December 1999


Arianwen verch Kynwraidd ap Aeddan. Blazon correction. Vert, a hoe bendwise inverted blade to sinister Or.

The LoAR misspelled sinister as sinsiter.

September 2004


Sosanna Drakere. Name correction from Sosana Drakere.

The discussion on the LoAR says:

Submitted as Shoshonna Drakere, the summarization says that Shoshana is found in the Apocrypha and the New Testament. However, no information was provided for the version or translation where this form was found. Nor were photocopies included; please note that no version of The Bible or any apocrypha appear on the no-photocopy list. Since the College was unable to confirm that this spelling appeared in a period translation, we cannot register this form. However, Boke notes that Reaney and Wilson, The Dictionary of English Surnames, s.n. Gowthorpe, has Sosanna in 1298. We have changed the spelling of the given name to this form.

But the name was mistakenly listed as in the header as Sosana.

April 2005


Enoch of the Three Hills. Blazon correction. Sable, a weasel salient reguardant contourny Or between in bend an axe bendwise sinister reversed and rapier bendwise sinister argent.

The LoAR misspelled the first sinister as sinster.

June 2006


Thomas Drake d'Abernon. Blazon correction. Sable, a dragon segreant and in chief three wolf's heads erased argent..

The LoAR misspelled segreant as sergeant.

August 2006


Merrick Dowling. Name correction from Merrick O Dowling.

Listed on the LoAR as Merrick O Dowling in the registration of his badge, his name was registered as Merrick_Dowling on the July 2006 LoAR.

February 2007


Ines Alfón. Name change from Mór inghean Chathail.

The LoAR noted that her previous name, Mór inghean Chathail, was released. However, the OSCAR version of the LoI noted that the name was to be retained as an alternate name, even though there was no indication of this on the forms. The submitter has confirmed that she desired the name to be retained.

Her old name, Mór inghean Chathail, is hence retained as an alternate name.

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