October 1990


* Timoteo Hilario e Fraga. Name change from Timoteo Hilario da Frágua do Prado and device. Potent in point, a dragon passant reguardant vert and on a chief argent three brown scallops inverted proper. (Lyropectin subnodosus).

Listed on the Caid June 1990 LoI as a "new/Appeal of Caid College of Heralds change of name", somehow this was erroneously reported on the October 1990 LoAR as a new name, returned, and with a holding name assigned. The submitted (and returned) name was Timoteo Hilario e Fraga da Vega. As this error is only now being noticed, his previous name Timoteo Hilario da Frágua do Prado is retained as an alternate name.

February 1991


* Hancarata Aethnen filia Cuneddae. Name change from Agharet Aethnen filia Cuneda.

When her name was changed, the LoAR spelled her previous name as Angharad Aethnen filia Cuneddae, while it had been originally registered as Agharet Aethnen filia Cuneda.

October 1991


* Colfre Signy Tryggvadottir. Name appeal from Signy Colfre Tryggvadóttir.

When her name appeal was accepted, the LoAR neglected to list the previously registered name, released when the appeal was registered.

May 1993


* Styphan ap Owain. Holding name change from Steven of Mountain's Gate.

When his name change was registered, the LoAR inadvertently spelled the old name as Stephen. His previous name was a holding name.

June 1994


* Torbjörn Davidsson Stålklinga. Name reconsideration from Torbjorn Dawidsson Staalklinga.

On the June 1994 LoAR, Laurel registered without comment a revised spelling of his name, originally registered in November 1992. As it happens, the 1994 submission was a name appeal, asking Laurel to return his name to the originally submitted spelling. We are therefore clarifying that this was not an additional new name, but a changed spelling of his primary name. His previous name, Torbjorn Dawidsson Staalklinga, is released.

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