January 2012


Rand Reynald. Badge. Per pale gules and vert, a lion's head erased between in cross four oak leaves argent.

Blazoned when registered as a lion's head, we inadvertently left out erased.

July 2011


Cormac Ciúin. Device. Per pale sable and argent all estencely counterchanged, a caltrap within a bordure per pale argent and sable.

Listed on the LoAR under the name Cormac an Ciúin, the name was registered without the article on the April 2011 LoAR.

April 2010


Pukhta Lovtsevich. Alternate name Swetelove Twyssoday.

Listed on the submission form and the LoAR as a new name, the name was intended as an alternate name for Pukhta.

April 1996


Emma la Rousse d'Argentain. Name change from Kathryn Morgan and device change. Or, a fox dormant gules and on a chief indented sable three pheons Or.

Listed on the LoAR exactly as above, the disposition of the old name was not listed.

Her old name, Kathryn Morgan, is released.

Her old armory, Or, a fox dormant gules and on a bordure sable a double tressure loosely wreathed Or, was properly released at that time.

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