August 2015


* Rébeca la Chienne. Device change. Argent, a wooden harp with the forepillar carved as a dog proper, in chief three open scissors inverted vert, a bordure sable.

When her device was registered, the LoI neglected to note it was actually a device change. Her previous device, Or, a dog's head couped sable, in chief three pairs of scissors vert, is retained as a badge.

Note that this device change is also reblazoned on the February 2019 LoAR.


* Conor the Black. Reblazon of device. Per bend bendy argent and sable and argent, a wyvern gules and in base a thistle sable distilling gouttes de sang.

When this device was reblazoned, the kingdom of residence was listed as Calontir. It should have been Meridies.

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