Personal Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the Later Byzantine Era - Family Names
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Family Names

The names on this list are hereditary surnames. Some of them are patronyms, attributives, and descriptives which have been converted into family names. Where such are known, they are noted. Other notes are commentary from the listed source. The dates listed are the earliest reference to that item as a family name, as given in the listed source. This does not necessarily mean that it is the earliest possible date for that name, just that it is the earliest date given in that particular source.

Name Date Source Name Date Source
Aboures (Avouris) 1436 DN Adrianos 1392 DP
Agallon 1280 DP Akropolites 10th century DP, ODB
Angelos 1110 DP Aoinos ("drinking no wine")   ODB
Apokaukos 10th century DP Aprenos 1258 DP
Arbantenos 11th century ODB Arianites 1000 DP
Argyros   DN Asanes 1278 DP
Atrapes (rare) 1423 DP Balsamon 1190 DP
Batatzes 10th century DP Botaneiates 571, 9th century ODB
Boumbalis 1300 DP Bourtzes 10th century ODB
Branas 1315 DP Bryennios 717 DP
Chandrenos (not common) 1172 DP Choniates   ODB
Choumnos 11th century DP Chrysaphes (rare) 1453 DP
Chrysoloras 15th century DN Dalassenos 11th century DP, ODB
Dermokaites 940 DN Diasorenos 1388 DP
Dokeianos 11th century ODB Doukas 1020 DP, ODB
Doux (a fore-runner of Doukas) 855 DP Eirenikos ("peaceful")   ODB
Exazenos (rare) 12th century DP Gabras 11th century, 979 DN, DP
Glabas 977 DP Iagaris 14th century DP
Kabakes   DN Kabasilas (cited as ancient) 14th century DP
Kalamanos 12th century DP Kaloethes ("of good character")   ODB
Kalothetos 1357 DP Kamateros 9th century DP
Kantakouzenos 1100 DN Katrares 1446 DP
Kaukadenos 12th century DP Komnenos 10th century DP
Kontostephanos 1080 ODB Koresses 12th century DP
Kourtikes, Kourtikios 913 DP Kourkouas 923 ODB
Laskaris 12th century DP Limpidares 1308 DP
Machoneos 1376 DP Makrembolites 1040 ODB
Malakes 13th century DP Maliasenos 13th century DP
Mamalis 1185 DP Mandromenos 1453 DP
Manouelites   ODB Melachrinos 1272 DP
Mourtzouphlos 1313 DP Mouzakios 11th century DP
Mouzalon 11th century DP Neokaisareites 13th century DP
Nestongos 1136 DP Palaiologos 1080 DP
Pantechnes   ODB Paraspondylos 11th century DP
Petraliphas 12th century DP Petzikopoulos 1327 DP
Philanthropenos 1158 DP Phokas (10th century) ODB
Pleustes   DN Prasomales (unusual; "leek haired") 1421 DP
Prinkips 1275 DP Psellos 11th century DP, ODB
Radenos (common) 10th century DP Raoul (Norman origin) 12th century DP
Rossatas (Rossotas) ?15th century DN Sarantenos 1322 DP
Sebastopoulos 1407 DP Sgouropoulos 14th century DP
Sgouros (popular; "curly") 1088 DP Skleros 10th century DN, ODB
Spartenos 1246 DP Sphrantzes 1348 DP
Strabomytes 11th century DP Synadenos 11th century DP
Syraneres 1345 DP Syropoulos 12th century DP
Tagaris 14th century DN Tarchaneiotes 11th century DP
Tornikes (Tornikios) 10th century DP Trichas 1197 DP
Tsaphas 1361 DP Tzamplakon 14th century DN
Tzykandeles 11th century DP Zarides 1295 DP

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