September 1991


Toirdhealbhach MacMathghamhain. Blazon correction. Per pale gules and Or, two bears combattant maintaining battle-axes counterchanged.

The LoAR misspelled battle-axes as battles-axes.

January 1995


Isaak Frangopoulos. Blazon correction. Azure, on a double-headed eagle argent a chi-rho sable, a chief checky sable and argent.

The LoAR misspelled chi-rho as chi-ro.

March 1999


Sylwein Tarianlas Ysginydd. Blazon correction. Argent, a triskelion of arms in armor brandishing swords vert, a bordure engrailed purpure.

The LoAR misspelled triskelion as trisklion.

October 1999


Juliana de Florey le Ymagour. Blazon correction. Argent, a triskelion of arms vested each hand maintaining an artist's brush azure, within an orle of carnations gules slipped and leaved vert.

The LoAR misspelled maintaining as maintaing.

June 2001


Morgan of Ben Dunfirth. Blazon correction. Gules, a bend between two seawolves erect argent.

The LoAR misspelled between as betwen.

February 2002


Egan mac Muirgein. Blazon correction. Argent, a seawolf and on a chief embattled sable three fleurs-de-lys argent.

The LoAR misspelled fleurs-de-lys argent as fleurs-de lys-argent.

September 2002


Brienna Llewellyn Lindsay. Release of device.

In registering her device change, the LoAR failed to note that her previous device, Per chevron azure and argent, a chevron counter-ermine between two horse's heads couped addorsed and a harp counterchanged, was released.


Kirsten Dystel. Blazon correction. (Fieldless) A dragon passant contourny vert maintaining a bag Or.

The LoAR misspelled maintaining as maintaning.

September 2004


Sosanna Drakere. Name correction from Sosana Drakere.

The LoAR said in part, "However, Boke notes that Reaney and Wilson, The Dictionary of English Surnames, s.n. Gowthorpe, has Sosanna in 1298. We have changed the spelling of the given name to this form." However, the name was misspelled in the header as Sosana Drakere.


Séighín inghean Giolla Eáin. Blazon correction. Argent, a cross patonce gules between in chief two sea lions addorsed sable each maintaining a sword Or.

The LoAR misspelled addorsed as addrosed.

January 2005

An Tir

Lora Lin of Dinas Bran. Blazon correction. Argent, on a laurel tree eradicated proper a recorder bendwise sinister argent, a bordure sable.

The LoAR misspelled sinister as sinster.

March 2005


Victoria of Cúm an Iolair. Blazon correction. Per bend sinister Or and purpure, a spiderweb purpure and a keythong's head erased Or.

The LoAR misspelled the second purpure as pupure.


Ceinwen Wen. Blazon correction. Argent crusilly, a lotus blossom in profile azure.

The LoAR misspelled blossom as blossum.

June 2006


Thomas Drake d'Abernon. Blazon correciton. Sable, a dragon segreant and in chief three wolf's heads erased argent.

The LoAR misspelled segreant as sergeant.

November 2006


Mikha'il of the West. Name correction from Mikhail of the West.

Listed on the LoAR as Mikhail of the West in the reblazon of his device, his holding name was registered as Mikha'il of the West on the September 2004 LoAR.

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