October 1980


* Wilhelm von Schwartzwald. Device correction. Sable, three hearts argent enflamed proper.

When the blazon of Wilhelm's device was corrected, his name was misspelled Wilhelm von Schwarzwald (no t). It was registered as Wilhelm von Schwartzwald on the August 1979 LoAR.

August 2016


* Cristina Volpina. Badge for Shimazu Akame. Gules, on a bezant a sun-cross gules.

When her badge was registered, the LoI neglected to note that it was to be associated with her alternate name, Shimazu Akame.

July 2017


* Úlfr Járnhauss. Name change from holding name Christopher of Smoking Rocks.

When Úlfr's name was pended, his armory was registered to the holding name Christopher of Smoking Rocks on the February 2017 LoAR. The LoPaD noted the holding name but that fact was omitted in the decision.

September 2017


* Elska á Fjárfelli. Name change from holding name Susan of Myrkfaelinn.

When her name was registered, the LoI failed to note that this should have been a change of holding name from Susan of Myrkfaelinn.

February 2018


* Livia Tullia Marciana. Name correction from Tullia Livia Marciana.

Originally submitted as Tullia Livia _, at the submitter's request we added the cognomen Marciana for registration. However, we failed to make the other change requested by the submitter: changing the order of the nomina to Livia Tullia Marciana.

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