Laurel Letter of Pends and Discussion (LoPaD): February 2, 2008

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College of Arms

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For the October 2007 meetings, printed February 2, 2008

To all the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive, from Elisabeth Laurel, Jeanne Marie Wreath, and Margaret Pelican, greetings.

This letter contains the issues raised in the October 2007 LoAR for CoA discussion. The text in this letter is copied verbatim from that LoAR; it is provided here for convenience. As with a February LoI, these matters are currently scheduled for the Pelican and Wreath meetings in June 2008. Original commentary, responses, and rebuttals to commentary must be entered into OSCAR no later than Saturday, May 31, 2008.

  1. Charmayne d'Aix la Chapelle. Device. Per fess dovetailed azure and argent, a lion passant argent and a tyger passant contourny sable.

    Blazoned on the LoI as Per fess dovetailed argent and azure, a lion passant argent and a tyger passant contourny sable, the field tinctures were reversed. As no color emblazon was included in OSCAR, commenters were unable to determine the correct tinctures. Therefore, this device must be pended for conflict checking with the correct tinctures.

    As there is a CD between a lion and a (heraldic) tyger, this does not fall afoul of the so-called "sword-and-dagger" rule. Barring conflict, the device is registerable with both the lion and tyger.

    This was item 5 on the Meridies letter of June 28, 2007.

  2. Lorette Roberge. Name.

    Listed on the LoI as Lorrette Toberge, both forms and the documentation show the name as Lorette Roberge. Furthermore, the submitter requested a name authentic for late 15th C French, but this request was not mentioned on the LoI. We have changed the header to the spellings on the form and in the documentation and are pending this name to allow the commentary on the submitted form and to address the request for authenticity.

    Here is the summary from the LoI:

    Lorette - French Names from Chastenay, 1448-1457 - <> - Lorrette dated to 1456.

    Toberge - An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris - <>provided, but I could not find this name in the article.

    This was item 4 on the Northshield letter of June 30, 2007.

  3. Ulrich von Strasbourg. Name.

    The submitter requested an authentic German name, but this request was not mentioned on the LoI. Therefore, we are pending this name to allow the commenters to address this request.

    This summary appeared on the LoI:

    Ulrich - dated c. 1250-1369 from "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" (

    Strasbourg - map of Holy Roman Empire from 1547 provided. Has city/town of Strasbourg on it near Eastern border.

    The Mercator atlas of 1570 shows Strausberg (with that spelling) on page 69-70.

    Access the atlas from: <>

    The Oath of Strasbourg show Strazburg (with that spelling) as the Latin spelling in 842

    Ergo xvi kal. marcii Lodhuvicus et Karolus in civitate que olim Argentaria vocabatur, nunc autem Strazburg vulgo dicitur, convenerunt et sacramenta que subter notata sunt, Lodhuvicus romana, Karolus vero teudisca lingva, juraverunt


    A woodcut from circa 1490 shows Straßburg (with that spelling) at


    This was item 6 on the Northshield letter of June 30, 2007.

Pray know that I remain,

In service,

Elisabeth de Rossignol
Laurel Principal Queen of Arms

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