August 1979


* Calafia, Barony of. Badge. Azure, a sea serpent ondoyant-emergent sable fimbriated and overall a trident Or.

When their arms were registered at Heraldicon, it was noted as a "change of arms", but no mention was made in the LoAR of their previous arms. Instead, there is a note in the Laurel file that clearly states "original version to be a badge". There is some disagreement over whether or not the laurel-less version of their armory was registered in Oct 1971, as suggested by the files, or not, as no LoAR was ever issued in Oct 1971, and no mention is to be found of the armory until 1973 (when it was returned for lacking a laurel wreath). Still, the submission paperwork dated June 18, 1979, which was processed at Heraldicon in August 1979, clearly lists both variants. We are therefore explicitly registering the laurel-less armory as a badge dating back to August 1979.

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