April 2012


Drusilla of Montrose. Correction of reblazon of device. *

The reblazon given in the LoAR remains the same. This erratum is correcting the registration history. The old blazon was incorrectly listed as Gules, a rose between two crosses fleury and a mount Or. It should have been listed as Gules, a rose between two crosses flory and a mount issuant from base, all Or.

July 2011


Cormac Ciúin. Name correction from Cormac an Ciúin. *

In registering his device, the LoAR referenced his name as Cormac an Ciúin. His name was registered as Cormac_Ciúin on the April 2011 LoAR.

April 2011


Constance Glyn D{w^}r. Name correction from Constance Glyn Dwr. *

In registering her device, the LoAR referenced her name as Constance Glyn Dwr. Her name was registered as Constance Glyn D{w^}r on the April 2000 LoAR. The electronic copy of the April 2000 LoAR at is incorrect - it does not include the circumflex.

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