July 1980


* Evan Aethelwald. Name correction from Evan Aethalwald.

When his name and device were registered, the LoAR spelled his name as Evan Aethalwald. An examination of the original submission forms, as well as a later submission of a household name that was returned in November 1981, shows the spelling to have been Aethelwald.

February 1991


* Fenix, Shire of the. Device change. Per chevron engrailed Or and vert, two laurel wreaths and a phoenix counterchanged.

When registered in February 1992, this was incorrectly listed on the LoAR as a new device, not a device change. Their previous device, Sable, a phoenix of flames statant, wings elevated and addorsed, issuant from flames proper and in canton a laurel wreath Or, is released.

December 1994


* Toledo, Kingdom of. Important non-SCA arms. Azure, a royal crown Or the cap gules.

When listed on the LoAR, the kingdom name was misspelled as Toleda.

December 2014


* Cecily de Montgomery. Holding name change from Anne of Southron Gaard.

When the name was registered, the LoAR failed to note that it was a change from her holding name. Her holding name, Anne of Southron Gaard, is released.

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