March 1993


* An Dubhaigeainn, Barony. Name.

When the branch name designator was changed from Shire to Barony, the preposition of was inadvertently added to match the branch name found on a submission form of the time. The branch name An Dubhaigeainn is a genitive (possessive) form meaning "of the little dark ones". As it is not a nominative (base) form, the preposition of is redundant. It has been removed to match the submitted form.

We note that the use of [Branch] of An Dubhaigeainn instead of the registered form has been fairly consistent for several decades. However, we cannot update the name without a formal name change from the Barony to change the grammar. We will continue to allow the standard lingua Anglica form of An Dubhaigeainn in submissions that utilize the branch name allowance under SENA PN1B2f and NPN1C2f, acknowledging that this form is grammatically incorrect, but cannot be fixed at this time.

March 2007


* Ealasaid Mac a'Bhaird. Device. Per pale invected sable and argent, an eagle's head erased and a thistle, slipped and leaved, counterchanged.

Initially registered as a device, this submission was redesignated as a badge when reblazoned in March 2007. We are correcting this mistake.

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