August 1979


* Roderick of Basing. Name correction from Robert of Basing and device. Azure, a fess gules fimbriated Or; in canton a cross-crosslet Or.

When his device was registered in August 1979, his name was incorrectly listed on the LoAR as Robert of Basing.

July 1980


* Roderick of Basing. Name correction from Roderic of Basing and badge. Argent, upon an unbarbed rose azure another argent, seeded Or.

Listed on the LoAR under Roderic of Basing, the name was spelled incorrectly. Furthermore, the armory registered is a badge, not a device.

January 1990


* Ruantallan, Barony of. Device. Azure, a pile argent, overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Registered in January 1990, the registration was not noted in the LoAR.

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