Aster Peyton. Name.

Submitted as Astor Peyton, the given name was documented as a header spelling in Reaney and Wilson's A Dictionary of English Surnames. While we do register header spellings from this source as standard modern forms, the header spelling of a surname, as in this case, is not necessarily acceptable as a given name. We have therefore substituted a spelling used as a given name and dated by Reaney and Wilson to 1642, within our grey area. Granted, they also say that the name was used as a given name in the 17th century, but this is not sufficient for disallowing the name: the Glossary of Terms says it is logical to assume that something current in the period 1601—1650 may also have been current in the last years of the 16th century, so long as there is no specific evidence to the contrary. Reaney and Wilson, while casting doubts, are not specific enough.

Beatrice Domenici della Campana. Device. Argent, a lion rampant contourny sable, in chief two roses azure each charged with a rose argent.

The device is clear of Gweneth Atwater, Argent, semé of roses azure, seeded Or, a domestic cat rampant to sinister guardant sable. While there is not a CD between a domestic cat and a lion, there is a CD for changing the number of secondary charges and a second CD for adding the tertiary charges. As drawn the charges in chief cannot be double roses as the outer rose and the inner rose have different orientations.

Carol of Cragmere. Holding name and device. Argent, on a pale vert endorsed sable three escallops argent.

Submitted under the name Reann ingen Cearbhaill, the name was returned in November 2000.

Daria Baird de Navarre. Device change. Per chevron Or and purpure, two frogs sejant respectant vert and a lion sejant affronty Or.

Her former device, Purpure, semy of escallops inverted argent, a lion couchant, upon a chief Or two frogs sejant respectant vert, is released.

Elizabeth Fitzwilliam of Carlisle. Name and device. Azure, a pall inverted Or between two hares combattant argent each maintaining a spear Or.

The device is clear of Dan of Hamildoon, Azure, a shakefork inverted Or. There is a CD for the addition of the secondary charges. By long standing precedent there is a CD for ordinaries throughout vs. ordinaries couped; therefore, there is a CD for the change in the primary charge.

Hrollaugr Njálsson. Device. Argent scaly azure, a serpent nowed gules within a bordure sable.

Laurin of Rosewood. Name.

Rafaella d'Allemtejo. Badge. (Fieldless) An escallop sable.

Batonvert documented several period forms of escallops from Pastoureau's Traité d'Héraldique and Ian Cox's The Scallop. Several of these escallops are similar enough to the submitted design to justify registration of this badge.

Ravensweir, Shire of. Device. Argent, a bridge throughout embattled sable masoned argent issuant from a ford proper, in chief a raven's head erased sable within a laurel wreath vert.

Examination of the emblazon shows that the bridge is the primary charge with the raven's head and laurel wreath as secondaries and the ford as a peripheral ordinary. Therefore the device has three charge groups, none of which have three different types of charges, and therefore does not violate the rule of thumb in RfS VIII.1.a, Armorial Simplicity, forbidding three or more types of charges in a single group.


Agnese da Siena. Name and device. Azure, three turtles pallwise heads to chief argent.

Bjorn Lochlannac. Device change. Argent, two spears in saltire gules surmounted by a bear's head erased affronty sable, a bordure sable platy.

This was pended from the October 2000 LoAR. His former device, Argent, two spears in saltire gules surmounted by a boar's head, erased and affronty, within a bordure sable, platy, is released.

Caradoc Cadwgan Douglas. Device. Azure, a bend ermine between a dolphin haurient argent and three swords proper.

Caterina di Fiore Delrosso. Name and device. Argent, a chevron purpure between two horse’s heads couped respectant sable and a tower azure.

Catriona Heather MacLochlainn. Device change. Argent, a catamount passant reguardant sable and in base three shamrocks, a bordure embattled vert.

This was pended from the October 2000 LoAR. Her former device, Argent, a catamount passant regardant and in base three shamrocks all within a bordure embattled vert, is released.

Christabell Yunge. Name.

Dior Alagrant. Badge. (Fieldless) A fox couchant proper.

Edward of Chesterfield. Device. Sable, two rapiers in saltire between four swans naiant contourny argent.

Elizabeth Feythe. Device. Azure, a cross engrailed erminois.

Griffin ap Rhys. Device. Or, a griffin passant reguardant within a bordure azure.

The device is clear of Johanna bat Ephraim ben Rialah, Or, a griffin azure within a bordure azure crusilly Or. Johanna's griffin is in the default position of segreant; therefore there is a CD for the change in posture and another for removing the tertiary charges on the bordure.

Nice armory!

Griffin ap Rhys. Badge. Or, a griffin’s head erased contourny within a bordure azure.

Isabeau dela Couste. Device. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a heart gules and a fleur-de-lys argent.

This was pended from the October 2000 LoAR.

Isolda von Rügen. Device change. Argent, a fox statant between three hearts, a bordure gules.

Her former device, Plumetty vert and Or, a sheaf of arrows argent, fletched and barbed gules, is released.

Julyan Brown. Name.

Kathryn atte Unicorn. Name.

Kenneth MacAlister. Name and device. Argent, a phoenix between four roses three and one gules.

Larkin O'Kane. Alternate name Altmann Lauring.

Sorcha Fhionn. Name.

Wilim Penbras ap Gurgeneu. Name.


Annabella Graham. Name and device. Azure, a chevron wavy between two Celtic crosses and a thistle Or.

Athenais Bryennissa. Name and device. Argent, a water bouget sable and a point pointed azure.

Cormac mac Taran. Name.

Submitted as Cormac mac Taran of Bloodstone Hold, no documentation was provided for the locative byname. We have therefore dropped it.

Deredere Kaledouer. Name.

Geoffrey Cheriton. Device. Argent, a feather within a bordure embattled vert.

Otnand Vettich. Name and device. Or, in pale a smith's hammer fesswise and a one-horned anvil purpure.

Varia Goffe. Device. Vair, a drakkar reversed and on a chief wavy sable a griffin statant reguardant tail nowed argent.


Aleyn Randwulf. Name.

Galen Ó Seanacháin. Device. Per pall inverted purpure, sable, and Or, two wolf's heads erased addorsed argent and a tree blasted and couped vert.

Gile Gareth Greywolf. Name.

Submitted as Gil Gareth the Greywolf, the documentation for the first element seems to be based on a misreading of Bardsley's A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames. We have changed it to a form of Giles dated to 12th century in Reaney and Wilson's A Dictionary of English Surnames. We have also dropped the unattested article from the nickname. As he requested an authentic 12th-14th century name we would have dropped the second given name/first byname; but since he does not allow major changes, we cannot do this.

Gracian de La Rochelle. Name and device. Purpure, a sea-serpent ondoyant argent, a bordure argent semy-de-lys azure.

Katherine Bradon of Carlisle. Device. Argent, a spiderweb azure surmounted by a spider sable, a bordure embattled azure ermined argent.

Llewellyn Baedd Gwyn. Name and device. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron and in base a boar statant argent.

Michela Delfino. Device. Per fess azure mullety Or and vert, a cross between in base two dolphins haurient respectant argent.

While this resembles marshalling, it does not directly violate RfS XI.3, Marshalling, nor does it match any of the types of period marshalling that we prohibit.


Alleyne Blackburn. Device. Per fess rayonny sable and gules, two talbots statant counterstatant argent.

Amye of Newcastle Under Lyme. Name.

Anna Ridley. Badge. (Fieldless) A cinquefoil ermine.

Antonius Alvredus. Name change from Antonius of Cres and device change. Per chevron embattled sable and argent, two Norse sun crosses argent and a dragon segreant vert.

Submitted on the LoI as Antonius Alvredi, the submitter originally submitted Antonius Alvredus. Since Reaney and Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, lists Willilmus Hermannus as a variant of Willelmus filius Hermanni, we can register the originally submitted form.

His former name is released. His former device, Per pale wavy sable and argent ermined gules, a double bitted axe argent and another sable, is retained as a badge.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Sackbut Herald.

Ebben Bassi. Name.

The article in Bahlow's Deutsches Namenlexikon is not quite clear on whether Ebben is in fact a form used as a given name or a patronymic byname. Since, however, Socin's Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch has Ebbinus as a given name, we can register this.

Gottfried von Mainz. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Gottfried aus Mainz, no documentation was provided for the non-standard locative particle. We have therefore changed it to the common one.

Gwenllian ferch Gwilim. Name and device. Quarterly sable and argent, two estoiles argent within a bordure counterchanged.

Isabele Sutherland. Device. Quarterly purpure and sable, a Celtic cross within a bordure fleury Or.

Magdalena de Hazebrouck. Alternate name Madeline Flemyng.

Magnus Tindal. Name and device. Vert, two stags combattant argent.

This is clear of Mary Felix the Fool, Vert, two zebras combattant argent, striped sable. While there is not a CD for removing the stripes, zebras and stags are substantially different; therefore, the device is clear by RfS X.2, Difference of Primary Charges.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the stags slightly smaller so that they fill the space without distortion.

Roxana Greenstreet. Name change from Anne Greenstreet.

Her former name is released.

Saint Georges, Canton of. Badge. (Fieldless) A stag’s head erased gules.

The badge is clear of Rowena of Arundel, Barry wavy vert and argent, a brown stag's head erased proper. There is a CD for fieldlessness and another CD for changing the tincture of the primary charge.

Seaan Sabhaois. Name and device. Vert, a saltire Or between a broadarrow inverted and three delfs argent.

Submitted as Seán Sabhaois, he requested an authentic 15th century Irish name. We have therefore changed the spelling of the given name to match examples from the 15th century Annals of the Four Masters.

Ysoria filia Emery. Name.

Submitted as Ysoria fille Emery, we have changed the patronymic particle to the normal Latin/Norman form.


Alexandra van Alcmaer. Name and device. Quarterly gules and vert, in pale two pairs of shears fesswise Or.


Darby de Askote. Name.


Anthony of Beaumaris. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Ciarán Ó Rónáin. Name.

Submitted on the LoI as Ciara/n O/ Ro/na/in, we have changed the representation of the accented letters to the originally submitted, standard form.

Domnall Dubh Ua Máille. Name.

Submitted as Domnall dubh Ui Maille, he requested an authentic Irish Gaelic name. We have therefore changed it to a form suggested by names found in the 15th century Annals of the Four Masters.

Galienne Belarot. Name and device. Or, a swan naiant contourny wings displayed azure, a bordure sable semy-de-lys Or.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the bird so its entire body is shown.

Gryffri de Newmarch. Badge. Azure, a cross moline, a bordure embattled argent.

This is clear of Antek Ignatovich, Azure, a cross couped of three crossbars, missing the dexter base arm, a bordure embattled argent. The two crosses, having a different number of arms, are substantially different. This is also clear of Andrew Grey of Blakeheathe, Sable, a cross crosslet fitchy within a bordure embattled argent. There is one CD for the change to the field, and a second for the difference between a cross crosslet and a cross moline.

Hanna bint Abdullah. Device. Argent, on a pale between six butterflies azure a hand of Fatima argent.

Leocadia de Bilbao. Name and device. Argent, issuant from base a schnecke azure.

This is clear of Almaith ingen Chormaic, Azure, a schnecke issuant from dexter base argent. A schnecke is a charge, so there is a CD for the change in the tincture of the field and another for the change in tincture of the primary charge.

Leonora Simonetta d'Este. Badge. Azure, an estoile argent within a bordure per saltire Or and argent.

Submitted under the name Artemesia Leonora Simonetta d'Este, the name was changed in July 2000.

This was pended from the October 2000 LoAR.

Maximilian Racheengel. Badge. (Fieldless) A stag springing argent collared and chained within and conjoined by the chain to a chain in annulo Or.

Maximilian is a Knight of the Society.

Patric de la Rose. Device. Argent, on a cross between in bend two fleurs-de-lys sable a fleur-de-lys argent.

Peregrine Fairchylde. Device. Vair, a squirrel rampant gules.

Peryn Rose Whytehorse. Name and device. Per pale sable and azure, a unicorn rampant maintaining a rose slipped and leaved argent, a bordure argent semy of roses azure.

Rhydderch of Caerleon. Name and device. Argent, a dragon rampant wings displayed azure, a bordure sable semy of maple leaves Or.

Please instruct the submitter to draw fewer leaves on the bordure.

Robert Hightower of Meridies. Augmentation. Sable, a bend sinister argent, overall a tower checky argent and vert, as an augmentation in dexter chief three mullets in fess argent.

Valentine Blake. Device. Per bend wavy argent and azure, in sinister chief an anchor sable.

This was pended from the October 2000 LoAR.


Anna Donnelly. Device. Per chevron argent and gules, two roses and a unicorn’s head couped counterchanged.

Brendoken, Barony of. Branch Name (see RETURNS for device).

Catalana di Neri. Name.

Fearann na Crìche, Shire of. Device. Azure, an oak tree eradicated argent between three laurel wreaths Or.

Gabriel Chance. Name.

Gabriella da Milano. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Gwenllian Talbot. Name.

Holta-Leifr Óláfsson. Name and device. Per pale purpure and vert, three pheons inverted argent.

Johann von Magdeburg. Name.

Racheel Dominique de Brienne. Name.

Rochel bas Gershom Sternenkiker. Name and device. Azure mullety, an owl and on a chief argent a recorder reversed azure.

Submitted on the LoI as Rachel bas Gershom Sternenkiker, the given name was changed from Rochl in Kingdom. However, Schmuel Gorr, Jewish Personal Names, transliterates one of the forms as Ro{h.}el (that is, with a dot below the h); we have changed the name accordingly.

Please instruct the submitter to draw larger mullets; the mullets on the large emblazon should be proportionally more like the mullets on the mini emblazon.

Thalia Baroncelli. Device. Or vêtu ployé, in fess three wyverns erect gules.


Bjorn Egilsson. Device. Gyronny Or and vert, a Thor’s hammer sable.

Isabel Margarita de Sotomayor y Pérez de Gerena. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Teamhair Wyddeles. Name and device. Vairy vert and argent, a tyger rampant purpure.

Usama al-Rashid. Device. Argent, a brazier sable enflamed proper between in cross four decrescents gules.


Alexandre Dufau. Name and device. Per pale vert and Or, two mullets of eight points counterchanged.

Birgitta Sørensdatter. Name and device. Quarterly vert and sable, on a bezant a sun sable.

Submitted as Birgiða Skálphæna Sorensdottir, there was an unfortunate flaw in the documentation of the patronymic. Soren was documented to 1263 from Danmarks gamle personnavne, but the entry — written in Danish — notes that Severinus does not appear in the form Søren this early and that this instance is either a modernisation of an older form or a misreading of Swen. The form Søren does not appear before the 15th century, so we had to change the patronymic suffix to match that time period.

The submitted form for the given name is not attested in Norse or Danish. Given the choices of the Viking-era Brigiða or the medieval Danish Birgitta we opted for the latter, since the submitter listed this as her second choice. It is also the right choice in view of her request for an authentic name. This request is also the reason why we dropped the descriptive byname: while the name would be registerable as Birgitta Skálphæna Sørensdatter, the strikingly Viking-era middle element is out of place in an otherwise post-mid-15th century Danish name.

Cecille de Baskervyl. Device. Purpure, four swords fretted in mascle points to chief, on a chief enarched Or two wolf’s heads erased purpure.

Effric Neyn Ken{gh}ocht Mcherrald. Name and badge. (Fieldless) A cross formy azure.

The main question in this submission was how to represent the letter yogh. For most purposes within the College, Da'ud notation is likely to be used; in that notation, {gh} is the appropriate choice.

Nice badge!

Gareth de Sable. Name and device. Sable, a scorpion within a bordure dovetailed argent.

Submitted as Gareth De Sable, we have changed the particle to lower case.

Petra the Blythe. Device. Vert, three piles in point argent, overall a chevron embattled Or.

Please instruct the submitter to use a steeper angle when drawing the chevron.

Ynys Taltraeth, Canton of. Branch name and device. Argent, a sea-dog rampant purpure breathing flames gules, in canton a laurel wreath purpure.



Catrina Mackrae. Name and device. Per fess gules and sable, a demi-sun issuant from the line of division Or and two needles in saltire argent.

The name is in aural conflict with Catríona Macraith, registered in April 1994: the given names are identical and the bynames differ only in the final consonant.

The large emblazon had the sun colored tenne. As this is not a registerable heraldic tincture, we must return the device.

Sveinn Harðfari. Device. Per bend Or and bendy gules and Or, a mouthless demon’s head affronty gules wearing an arming cap sable.

The device has several problems. First, the holes in the arming cap reduce its identifiability considerably. Second, the neck is neither couped nor erased, and we could find no way to blazon it as drawn. Therefore the combination of the neck, the mouth (or lack thereof), and the arming cap makes this design too far from period practice to be registerable.


Bran ap Gruffudd. Name.

Unfortunately the name Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd has already been registered in June 1986. The current submitter is, in effect, claiming to be Rhianwen's father, and the submission is therefore in violation of section VI.3 of the Rules for Submissions.


Rizardo Chavalerio. Name.

As the submitter states, Chavalerio is an occupational byname meaning Knight. It is, therefore, presumptuous according to section VI.1 of the Rules for Submissions.




Gottfried von Mainz. Device. Argent, three dragon’s heads erased gules, a bordure embattled vert.

Conflict with Llywelyn ap Gwyn of Anglesey, Argent, three dragon's heads couped within a bordure embattled gules. There is not a CD for erased vs. couped, thus there is only a single CD for changing the tincture of the bordure.






Anthony of Beaumaris. Device. Per pall inverted argent, sable, and azure, two falcons striking respectant counterchanged and a castle argent.

Conflict with Chad Silverswan, Per pall inverted argent, sable and azure, two swans rousant respectant counterchanged and a Latin cross argent. There is a CD for the type of all the primaries, but there is not a CD for the change in posture between rousant and striking. Furthermore, swans and falcons, while significantly different, are not substantially different therefore we cannot call the two pieces of armory clear by RfS X.2, Difference of Primary Charges.

Catriona Campbell. Name change from holding name Catriona of Grey Niche.

This conflicts with Katharine Campbell, registered in June 1988. According to RfS V.1.a, two name elements need to differ significantly in sound and appearance to be considered different. The difference in pronunciation between Catriona and Katharine is not quite significant enough.

Ophelia Osborne. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragonfly argent.

Conflict with Mairghread Maire Draigdaimhalachd, Per saltire azure and vert, a dragonfly tergiant displayed argent, orbed Or, with only a single CD for fieldlessness.

Uilleag Ó Conmhaic. Device. Gyronny arrondy of six azure and Or, a wolf sejant ululant sable.

Conflict with Adren cú Faol, Per chevron pean and Or, in base a wolf sejant ululant sable. As the wolf in Adren's device must be in base, there is only a single CD for the change of the field.

Furthermore, the identifiable portions of the wolf are mostly on the blue sections; therefore the device may have been returned for contrast problems even without the conflict. In addition, the position as drawn blurred the distinction between sejant and statant.


Brendoken, Barony of. Device. Per pale vert and sable, a compass star within a laurel wreath Or.

Conflict with the Shire of Champclair, Per fess azure and vairy Or and azure, in chief a sun within a laurel wreath Or. There is not a CD between a compass star and a sun. Furthermore, the position of the shire's charges is forced by the rules of contrast, so there is not a CD for the position of the charges on the field. Therefore there is only a single CD for the change of the field. In addition, the wreath was not drawn as a laurel wreath but as two sprigs of laurel. A wreath should be nearly circular, but this case had only a little curvature of the laurel springs at the top.

Gabriella da Milano. Device. Per pale Or and azure, a rose counterchanged.

Conflict with the badge for Tangwystyl verch Rhiwallon Ogwr, (Fieldless) A double rose per pale azure and Or. There is only a single CD for adding the field.


Isabel Margarita de Sotomayor y Pérez de Gerena. Device. Per pale gules and sable, on a lozenge argent a cat passant guardant sable.

Conflict with Amber Lang, Vert, on a lozenge argent, a cat sejant guardant sable. There is a CD for changing the field, but there is not a CD for changing only the posture of the tertiary charge.

Madallaine Isabeau de Cat. Device. Sable, on a chevron gules fimbriated between three lion’s heads cabossed a fleur-de-lys argent.

Conflict with François Baptiste Lerenard, Sable, on a chevron gules fimbriated between three fox's masks a fleur-de-lys argent. There is only a single CD for changing the type of the secondary charges.

This was pended from the October LoAR

Monika Abendschoen. Device. Gules, a fess embattled counter-embattled ermine fretty azure between two garbs and a stag springing Or.

This was registered in November, 2000.



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