May 1991


* Miriam bat Yehuda. Name change from Chana Merriam bat Eliahu Yehudah.

When her name was registered, the LoI failed to note that it was a change from her previous name registered in September 1987. Her previous name, Chana Merriam bat Eliahu Yehudah, is retained as an alternate name.

May 2004


* Aidan Alpin of Dunkeld. Name change from Yamamoto Masatsugi Nobumoto and device. Quarterly gules and sable, in bend two thistles within a bordure Or.

When his name was changed, the LoI failed to note that it should have been a name change from his previous name, registered in May 1998. His previous name, Yamamoto Masatsugi Nobumoto, is retained as an alternate name.

October 2013


* Síle ingen Chathail. Badge. Per saltire azure and argent, two Arabic lamps argent lit Or.

Marked as released in October 2013, the badge should have remained registered.

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