Cäsarea von Zwickau. Name.

The question was raised whether the name is presumptuous, since Cäsarea is derived from Caesar , a standard translation for 'Emperor'. However, it is not a title in its own right; furthermore, Zwickau is neither an empire nor a capital city.

Cecilia Wildsmith. Name.

Demetrios Misthophoros. Name change from Demetrius il Condottiero.

His old name is released.

Iason Vorax. Badge. (Fieldless) A bulb of garlic sable .

James the Obscure. Badge. (Fieldless) A badger statant contourny atop an open scroll fesswise argent .

Kirstin Macbeath. Name and device. Sable, a phoenix head to sinister argent rising from flames proper and on a chief triangular argent in fess three compass stars gules .

Lucian MacCrimmon. Name and device. Per fess enarched gules and argent, two owls respectant argent and a monkey statant collared and chained vert .

Rhiannon MacReadie. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Sofia Augusta da Livorno. Name.

Submitted as Sofia Augusta di Livorno , we have changed the preposition. Until someone provides evidence to the contrary, we are working under the assumption that Italian locative bynames use the preposition da .

Stephen of Ropsley. Name.

Susanna Craven. Name.


Adelicia Brabant. Device. Azure, in saltire two artist’s brushes argent, overall on an artist’s palette Or a road-runner proper, a bordure argent .

While this design is about as far from period practice as you can get, legally it, nonetheless, does not violate any of the Rules for Submission. By precedent (January 1990 LoAR, pg. 12, s.n. Edward Ashwell of the Crossbow), placing charges directly on overall charges does not violate RfS VIII.1.c, Armorial depth.

Ælfwyn æt Gyrwum. Device. Azure crusilly moline, on a fess Or three annulets azure .

Nice armory!

Ælfwyn Webbestre. Name and device. Bendy sinister azure and argent, three leaves conjoined in pall vert .

Submitted in the LoI as Aelfwyn Webbestre , we have returned the spelling of the given name to that used on the submission forms.

Ailitha ingen Chathail. Device. Per bend sinister wavy azure and vert, a cat sejant and a cat sejant contourny Or .

Aillén Gunn. Name.

Alana of Tallaght. Device. Per fess wavy purpure and vert, a plate and three oak leaves conjoined in pall argent .

Albrecht von Landshut. Name.

Alessandro Falieri. Name and device. Argent, a dolphin haurient azure finned Or between flaunches azure .

In the commentary, the issue was raised that Falieri was the plural form. However, other surnames listed in the same passage in documentation are, in fact, forms that were used by individuals. We have therefore concluded that Falieri is one of the Italian surnames that exist in plural form and registered the name as submitted.

Alina de la Watere. Name and device. Argent, a chevron sable, overall a cross crosslet fitchy gules .

Almaith ingen Chormaic. Badge (see RETURNS for household name). Purpure, an apple slipped and leaved within a bordure potenty Or .

Please inform the submitter that period apples are round at the base. Also, please ask her to draw a thicker bordure.

Arabella de Montacute. Name and device. Purpure, three chevronels braced and in chief a cross bottony, on a bordure Or an orle azure .

Ariella Christine d'Ailles. Device change. Gules semy-de-lys Or, a lion sejant guardant argent .

Nice armory! Her current device, Purpure, a lioness sejant guardant and on a bordure argent a vine of English ivy vert , is released.

Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead. Device. Per fess argent and sable, a demi-horse rampant contourny issuant from the line of division sable .

Please ask the submitter to draw both of the horse's legs above the line of division.

David de la Roke. Name and device. Quarterly argent and vert, an oak tree counterchanged .

Dominic MacNamara. Device. Argent, a fish-tailed demi-dog vert maintaining a Celtic cross gules and a chief invected azure .

Elewys Luscomb. Name.

Elisabeth of Northkeep. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per bend purpure and vert, a bend argent between three fleurs-de-lys and a horse rampant Or .

Submitted under the name Elisabeth de Calais .

Elspet Arbuthnoth. Name and device. Per saltire gules and Or, in fess two sheaves of holly vert .

Emilie Penrose Blackwell. Device. Vert, a pair of scissors points to chief argent within a bordure vairy of one trait gules and argent .

Please ask the submitter to draw the vair on the bordure so that the bells of the vair are upright (or with a slight tilt to follow the line of division). This would rotate the bells on the sides 90 degrees.

Fearghus MacKenna. Name and device. Argent, a bend sinister wavy purpure between a double-bitted axe and a sheaf of arrows sable .

François la Flamme. Device change. Vert estencely Or .

This does not conflict with Libya, Vert , by rule X.1, Addition of Primary Charges. Strewn charges are primary if there are no other charges. This has been true for a number of years; for example, see the September 1992 LoAR, pp. 39-40, s.n. Jon of the Mists. Please instruct the submitter to draw more and larger sparks.

His current device, Vert estencely, a flame Or , becomes a badge.

Harold Graybear. Name and device. Gules, a chevron sable fimbriated Or between three bears rampant argent .

Isabeau Quiquandon. Name.

Ive Rathbourn. Name.

Submitted as Ivie Rathbourn , we were unable to document Ivie as a period given name. We have therefore changed it to Ive . The submitter should know that this is a male name.

Kay Leigh Drake. Name change from Caley Drake and device. Or, in saltire two wolves counter-salient azure, on a chief sable three ermine spots Or .

Her old name is released.

Keina Greenleaf. Name and device. Argent, an oak leaf and on a chief vert three horseshoes inverted argent .

Kowacz Myklos. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Kovac Myklos , we were unable to document that particular spelling of the byname. We have therefore changed it to a common period form.

Lucien de Lorraine. Name and device. Per fess gules and argent, a pegasus passant contourny argent and a Latin cross fleury fitchy azure .

Mahee of Acre. Name.

Marjory Macrae. Name.

Martin Fletcher. Name.

Meadhbh inghean Róis. Device. Argent, a chevron vert between two roses gules slipped and leaved chevronwise and a triquetra vert .

Melissent d'Aulnay. Name.

Michael Silverhand. Name.

Submitted as Michael Silverhands , the period examples we found for this kind of byname were all in singular.

Míchél mac Donnchaid. Name.

Submitted as M ì chél mac Donnchaid , we have changed the direction of the first accent in the given name.

Neassa the Obstreperous. Name and device. Per chevron vert and argent ermined vert, in chief three roses argent .

As Brachet put it, the byname is in the class, which while unlikely in history, is functionally similar to many earlier period bynames.

Roberto Giano. Name and device. Azure, two dolphins haurient addorsed argent .

Nice armory!

Roger of York. Device. Purpure, on a bend Or cotised argent three roses palewise vert .

Roger of York. Badge. (Fieldless) A rose vert .

Nice badge!

Sean McConnul Duncan. Badge. (Fieldless) A griffin segreant contourny queue-fourché azure .

Serena Gethin. Name and device. Quarterly sable and gules, a seahorse erect within an orle of annulets argent .

The submitter asked for an authentic 14th century Welsh name. However, the given name is not found Wales, so we cannot make the name authentic. The submitted name is registerable, though.

Serena Gethin. Badge. (Fieldless) A torse wreathed of sable, gules, and argent .

While we have no examples of a torse of more than two tinctures as a heraldic charge, all the commentary agrees that such objects were known in period. The rules explicitly allow items known in period to be used as charges, and we also use charges that were only found in crests in period. Since there is good contrast between two of the three divisions of the torse, it does not violate the rules of tincture.

Stephen macThomas. Correction of name from Stephen MacThomas and device. Quarterly azure and argent, six towers counterchanged .

Talmon Wilbanks. Device. Argent, on a tree proper two swords inverted in saltire argent, a bordure azure .

Tane Verloren. Device. Azure, a compass rose inverted and on a chief Or three fleurs-de-lys azure .

Inverting a compass rose is registerable, but a weirdness.

Tegan Rhos. Device. Per chevron sable and vair, in chief two dragonflies argent .


Gwynneth Wenche of Wight. Device. Per bend sinister azure and Or, a wooden tankard proper .

Jason Thorne of Antioch. Device change. Per chevron sable and azure, two thespian masks and a scorpion inverted argent .

Please inform the submitter to draw the chevron line so that the lower edges start about a third of the way from the bottom of the shield (without lowering the top point of the chevron). His current device, Quarterly azure and sable, a cross couped between in bend sinister a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy argent , is released.

Wolfgang Williamson. Device. Azure, a pale argent surmounted by two dances counterchanged .


Adela Planterose. Name.

Alessandra Tironi. Name.

Anne Greenstreet. Name.

Anne of Brantingham. Name.

Barbara Anna de Aquitaine. Name.

Submitted as Barbara Anna de Aquitaine , the name was changed in Kingdom to Barbara Anna de Aquita nia ; we have returned the byname to a French form. While the submitter requested a period form, we hesitate to drop one of the given names, which we would have to do to make this a period name.

Christian von Nürnberg. Name and device. Per chevron azure and checky sable and argent, two crosses formy and a lion’s head erased Or .

Ciar inghean uí hEidirsceóil. Name and device. Per pale argent and sable, a scythe and a besom crossed in saltire counterchanged .

Cynwrig Chwith. Name.

Dun Carraig, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) On a compass star within and conjoined to an annulet gules a cross bottony argent .

Eoghan Ó Ruadhain. Name.

Gabryelle of Lochmere. Name change from Gabryelle Cairthen.

Her old name is released.

John of Ravenswood. Name.

Muirgheal inghean Raghailligh mhic Seachnasaigh. Name.

Ragnarr Blackhammer. Device change. Per pale gules and sable, a lion rampant Or charged on the shoulder with a hammer sable .

This is clear of Isabeau Celeste de la Valliere Per pale gules and sable, a lion rampant within an orle Or . There is a CD for removal of secondary charge and a second for the addition of the tertiary charge. The hammer is clearly of an appropriate size for a tertiary charge.

His current arms, Per pale gules and sable, on a bezant a hammer sable are retained as a badge.

Rowan Ravenslock. Name.

Sorcha inghean Dhara mhic Seachnasaigh. Name.

Thierry d’Outremer. Name and device. Barry wavy ermine and azure, on a chief purpure issuant from the line of division a demi-sun Or .

Willa Faye Dunne. Name and device. Or, a bend enarched sable surmounted by a willow tree vert, a bordure embattled sable .

The submitter requested an authentic Irish female name. While we were able to register the name, she should be aware that the name is neither authentically Irish nor female. Since none of these name elements are even anglicised Irish, it is not possible for us to offer any easy suggestions.


alt Andreas von Sohren. Name and device. Quarterly per fess indented vert and argent, in bend two stags springing Or .

Submitted as Alt Andreas von Sohren , examples in Socin suggest that the epithet should be lowercase.

Amicia Sennet de Bruges. Device. Purpure, a castle and on a chief wavy argent three terriers statant sable .

Ann Travers of Amberlye. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragonfly vert winged Or .

This is clear of Katerina Drachenklaue, Barry wavy azure and argent, a dragonfly vert and Maol Anna de Chassant, Per fess sable and gules, a dragonfly Or . After examining the emblazon, it is clear that Ann's dragonfly is half vert and half Or, thereby giving it one CD for fieldlessness and one CD for change to half the tincture in each case.

Anna Grace MacKenna. Name change from Anne Quinlan.

Her old name is released.

Ceara ingen Chonaill. Device. Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron enhanced Or and in base a compass rose argent .

Please ask the submitter to draw the chevron considerably steeper.

Cera in Luch. Name.

Chrétienne de Haverington. Device. Azure, a quill pen argent interlaced with a fret couped, a bordure Or .

Elizabeth de Grobi. Name.

Esmerelda of Dun Or. Device. Or, a Russian firebird’s head erased contourny and a chief gules .

Submitted under the name Zefiryna Mikhailovna , the name change was returned in March, 2000, for lack of forms.

Kevin MacColin O’Gallagher. Name.

Liudmila Vladimirova doch’. Name.

Lothar der Hämische. Name.

Submitted as Lothar der Hämisch , we have added an e to the byname to make it grammatically correct.

Magge Rose. Name.

Myfanwy ferch Rhys Cethin. Name.

Osanna de Fries. Name and device. Azure, on a fess between three fish argent a fish gules .

Rafael of Calafia. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale argent and sable, an hourglass counterchanged and a chief gules .

Submitted under the name Raphael of Tempo

Rhael Anedd. Badge. Sable, a heart gules fimbriated Or between the tines of a stag’s attires argent .

Southron Gaard, Barony of. Badge (see RETURNS for order name). Gules, a Canterbury cross and in chief three mullets argent .

Thomas Edward Dudley. Name change from Seth Alexander Kygheley.

His old name is released.

Wolferam Karmesin. Name.

Submitted as Wolferam der Karmesín , Mackensen, "Deutsches Wörterbuch", has Karmesin 'roter Farbstoff' and Karmin 'Karmesin'. The article is better dropped, especially since Karmesin is a neuter word. German doesn't have accents so we have dropped the one from Karmesin.


Celemon Gwynedd. Name and device. Vert, a boar statant, in chief three snails argent .

Cera Barra. Name.

Submitted as Kirra de Barre , the submitter requested an 14th century Irish name. However, the de form of the byname seems to have disappeared by that time; consequently we have changed both the given name and the byname to documented 14th century forms.

Connall Ruadh Ó Ceallaigh. Name and device. Per bend indented azure and vert, three mullets argent and a sword proper .

Submitted as Connall Ruadh O' Ceallaigh , we have changed O' to Ó to match Gaelic practice.

Please ask the submitter to draw fewer and larger indentations in the line of division.

Grainne inghean Chearbhaill. Name.

Submitted as Grainne Ni Chearbhaill , she requested a 12th to 14th century Irish name, so we have changed the preposition to an appropriate form.

Mathieu la Croix. Device change. Sable, a phoenix argent rising from flames proper between three crosses formy argent .

His current device, Per pale argent and sable, a phoenix between three compass stars, all counterchanged , is retained as a badge.

Raphael d’Angelo. Badge. (Fieldless) A sun quarterly Or and argent eclipsed sable .

Roiberd Mor Barra. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Roibeard Mór de Barre , the submitter requested a 14th century Irish name. However, the de form of the byname seems to have disappeared by that time; consequently we have changed the given name and the bynames to documented 14th century forms.

Ronan Craig of Ramsmountain. Name.

Submitted as Ronan Craeg of Rams Mountain , the name was changed in Kingdom to Ronan of Ramsmountain . While the change in the locative was necessary to make it compatible with period practice, dropping the surname was not necessary. We have, therefore, put it back in a documentable form.

Séighín Barra. Name.

Submitted as Shauni de Barre , the submitter requested an 14th century Irish name. However, the de form of the byname seems to have disappeared by that time; consequently we have changed the given name and the bynames to documented 14th century forms.

Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg. Name and device. Per pale sable and vert, a castle and in chief three mullets one and two argent .

This is clear of the badge for Elizabeth Winter of White Forest, Azure, a double-towered castle argent and in chief three mullets of eight points in chevron argent . By precedent, there is a CD between a mullet of five points and a mullet of eight points, so there is CD for type of the secondaries plus a CD for the changes to the field.


Sabine du Bourbonnais. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Sabine de Bourbonnais , the area is usually referred to with the article, as Le Bourbonnais . We have accordingly changed the article in the locative to match this practice.

Sanchia de la Tourre. Release of name and device. Argent, a comet bendwise sinister and a bordure gules .

Wilfred de Ackelonde. Device. Per pale vert and argent, a dragon contourny gules .


Anders Olafsson. Device. Per pale azure and argent, a cat’s face and in chief three single-horned anvils counterchanged .

Artemisia of Nicaea. Device. Purpure, a beehive argent within bees in annulo Or .

Aveline Guillemot. Name and device. Gules, a cross bottony and in chief three mascles Or .

Submitted as Eveline Guillemot , the client requested an authentic 13th–14th century French name. Colm Dubh's Index to the Paris Census of 1292 lists Aveline fame Raoul le pavéeur and Guillemot Sarre [un] fuis ; we have modified the given name accordingly.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the distinguishing features of the cross larger.

Aveline Guillemot. Badge. (Fieldless) A mascle per pale Or and gules .

Bran mac Tuathail. Name and device. Sable, a pale offset between two serpents erect tails nowed argent .

Caenell verch Ailwyn. Name and device. Vert, on a pile throughout between two escallops inverted argent, an otter statant proper .

Conal Ó hAirt. Device. Gyronny arrondy of six gules and argent, a wolf rampant sable winged argent maintaining a sword inverted proper .

Derdriu ingen Mhurchadha. Name and device. Argent, two dances purpure between two swans naiant sable .

Submitted as Derdriu ingen Murcada , it was noted in commentary that Ó Corrain and Maguire indicate that Derdriu is mythological. However, Black, sub Deirdre , has Derdere, wife of Cospatric Earl in 1166; this leads us to believe that the name is registerable. We have lenited the patronymic, though, to match documentation and to make it grammatically correct.

Derdriu ingen Mhurchadha. Badge. (Fieldless) A lion's head cabossed vert .

Dilan mac in tsaeir. Badge. Vert, on a chalice argent three mullets in chief vert, a bordure embattled argent .

Francesca di Simoneto. Name.

Submitted as Francesca di Simoneti , the byname doesn't match the supplied documentation, which would justify either a patronymic di Simoneto or a surname Simoneti . Since the former is closer to the submitted form, we have registered that.

Freydís in tryggva Sigurðardóttir. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Freydís Sigurðardóttir in tryggva , we have switched the elements to the correct order: given name + descriptive byname + patronymic byname.

Gerlinda Agast. Name and device. Vert, an increscent between in fess two cinquefoils Or, on a chief argent a pine cone vert .

Submitted as Gerlinda Uda Agast , the name had two moderately serious problems. First, there was a five-century gap between the documented dates for the given names and the byname; second, we have found no evidence that double given names were used in Dutch-speaking regions in our period. Neither of these problems would in itself be grounds for return, but the combination is unacceptable, as it would take the name two steps away from period practice. We have therefore dropped the second given name.

Grifon the Stranger. Name (see PENDS for device).

The name was changed in Kingdom to Grifon L'Estrange , as this French form of the byname is found in Dauzat. However, Reaney and Wilson mention Fulco Strange in 1221, so we were able to change the byname back to an English form. Since he did not request an authentic form, we can register the name as originally submitted; however, Grifon Strange would be a much more likely period form.

Harald Cristianson. Name and device. Per fess sable and Or, a demi-bear issuant from a cauldron counterchanged .

James Barkley. Name (see RETURNS for device).

John Black. Name.

He has permission to conflict with John Blacas .

Lilias of Goldenford. Name and device. Azure, a bend cotised Or between a salamander and a lily argent .

The submitter requested an authentic 13th–15th century name. This would have led us to change the byname to Goldford to match period examples such as Goldbrook or Goldhill ; as she does not allow us to make any changes we cannot do this.

Marjory Ayson de Dundee. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Order of the Bronze Ring. Gules, two rapiers in saltire argent within an annulet Or .

The rapiers should be larger.

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Award of the King’s Chalice. (Fieldless) A chalice sable .

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Order of the White Lance. (Fieldless) A lance argent .

Morwenna atte Whiteoke. Name.

Submitted in the LoI as Morwenna ate Whiteoke , we have corrected the typo in the preposition to match known practice and the submission form.

Peter Trevor. Name change from Philip Trevor of Breckenglade.

His old name is released.

Richard Hode. Name and device. Vert, a phoenix rising and on a chief embattled Or three towers vert .

Roderick McCracken. Device. Sable, a kraken argent .

Nice cant!

Sidric Swano. Device. Per pale azure and argent, a pall between three swans naiant wings elevated and addorsed counterchanged .

Tirnewydd, Marche of. Device change. Gules, a chevron inverted argent, a demi-sun issuant from the chevron and in base a laurel wreath Or .

Please instruct the group to draw the chevron inverted with a steeper angle.

Their current device, Argent fretty gules, a laurel wreath and issuant from base a demi-sun Or , is released.


Aldwyn ap Llewelyn. Change of legal name.

This did not need to be placed on a letter of intent; a note to Laurel is sufficient. We only included it here because it was placed on a letter of intent.

Averil du Bois d'Avignon. Device. Argent, on a pale purpure between two fleurs-de-lys vert a heron close argent .

Coemri nEithne. Transfer of primary and alternate names.

Her current primary name, Katrine Vanora of Maidstone , becomes her alternate persona name; and her alternate persona name, Coemri nEithne , becomes her primary name.

Esther Millar. Name.

As the LoI pointed out, Esther is found in Withycombe. However, the LoI failed to note what she actually writes about the name, which is "It is not found in use in England until the 17th C." Under the policy set in the April LoAR cover letter, this name would have been returned.

The new policy is not in effect yet, though, and Esther would appear to be constructed in a period manner — it is a Biblical name, and Biblical names were used in England. We can therefore register the name.

Ezabel de Vaux. Device. Gules, on a bend argent between two crescents and a tree Or three shamrocks palewise vert .

Geneva Stanton. Name.

John of Ravenspur. Name.

Mædscir. Branch name and device. Vert, a garb and in base a laurel wreath, a bordure Or .

Submitted as Mædshire , the name changed languages (from Old English to English) within a single word. We have made the name entirely Old English.

Meuric ap Rhys. Name.

Michael die Zauberzunge von Essen. Device. Per chevron sable and vert, on a chevron Or three Latin crosses gules, in base a cobra coiled affronty Or .

Sarah de Montgomerie. Badge. (Fieldless) On a sun per pale sable and Or a cross of four ermine spots counterchanged .

Simonis Karatas. Name.

According to Metron Ariston, Karatas is nowadays a moderately common Turkish surname of locative origin, and the area was inhabited since the Bronze Age. As the element is Turkish, it is not feminised in the same manner as Byzantine bynames.


Alberic Wolf. Device. Per chevron argent and azure, two eagles heads erased sable and a wolf’s head erased argent .

Edward atte Flynt. Name.

Marguerite du Royon. Name and device. Purpure, in bend three fleurs-de-lys between two bendlets Or .

Susan of Bellatrix. Name.

Susan is the wife of Paul of Bellatrix; therefore, the byname is grandfathered to her.



Dún na Laoich Ór, Stronghold of. Branch name and device. Per pale vert and azure, a laurel wreath argent, in base two daffodils slipped in saltire, a chief embattled Or .

The name, meaning 'Fortress of the Golden Warriors,' isn't very plausible as a period Scots or Irish place name. Metron Ariston notes that the vast majority of place names beginning in Dun seem to be descriptive in nature, referring to a salient feature of the fort (e.g., its color or location). In a lesser number of cases, the Dun is combined with the name of an individual associated with the fort in history or legend. Relatively rare are names like Dumbarton deriving from groups of people (in this case from Dun Breatuin or Fort of the Britains) and even there we could not find any that do not use a proper noun.

The laurel wreath was incorrectly blazoned as Or on the letter of intent, but as groups cannot use holding names, the device cannot be pended but must be returned.

Rhiannon MacReadie. Device. Quarterly azure and vert, a heart Or .

Conflict with Karl von Schattenburg, A seeblatt Or . There is a CD for the fieldlessness, but by current precedent none for the change in type of the charges. There are period arms that are blazoned both as having hearts and as having seeblatter (see the May 1993 LoAR pg. 17., s.n. Caitlin Davies, for the full discussion).


Aeron Aschennen of Clan MacKenzie. Name change from Anastacia de Maris and device change. Barry bendy azure and argent, a mantyger rampant guardant Or maintaining a roundel azure .

As noted before, Hanks and Hodges is a particularly poor source for period names. According to Metron Ariston, Aeron appears in some sources as the name of a Welsh battle goddess and it is certainly the name of a river in Wales; however, no one has been able to find it as a given name for a human in period. Furthermore, the construction of Clan X has been disallowed since June 1998. As the submitter does not allow major changes we have to return this.

The primary charge is a misdrawn mantyger. A mantyger has a human head, while this is a lion's head with a human face. Therefore, it conflicts with Belgium, Sable, a lion rampant Or , and various others of the form <Field>, a lion rampant Or .

Alisandre Oliphant. Badge. (Fieldless) A rose purpure barbed and seeded proper .

Conflict with Alyanora of Vinca, Argent a periwinkle (vinca minor) proper . Periwinkles are bluish purple and by current precedent (see the September 1996 LoAR, pg. 17, s.n. Rosalyn MacGregor) they are not significantly different from either blue or purple roses.

Almaith ingen Chormaic. Household name House of the Golden Hunter.

No documentation was provided as to why this would be a period inn name construction.

Derek Fallon Rathbourn. Device change. Quarterly sable and gules, on a compass star argent a wolf’s head cabossed sable vomiting flames proper .

Conflict with a badge for Anthony the Sinister, On a mullet of ten points argent a pheon sable , Fine of Clare, Per pale azure and gules, on a sun argent an estoile of eight rays sable , and Thomas von Leipzig, Quarterly sable and gules, on a sun argent a two headed eagle sable, a label argent . In the first two cases, there is only one CD for the changes to the field. In the third, there is a CD for the addition of the label. In none of these cases is there a CD for the changes to the tertiary charges or a CD for the type of the primary charge.

Elisabeth de Calais. Name.

This is a nice name. Unfortunately, it also conflicts with Elisée de Calais , registered in December 1998. Section V.1.a.i of the Rules for Submissions says that a given name is not significantly different from any of its diminutives, and, while Elisée is not in a strict ethymological sense a diminutive of Elisabeth , it is often used as one.

Her device was registered under the holding name Elisabeth of Northkeep .

Kowacz Myklos. Device. Gules, a stag at gaze argent .

Conflict with the badge for Sabia Gunnhild Hunang, Gules, a reindeer statant regardant within an annulet argent . There is no difference between a reindeer and a stag, so there is only one CD for removing the annulet.

Medb ingen Domnaill. Name and device. Checky azure and Or, a swan rising reguardant wings displayed argent gorged of a collar sable .

This conflicts with Meadhbh ni Dhomhnaill , registered in April 1996. Both given names and patronymics differ only in the period of the orthography, and no difference is given from the change from ni to ingen .

The position of the head of the swan is unblazonable. It is not reguardant, as that would be turned backwards, not down and under.


Sebastiana Gerynot Fanelli. Device. Per pale gules and purpure, on a pale Or between two rapiers inverted proper a jester's bauble proper staffed bendy sinister and hooded per pale gules and purpure .

The jester's bauble is primarily bendy of two colors, which violates RfS VIII.2.a.

A number of commenters also felt it was in conflict with Einar of Ironhold, Sable, on a pale Or, between two swords inverted hilted Or and bladed argent, a staff sable . There is a CD for the field, so the question was whether there was a significant difference between a staff and a jester's bauble to give a second CD for change of type and tincture of the tertiary charges. Normally I am inclined to give a CD between a jester's bauble and a plain staff, barring evidence that they were not independent charges in period. However, it should be noted that Sebastiana's jester's bauble was drawn so that the staff part was unusually prominent. Any resubmission should make the head of the bauble more prominent relative to staff.


Chirhart Blackstar. Badge. (Fieldless) A mullet sable .

Conflict with Eleanor Leonard, (Tinctureless) A mullet of four points distilling a goutte. . Although the LoI indicated that the submitter had permission to conflict, such a letter was not included with the submission.

It is also in conflict with the Chronicler's badge for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, A mullet of five greater and five lesser points distilling goutes . As with the mullet of four vs. a compass star (see the June 1995 LoAR, pg. 23), the lesser points of the mullet have very little visual impact, and as mullets of greater and lesser points are not known in period, the visual difference counts. This reaffirms the precedent set in July 1990 (pg. 13).


Raphael of Tempo. Name and device.

The submitter stated he is interested in having the byname mean 'of Time'. As we were unable to document a byname with the desired meaning, we are returning this to give the submitter the opportunity to reconsider.

His armory has been registered under the holding name Rafael of Calafia .

Southron Gaard, Barony of. Order name L'Ordre du Coeur Loyal.

No evidence was submitted that this is a period type of order name.


Brione de Barre. Name.

The name conflicts with Brian de Barri , registered in January 1998.

Roiberd Mor Barra. Device. Barry vert and Or, on a pile plain cotised on the outer edge dovetailed sable issuant to base from a cloud argent a lightning flash Or .

The lightning flash has been a disallowed change since August 1983 barring any evidence that such a depiction was used in period. We currently allow a lightning bolt . This is a thin line with arrows at both ends, with a square zigzag pattern (like the edge of an embattled ordinary.) However, even the lightning bolt was not found in period except as part of a thunderbolt , a more complex charged used in classical Roman insignia. We recommend that the submitter use a thunderbolt.

Additionally, we know of no examples of cotising where only one side of the cotises have a special line of division. We recommend that if the submitter wants cotises, he should use either plain cotises or one of the forms found in period; for example, the Pictorial Dictionary notes that a bend plain cotised dancetty was found c. 1422.

Thome le Lent. Device. Azure, a chevron throughout raguly on the upper edge between three fleurs-de-lys argent .

Conflict with Aelesia Emelyne Couchur, Azure, a chevron embattled argent . There is a CD for the addition of the secondaries, but nothing for the difference between a chevron embattled and a chevron raguly on the upper edge nor for the difference between a chevron and a chevron throughout .


Sabine du Bourbonnais. Device. Azure, on a fess Or three lozenges conjoined azure each charged with a bee Or .

The device violates RfS VIII.1.c.ii, "Layer Limit - Designs may not be excessively layered. All charges should be placed either directly on the field or entirely on other charges that lie on the field." The submitter attempted to fix the layering problem by blazoning the device Or, a fess of three fusils azure, each charged with a bee Or, a chief and a base azure . While it is possible to avoid a style problem by reblazoning, that only holds if the alternate blazon is equally valid. The relative sizes of the three portions of the field, the rarity of period examples combining chiefs and plain bases, and the space between the lozenges and the the sides of the shield make the alternate blazon highly unlikely and thus not a valid blazon.

William the Admirer. Device. Gules, on a fess ermine three compass roses gules .

The name was on the Lochac LoI dated January 1, 2000; however, no one in the College of Arms received that letter. Therefore, this is returned for lack of a given name.


Francesca di Simoneti. Device. Azure semy of roses Or, a cat sejant argent .

No forms were submitted for the device.

Freydís in tryggva Sigurðardóttir. Device. Or, a chevron between three ravens those in chief respectant sable .

This was withdrawn by Rouge Scarpe because the ravens were not drawn as indicated on the Pennsic worksheet (which requested Or, a chevron between three ravens sable ); a correctly drawn submission will be submitted instead.

James Barkley. Device. Argent, an oak tree purpure, on a chief embattled sable three gouttes argent .

This was withdrawn by Rouge Scarpe for redrawing as the Pennsic forms showed gouttes but the final forms had flames.

John Paul Devereaux. Device. Azure, a mullet gules fimbriated between in fess two battleaxes Or .

This submission is identical to his previous submission, so it still conflicts with Morgan Bloodaxe, Azure, a triangle of three battleaxes fretted Or . There is a CD for arrangement, but none for changing the type or tincture of less than half of the members of the primary charge group.

Marjory Ayson de Dundee. Name and device. Per fess vert and Or, two cats sejant respectant argent and a cat sejant affronty sable .

This is withdrawn by Rouge Scarpe for redrawing because although the forms shows two cats sejant respectant , the Pennsic worksheet and blazon was for two cats couchant respectant .

Olaf Blodhøx. Badge for Shadewes Company. Per bend sinister sable and gules, a bend sinister argent, overall a bull’s skull argent .

A complex overall charge must not share the same tincture as the ordinary it is surmounting. In this case, the submitters had to make the bend sinister very narrow to make the skull visible at all.

Rurik Brattahildski. Device. Or chaussé purpure, overall two stags combattant proper .

The chaussé line of division, along with chapé and vetu , are different from other lines of divisions in that the outer portions never contained charges in period. Thus we can also not allow charges that overlap the outer portions.

Please instruct the submitter to draw a correct rampant posture.


Kragon of Land’s End. Badge. (Fieldless) A sun per bend sinister bevelled fesswise gules and Or .

The line of division is grandfathered to the submitter, however the badge still conflicts with the badge for the Chronicler of Ansteorra, A mullet of five greater and five lesser points distilling gouttes. There is a CD for fieldlessness but nothing for tincture nor for the difference between a sun a a mullet of five greater and five lesser points.

Laura Lynn. Name.

This conflicts with Laura Aleyn , registered in July 1991.





Artemisia de Quieto d’Arzenta. Name.

This item had serious problems in the LoI, to wit, the documentation for the name was not adequately summarized. It is therefore pended to the October 2000 Pelican meeting.

Rebecca Corbell and Samantha Guy, "The Life Biography of Artemesia Gentileschi",, notes the Italian painter Artemesia Gentileschi (1593-1653). Talan Gwynek, "15th Century Italian Men's Names",, has Antonio da Quieto d'Arzenta .


Grifon the Stranger. Device. Vert, a male griffin’s head erased contourny and on a chief Or three fleurs-de-lys vert .

The blazon in the LoI had the head and the chief vert as well.

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