Personal Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the Later Byzantine Era - Masculine Given Names
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Masculine Given Names

The list below is a compilation of given names used by members of the aristocracy from the 10th century through the end of the byzantine era. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather those names which have been gleaned from the three listed sources. As more sources are incorporated, the list will expand.

The sources, listed in the right column, are:

  • DP - Demetrios Polemis, The Doukai
  • DN - Donald M. Nicol, Studies in Late Byzantine Prosopography...
  • ODB - Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
Name Date Source Name Date Source
Alexandros 1322 DP Alexios 11th century DP
Andreas 1401 DP Andronikos 908 DP
Bardas 1018 DP Bartolomaios (monastic)   ODB
Basil   ODB Basileios 1166 DP
Christophoros 980 DP Demetrios 1244 DP
Dionysios (monastic)   ODB Gabriel (monastic) 1348 DP, ODB
Gerasimos (monastic)   ODB Georgios 1342, 4th century DP, ODB
Gregoras 913 DP Iakobos (monastic)   ODB
Ioannes 1088 DP Ionnikios (monastic)   ODB
Isaakios 1310 DP Isaias (monastic)   ODB
Konstantinos 913 DP Leo   ODB
Leon 1115 DP Leontios (monastic)   ODB
Makarios (monastic)   ODB Manuel 1215 DP
Markos (Italian?) 1317 DP Meletios (monastic)   ODB
Michael 913 DP Nikodemos (monastic) (11th century) ODB
Nikolaos 917 DP Nikophoros (10th century) DP
Niphon (monastic)   ODB Paulus   ODB
Pantoleon 1388 DP Petros 1349 DP
Philippos 1400 DP Romanos   ODB
Sabas (monastic)   ODB Stephanos 913 DP
Theodoulos   ODB Theodoros 1215 DP
Theophylaktos 1360 DN Thomas 1290 DP

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