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For the December 2003 meetings, printed March 17, 2004

To all the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive, from François Laurel, Zenobia Wreath, and Mari Pelican, greetings.

The following is a table showing the status of Letters of Intent, Laurel Letters of Pend and Discussion, and Letters of Intent to Protect. The header rows are the dates of the meetings that will consider them, the dates when primary commentary is due, and the dates when responses to primary commentary are due. The key follows.

Wreath meetingDec 13Jan 17Feb 14Mar 13 & 27Apr 17? & 31?May 22June 12 & 27
Pelican meetingDec 20Jan 17Feb 21Mar 13 & 27Apr 24May 15 & 22?June 13 & 27
Comment by    too lateMar 31Apr 30
Respond by    Mar 31Apr 30May 31
Letters of Intent being considered:
AEthelmearc-Sep 25Oct 30Nov 29Dec 24(Jan 30)-
Aethelmearc------(Feb 23)
An Tir-Aug 28 &
Sep 29
-Oct 29 &
Nov 25
Dec 31(Jan 30)(Feb 27)
AnsteorraAug 21
[P Aug 29]
Sep 22Oct 23Nov 14
[P Nov 29]
Dec 11(Jan 26)(Feb 18)
ArtemisiaAug 29Sep 30Oct 30-Dec 05(Jan 30)-
AtenveldtAug 25Sep 25Oct 30-Dec 30(Jan 27)(Feb 25)
Atlantia--Oct 27Nov 27-(Jan 27)(Feb 24)
CaidAug 25 &
Aug 26
-Oct 06
[P Oct 14]
Nov 21Dec 30(Jan 31)-
CalontirAug 08--Nov 08Dec 25-Feb 20
DrachenwaldAug 28-Oct 30Sep 25 &
Nov 24
Dec 23-(Feb 26)
Ealdormere-Sep 18
[P Sep 29]
-Nov 23-(Jan 25)-
East-Sep 05--Nov 30
[P Dec 03]
-(Feb 29)
Laurel LoI--Oct 31----
Lochac----(Nov 24)--
MeridiesAug 31Sep 30Oct 31Nov 30Dec 31Jan 31-
MiddleJul 25
[P Aug 14] &
Aug 25
Sep 25-Nov 04
[P Nov 12] &
Nov 25
-Jan 01(Feb 10)
NebulyAug 21------
Northshield-Sep 30Oct 31Nov 30Dec 30Jan 25(Feb 25)
OutlandsJul 23Aug 28 &
Sep 25
Oct 27Nov 27Dec 27(Jan 27)(Feb 24)
Siren (RfS X.4.j)Aug 30------
TrimarisJul 31
[P Aug 02]
---(Nov 03)-(Feb 27)
WestAug 27Sep 24Oct 28Nov 25-(Jan 27)(Feb 24)
Laurel LoPaD
[LoAR date]
-Sep 29
[Jul LoAR]
Oct 31
[Aug LoAR]
-Dec 31
[Sep LoAR]
-Feb 12
[Nov LoAR]

Month day: the date on the Letter of Intent, Letter of Pend and Discussion, or Letter of Intent to Protect.
(Month day): for administrative reasons, this LoI has not yet been scheduled.
[P Month day]: postmarked on that bracketed date, so the LoI is redated or postponed.
"-": no LoI is scheduled for that meeting from that kingdom.
?: tentative.

Four of the March Letters of Intent have been delegated to the incoming Laurel team: Caid, November 21; Ealdormere, November 23; Meridies, November 30; West, November 25. The March Wreath and Pelican meetings will both be on March 13. The March Pelican-designate and Wreath-designate meetings will be held jointly at Elsbeth Clarion's house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 27.

The April Wreath meeting will tentatively be April 17 and/or May 1 ("April 31": "Apr 17 & May 1" takes too much table width).

The May Pelican meeting will be May 15, with a possible continuation/roadshow on May 22.

The June Wreath meeting will be June 12, and the June Pelican meeting will be June 13. They will hold the traditional Known World Heraldic Symposium road-show meeting on June 27.

The July Wreath meeting will be on July 10, 17, and/or 31. The July Pelican meeting will be July 25.

The August Pelican and Wreath meetings will be held as road shows during evenings at Pennsic. Wreath will rule on any remaining LoIs on August 28.

Wreath and Pelican hope to hold a joint meeting in northern Virginia during September.

Not all letters of intent may be considered when they are originally scheduled on this cover letter. The date of mailing of the LoI, date of receipt of the Laurel packet, or other factors may delay consideration of certain letters of intent. Additionally, some letters of intent received may not have been scheduled because the administrative requirements (receipt of the forms packet, receipt of the necessary fees, et cetera) have not yet been met.

REMINDER: Until all administrative requirements are met, the letter may not be scheduled.

From Laurel: RfS X.4.j.ii

After due consideration and with the thoughtful advice of the College of Arms, we are amending the Rules for Submission section X.4.j.ii. This change is limited to X.4.j.ii and does not modify X.4.j.i. Thus, it only redefines the cases in which substantially changing the type of a group of charges on charges can give a clear difference. The main purpose of this rules change is to simplify this rule and make it easier to apply.

We are redefinining "simple case" to match the current phrasing of X.2: "has no more than two types of charge directly on the field and has no overall charges". In addition, we are removing the term "simple" from X.4.j.ii, because it has been confusing to use the term "simple" in two parts of the armory conflict rules (RfS X.2 and RfS X.4.j.ii). There is one additional change: X.4.j.ii no longer requires the the group of charges on a charge to be composed of identical charges. But it does continue to require that the type of the entire group of charges on a charge be changed to grant a CD under this rule.

RFS X.4.j.ii is changed to read:

ii. For armory that has no more than two types of charge directly on the field and has no overall charges, substantially changing the type of all of a group of charges placed entirely on an ordinary or other suitable charge is one clear difference. Only the new submission is required to meet these conditions in order to benefit from this clause. A charge is suitable for the purposes of this rule if (a) it is simple enough in outline to be voided, and (b) it is correctly drawn with an interior substantial enough to display easily recognizable charges.

Sable, on a pale argent three lozenges sable has one clear difference from Sable, on a pale argent three ravens sable. Or, on a heart vert a pheon argent has one clear difference from Or, on a heart vert a cross moline argent. Argent, on a fess azure between two pine trees vert a spear argent has one clear difference from Argent, on a fess azure between two pine trees vert a rose argent. Or, on a chevron between two millrinds and a lion passant gardant sable three escallops argent does not have a clear difference from Or, on a chevron between two millrinds and a lion passant gardant sable three crosses crosslet argent because there are more than two types of charges directly on the field. Gules, a lion rampant, overall a bend argent semy-de-lis sable does not have a clear difference from Gules, a lion rampant, overall a bend argent billetty sable because there is an overall charge. Gules, on a pale Or a crescent between two fleurs-de-lis gules has a clear difference from Gules, on a pale Or three mullets gules. However, it does not have a clear difference from Gules, on a pale Or three crescents gules, because the type of all of the tertiary charges has not been changed.

Argent, a lion rampant gules charged with a cross crosslet Or does not have a clear difference from Argent, a lion rampant gules charged with a heart Or because the lion is too complex in outline to be voided. Gules, on a mullet of six points Or a cross crosslet sable does not have a clear difference from Gules, on a mullet of six points Or a pellet because the interior of a correctly drawn mullet of six points is too small.

As a new submission, Argent, a lion rampant and on a chief gules three fleurs-de-lis argent does not conflict with Argent, a lion rampant between three mullets and on a chief gules three crosses crosslet argent, even though the latter does not meet the conditions of this rule. The new armory has only two types of charges directly on the field, so there is one clear difference for substantially changing the type of the tertiary charges; the second is for removing the mullets (see RfS X.4.b). If, however, the second armory were new and the first already registered, the second armory would conflict with the first; as there are more than two types of charges directly on the field, there would be just one clear difference for adding the mullets.

We were pleased to see the discussion and research that was given to this question and commend all who participated. Special thanks to Siren for coordinating the discussions on this rule change.

From Laurel: Devices for Consorts and Royal Heirs

This month we were called upon to reflect on the SCA's policy of registering devices for a consort (either for a kingdom or a princpality), or for royal heirs apparent (also for a kingdom or principality). We have no evidence of a real-world consort having arms that differed from her husband's (except for marshalling). We likewise have no evidence of an heir apparent having arms that were not a differenced version of the arms of their parent, except for marshalling, and for fiefs that the heir apparent might have had (such as the Dauphiné, ruled by the dauphin, the heir to the French throne).

The practice of registering devices for the consort and heirs is falling out of favor in the SCA in general. Some of the newer kingdoms have not registered devices for their consorts and their heirs. We applaud the trend to a more period practice with regards to arms, or lack of separate armory for the consort and heirs.

Because the SCA device is parallel to real-world practices for arms, the SCA shall no longer register devices for consorts or for heirs to a kingdom or principality after July 2004.

Under this decision, consorts in kingdoms or principalities without consort's arms may use the undifferenced kingdom arms, and kingdoms may elect to allow both heirs to the throne to display the kingdom arms differenced by a label or other standard mark of cadency. This matches some period armorial display for royal arms.

Kingdoms and principalites that currently have arms registered for the consort or heirs may submit changes to the registered armory via the application of the grandfather clause. We shall require a poll of the populace showing support for changes to the armory. Note that this poll has not previously been explicitly required for the armory of the heirs apparent, but it seems appropriate to require such a poll, which is already required for consorts.

Kingdoms and principalities that currently have arms registered for the consort or heirs are encouraged to consider following period practice and to discontinue the use of the armory.

From Baroness Shauna of Carrick Point, Laurel-Designate

Greetings to all who read these words. I am very excited about taking over as Laurel Sovereign of Arms. Master Francois and his team have been very helpful during the transition phase. In about a month, my warrant will be signed by the Board of Directors, although any outstanding business from Francois's tenure will be completed by that team during my new tenure.

This is not a job that can be done by one person, or even a small handful. It requires a lot of dedication from a great many people in order for the office of Society Herald to function effectively. I have the great fortune that two very well-qualified people have agreed to work with me as co-sovereigns for the next three years. Dame Margaret Makafee will be Pelican Queen of Arms and make onomastic decisions, while Master Evan da Collaureo will be Wreath King of Arms and make armory decisions. Both Margaret and Evan have a lot of experience at all levels and they both have strong local staffs to help them with the decision meetings and all the associated paperwork involved.

I will be working on the administrative side of things, and for now will be doing the "Laurel Clerk" duties as well. Because I live in a rather remote area of the Society, and separate from both Pelican and Wreath, there have to be some changes in how the process of submissions will work. In an attempt at smooth paperwork flow, I will have the files rather than one of the sovereigns. In order for the submissions process to work well, I will be scanning all the initial packet items, page by page, and then uploading those files to a secure website. This is not going to be an archival scan of the paperwork, but a working set of files.

One other thing I would like to mention at this time. At KWHS, June 25-27, 2004, in the Shire of Owls Reste (New Cumberland, Pennsylvania), Kingdom of the East, I am hoping that all three of the sovereigns can meet with as many of the principal and submissions heralds in the Known World as possible. If you can make the event, please visit with us. It is always better to have face-to-face introductions, in my opinion.

If your kingdom requires a statement from the corporate officer before assisting with travel expenses for a symposium, this should suffice: I am requesting and requiring that all kingdoms have a representative at KWHS 2004, preferably both the principal and submissions herald of each kingdom.

From Wreath: Sober Considerations

This month we received a request to honor a heraldic will, and we were able to honor it. However, the submission was not accompanied by any evidence that the person who had filed the heraldic will had, in fact, passed on. This was an uncomfortable situation. Our staff reminded us that it is by no means unknown for people to lie about a genuine real-world legal document with malicious intent, so it would be best if the Laurel office were provided with evidence of the death of the heraldic testator. On the other hand, we had no desire to cause any further grief to the bereaved by requesting this of the submitter. Laurel was able to determine that the heraldic will was valid. However, we advise kingdoms to accompany heraldic wills with some evidence indicating that the deceased has, indeed, passed on, to avoid the possibility that a living submitter might be a victim of a cruel prank.

From Laurel: Help Wanted for the Heraldic Packet Service

The Heraldic Packet Service (alias SquidPak) provides copying and distribution of heraldic correspondence to various realms in the Known World. Its primary focus is on providing inexpensive mailing to realms outside the USA (Drachenwald, Ealdormere, Lochac). Currently, Æthelmearc, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Drachenwald, Ealdormere, Lochac, and the Outlands make use of the service. The Heraldic Packet Service is a private service that is not directly associated with the College of Arms or any realm's College of Heralds.

Dave Montuori is seeking volunteer(s) to take over at least the production side of the "SquidPak" heraldic packet service, so that Dave's SCA persona may devote more time to armory decisions over the next three years. The successful candidate need not be a herald, though some familiarity with the College of Arms submissions process is a plus; training in that aspect of the job will be provided if needed.

The primary attribute being looked for is the temperament suitable for the position of Kingdom Chronicler, as this job is remarkably similar to that of the editor of a kingdom newsletter. The requirements of the job are:

Errors in copying, collating, or stuffing are Frowned Upon, and you must be able to get the packet out every month without fail (and not on the last day of the month if at all possible). You may also be responsible for keeping track of costs for each contributing realm, and sending out periodic invoices for reimbursement.

Interested parties should contact Dave, whose contact information is in the Roster; please send all e-mail inquiries about this job to to ensure that your ee-mail does not get lost in the spam-stack.

From Laurel Clerk: Admiral, There Be Errata Here!

I said that five pages of error corrections with "ERRATA" in the page footer was sufficient notice of an errata letter, but sovereigns suggested that some readers might skip directly from the cover letter to their kingdom's results without an explicit notice. Hence this notice.

I encourage readers to at look at each page of each LoAR mailing, lest they overlook an unannounced roster, Known World Heraldic Symposium flier, Letter of Intent, general letter to the College, valuable coupon, or whatnot.

I especially encourage readers to note the "Send What To Whom" section at the bottom of each cover letter. There have been occasional administrative problems when College of Arms members have not used the information in that section. In particular, the person maintaining the CoA roster is not the mailing list, so roster changes announced only on LoIs and LoCs have little effect - hence the procedures mentioned below. Please check for the occasional changes to this section.

Roster Changes

The office of Crux Australis Principal Herald (Lochac) has changed hands. The interim Crux Australis is Sabine du Bourbonnais ..., e-mail or The previous Crux Australis, Giles Leabrook ..., is removed from the roster and mailing list.

Blue Tyger Herald (external submissions, East), has changed hands. The new Blue Tyger, Rowen Cloteworthy ..., was already listed on the roster as an Eastern Pursuivant at Large. He is added to the mailing list. His information again: ..., prefers e-mailed LoIs and LoCs. (Actually, he was listed on the roster twice. The second entry, listing him as "(...)", has a few errors and should be ignored in favor of the above.) The previous Blue Tyger, Reynard des Montaignes ..., remains on the roster and mailing list.

Jack Herald (Trimaris), Haakon Bjornsson ..., e-mail, is added to the roster but not the mailing list.

Stag's Attire Herald (Outlands), Naitan de Yerdeburc ..., and Musimon Herald (Outlands), Pendar the Bard ..., are no longer on the mailing list or roster.

Fretty Herald (Outlands external commentary) is returning to the mailing list and roster: Anne Aliz de Basle ..., prefers e-mail LoIs and LoCs.

Ensign Herald (Trimaris), Gwalchrhi ferch Llywellyn ..., has a new address and phone number: ....

The e-mail address for Nebuly Herald (West), ..., has changed to ....

Society Pages

Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point, Laurel-designate, was made a baroness of the court of Artemisia at Estrella War on February 14.

Send What to Whom

[UPDATED] For all Letters of Intent, Comment, Response, Correction, et cetera, send one paper copy to each of the incoming Wreath KoA and incoming Pelican QoA at their mailing addresses as shown on the College of Arms Mailing List (which you should be doing anyway, as they are currently on the Mailing List as Kraken and Sigil, respectively). Also continue sending paper copies to the outgoing Pelican QoA and Wreath QoA, as they intend to continue commenting after their tenures.

Send Laurel office copies of all submissions-related paper, including

[UPDATED] to the incoming Laurel Queen of Arms: Jacquie Ziegler, 812 S 32nd St, Billings, MT 59101-3924.

Send Laurel office copies of all submissions-related electronic files to This applies to all LoIs, LoCs, LoRs, et cetera.

Send roster changes and corrections to Lord Symond Bayard le Gris, Bruce R. Nevins, 2527 E. 3rd St., Tucson, AZ, 85716-4114, 520-795-6000, 520-795-0158 (fax), Please also send them to Laurel Clerk, preferably by e-mail to, or by mail to Tim McDaniel, 6805 Wood Hollow Dr Apt 212, Austin, TX 78731-3104. College of Arms members can also request a copy of the current roster from Symond.

For subscriptions to the paper copy of the LoAR, please contact Symond, above. The cost for an LoAR subscription is $25 a year. Please make all checks or money orders payable to "SCA Inc.-College of Arms". For subscriptions to the electronic copy of the LoAR, please contact Laurel at The electronic copy is available free of charge.

For all administrative matters, or for questions about whom to send to, please contact Laurel Principal King of Arms, whose contact information heads this letter.

Pray know that I remain

In service

François la Flamme
Laurel Principal King of Arms

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