June 1995


Stockholm, City of. Device correction. Azure, a king's head couped affronty and crowned Or..

Listed on the LoAR as coupled, we are correcting the typo.

December 1998


Peregrine Uriona de Navarre. Device correction. Per chevron vert and azure, a chevron Or, in base a narwhal naiant contourny argent..

List on the LoAR as per chevon, we are correcting the typo.

June 2001


Úlfr Hákonarson. Name correction.

This was registered on the November 2000 LoAR as Ulfr Hákonarson, and corrected on the June 2001 LoAR to Úlfr Hákonarsson. Unfortunately, this correction introduced a new error, the doubling of the s in the byname. We are fixing this now.

March 2002


Wladyslaw Pozna{n'}ski. Name correction.

Listed on the LoAR as Wladyslaw Poznański, all instances of ń, both in the name and in the commentary by Pelican and Nebuly, should in fact have been {n'}.

May 2005


Alexandra Maria de Granada. Name correction. (Fieldless) In pale a pomegranate vert seeded gules issuant from a tankard azure..

Listed on the LoAR as Alejandra, her name was registered as Alexandra. on the March 2005 LoAR.

December 2005


William of Kenilworth. Name change from William de Kenillewurd.

The LoAR failed to note that this was a name change; his previous name is hereby released.

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