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College of Arms

PO Box 31755
Billings, MT 59107-1755

For the February 2004 meetings, printed May 17, 2004

To all the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive, from François, Laurel, Zenobia Wreath, and Mari Pelican, greetings.

The following is a table showing the status of Letters of Intent, Laurel Letters of Pend and Discussion, and Letters of Intent to Protect. The header rows are the dates of the meetings that will consider them, the dates when primary commentary is due, and the dates when responses to primary commentary are due. The key follows.

Wreath meetingFeb 14Mar 13 & 27May 01May 16 & 22Jun 12 & 27Jul 10
Pelican meetingFeb 21Mar 13 & 27Apr 24May 15 & 22Jun 13 & 27Jul 25
Comment by    too lateMay 31
Respond by    May 31Jun 30
Letters of Intent being considered:
AEthelmearcOct 30Nov 29Dec 24Jan 30-Mar 27
An Tir-Oct 29 &
Nov 25
Dec 31Jan 30Feb 27Mar 27
AnsteorraOct 23Nov 14
[P Nov 29]
Dec 11Jan 26Feb 18(Mar 11
[P Apr 01])
ArtemisiaOct 30-Dec 05Jan 30-(Mar 30)
AtenveldtOct 30-Dec 30Jan 27Feb 25Mar 17
AtlantiaOct 27Nov 27-Jan 27Feb 24(Mar 25)
CaidOct 06
[P Oct 14]
Nov 21Dec 30Jan 31--
Calontir-Nov 08Dec 25-Feb 20-
DrachenwaldOct 30Nov 24-Jan 29Feb 26(Mar 25)
Ealdormere-Nov 23-Jan 25-Mar 18
[P Apr 01]
East---Nov 30
[P Dec 03]
(Feb 29)-
Laurel LoIOct 31-----
Lochac--Nov 24--Mar 22
[P Apr 01]
MeridiesOct 31Nov 30Dec 31Jan 31-Mar 31
Middle-Nov 04
[P Nov 12] &
Nov 25
-Jan 01Feb 10Mar 17 &
Mar 02
NorthshieldOct 31Nov 30Dec 30Jan 25Feb 25Mar 25
OutlandsOct 27Nov 27Dec 27Jan 27Feb 24Mar 25
Trimaris---Nov 03(Feb 27)(Mar 31)
WestOct 28Nov 25-Jan 27Feb 24Mar 24
[P Apr 12]
Laurel LoPaD
[LoAR date]
Oct 31
[Aug LoAR]
-Dec 31
[Sep LoAR]
-Feb 12
[Nov LoAR]
Mar 31
[Jan LoAR]

Month day: the date on the Letter of Intent, Letter of Pend and Discussion, or Letter of Intent to Protect.
(Month day): for administrative reasons, this LoI has not yet been scheduled.
[P Month day]: postmarked on that bracketed date, so the LoI is redated or postponed.
"-": no LoI is scheduled for that meeting from that kingdom.
?: tentative.

Four of the March Letters of Intent were delegated to the new Laurel team: Caid, November 21; Ealdormere, November 23; Meridies, November 30; West, November 25. The March Wreath and Pelican meetings were both on March 13. The March Pelican-designate and Wreath-designate meetings were held jointly at Elsbeth Clarion's house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 27.

The April Wreath meeting was held on May 1. That is, Wreath's decisions to be published in the April 2004 LoAR were made at a meeting on May 1.

The May Wreath meeting was held on Sunday, May 16. The May Pelican meeting was held on May 15. They will have a joint road-show meeting on May 22 at Æthelmearc War Practice.

The June Wreath meeting will be on June 12 and the June Pelican meeting will be on June 13. They will hold the traditional Known World Heraldic Symposium road-show meeting on June 27.

The August Pelican and Wreath meetings will be held as road shows during evenings at Pennsic. Wreath will rule on any remaining LoIs on August 28.

Wreath and Pelican hope to hold a joint meeting in northern Virginia during September.

Not all letters of intent may be considered when they are originally scheduled on this cover letter. The date of mailing of the LoI, date of receipt of the Laurel packet, or other factors may delay consideration of certain letters of intent. Additionally, some letters of intent received may not have been scheduled because the administrative requirements (receipt of the forms packet, receipt of the necessary fees, et cetera) have not yet been met.

REMINDER: Until all administrative requirements are met, the letter may not be scheduled.

Roster Changes

An updated roster is enclosed. College of Arms members should verify their information. Principal heralds may want to verify their kingdom's information.

At their April 24 meeting, the SCA Inc. Board of Directors signed warrants appointing the new sovereigns of arms for a term of three years. See "Send What to Whom", below, for what to send each. To remind:

The new Laurel Principal Queen of Arms (honcho) is Shauna of Carrick Point (Jacquie Ziegler), PO Box 31755, Billings, MT 59107-1755, 406-245-4537, e-mail

The new Pelican Queen of Arms (names) is Margaret MacDubhshithe ..., e-mail Note that this is new contact information.

The new Wreath King of Arms (armory) is Evan da Collaureo ..., e-mail (He will also hold the "retirement title" of Sackbut Herald from Atlantia.)

The previous Laurel, François la Flamme (Wendel Bordelon), is no longer on the mailing list. François remains on the roster as a Herald Extraordinary on Laurel staff.

The previous Pelican remains on the roster and mailing list as a Laurel commenter at large: Mari Elspeth nic Bryan .... She prefers to receive both paper and e-mail LoIs and LoCs.

The previous Wreath remains on the roster and mailing list as Batonvert Herald (Laurel staff commentary): Zenobia Naphtali .... (She will also hold the title of Couronne Rouge Herald in An Tir.) She prefers to receive paper LoIs and LoCs (not electronic).

Laurel Clerk, Daniel de Lincolia (Tim McDaniel), is no longer on the roster.

The office of Vesper Principal Herald (West) has changed. The new Vesper is Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne, previously listed on the roster as Sable Swan Herald (Cynagua, West). Her contact information has changed: ...; prefers to receive both paper and e-mail LoIs and LoCs. All principal heralds are ex officio on the roster and mailing list. She will also retain the title of Banner Herald for a few months. The previous Vesper, Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus ..., is no longer on the roster or mailing list.

There is a new White Stag Principal Herald (Outlands): Sorcha MacLeod ... has moved up from Palmer Herald. All principal heralds are ex officio on the roster and mailing list. The previous White Stag, Tatiana Pavlovna Sokolova ..., is no longer on the mailing list or roster.

The new Palmer Herald (Outlands, the emergency deputy to White Stag Principal Herald) is Louis-Philippe Mitouard .... He is added to the roster but not the mailing list.

There is a new Seawolf Herald (Principality of the Mists, West): Wilhelm von Homburg .... The previous Seawolf, Marguerite du Royon ..., is no longer on the roster or mailing list.

There is a new Sable Swan Herald (Cynagua, West): Antonio Giordano da Sicilia .... The Sable Swan previously listed has been promoted to Vesper, supra.

Sea Urchin Herald (Atlantia), Isabella Benalcazar ..., has changed titles to become Rastrillo Herald. She remains on the roster but not the mailing list.

Ounce Herald (An Tir), Teceangl Bach ..., is moving. Her new address (effective immediately) and new phone number (effective before the end of May): .... Note: the United States Postal Service ZIP+4 Code Look-up page at mistakenly reports that ... is a Street. Teceangl assures everyone that she and the real estate title company are quite sure that it is a Blvd.

Aryanhwy merch Catmael ..., Boke Herald (Northshield), plans to change her real-world surname on May 22 and become ....

Society Pages (or Making Boke)

Aryanhwy merch Catmael's surname is changing because she intends to wed on May 22. Congratulations!

(A minor digression: according to Miss Manners, the traditional usage of "Mrs." is followed only by the husband's name, not by her name. Lady Aryanhwy writes, "I frankly love the thought that I'm going to be 'Mrs. ...'". Miss Manners also approves of "Ms." as being less specific and more flexible; "Ms." precedes the lady's names. She also notes that "The correct form of address by the Holy Roman Emperor when speaking of himself to others, or when addressing himself, for that matter, is 'Ma Majesté'", but provides no citation or date. Please take these divers observations and use them or not as you see fit.)

Send What to Whom

For all Letters of Intent, Comment, Response, Correction, et cetera, send one paper copy to each of Wreath KoA and Pelican QoA at their mailing addresses as shown on the College of Arms Mailing List.

Send to Laurel Principal Queen of Arms (whose contact information heads this letter) all Laurel office copies of all submissions-related paper, including

Send Laurel office copies of all submissions-related electronic files to This applies to all LoIs, LoCs, LoRs, et cetera.

Send roster changes and corrections to Laurel, above. College of Arms members can also request a copy of the current roster from her.

For subscriptions to the paper copy of the LoAR, please contact Laurel, above. The cost for an LoAR subscription is $25 a year. Please make all checks or money orders payable to "SCA Inc.-College of Arms". For subscriptions to the electronic copy of the LoAR, please contact Laurel at The electronic copy is available free of charge.

For all administrative matters, or for questions about whom to send to, please contact Laurel.

Pray know that I remain

In service

François la Flamme
Laurel Principal King of Arms

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