January 1987


* Kareina Talvi Tytär. Name correction from Kareina Talvi Tytar.

When this name was corrected in January 1987 from its original change of the given name in August 1986, the umlaut in Tytär was also misplaced. An examination of the original paperwork shows the correct spelling.

April 2003


* Sylvester Burchardt. Name change from holding name Douglas of Ostgardr.

When his name was registered, the LoAR listed it as a new name instead of a change of holding name.

September 2014


* Jutte Roose van der Brugghe. Name change from Royse Meingnes.

When this name was registered, it was not connected with this submitter's existing name, Royse Meignes. Royse Meignes is retained as an alternate name.

December 2016


* Sylvester Burchardt. Device change. Per pale gules and Or, a dunghill cock contourny counterchanged argent and sable.

When his device was registered, the LoAR neglected to note that his previous device, Per pale indented argent goutty de sang and gules, a boot sable and an axe argent, was retained as a badge.


* Mariyah al-Madiniyah. Name change from Natasiia Novgorodova.

The name change from Mariyah al-Madiniyah to Natasiia Novgorodova was withdrawn by the submitter and should not have been registered.

February 2017


* Bryn Tannahill of Ponte Alto. Name.

This name appeared in error under RETURNS on the LoAR. It should have appeared under ACCEPTANCES.

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