Personal Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the Later Byzantine Era - Feminizing Family Names
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Feminizing Family Names

All the family names on the Family Name Table are given in masculine form. To feminize these family names, convert using the following chart.

Convert These Endings To This As Shown in These Examples
-es, -is, -on, and -os -ina Kourtikes - Kourtikina, Laskaris - Laskarina,
Balsamon - Balsomina, Angelos - Angelina,
-nos -ne Komnenos - Komnene
-tes -tissa Akropolites - Akropolitissa
-as drop s and add -ina Doukas - Doukaina

There are, of course, exceptions to these general rules. Those of which I am aware include Agallon to Agallonissa, Petraliphas to Petraliphina, and the co-opted Frankish name Raoul to Raoulaina. Bryennios, with the unusual -ios ending, is feminized to Bryennissa.

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