Finnish Names Table 1: Fenno-Ugric naming system
Articles > NamesTable 1: Fenno-Ugric naming system according to Stoebke [AOP]. The most unlikely combinations removed for clarity.
Categories: I = examples found, II = very likely combination, III = probable combination
Usage: Pick a name element from the leftmost column. Select and add an end vowel. Optionally add either a derivative ending or an additional name element. For example: Miel- + -i + -tty = Mielitty.

  End vowel
Derivative ending
Additional name element
Name/ending -a/ä -o -i -e -kka/-kkä -ri -s -ttu/-tty -va -lempi -mieli -neuvo -päivä -toive -valta Meaning
Auv- I I               II           happiness
Hyv- I         II *   III   I *   II *   II   good, goodness
Ih- I * I       II   III   I * I   II II   loveliness
Ik- I I       II   I   I * I   I * II II age
Ilm- I I     II III       II       II I weather
Kaikk-   I I I     II       II         everything
Kauk- I I       I III     II I   II *   II remoteness
Kirj- I               II           II varied
Kyll- I       III           II II II II   full, rich
Lemp- I I I I     III I           II I love
Miel- I I I   I   I I       II I II I understanding
Päiv- I                             day, sun
Toiv- I I*   I I II * II I *   II           hope, wish
Unn- I I I I                 II     sleep, dream
Unt- I I I             II           sleep, dream
Valt- I I               II           might
Vih- I I           I * II           III green
Viht- I I I     III                   ?
Vilj- I I     I III   I   II II   II II II grain, fertility