August 1984


* Østgarðr, Crown Province of. Device change. Argent, a sea-horse erect azure within a laurel wreath vert.

When their device was registered, the LoAR neglected to note that this was a device change, not a new device. Their previous device, Per bend sinister purpure and Or, a seahorse rampant azure, crined, unguled and finned Or, orbed sable, gorged of a laurel wreath vert, grasping in its hooves a laurel wreath Or, registered at Heraldicon in August 1979, was released.

August 1999


* Brian Killian the Red. Device change. Gules, a grenade Or, on a chief embattled argent three crescents sable.

When his device was registered, the LoAR neglected to note that his previous device, Per chevron rayonny gules and Or, a sword fracted in chevron argent and a grenade sable, enflamed proper, should be released.

September 2006


* Skraeling Althing, Barony of. Branch name correction from Scraeling Althing, Barony of the.

This branch name has a long and complicated history. It was first recorded in July 1979 in a list of "branch names [that] have been registered" as Scraeking Althing, Canton of the, but no paperwork had been received, nor did the branch apparently send any in; it is entirely possible it was received and lost, as there was something of a backlog at the time and files were not kept as rigorously as they are today. Their first submission of actual record was in January 1982, when they registered their device; the spelling at that time was Skraeling Althing, Canton of.

Subsequent actions in March 1989, September 1994, and May 1998 all used the latter spelling. The only evidence of the name spelled with a 'c' is on that original July 1979 LoAR. From 1982 until 2006, when an errata for the name was entered, Skraeling was the known spelling.

Having received a petition from the group on this matter, we are reversing our previous errata of September 2006, and restoring the spelling of this group's name as Skraeling Althing, Barony of.

December 2015


* Cristina Volpina. Device change. Bendy argent and gules, on a chief Or a capital letter V sable.

When her device was registered the kingdom LoI neglected to note that this was a device change, not a new device. The submission form is clearly marked. Her previous device, Gules, in pale an annulet Or and a goutte argent conjoined, is retained as a badge.

July 2017


* Tarquinus Suspectus. Name and device. Per bend argent and vert, a bend between an alphyn passant and three towers counterchanged.

Marked as a return on the LoAR, this name and device are actually accepted.

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