Personal Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the Later Byzantine Era - Feminine Given Names
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Feminine Given Names

The list below is a compilation of given names used by members of the aristocracy from the 10th century through the end of the byzantine era. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather those names which have been gleaned from the three listed sources. As more sources are incorporated, the list will expand.

Masculine names outnumber feminine names by almost three to one. This is, of course, a reflection of the primary sources, where documents concerning men are more prevelant.

Name Date Source
Anna 1057 DP
Eirene 1066 DP
Elaiodora (monastic)    
Eugenia (monastic) 1239 DP
Eudokia 1388 DP
Euphrosyne 14th century DP
Helene 1407 DP
Ioanno (late centuries) ODB
Kale 952 ODB
Leonto (late centuries) ODB
Maria 1351, 4th century DP, ODB
Simonis (a very rare name) early 14th century ODB
Theodora 1059 DP
Theodosia (monastic) 14th century DP
Thomais 14th century DP
Xene (monastic) 14th century DP
Zoe 1062 DP

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