March 2010


Hala bint Yuhanna. Name change from Milicent Telynor of Caerfyrddin.

Listed on the LoAR as a new name, it should have been a name change. Her previous name, Milicent Telynor of Caerfyrddin, is released.

January 2011


Ceara inghean Mhic Chuarta. Name change from holding name Ceara of Hartshorn-dale.

Returned on the January 2011 Letter of Acceptances and Returns because the submitter did not allow the change from Ceara inghean Chuarta to the registerable Ceara inghean Mhic Chuarta, the submitter had authorized the change to register the name. Therefore, this name should have been registered.

Her armory had been registered under the holding name Ceara of Hartshorn-dale.

Created at 2011-04-27T23:57:55