released.

Genevieve d’Evreux. Badge. (Fieldless) A butterfly barry wavy azure and argent.

Herriðr Freyugyðja Ögvaldsdóttir. Name and device. Sable, a heron close argent, a chief ermine.

Jehan Franc de Blauvac. Device. Argent, a bend sinister gules between two bears rampant addorsed and a rose slipped and leaved bendwise sinister sable.

Kazetani Kiyotora. Name.

The name elements were not documented as such; however, the name is a hypothetical construction that seems reasonable on the basis of attested surnames and nanori.

Maderun Landimôr. Name.

Milko Sanguineti. Device. Per fess Or and gules, an estoile of eight rays within a bordure counterchanged.

Mimienne the Minx. Name and badge. (Fieldless) A mink’s head erased Or maintaining in its mouth a bunch of grapes leaved proper.

Submitted as Mimet the Minx, the documentation for Mimet is as a byname. However, Argent Snail pointed out that Flutre's "Table des noms propres avec toutes leurs variantes figurant dans les romans du moyen age écrits en français ou en provençal et actuellement publiés ou analysés" has Mimienne, dated 1528. Although the name is cited as belonging to the mother of Merlin, she was human and therefore this can be used as documentation, although barely. As this is the closest we could get to the submitter's wishes, we have registered it.

Nostas’ia Stepanova Kievskaia. Device change. Sable estencely, a phoenix argent rising from flames issuant from base proper.

Her current device, Argent, a phoenix sable issuant from flames proper, a bordure gules semy of pheons points to center argent, is released.

Raimon Riquiers de Lymoges. Name and device. Chevronelly argent and vert, in pale three crosses patonce Or.

Rodrigo Falcone. Device. Paly argent and vert, on a bend sable fimbriated Or three elephants statant argent.

Simonis Branaina. Name and device. Argent, a pegasus segreant between three sheaves of arrows inverted purpure.

Submitted as Simonis Branas, we have feminised the byname as is appropriate for Byzantine names.

Stephen Bridewell. Name.

Stierbach, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) A bow fesswise argent, the stock entwined of an ivy vine vert.

There were concerns about the identifiability of the bow; however, when we made the background a different color than the bow, we could recognize it. Nevertheless, please ask the submitter to draw the ivy so that it wraps around the bow fewer times.

Stierbach, Barony of. Badge. Per fess embattled argent and gules, a bull’s head erased sable collared argent.

Please draw the collar so that it does not touch the white; also please draw the bull's horns properly.

Storvik, Barony of. Order name Order of the Owl.

This is to be associated with the registered badge Azure, an owl displayed and on a chief triangular argent an apple gules.

Telse Diederik. Name and device. Gyronny argent and vert, a fox’s head erased to sinister Or, a bordure counterchanged.

Theodora von Schmetterlingswald. Badge. (Fieldless) A butterfly azure ermined argent.

This is clear of Constance von Messer, Argent, a butterfly azure marked proper. An examination of the emblazon shows that there is enough visual difference as well as technical difference.

Ulric the Fox. Name.

Ulric le Fox would be better, but the submitter didn't request a period form.

Valentino Lupicini. Name.


Lupus of Arundel. Household name Wælsinges Hus.

This name, submitted as Hûs Wælsinges, was pended from the December 1999 LoAR to discuss whether either Wælsinges from the Beowulf saga or Volsunga are important enough to protect.

The argument was made that the submission conflicts with the Wælsinges of Beowulf, which indeed were used as documentation. However, they don't have their own entry in general encyclopaedias, and the opinion of the College was sufficiently mixed that we don't feel compelled to protect them despite this. A similar argument was made about the Volsunga. However, it does not matter whether they are important enough to protect, as translations of a name do not by default conflict with each other. We feel that the difference in this case is, while close to the limit, still significant enough. The documentation for the name is scanty, but the Wælsinges of Beowulf were human; also, Ekwall (s.n. Walsingham) notes that the names of Great and Little Walsingham in Norfolk are derived from the name. We have changed the word order and removed the modern vowel length mark to be consistent with period usage.


Catriona Mairghread nic Dhuibh of Moray. Reblazon of device. (Fieldless) In pale a talbot argent sejant atop a stool azure.

By adding in pale, we hope to make it clear that the two charges are co-primary.


Crispin Sexi. Name.

Dai Bach. Name and device. Per saltire sable and gules, in pale two lion’s jambes erased fesswise Or.

Robert of Strathconan. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Yevan de Leeds. Name.

Submitted as Yevan of Leeds, the submitter requested an authentic English name. We have therefore changed the byname to a period form.


Adrienne de Montjoye. Name and device. Azure, a chevron engrailed between two fleurs-de-lys and a swan naiant contourney argent.

Ceara inghean Leogháin. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Cera inghean Leogháin, the submitter requested an authentic early period Irish name. Unfortunately, the only dated forms of the byname are very late period. We have added a letter to the given name to make it authentic for at least the language, as requested.

Christoph van den Brake. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Conmáel ua Maelmocheirgi. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Con'mael ua Maelmocheirgi, we have changed the accent in the given name to the correct letter, as in the submission forms.

The summary of documentation in the LoI consisted mainly of the names of the people who worked on it at the Academy of Saint Gabriel; this was insufficient enough to have warranted pending this item. However, since members of the College provided sufficient documentation we can register it. The College should be warned that in the future we will either pend or return similar submissions for serious violation of section V.B.2.d of the Administrative Handbook.

Dante de Blois. Name and device. Per bend purpure and vert, on a bend invected between a unicorn’s head couped contourny and a fleur-de-lys argent three crosses swallowtailed palewise purpure.

Dante de Blois. Badge. Or, on a fleur-de-lys sable, a unicorn's head couped contourny argent.

Daphne of Colchester. Badge. (Fieldless) On a bat-winged wolf sejant affronty wings displayed gules a fret couped Or.

Diana of the Isles. Badge. (Fieldless) A boar passant azure charged on the shoulder with a fret couped Or.

Grainne ingen Murchada. Device. Argent, on a pale purpure a garb Or and on a chief purpure a sea-horse naiant regardant argent.

Marina Loveday. Name and device. Argent, a phoenix and on a chief dovetailed azure three quatrefoils argent.

Nerak la Tisserande. Device change. Argent, ten bendlets and ten bendlets sinister, fretty, double interlaced alternately gules and sable.

The fretty of two colors motif is grandfathered to the submitter. Her current device, Argent, ten bendlets and ten bendlets sinister debased, fretty double interlaced, alternately gules and sable, in chief a mullet inverted vert, is released.

Pelacho del Corazón Carinoso. Name and device. Quarterly sable and gules, in saltire a heart between four Latin crosses bottony Or.

Susannah Makejoy. Device. Argent, a cock close within a bordure sable.

Theodora Damaskena. Name and device. Vert, a dragon's head contourny issuant from base Or and on a chief argent two wings conjoined sable.

Ximena Yannez de Talavera. Name and device. Per chevron azure and vert, three crosses of Santiago Or.

This is clear of Cathleen de Barre, Gules, three crosses crosslet fitchy Or. There is a CD for the field and there is a CD for type of cross.


Accolon Shadowhawk. Device. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a bird rising maintaining a cup counterchanged.

Ælfflæd æt Weþmor. Name and device. Azure, a fess between six crescents argent.

Nice armory!

Aleksandra Drakonova. Device. Argent, an owl displayed sable, on a chief vert three decrescents argent.

Ana of Shelmerdine. Name.

Submitted as Anu of Shelmerdine, this name has two weirdnesses: it combines English and Irish orthography, and the form Anu was only found before 1300 and Selmerdine is dated to the 16th century, therefore the name is temporally incompatible. We have, therefore, changed the given name to a late period form.

Brighid inghean Mhurchada. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Brighid inghean Murcatt, no evidence was given to show that Murcatt was a reasonable constructed name; in particular, there is no evidence of any Irish name formed from cat. The submitter allowed the name Murchad to be used instead; we have put it into the genitive and lenited it.

Please inform the submitter that for most of our period Gaelic speakers considered Brighid too holy to use as a name; instead they used devotional forms such as Giolla Bhridghdhe (a man's name) and Maol Bhridghdhe.

Brighid ni Chearnaigh. Badge. Vert semy of acorns Or.

Brigit ingen Charthaig. Name and device. Argent, an oak leaf vert between three decrescents gules.

Submitted as a Brigit inghean Carthaig, the submitter requested an authentic Irish name. The given name is not authentically Irish; for much of our period the Irish considered Brigit too holy to use as a name. We could change it to the devotional form Mael Bridge, but that was a more major change than we felt we could make. The patronymic marker was changed to the Old Irish form to match the rest of the name, and Carthaig was lenited; the lenition of voiceless consonants was written even in Old Irish.

Cainwen Prenrhos. Device. Azure, three annulets interlaced one and two within a bordure Or.

Calandra Aldobrandi. Name.

Cecil Dupont. Name.

Coldedernhale, Shire of. Branch name (see RETURNS for device).

This was listed on the letter of intent as Coldernhale, but the forms showed the above spelling, which also matched the documentation.

Demetrios Kantakouzenos. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Dougal of Icolmkill. Device. Per fess argent and Or, an ogress between two dogs courant in annulo gules.

Please inform the submitter that two dogs in annulo should have their backs more curved.

Éile ingen uí Riain. Name and device. Vert, two scarpes Or between a mouse statant contourny and a Celtic cross argent.

Elisabetta da Firenze. Name.

Elisée du Lyonnais. Transfer of badge to device. Per fess vert and Or, a sea-lion within a bordure counterchanged.

The submitter previously did not have a device.

Elsbeth Schneewolf. Name.

Erich Jäger. Name and device. Sable, five wolf's heads erased ululant contourny two two and one argent.

Fíne ingen Áeda. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Fína ingen Áeda, the given name is only documented as Fíne. The example cited from the Academy of Saint Gabriel letter was a misreading of the listing for this name in Ó Corráin and Maguire, Irish Names.

Gilcrist O'Phelan. Name.

Guilin Frouville le Coyfer. Name and device. Argent, a sea-goat purpure and a chief wavy vert.

Hildegard von Garmisch. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, two horse's heads issuant from the line of division counterchanged.

Submitted as Hildegard von der Zugspitze, the submitter originally requested von Garmisch, but was unable to find a period reference to the town. Fause Lozenge found evidence that the town existed in period. While he was unable to show this spelling for the name in period, as a standard modern spelling it is registerable; furthermore, we suspect that the given form is plausible for the end of our period.

The device motif is currently registerable; it follows a pattern found in Siebmacher's Wappenbuch, using linden leaves, and Palimpsest has found a 15th century example of a similar motif using wolf heads.

Horsa of Schleswig. Name and device. Argent, a chevron inverted gules surmounted by two spears palewise, in chief a Saxon helm sable.

The submitter requested an authentic 7th century Anglo-Saxon name. We were unable to do this as Schleswig is found only as a German name.

Joseph Grünewald of York. Device. Sable, two chevronels braced and on a chief Or a compass star gules.

Karl Königsberg. Name.

Katerine d'Amiens. Name and device. Purpure, a unicorn rampant contourny and on a chief double-arched argent a thistle sable.

Submitted as Katherine d'Amiens, she requested an authentic 13th-14th c. French name. We used the form from the 1292 Paris census that was the closest match to her submission.

Katherine Mercer. Name and device. Azure, two chevronels argent between three mullets Or.

Keina ferch Siôn. Name.

Leoba von Mainz. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Lucina la frepière. Name and device. Azure, three acorns conjoined in pall and a chief rayonny argent.

Lucina la frepière. Badge. (Fieldless) Three acorns conjoined in pall argent.

Lupo de Luna. Name and device. Gyronny vert and Or, in pale a plate and a wolf's head caboshed argent.

Submitted as Lupo del Luna, del can only be used with a masculine noun. Furthermore, no documentation was given for the formation of the moon; however, Luna is a period place in Spain, so we dropped the article to make de Luna.

Malachie Rembert. Name.

Maximilian von Aurich. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Listed on the LoI as Maximillian von Aurich, the name was changed to reflect the forms and the documentation.

Michael Colquhoun. Name and device. Sable, a winged sword inverted wings elevated argent.

The device is clear of Leanna fran Laga Sable Klinga, Sable, between two wings conjoined two arrows in saltire, overall a sword wavy inverted, all argent and Conrad MacAllyn, Gules, a sword inverted between a pair of wings inverted argent. A comparison of the emblazons revealed that there was no visual conflict, and there is sufficient technical difference.

Morgan de Ath. Name.

Olaf of Blackhawk. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per bend sinister sable and Or, a shamrock counterchanged.

Submitted under the name Olaf Bygolly.

Orianna Azzurro. Name.

Submitted as Orionna Azzurro, no one was able to find examples of the given name with an "o." We have thus replaced the given name with a documented example as the submitter specifically allows.

Phillip MacGregor. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and azure, a sheaf of three wheat stalks and an escallop counterchanged.

Rachel Lamorran. Device. Vert, a swan naiant, in chief three fleurs-de-lys argent.

Renaud de Launay. Name and device. Lozengy Or and vert, a patriarchal cross flory gules.

Rickard of Gwyntarian. Name.

Roderick McCracken. Name and device. Sable, a kraken argent.

Sorcha Brecc ingen Donnchada. Name and device. Azure, three escallops inverted between two bendlets argent.

Stefan der Polle. Name and device. Per chevron embattled gules and argent, two swans naiant and a boar's head erased counterchanged.

Sunnifa Gunnarsdottir. Name.

Ulrich von Zähringen. Name.

Vivienne de la Chartreuse. Name and device. Azure, a unicorn rampant argent and a chief lozengy purpure and argent.

Please instruct the submitter to draw a more substantial beard on the unicorn.

Ysabel Natalia Osorio de León. Device. Per chevron purpure and vert, two lions combattant Or and a chalice argent.

Yseult the Gentle. Name and device. Vert semy of pears slipped and leaved, on a chief Or three pimpernels gules.


Eleanor d'Aubrecicourt. Device. Per pale vert and azure, a roundel and a chief argent.

This was pended from the December 1999 LoAR.



Alina Marie de Valenciennes. Device. Per bend gules and sable, a bend between a sun in his splendour and a lion’s head cabossed Or.

Conflict with Christopher of Lions' Nest, Per bend gules and sable, a bend between a winged lion passant guardant to sinister and a raffia-covered wine bottle Or. There is only a single CD for the change of type of the secondary charges.

Avarga Chagaadai. Name.

According to Pennon, Avarga may very well mean 'Giant' or 'Big One' in Modern Mongolian, specifically the Khalkhan dialect; also, this fits the pattern of elements used in Mongol naming practices. Unfortunately, however, this would not be the word used in period. The Khalkhan dialect has changed the spelling of some original words and time has added not only words but letters to the language. V is not found in Mongol words prior to 1206 when Genghis Khan ordered the use of the Uighur script for writing Mongolian. Its use came in with the importing of words from other cultures and did not find its way into Mongolian names until after period.

The word the submitter is looking for is Yeke. Meaning literally 'great' it is used as a synonym for 'big' and 'large' also. There are several instances of its use as a personal name element in period. In the Index of the Secret History of the Mongols, translated by Francis Woodman Cleaves (Professor Emeritus of Harvard University) there are 6 instances of Yeke: Yeke Barula, Yeke Cheren, Yeke Chiledü, Yeke Nerghürin, and Yeke Nidün.

The spelling of Chagaadai is modern - a good attempt, but modern none the less. As the submitter allows minor changes, we would have changed it to Chaghadai; however, the change from Avarga to Yeke is far too major for us to make.

We suggest Yeke Chaghadai as a more period name with the desired meaning.

Daibhidh Clàrsair. Device. Per bend sinister purpure and sable, a rose slipped and a sword crossed in saltire argent between four harps Or.

This is being returned for a redraw. The harps need to be drawn with a distinct sound board, as this is the feature that best identifies the posture of the charge. As drawn, we were unable to determine the orientation of the charge beyond knowing that it was not the default orientation.

Geoffrey Montgomery. Name.

His legal name is Jeffrey Montgomery; your primary persona name must differ at least slightly from your legal name. His arms were registered under the holding name Geoffrey of Sunderoak.

Wladyslaw Polonus. Name.

As Polonus means 'the Pole' or 'of Poland', this name conflicts with the three kings cited on the Letter of Intent: Wladyslaw I (king of Poland from 1306), Wladyslaw II (king from 1386) and Wladyslaw III (king from 1434).

The device has been registered under the holding name Michael of Abhainn Cíach Ghlais.


Blatha an Oir, Barony of. Order name L'Ordre de l'Hèrme d'Or.

An OED citation for the English herm is not sufficient to document the French hèrme. Even if the word were documented as a period French word, we would have the problem that hèrme seems too specific to be used in an order name — Order of the Statue would be fine but Order of the Statue of Hermes much less so.

Brian Ó Duinn. Name.

This conflicts with the registered name of Brianna O Duinn.

David of Moffat. Badge. (Fieldless) A demi-lion rampant erased argent gorged of a coronet of three points azure and maintaining an escutcheon gules.

Conflict with Roger de Bremble, Per pale sable and gules, issuant from a torse argent and sable a demi-lion erect argent, grasping in its dexter paw a sprig of bramble vert, fimbriated argent. There is a CD for fieldlessness (of David's badge) and there is not a CD for the change of the maintained charges. There is also not a CD for the addition of the coronet to David's badge, a demi-lion is large enough that such a change is insignificant as it would be for a whole beast. Finally, the torse in Roger's badge is not significant enough to count as a co-primary.

There is another issue to consider with this badge: whether it is sufficiently different from his real world crest, A demi-lion rampant Argent gorged of a coronet of four fleurs-de-lis (one and two halves visible) Azure holding between his paws an escutcheon Gules. The Administrative Handbook (III.A.9) states No name or device will be registered to a submitter if it is identical to a name or device used by the submitter for purposes of identification outside of a Society context. This includes legal names, common use names, armory, trademarks and other items registered with mundane authorities that serve to identify an individual or group...Any change that causes a blazonable difference between mundane and Society arms is sufficient to allow registration by Laurel. A crest falls into the other items category so this badge must have a blazonable difference to be registered. David of Moffat argued that it differed in two ways: that the coronet on his badge is a default coronet of three points and thus different from the coronet of fleurs-de-lys, and that his badge had a demi-lion erased, while the reasonable assumption for a crest is that the demi-lion is couped. While it has been true that the default coronet is a simple coronet of three points, we have for a while now been allowing the blazon coronet to be used with any period depiction of a coronet that is not otherwise reserved, e.g. a coronet could not be drawn as an embattled coronet unless the owner of the armory was a Count or Countess. Thus the difference between a coronet and a coronet of four fleurs-de-lys is not sufficient to make two pieces are armory non-identical. There is, however, a blazonable difference between a coronet of three points and a coronet of four fleurs-de-lys so we have increased the difference between the badge and crest by explicitly blazoning the type of crown.

As for the erasing of the demi-lion, the evidence provided was convincing that a demi-beast issuant from the torse would not normally be drawn as erased, thus the erasing of the lion is also a blazonable difference. Therefore, if there were no conflict, this badge would be (barely) sufficiently different from David of Moffat's real-world crest to allow registration.

Ellen Fraser. Name.

This conflicts with the registered name of Eileen Fraser.According to the Rules for Submissions, section V.1.a.i, "Two given names are significantly different only if they differ significantly in sound and appearance". While the difference between the pronunciations of Ellen and Eileen is not altogether insignificant, it would make this a borderline case. However, they do not differ significantly in appearance.

Her device is registered under the holding name Ellen of Blatha an Oir.

Kenric inn kyrri. Badge. Azure, a sledge hammer Or surmounted by an open book argent.

Visual conflict with Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain, Azure, an open book argent, overall an estoc inverted Or. An estoc is a type of sword, and a comparison of the emblazons showed that the visual resemblance was overwhelming.

William Mac an toisich. Name.

This name conflicts with the registered name of Uilleam Mackintosh.

His device is registered under the holding name William of Blatha an Oir


Anna Graham of Montrose. Name and device. Azure, a bend sinister wavy between a horseshoe and a thistle Or.

Submitted as Anna Graham of Montrose. While adding of Montrose clears the earlier conflict with Hannah Graham it adds the new problem that the Graham chiefs are also the Dukes (originally Earls) of Montrose. This means that the submitted name would have been used only by a member of the immediate family of the clan chief and is thus presumptuous. As the submitter doesn't allow us to drop Graham, we have to return this.

The device conflicts with Miriam of Gateacre, Azure, a bend sinister wavy between two Lacy knots Or. There is only a single CD for the change of type of the secondary charges.

Cainneach mac Asgaill. Device. Sable, an annulet argent.

Conflict with Minowara Kiritsubo, Sable, an annulet surmounted by three dragon's claws in pall conjoined at the tips argent between, as an augmentation, in fess two bezants and in pale in annulo an Oriental dragon passant to sinister and another passant inverted Or. The base armory is still protected, even with the augmentation, so there is only a single CD for the deletion of the overall charge group.

Christall MacKellar. Device. Azure, a chevron between two hunting horns and a slaughteraxe Or.

Conflict with Edmund Middleton of York, Azure, a chevron between three estoiles Or. There is a single CD for the change of type of the secondary charges.

Dietrich Schneewolf. Device. Vert, three snowflakes in bend between two wolves statant argent.

Blazoned as escarbuncles of six, the emblazon clearly shows the charges to be snowflakes, which have been disallowed since the cover letter of the August 1994 LoAR. While not a cause for return, please also inform the submitter that the motif three <X> in bend between two <Y> is at best extremely rare in period armory, and we recommend that the submitter choose a more authentic design.

Katrine Eberly. Badge. (Fieldless) A cubit arm fesswise reversed palm to chief argent sustaining flames Or.

The cupped hand is neither a documented nor a recognizable position. Furthermore, the cubit arm is neither fesswise, nor particularly bendwise sinister, and therefore cannot be accurately blazoned.

Stefan Leblanc. Name and device. Azure, a pall inverted between three fleurs-de-lys argent.

Conflict with Arlette des Saules, Azure, on a pall inverted between three fleurs-de-lys argent a decrescent azure. There is only one CD for the addition of the tertiary charge.


Arianna Katzenfreunde die Wissbegierige. Name.

The submitter stated that Katzenfreunde was found in Bahlow, Deutsches Namenlexikon, under Katz, but the word is found there only has a possible derivation for Katz, not as a name. The submitter should also be informed that Wissbegierige, inquisitive, is an unlikely descriptive epithet, being both overly complex and overly abstract.

Her armory was registered under the name Arianna of Atenveldt.

Adriana Kavanaugh. Device. Vert, a chevron ployé between two feathers bendwise sinister and an open scroll argent.

Conflict with Caitlyn Emrys, Vert, a chevron between three peacocks pavonated to base argent, and Harrys Rob of Wamphray, Vert, a chevron between three winged spurs argent. In both cases there is only a single CD for the type of the secondary charges.

Brenna Michaela Sine Macghie of Clan MacKay. Name.

There are several problems with the name. Brenna is not Gaelic, but is justfiable as possibly Italian. This makes the name acceptable by itself, but not with the rest of the name. The mixture of English and Gaelic spellings in the name is a weirdness. Furthermore, there is no evidence of Scottish or Irish names with two given names, much less three. Also, there is no evidence of the use of Clan <X> in names. Lastly, the Macghie of MacKay implied that the submitter is the clan chief or the clan chief's daughter, which is presumptuous. The submitter should also be informed that Michaela is not Irish.

Catherina of Dandroy. Name.

No documentation was presented, and none could be found, showing that Dandroy is a period place name or can be constructed from period elements. We recommend as a substitution the French patronymic d'André, from Dauzat, Dictionnaire étymologique (s.n. Daudray), but did not feel we could make the change without consulting with Catherina.

Her armory was registered under the name Catharina of Londinium ad Rubrum Flumen

Dulcinea Hurtado de Mendoza. Name and device. Gules, on a chevron inverted Or three escallops sable.

The given name Dulcinea appears first in Miguel Cervantes Saavedra's Don Quijote. Unfortunately, the first volume of the novel was published in 1605. Furthermore, even in the book Dulcinea was not the person's real name but instead a "romance" name given by Don Quijote to his love.

The device was withdrawn by the submitter. In addition, it conflicts with Kökö Erdene, Gules, on a chevron inverted Or a lozenge azure. There is but a single CD for multiple changes to the tertiary charges.

Genevieve Gabrielle Plubel d'Avon. Device. Purpure, a horse's head couped argent gorged of a collar Or, a bordure Or semy of grapes purpure.

The head is not gorged of a collar, but rather is issuant from a collar lying along a diagonal. As we have neither any examples of couping on a diagonal, nor any examples of animal heads emerging from a collar, the device is two steps from period practice. Please inform the submitter that couping is a horizontal line, and that the collar should be parallel to and above the line of couping.

Honor Caitlin nic Curtin. Name.

This name has the weirdness of mixing English and Gaelic spelling plus the problem of two given names in Irish. Both problems could be solved by dropping Caitlin, but the submitter allowed no major changes.

Her armory was registered under the holding name Honor of Sundragon.

Johann Wolfgang von Hesse. Device. Argent, a cross quadrate formy fitchy, a chief dovetailed sable.

Conflict with Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin, Argent, a cross patty sable. A comparison of the emblazons shows that the addition of the quadrate is not enough of a change, when used on a formy cross, to generate difference. Therefore, there is a single CD for the addition of the chief.

Kayleigh von Brückenheim. Device. Azure, on a pale between two towers Or an artist's brush and a reed pen inverted in saltire sable.

The pen and the brush were difficult to tell apart, particularly as both were drawn as black silhouettes. Therefore, this must be returned for using two similar but non-identical charges on a device (the sword and dagger precedent).

Michela Delfino. Device. Azure, a cross argent between in chief two sets of five mullets in saltire Or and in base two dolphins haurient respectant argent.

Conflict with Greece (important real-world arms), Azure, a cross argent. There is only a single CD for the addition of the secondary charges.


Arcturius Aleator. Device. Or, a die vert marked Or.

While dice were shown in perspective, the known period examples depicted them face forward, rather than edge forward. This minimizes the effect of perspective. Therefore, we must return this device for redrawing.

Rowen ferch Rhys. Device. Argent, a saltire sable between three estoiles of four greater and four lesser rays, two in fess and one in base gules.

The device is two steps from period practice; we found no evidence for estoiles of eight rays, nor for estoiles of greater and lesser points.


Alycie Stirling. Device. Gules, a ferret statant argent.

Conflict with Rima of Rockridge, Gules, an ermine statant guardant proper, with no CD's for tincture (ermines are primarily white) or the position of the head. The device is also in conflict with the badge for Brittany, An ermine passant argent marked sable. There is only a CD for fieldlessness.

Robert of Strathconan. Device. Sable, a lion’s head erased argent langued gules.

Conflict with Grik Alfriksson, Sable, a natural panther's head couped between three compass stars argent. There is not a CD for the changes to the head, so there is only a single CD for the deletion of the compass stars. The device is also in conflict with Alphia Biraz-pars, Sable, a natural leopard's head couped Or marked sable. There is only a single CD for the tincture of the head.


Ceara inghean Leogháin. Device. Per bend azure and vert, a winged Bengal tiger passant argent striped sable.

Conflict with a badge for the Barony of Windmasters' Hill, A winged cat passant, forepaw extended, wings elevated and addorsed, argent and with a badge for Alain FitzWilliam l'Aileleon, Per pale Or and gules, a winged lion statant argent. There is not a CD for the addition of the stripes to the tiger, therefore there is only a single CD for the change or addition of the field.

Christoph van den Brake. Device. Sable, in pale a compass star and a caravel argent.

Conflict with Runa Ragnarsdóttir, Sable, a drakkar argent. By long standing precedent, there is not a CD between two types of ship, therefore there is just the single CD for the addition of the compass star.

Conmáel ua Maelmocheirgi. Device. Per saltire gules and sable, in canton a cross of Santiago argent.

Conflict with a badge for Stephen de Huyn, A cross of Santiago argent. As Stephen's badge is fieldless, there is not a CD for position on the field, therefore there is a single CD for fieldlessness.

Peregrine Fairchylde. Device. Vair, a six legged squirrel legs three and three rampant gules.

This was an appeal on a prior return from Laurel, in January 1998,

There are multiple problems with a six-legged squirrel rampant. Rampant is not a defined term for hexapods, some early SCA blazons notwithstanding. Given the blazon the logical guess would be that this mutant beastie would have three sets of two legs, i.e. two fore, two middle, and two hind legs. However, this has two sets of three: three forelegs and three hindlegs. This means that this emblazon is not reproducible from this blazon, and must be returned for that reason. Absent any documentation of period heraldry adding limbs to otherwise ordinary beasts this must also be returned for style.

The appeal simply noted an example of a six-legged beast registered in the SCA. The example given, however, has only one registration and that in 1979. The return required documentation of period examples of extra limbs, and an old charge invented in the SCA does not qualify. Therefore the reasons for the return were not addressed and we must deny the appeal.


Brighid inghean Mhurchada. Device. Per pall inverted gules, Or, and sable, two bat-winged lions combatant Or and gules and a glove palewise argent.

The things on the lions' backs are not wings but fishtails. We know of no examples in period of charges formed in this manner.

Cassandra of the Western Green. Badge. (Fieldless) A sprig of honeysuckle gules slipped and leaved vert within and conjoined to a torse wreathed argent and vert.

The base of the sprig slightly overlaps the torse; this has long since been grounds for return. The charges should either touch without overlapping, or the sprig should be entirely on the torse.

Coldedernhale, Shire of. Device. Argent, chausse, a yale rampant and in chief a laurel wreath vert.

Conflict with Nicholos of the Hill Folk, Vert, on a pile argent, a dragon rampant gules. As we do not give difference between a pile and chausse, there is only one CD for the changes to the tertiary charges.

Demetrios Kantakouzenos. Device. Per pale checky pean and Or and checky erminois and sable.

From the June 1992 LoAR (p. 14): [Per pale lozengy Or and vert, and lozengy argent and purpure] "Using two completely different pairs of tinctures on opposite sides of the per pale line of division seems to go well beyond Period practice here... We need documentation that this many colors on a field is a Period style before we may register it." No evidence has yet been found; furthermore, the strong visual resemblence between both sides reduces identifiability make the device even more unlikely.

Emma de Lyons. Badge. (Fieldless) A crescent argent.

Conflict with William Gregor Grant, Per chevron embattled azure and gules, in sinister chief a crescent argent. As Emma's badge has no field, it is not possible to indicate position on the field, thus there is only a single CD for fieldlessness.

Fíne ingen Áeda. Device. Or, a triskelion and on a chief gules three mullets of six points argent.

The primary charge is not a triskelion, and no one could suggest a reasonable blazon for it.

Leoba von Mainz. Name and device. Per bend Or and vert, two "grape" leaves issuant from the line of division counterchanged.

The leaves are not identifiable as grape leaves, nor could we find any other type of leaf that matched the emblazon.

Maximilian von Aurich. Device. Sable, on a chevron argent three vols gules.

The submitter has permission to conflict with Rafaella d'Allemtejo, Sable, on a chevron throughout argent an escallop vert; however, he is still in conflict with Ulrich Schwarzwolf, Sable, on a chevron argent a double-bitted axe between two wolves combatant sable, registered March 2000, with only a single CD for multiple changes to the tertiary charges.

Middle Kingdom. Device change for the Consort of the Middle Kingdom. Argent, a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert, in chief an ancient crown Or within a chaplet of roses argent, barbed and seeded proper.

This is returned for a redraw because the chaplet of roses was not a chaplet; it was not drawn as anything close to a closed circle.

Olaf Bygolly. Name.

The byname was justified based on the existence of the period byname Bygot, by God. As an oath, by golly was not used until the 19th century. The submitter tried to justify the name as a form of by <religious figure>, with Golly as a variant of the religious figure Goliath . We know of no such examples, however, outside of Bygot and it is too much of a stretch to go from by God to by <anything else>.

His armory was registered under the holding name Olaf of Blackhawk.

Roana of Brigeford. Device. Sable, a pale Or surmounted by a bridge and in chief three leaves counterchanged.

By long-standing precedent, complex charges cannot be counterchanged over ordinaries.

Rosalind von Rheinpfalz. Name.

There was no evidence given, nor could any be found, showing that Rheinpfalz was the name for the region in period. There was evidence given that both Rhein and Pfaltz existed in period, but not the combination.



Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Transfer of heraldic title Sable Plume Pursuivant to the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Artemisia has not sent an acceptance of the title transfer.


Isabel de Bois. Name and device. Gules, on a bend between two acorns argent three ivy leaves inverted vert.

The ivy leaves were blazoned as argent.

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