January 1983


* Selviergard, Shire of. Branch name change correction from Silveirgaard, Shire of.

In changing the branch name, the shire's previous name appeared on the January 1983 LoAR as Shire of Silveirgard. It was registered as Silveirgaard, Shire of on the October 1982 LoAR.

March 1983


* St. Michael's Keep, Canton of. Device change. Per pale vert and argent, a tower, a laurel wreath, and on a base wavy two bars wavy counterchanged.

When their device was registered on the Letter of Acceptances and Returns, it was marked as a new device, instead of a device change as submitted. Their previous device, Per pale purpure and argent, in base three barrulets wavy counterchanged, in dexter a tower issuant from the upper barrulet argent, in sinister chief a laurel wreath vert, is released.

October 1999


* Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge for flag. Argent, on a fess sable, a crown of three points between two mullets argent.

Originally registered in August 1979, this badge was released by the kingdom in September 1992. However, in October 1999 it was reblazoned when it was cited as a conflict for a submitted badge from the kingdom of Ealdormere. The fact that there was no conflict, as the flag had been earlier released, was not caught by Laurel and the blazon was re-listed in the Ordinary and Armorial as a registered badge, and it has been in use ever since. The discrepancy has only recently come to light, more than fifteen years later.

In light of the amount of time that has passed since the error occurred, and as the error was no fault of the kingdom of Meridies, we are hereby explicitly validating the registration of the badge as of October 1999, as a sort of "bank error in their favor".

Ealdormere may wish to note that their returned badge for the Order of Orion would not be in conflict with the Meridies flag under SENA.

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