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Given Names:

Name Element:conflicts with /
does not conflict with:
Name Element:Ruling, LoAR date:
Abrahamconflicts withAvrahamAvraham ben David, 2003.01
Æmiliaconflicts withAmaliaFionnghuala Gliobach Mael Ailbe, 2002.10
Æthanconflicts withAidanAidan Gunn, 2003.01
Aidanconflicts withÆthanAidan Gunn, 2003.01
Ainarconflicts withEinarrAndrew MacLeod, 2003.08
Einarr Magnúsarson, 2004.03
Aindreaconflicts withAndrewAndrew MacLeod, 2003.08
Andrew Macleod, 2001.07
Aislynnconflicts withAsshelinAsshelin Chrystal, 2002.03
Alanaconflicts withElenaElena de Duglas, 2003.01
Alannaconflicts withAleyneAleyne of Ravenswood, 2002.04
Alaricconflicts withAlricUlrich der Jäger, 2002.06
Alric Morgan, 1997.06
Alaricdoes not conflict withUlrichUlrich der Jäger, 2002.06
Alasdairdoes not conflict withAlexanderAlasdair MacKenzie, 2000.07
Alexanderdoes not conflict withAlasdairAlasdair MacKenzie, 2000.07
Aleyneconflicts withAlannaAleyne of Ravenswood, 2002.04
Aldredconflicts withAlfredEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
Alfredconflicts withAldredEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
Alfreddoes not conflict withEaldredEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
Alfreddoes not conflict withEldredEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
Alianoraconflicts withEleanorAlianora de Grey, 2002.08
Aliciaconflicts withAlixAlicia d'Avignon, 2000.07
Alissendeconflicts withAlysaundraAlissende ferch Llywelyn, 2002.11
Alixconflicts withAliciaAlicia d'Avignon, 2000.07
Alricconflicts withAlaricAlric Morgan, 1997.06
Alysaundraconflicts withAlissendeAlissende ferch Llywelyn, 2002.11
Amaliaconflicts withÆmiliaFionnghuala Gliobach Mael Ailbe, 2002.10
Ambréconflicts withAndréAndré Davignon, 1998.08
Andréconflicts withAmbréAndré Davignon, 1998.08
Andreasconflicts withAndrewAndrew Hawoc, 2000.11
Andrewconflicts withAindreaAndrew MacLeod, 2003.08
Andrew Macleod, 2001.07
Andrewconflicts withAndreasAndrew Hawoc, 2000.11
Anneconflicts withAnnieAnne Cary, 2000.08
Annieconflicts withAnneAnne Cary, 2000.08
Anthonydoes not conflict withAntoinetteAntoinette de la Croix, 2001.11
Antoinettedoes not conflict withAnthonyAntoinette de la Croix, 2001.11
Antonelladoes not conflict withAntonioAntonio di Marco, 2000.01
Antoniodoes not conflict withAntonellaAntonio di Marco, 2000.01
Asshelinconflicts withAislynnAsshelin Chrystal, 2002.03
Ástriðrconflicts withEstridÁstriðr Ketilsdóttir, 2004.02
Astrithconflicts withAstridAstrid Olafsdatter, 2001.06
Aubreydoes not conflict withAuveréAuveré de Ver, 2000.04
Auveréconflicts withAubreyAuveré de Ver, 2000.04
Avrahamconflicts withAbrahamAvraham ben David, 2003.01
Beatriceconflicts withBeatrizMaria Beatrice del Mare, 1996.02
Beatrizconflicts withBeatriceMaria Beatrice del Mare, 1996.02
Bethconflicts withEalasaidElyzabeth MacDonald, 2003.07
Bjornconflicts withBjörnBjörn Thorvaldson, 2002.11
Björnconflicts withBjornBjörn Thorvaldson, 2002.11
Branconflicts withBrianBran McNaughton, 2002.05
Brianconflicts withBranBran McNaughton, 2002.05
Brianconflicts withBriannaBrian Ó Duinn, 2000.04
Brian FitzWilliam of Glastonbury, 2002.01
Brianconflicts withBrioneBrione de Barre, 2000.05
Briannaconflicts withBrianBrian Ó Duinn, 2000.04
Brian FitzWilliam of Glastonbury, 2002.01
Bridgetconflicts withBrighidBridget Killeen, 1996.03
Brighidconflicts withBridgetBridget Killeen, 1996.03
Brioneconflicts withBrianBrione de Barre, 2000.05
Caelainndoes not conflict withCaitilinCaelainn nic Lochlainn, 1991.09
Caillinconflicts withCillíneCillíne Ruadh, 2002.02
Cairistionaconflicts withChristinaCairistiona inghean mhic Cárthaigh, 2002.04
Caitconflicts withCatairionaCait inghean ui Flannagain, 1999.11
Caiterinaconflicts withKatrionaKatriona nic Séamus, 1991.10
Caitilindoes not conflict withCaelainnCaelainn nic Lochlainn, 1991.09
Caitilínconflicts withCaitlinMare Catrine Macleod, 2002.02
Caitilinconflicts withKathleenKathleen MacLaughlen, 2002.03
Caitlinconflicts withCaitilínMare Catrine Macleod, 2002.02
Caitlinconflicts withCatharineCatharine Grenewode, 2000.01
Caitlinconflicts withKaterineKaterine MacGregor, 1999.10
Caitlinconflicts withKatharineKatharine Stuart, 2001.11
Caitlinconflicts withKatheryneKatheryne Hart, 2003.12
Caitríonaconflicts withKatherineKatherine O'Brien, 2003.04
Carolusconflicts withKariusKarius Boromeus, 2000.06
Catairionaconflicts withCaitCait inghean ui Flannagain, 1999.11
Catalinconflicts withCaterinaCaterina da Napoli, 2002.08
Catalinaconflicts withCatherineCatalina de Navarra, 2001.07
Caterinaconflicts withCatalinCaterina da Napoli, 2002.08
Catharineconflicts withCaitlinCatharine Grenewode, 2000.01
Catherineconflicts withCatalinaCatalina de Navarra, 2001.07
Catheryneconflicts withKateCatheryne Greene, 2003.05
Catrinaconflicts withCatríonaCatrina Mackrae, 2001.05
Catríonaconflicts withCatrinaCatrina Mackrae, 2001.05
Catrionaconflicts withKatharineCatriona Campbell, 2001.05
Katharine Stuart, 2001.11
Catrionaconflicts withKatteKatte MacFergus, 2002.03
Cearaconflicts withCeraCera ingen Celaig, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2003.11
Cearaconflicts withCíaraCeara inghean uí Mháille, 2002.04
Ceraconflicts withCearaCera ingen Celaig, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2003.11
Ceraconflicts withKieraCera McDonnell, 2002.12
Charlesconflicts withTearlachTearlach McIntosh, 2003.05
Christinaconflicts withCairistionaCairistiona inghean mhic Cárthaigh, 2002.04
Cíaraconflicts withCearaCeara inghean uí Mháille, 2002.04
Cillíneconflicts withCaillinCillíne Ruadh, 2002.02
Claireconflicts withClaraClara de La Mare, 2003.08
Claraconflicts withClaireClara de La Mare, 2003.08
Coinneachdoes not conflict withConalCoinneach mac Dhomhnuill, 1999.09
Colindoes not conflict withColleenColleen Campbell, 1991.08
Colinconflicts withCuilénCuilén of the Gordons, 2002.01
Colleendoes not conflict withColinColleen Campbell, 1991.08
Conaldoes not conflict withCoinneachCoinneach mac Dhomhnuill, 1999.09
Conandoes not conflict withConorConan MacPherson, 1996.04
Conndoes not conflict withConorConor MacNeil, 1996.01
Conordoes not conflict withConanConan MacPherson, 1996.04
Conordoes not conflict withConnConor MacNeil, 1996.01
Constanceconflicts withConstanciaConstancia de Kelly, 2002.10
Constanciaconflicts withConstanceConstancia de Kelly, 2002.10
Corwinconflicts withCorwynCorwyn Ambrose, 2003.08
Corwynconflicts withCorwinCorwyn Ambrose, 2003.08
Cuilénconflicts withColinCuilén of the Gordons, 2002.01
Damianconflicts withDamonDamian Blackthorne, 2002.07
Damonconflicts withDamianDamian Blackthorne, 2002.07
Donaldconflicts withRonaldDonald MacDonald, 2000.09
Donnchadhconflicts withDuncanDuncan MacAngus, 2000.09
Dougalconflicts withDugaldDugald MacRath, 2000.01
Dougal MacPherson, 1998.08
Duncanconflicts withDonnchadhDuncan MacAngus, 2000.09
Dugaldconflicts withDougalDugald MacRath, 2000.01
Dougal MacPherson, 1998.08
Elaineconflicts withElenaElena Wood, 2004.03
Ealasaidconflicts withElzasifEalasaid ihghean uí Domhnaill, 2002.02
Ealasaidconflicts withBethElyzabeth MacDonald, 2003.07
Ealasaidconflicts withElyzabethElyzabeth MacDonald, 2003.07
Ealdreddoes not conflict withAlfredEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
Eileenconflicts withEllenEllen Fraser, 2000.04
Einarrconflicts withAinarAndrew MacLeod, 2003.08
Einarr Magnúsarson, 2004.03
Eiríkrconflicts withEricEiríkr Þorvaldson, 2000.10
Eiríkr inn danski, 2001.11
Eldreddoes not conflict withAlfredEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
Eleanorconflicts withAlianoraAlianora de Grey, 2002.08
Elenaconflicts withAlanaElena de Duglas, 2003.01
Elenaconflicts withElaineElena Wood, 2004.03
Elisabethconflicts withEliséeElisabeth de Calais, 2000.05
Eliséeconflicts withElisabethElisabeth de Calais, 2000.05
Elizaconflicts withElizabethElizabeth McGrigour, 2001.11
Elizabethconflicts withElizaElizabeth McGrigour, 2001.11
Elizabethdoes not conflict withIsabeauElizabeth de Valence, 1995.12
Elizabethdoes not conflict withIsabellaIsabella of York, 2002.10
Ellenconflicts withEileenEllen Fraser, 2000.04
Elyzabethconflicts withEalasaidElyzabeth MacDonald, 2003.07
Elzasifconflicts withEalasaidEalasaid ihghean uí Domhnaill, 2002.02
Eoghanconflicts withEoinEoghan mac Cinatha, 2002.03
Eoinconflicts withEoghanEoghan mac Cinatha, 2002.03
Eoinconflicts withEwanEwan of Balquhidder, 2000.04
Eoindoes not conflict withIainEoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Ruairi' Eoin MacDho'mhnuill, 2002.08
Eoindoes not conflict withIanEoin mac Lochlainn, 2003.04
Eoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Eoin Mac Cainnigh, 1996.04
Eoinconflicts withIhoneIhone MacEogan of Bannockburn, 2001.04
Eoindoes not conflict withJohnEoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Eoin Blackwolf the Warrior, 2002.09
Ericconflicts withEiríkrEiríkr Þorvaldson, 2000.10
Eiríkr inn danski, 2001.11
Ericconflicts withErichErich Wanderer, 1998.06
Erichconflicts withEricErich Wanderer, 1998.06
Estridconflicts withÁstriðrÁstriðr Ketilsdóttir, 2004.02
Ewanconflicts withEoinEwan of Balquhidder, 2000.04
Geoffreiconflicts withGeoffreyIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
Geoffrey de Cardeville, 2003.01
Geoffreyconflicts withGeoffreiIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
Geoffrey de Cardeville, 2003.01
Geralddoes not conflict withGerardGerard FitzGerald, 1991.04
Gerarddoes not conflict withGeraldGerard FitzGerald, 1991.04
Gruffuddconflicts withGruffyddGruffydd ap Gwineth, 1997.12
Gruffyddconflicts withGruffuddGruffydd ap Gwineth, 1997.12
Gryffnconflicts withTryffinGryffn ap Myrddin, 1991.02
Guillemconflicts withWilliamGuillem Gallo, 2003.10
Hansconflicts withJohannHans_Faust, 2000.02
Hansconflicts withJohannesHans von Bern, 2003.05
Iaindoes not conflict withEoinEoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Ruairi' Eoin MacDho'mhnuill, 2002.08
Iandoes not conflict withEoinEoin mac Lochlainn, 2003.04
Eoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Eoin Mac Cainnigh, 1996.04
Iandoes not conflict withJohannesIan Gordon, 2004.05
Iandoes not conflict withJohnIan the Hunter, 2002.08
Iandoes not conflict withSeanIan Duncanson, 2001.09
Ihoneconflicts withEoinIhone MacEogan of Bannockburn, 2001.04
Isabeaudoes not conflict withElizabethElizabeth de Valence, 1995.12
Isabeauconflicts withIsabelleIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
Isabeau d'Anjou, 1996.11
Isabelladoes not conflict withElizabethIsabella of York, 2002.10
Isabelleconflicts withIsabeauIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
Isabeau d'Anjou, 1996.11
Isabelleconflicts withYsabeauYsabeau d'Anjou, 2003.10
Jamieconflicts withJamesJamie MacKenzie, 2000.06
Jamesconflicts withJamieJamie MacKenzie, 2000.06
Janconflicts withJohnJan van Ghent, 1999.11
Janeconflicts withJeanneJane Devereux, 1999.09
Jayneconflicts withShaneJayne O'Neill, 2002.04
Jaynedoes not conflict withSiobhanJayne O'Neill, 2002.04
Jeanconflicts withJeaneJeane Lafayette, 2002.09
Jeanconflicts withJohnJean Lambert, 2002.09
John de Barri, 2002.01
Jeaneconflicts withJeanJeane Lafayette, 2002.09
Jeanneconflicts withJaneJane Devereux, 1999.09
Jeanneconflicts withSeanSean de la Mare, 1999.12
Jehanconflicts withJonnJehan Fitz Alan, 1996.02
Jehanneconflicts withJohanJohan d'Avignon, 2000.06
Jhoneconflicts withJohnJhone MacLachlan, 1995.12
Johanconflicts withJehanneJohan d'Avignon, 2000.06
Johannconflicts withHansHans Faust, 2000.02
Johannesconflicts withHansHans von Bern, 2003.05
Johannesdoes not conflict withIanIan Gordon, 2004.05
Johndoes not conflict withEoinEoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Eoin Blackwolf the Warrior, 2002.09
Johndoes not conflict withIanIan the Hunter, 2002.08
Johnconflicts withJanJan van Ghent, 1999.11
Johnconflicts withJeanJean Lambert, 2002.09
John de Barri, 2002.01
Johnconflicts withJhoneJhone MacLachlan, 1995.12
Johndoes not conflict withJonathanJonathan ap Morgan, 1993.09
Johnconflicts withJonnyJohn Quest, 1994.05
Johnconflicts withSeaanSeaan Dowe, 1999.12
Johnconflicts withSeanSean Andrews, 1996.08
Jonathandoes not conflict withJohnJonathan ap Morgan, 1993.09
Jonnconflicts withJehanJehan Fitz Alan, 1996.02
Jonnyconflicts withJohnJohn Quest, 1994.05
Julesconflicts withJulienJules de la Croix, 2003.11
Julienconflicts withJulesJules de la Croix, 2003.11
Kariusconflicts withCarolusKarius Boromeus, 2000.06
Kateconflicts withCatheryneCatheryne Greene, 2003.05
Katerineconflicts withCaitlinKaterine MacGregor, 1999.10
Katharineconflicts withCaitlinKatharine Stuart, 2001.11
Katharineconflicts withCatrionaCatriona Campbell, 2001.05
Katharine Stuart, 2001.11
Katherineconflicts withCaitríonaKatherine O'Brien, 2003.04
Katherineconflicts withKatherynKatherine mac Ewen, 2000.02
Katherynconflicts withKatherineKatherine mac Ewen, 2000.02
Katheryneconflicts withCaitlinKatheryne Hart, 2003.12
Kathleenconflicts withCaitilinKathleen MacLaughlen, 2002.03
Katrionaconflicts withCaiterinaKatriona nic Séamus, 1991.10
Katteconflicts withCatrionaKatte MacFergus, 2002.03
Kendaldoes not conflict withKennethKendal Macalpin, 2004.05
Kennethdoes not conflict withKendalKendal Macalpin, 2004.05
Kieraconflicts withCeraCera McDonnell, 2002.12
Lisaconflicts withLyseLyse de la Rosa, 2003.12
Lyseconflicts withLisaLyse de la Rosa, 2003.12
Magydoes not conflict withMargerieMagy Freyser, 2003.01
Máel Coluimconflicts withMalcolmMáel Coluim Mac Donnchaid, 2004.05
Maireconflicts withMaraMaire O'Brien, 1999.10
Máireconflicts withMauraMare Catrine Macleod, 2004.03
Máire MacPharthláin, 2002.02
Malcolmconflicts withMáel ColuimMáel Coluim Mac Donnchaid, 2004.05
Maraconflicts withMaireMaire O'Brien, 1999.10
Margaretdoes not conflict withMargeryMagy Freyser, 2003.01
Margeriedoes not conflict withMagyMagy Freyser, 2003.01
Margerydoes not conflict withMargaretMagy Freyser, 2003.01
Maryconflicts withMoiraMoira MacGregor, 1999.09
Mathieuconflicts withMatthewMathieu Bohemond, 1995.12
Matthewconflicts withMathieuMathieu Bohemond, 1995.12
Mauraconflicts withMáireMare Catrine Macleod, 2004.03
Máire MacPharthláin, 2002.02
Mauraconflicts withMoiraMoira MacDonald, 2002.09
Meadhbhconflicts withMedbMedb ingen Domnaill, 2000.05
Medbconflicts withMeadhbhMedb ingen Domnaill, 2000.05
Michaelconflicts withMikjalMichael Haroldsson, 2000.06
Mikjalconflicts withMichaelMichael Haroldsson, 2000.06
Moiraconflicts withMaryMoira MacGregor, 1999.09
Moiraconflicts withMauraMoira MacDonald, 2002.09
Morwenconflicts withMorwennaMorwenna 'r Glyn, 1994.07
Morwennaconflicts withMorwenMorwenna 'r Glyn, 1994.07
Olegconflicts withOlekhOlekh of Kiev, 2001.12
Olekhconflicts withOlegOlekh of Kiev, 2001.12
Owainconflicts withOwenOwain Edwardson, 2000.03
Pedrconflicts withPeterPedr Le Parcar, 2000.11
Peterconflicts withPedrPedr Le Parcar, 2000.11
Richarddoes not conflict withRichendaRichenda of Locksley, 1992.10
Richardconflicts withRicohardRicohard Bach, 1999.03
Richendadoes not conflict withRichardRichenda of Locksley, 1992.10
Ricohardconflicts withRichardRicohard Bach, 1999.03
Ronaldconflicts withDonaldDonald MacDonald, 2000.09
Rósconflicts withRosieRós O'Donnell, 2002.10
Rosieconflicts withRósRós O'Donnell, 2002.10
Rowanconflicts withRowenaRowena the Peregrine, 1993.12a
Rowenaconflicts withRowanRowena the Peregrine, 1993.12a
Seaanconflicts withJohnSeaan Dowe, 1999.12
Seandoes not conflict withIanIan Duncanson, 2001.09
Seanconflicts withJeanneSean de la Mare, 1999.12
Seanconflicts withJohnSean Andrews, 1996.08
Seanconflicts withShaneSean O'Neill, 2003.11
Seanconflicts withShaunaSean MacLeod, 2002.03
Sean O'Shaughnessy, 1991.07
Seánconflicts withShaunaSeán MacLeod, 1999.09
Shaneconflicts withJayneJayne O'Neill, 2002.04
Shaneconflicts withSeanSean O'Neill, 2003.11
Shaunaconflicts withSeanSean MacLeod, 2002.03
Sean O'Shaughnessy, 1991.07
Shaunaconflicts withSeánSeán MacLeod, 1999.09
Signeconflicts withSignýSigne Sigurdsdotter, 2002.05
Signýconflicts withSigneSigne Sigurdsdotter, 2002.05
Siobhandoes not conflict withJayneJayne O'Neill, 2002.04
Tearlachconflicts withCharlesTearlach McIntosh, 2003.05
Tryffinconflicts withGryffnGryffn ap Myrddin, 1991.02
Uilleamconflicts withWilliamWilliam Mac an toisich, 2000.04
Uilliamconflicts withWilliamUilliam FitzHenry, 2003.01
Uilliam Stephens, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2002.02
Ulrichdoes not conflict withAlaricUlrich der Jäger, 2002.06
Wilhamconflicts withWilliamWilham of Douglas, 2002.11
Williamconflicts withGuillemGuillem Gallo, 2003.10
Williamconflicts withUilleamWilliam Mac an toisich, 2000.04
Williamconflicts withUilliamUilliam FitzHenry, 2003.01
Uilliam Stephens, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2002.02
Williamconflicts withWilhamWilham of Douglas, 2002.11
Williamconflicts withWyllWyll Hauk, 1995.10
Wyllconflicts withWilliamWyll Hauk, 1995.10
Ysabeauconflicts withIsabelleYsabeau d'Anjou, 2003.10


(Alphabetized ignoring spaces and apostrophes)

Name Element:conflicts with /
does not conflict with:
Name Element:Ruling, LoAR date:
Aleynconflicts withLynnLaura Lynn, 2000.05
Ambrosedoes not conflict withof AmberCorwyn Ambrose, 2003.08
Andersonconflicts withAndrewsSean Andrews, 1996.08
Andrewsconflicts withAndersonSean Andrews, 1996.08
ap Dafydddoes not conflict withDeykinOwein Deykin, 2002.01
ap Gruffyddconflicts withGryffyddMaredudd Gryffydd, 2002.07
ap Grufyddconflicts withGriffinMorgan ap Grufydd, 2001.06
ap Gwinethconflicts withof GwyneddGruffydd ap Gwineth, 1997.12
Ashlingconflicts withof AshleyEleanor Ashling, 2003.07
atte Sidneyconflicts withSidneyHoward atte Sidney, 2002.08
Attewodeconflicts withUnder The WoodRobert Attewode, 2003.02
Bairdconflicts withBayardBrennus Barbatus, 2003.02
Barryconflicts withde BarriJohn de Barri, 2002.01
Bayardconflicts withBairdBrennus Barbatus, 2003.02
ben Barraconflicts withde BarreBernard de Barre, 2000.03
Bjarnarsonconflicts withBjornssonSnorri Bjornsson, 2003.12
Bjornssonconflicts withBjarnarsonSnorri Bjornsson, 2003.12
Blackthornconflicts withBlackthorneDamian Blackthorne, 2002.07
Blackthorneconflicts withBlackthornDamian Blackthorne, 2002.07
Blakeconflicts withthe BlackAlexander Blake, 2003.12
Bohemondconflicts withde BeaumontMathieu Bohemond, 1995.12
Brewerconflicts withthe BrewerJohn the Brewer, 1995.08
Callahanconflicts withKellahanMichael Kellahan, 1996.05
Christofersonconflicts withChristopherAaron Christoferson of the Osprey, 2001.08
Christopherconflicts withChristofersonAaron Christoferson of the Osprey, 2001.08
Chrystaldoes not conflict withCrystynAsshelin Chrystal, 2002.03
Cordoveraconflicts withde CordovaElena de Cordova, 2003.09
Crystyndoes not conflict withChrystalAsshelin Chrystal, 2002.03
Dalamaraconflicts withde la MareSean de la Mare, 1999.12
de Barreconflicts withben BarraBernard de Barre, 2000.03
de Barreconflicts withde BarriBrione de Barre, 2000.05
de Barriconflicts withBarryJohn de Barri, 2002.01
de Barriconflicts withde BarreBrione de Barre, 2000.05
de Barriconflicts withde BerryJohn de Barri, 2002.01
de Beaumontconflicts withBohemondMathieu Bohemond, 1995.12
de Berryconflicts withde BarriJohn de Barri, 2002.01
de Bourgognedoes not conflict withle BourguignonGirard le Bourguignon, 2002.05
de Cardevilledoes not conflict withde CourvilleIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
Geoffrey de Cardeville, 2003.01
de Cordovaconflicts withCordoveraElena de Cordova, 2003.09
de Courvilledoes not conflict withde CardevilleIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
Geoffrey de Cardeville, 2003.01
de Duglasconflicts withDouglasJohn de Duglas, 2004.02
Elena de Duglas, 2003.01
John de Duglas, 2002.06
de Greyconflicts withof GreyAlianora de Grey, 2002.08
de Greyconflicts withthe GreyMorgan de Grey, 1991.01
de Kellydoes not conflict withKellyConstancia de Kelly, 2002.10
de la Mareconflicts withDalamaraSean de la Mare, 1999.12
de La Mareconflicts withde la MerClara de La Mare, 2003.08
de la Merconflicts withde La MareClara de La Mare, 2003.08
de la Rosaconflicts withDolorosaLyse de la Rosa, 2003.12
del Maredoes not conflict withMoroMaria Beatrice del Mare, 1996.02
de Navarraconflicts withof NavarraCatalina de Navarra, 2001.07
der Jaegerdoes not conflict withder JägerUlrich der Jäger, 2002.06
der Jägerdoes not conflict withder JaegerUlrich der Jäger, 2002.06
de Lyondoes not conflict withFitzLyonIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
de Verconflicts withde VereAuveré de Ver, 2000.04
de Vereconflicts withde VerAuveré de Ver, 2000.04
Devereuxconflicts withd'EvreauxJane Devereux, 1999.09
d'Evreauxconflicts withDevereuxJane Devereux, 1999.09
de Wardonconflicts withde WarrenEleanor de Warren, 1998.05
de Warrenconflicts withde WardonEleanor de Warren, 1998.05
Deykindoes not conflict withap DafyddOwein Deykin, 2002.01
Doeconflicts withDoweSeaan Dowe, 1999.12
Dolorosaconflicts withde la RosaLyse de la Rosa, 2003.12
Douglasconflicts withde DuglasJohn de Duglas, 2004.02
Elena de Duglas, 2003.01
John de Duglas, 2002.06
Doweconflicts withDoeSeaan Dowe, 1999.12
Dragodoes not conflict withDrakeBianca Drake, 1999.10
Dragonovichconflicts withDragos synVladimir Dragos syn, 2004.04
Dragos synconflicts withDragonovichVladimir Dragos syn, 2004.04
Drakedoes not conflict withDragoBianca Drake, 1999.10
Duncansonconflicts withMacDuncanIan Duncanson, 2001.09
Edwardsonconflicts withFitzEdwardOwain Edwardson, 2000.03
Elynndoes not conflict withFitz AlanJehan Fitz Alan, 1996.02
Fergussonconflicts withMacFergusKatte MacFergus, 2002.03
Fitz Alandoes not conflict withElynnJehan Fitz Alan, 1996.02
FitzEdwardconflicts withEdwardsonOwain Edwardson, 2000.03
FitzHenryconflicts withHenryUilliam Stephens, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2002.02
Fitz Johnconflicts withJohnCharles Fitz John, 2003.03
FitzLyondoes not conflict withde LyonIsabelle de Lyon, 2003.04
fitz Symonconflicts withSimonWilliam fitz Symon, 2002.10
Forsterconflicts withle ForesterWilliam le Forester, 2002.01
Forsterconflicts withle ForestierWilliam le Forestier, 2001.10
Galloconflicts withof GalloGuillem Gallo, 2003.10
Greeneconflicts withthe GreenCatheryne Greene, 2003.05
Greyconflicts withle GreyCharles le Grey, 2001.09
Griffinconflicts withap GrufyddMorgan ap Grufydd, 2001.06
Gryffyddconflicts withap GruffyddMaredudd Gryffydd, 2002.07
Haakonssenconflicts withHákaonarsonMagnus Haakonssen, 2006.10
Hakconflicts withHawocAndrew Hawoc, 2000.11
Hákaonarsonconflicts withHaakonssenMagnus Haakonssen, 2006.10
Haraldsonconflicts withHaroldssonMichael Haroldsson, 2000.06
Haroldssonconflicts withHaraldsonMichael Haroldsson, 2000.06
Hartconflicts withO'HartKatheryne Hart, 2003.12
Haukdoes not conflict withof HavocWyll Hauk, 1995.10
Hawocconflicts withHakAndrew Hawoc, 2000.11
Henryconflicts withFitzHenryUilliam Stephens, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2002.02
ingen Celaigconflicts withingen ui ChellaigCera ingen Celaig, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2003.11
ingen Chuilindconflicts withni ChaileinEithne ingen Chuilind, 2004.04
ingen Chuilindconflicts withní ChaillinEithne ingen Chuilind, 2004.04
ingen Domnaillconflicts withni DhomhnaillMedb ingen Domnaill, 2000.05
ingen Mhurchadhaconflicts withingen MuiredaigDerdriu ingen Muiredaig, 2000.12
ingen Muiredaigconflicts withingen MhurchadhaDerdriu ingen Muiredaig, 2000.12
ingen ui Chellaigconflicts withingen CelaigCera ingen Celaig, 2002.11
Uilliam Gibson, 2002.06
Ulliam Ó Raghailligh, 2003.11
inghean [patronym]does not conflict withmac [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
inghean [patronym]does not conflict withinghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
inghean mhic [patronym]does not conflict withinghean [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
inghean mhic [patronym]does not conflict withinghean uí [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
inghean mhic [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/Mc/mhic/vic/vik/nic/nyk [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
inghean mhic Cárthaighconflicts withMcCartyCairistiona inghean mhic Cárthaigh, 2002.04
inghean uí [patronym]does not conflict withinghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
inghean uí Dhomnailldoes not conflict withMacDonaldSiobhán inghean uí Dhomnaill, 2001.04
inghean uí Dhomhnailldoes not conflict withO'DonnellEalasaid inghean uí Dhomhnaill, 2002.12
inghean ui Flannagainconflicts withní FhlannagáinCait inghean ui Flannagain, 1999.11
inghean uí Mháilleconflicts withni MhailleCeara inghean uí Mháille, 2002.04
inghean uí Raghaillighdoes not conflict withníc RaghaillighEibhlín inghean uí Raghailligh, 2001.10
inghean uí Rodáindoes not conflict withní RiordáinMuireann inghean uí Rodáin, 2002.10
inghean ui Ruaircdoes not conflict withO'RoarkeSorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc, 2002.04
inn danskidoes not conflict withthe DaneEiríkr inn danski, 2001.11
Jóhanssonconflicts withJónssonLeifr Jónsson, 2001.09
Johnconflicts withFitz JohnCharles Fitz John, 2003.03
Jónssonconflicts withJóhanssonLeifr Jónsson, 2001.09
Kellahanconflicts withCallahanMichael Kellahan, 1996.05
Kellydoes not conflict withde KellyConstancia de Kelly, 2002.10
Kellyconflicts withO'KeeleyConstancia de Kelly, 2002.10
Khanconflicts withKhanaTemur Khana, 2004.04
Khanaconflicts withKhanTemur Khana, 2004.04
Killeenconflicts withNí ChillínBridget Killeen, 1996.03
Lafayettedoes not conflict withLaffiteJeane Lafayette, 2002.09
Laffitedoes not conflict withLafayetteJeane Lafayette, 2002.09
le Bourguignondoes not conflict withde BourgogneGirard le Bourguignon, 2002.05
le Foresterconflicts withForsterWilliam le Forester, 2002.01
le Forestierconflicts withForsterWilliam le Forestier, 2001.10
le Greyconflicts withGreyCharles le Grey, 2001.09
Le Parcarconflicts withParkerPedr Le Parcar, 2000.11
le Youngerdoes not conflict withYongeWilliam le Younger, 2003.01
Lynnconflicts withAleynLaura Lynn, 2000.05
mac [patronym]does not conflict withinghean [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
mac [patronym]does not conflict withO [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
Mac [patronym]conflicts withmac/Mc/mhic/vic/vik/nic/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
mac [patronym]conflicts withMac/Mc/mhic/vic/vik/nic/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
MacAllynconflicts withMacCallumConrad MacCallum of Killane, 2002.08
MacAngusconflicts withMacAonghaisDuncan MacAngus, 2000.09
Mac an toisichconflicts withMackintoshWilliam Mac an toisich, 2000.04
MacAonghaisconflicts withMacAngusDuncan MacAngus, 2000.09
Mac Cainnighconflicts withmac CinathaEoghan mac Cinatha, 2002.03
MacCallumconflicts withMacAllynConrad MacCallum of Killane, 2002.08
mac Cinathaconflicts withMac CainnighEoghan mac Cinatha, 2002.03
MacClenconflicts withMacClennanIan MacClennan, 2001.08
MacClenconflicts withMacLeanIan of Mull, 2002.09
MacClennanconflicts withMacClenIan MacClennan, 2001.08
Maccuswellconflicts withMaxwellRobert Maccuswell, 2002.11
MacDhomnuilldoes not conflict withMac DonnchaidMáel Coluim Mac Donnchaid, 2004.05
mac Dhomhnuilldoes not conflict withÓ DomhnailCoinneach mac Dhomhnuill, 1999.09
MacDonalddoes not conflict withinghean uí DhomnaillSiobhán inghean uí Dhomnaill, 2001.04
MacDonaldconflicts withMcDonaldElyzabeth MacDonald, 2003.07
MacDonaldconflicts withMcDonnellCera McDonnell, 2002.12
Mac Donnchaiddoes not conflict withMacDhomnuillMáel Coluim Mac Donnchaid, 2004.05
MacDonnellconflicts withMcDonnellCera McDonnell, 2002.12
MacDuffconflicts withMacDuibhshitheMargaret MacDuff, 2001.07
MacDuibhshitheconflicts withMacDuffMargaret MacDuff, 2001.07
MacDuncanconflicts withDuncansonIan Duncanson, 2001.09
MacEoganconflicts withmac EoghainIhone MacEogan of Bannockburn, 2001.04
MacEoganconflicts withMacewanEibhlin Macewan, 2000.11
mac Eoghainconflicts withMacEoganIhone MacEogan of Bannockburn, 2001.04
MacEvinconflicts withmac EwenKatherine mac Ewen, 2000.02
Macewanconflicts withMacEoganEibhlin Macewan, 2000.11
mac Ewenconflicts withMacEvinKatherine mac Ewen, 2000.02
MacFergusconflicts withFergussonKatte MacFergus, 2002.03
MacGregorconflicts withMacGriogairEoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
MacGregorconflicts withMcGrigourElizabeth McGrigour, 2001.11
MacGriogairconflicts withMacGregorEoin MacGriogair, 2000.11
Macintoshconflicts withMcIntoshTearlach McIntosh, 2003.05
MacKaiconflicts withMacraeAlexander Macrad, 2000.06
Mackintoshconflicts withMac an toisichWilliam Mac an toisich, 2000.04
Mackraeconflicts withMacraithCatrina Mackrae, 2001.05
MacLachlanconflicts withMcLaughlinJhone MacLachlan, 1995.12
MacLaughlendoes not conflict withni LochlainnKathleen MacLaughlen, 2002.03
MacLeanconflicts withMacClenIan of Mull, 2002.09
MacPharthláinconflicts withMacPharlaneMáire MacPharthláin, 2002.02
MacPharlaneconflicts withMacPharthláinMáire MacPharthláin, 2002.02
Macraeconflicts withMacKaiAlexander Macrad, 2000.06
MacRaeconflicts withMacRathDugald MacRath, 2000.01
Macraithconflicts withMackraeCatrina Mackrae, 2001.05
MacRathconflicts withMacRaeDugald MacRath, 2000.01
Magnúsarsonconflicts withMagnussonAndrew MacLeod, 2003.08
Einarr Magnúsarson, 2004.03
Magnussonconflicts withMagnúsarsonAndrew MacLeod, 2003.08
Einarr Magnúsarson, 2004.03
Mauriciiconflicts withMorrisWillelmus Mauricii, 2003.09
Maxwellconflicts withMaccuswellRobert Maccuswell, 2002.11
Mc [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/mhic/vic/vik/nic/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
McCartyconflicts withinghean mhic CárthaighCairistiona inghean mhic Cárthaigh, 2002.04
McClureconflicts withMocklerAngus Mockler, 2002.08
McDonaldconflicts withMacDonaldElyzabeth MacDonald, 2003.07
McDonnellconflicts withMacDonnellCera McDonnell, 2002.12
McDonnellconflicts withMacDonaldCera McDonnell, 2002.12
McGrigourconflicts withMacGregorElizabeth McGrigour, 2001.11
McIntoshconflicts withMacintoshTearlach McIntosh, 2003.05
McLaughlinconflicts withMacLachlanJhone MacLachlan, 1995.12
McRobbieconflicts withRobertsonRobert Robertson, 2003.10
mhic [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/Mc/vic/vik/nic/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
Mocklerconflicts withMcClureAngus Mockler, 2002.08
Morgandoes not conflict withMorganyggAlaric Morganygg, 2003.09
Morganyggdoes not conflict withMorganAlaric Morganygg, 2003.09
Morodoes not conflict withdel MareMaria Beatrice del Mare, 1996.02
Morrisconflicts withMauriciiWillelmus Mauricii, 2003.09
ní Bhriaindoes not conflict withO'BrienKatherine O'Brien, 2003.04
ni Chaileinconflicts withingen ChuilindEithne ingen Chuilind, 2004.04
ní Chaillinconflicts withingen ChuilindEithne ingen Chuilind, 2004.04
Ní Chillínconflicts withKilleenBridget Killeen, 1996.03
ni Dhomhnaillconflicts withingen DomnaillMedb ingen Domnaill, 2000.05
ní Fhlannagáinconflicts withinghean ui FlannagainCait inghean ui Flannagain, 1999.11
ni Lochlainndoes not conflict withMacLaughlenKathleen MacLaughlen, 2002.03
ni Mhailleconflicts withinghean uí MháilleCeara inghean uí Mháille, 2002.04
ní Riordáindoes not conflict withinghean uí RodáinMuireann inghean uí Rodáin, 2002.10
nic [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/Mc/mhic/vic/vik/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
níc Raghaillighdoes not conflict withinghean uí RaghaillighEibhlín inghean uí Raghailligh, 2001.10
ny [patronym]does not conflict withnyk [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
nyk [patronym]does not conflict withny [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
nyk [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/Mc/mhic/vic/vik/nic/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
O [patronym]does not conflict withmac [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
O'Briendoes not conflict withní BhriainKatherine O'Brien, 2003.04
Ó Domhnaildoes not conflict withmac DhomhnuillCoinneach mac Dhomhnuill, 1999.09
O'Donnelldoes not conflict withinghean uí DhomhnaillEalasaid inghean uí Dhomhnaill, 2002.12
of Amberdoes not conflict withAmbroseCorwyn Ambrose, 2003.08
of Ashleyconflicts withAshlingEleanor Ashling, 2003.07
of Galloconflicts withGalloGuillem Gallo, 2003.10
of Gauntconflicts withvan GhentJan van Ghent, 1999.11
of Greyconflicts withde GreyAlianora de Grey, 2002.08
of Gwyneddconflicts withap GwinethGruffydd ap Gwineth, 1997.12
of Havocdoes not conflict withHaukWyll Hauk, 1995.10
of Navarraconflicts withde NavarraCatalina de Navarra, 2001.07
of Ravenswoodconflicts withof RavenwoodAleyne of Ravenswood, 2002.04
of Ravenwoodconflicts withof RavenswoodAleyne of Ravenswood, 2002.04
of Stormconflicts withStormRichard of Storm, 2003.09
of the Woodsconflicts withWoodElena Wood, 2004.03
of Warranconflicts withWarrenWilliam of Warran, 2002.03
of Warwicconflicts withof WarwickEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
of Warwickconflicts withof WarwicEaldred of Warwic, 2002.10
of Welewenconflicts withWelwynWilliam of Welewen, 2003.05
of Yorkconflicts withof YorkshireElizabeth of Yorkshire, 1991.11
of Yorkshireconflicts withof YorkElizabeth of Yorkshire, 1991.11
O'Hartconflicts withHartKatheryne Hart, 2003.12
O'Keeleyconflicts withKellyConstancia de Kelly, 2002.10
Olafsdatterconflicts withUlfsdottirAstrid Olafsdatter, 2001.06
Ó Raghaillighconflicts withO'ReillyUlliam Ó Raghailligh, 2002.02
O'Reillyconflicts withÓ RaghaillighUlliam Ó Raghailligh, 2002.02
o'r Llynconflicts with'r GlynMorwenna 'r Glyn, 1994.07
O'Roarkedoes not conflict withinghean ui RuaircSorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc, 2002.04
Parkerconflicts withLe ParcarPedr Le Parcar, 2000.11
Parrconflicts withPowerKatherine Power, 1994.06
Perigrynneconflicts withthe PeregrineRowena the Peregrine, 1993.12a
Powerconflicts withParrKatherine Power, 1994.06
'r Glynconflicts witho'r LlynMorwenna 'r Glyn, 1994.07
Robertsonconflicts withMcRobbieRobert Robertson, 2003.10
Ruadhdoes not conflict withthe RedBrighid the Red, 1996.01
Saint Claireconflicts withSaintclairGillian Saint Claire, 2003.10
Saintclairconflicts withSaint ClaireGillian Saint Claire, 2003.10
Sidneyconflicts withatte SidneyHoward atte Sidney, 2002.08
Sigurðardóttirconflicts withSigurdsdotterSigne Sigurdsdotter, 2002.05
Sigurdsdotterconflicts withSigurðardóttirSigne Sigurdsdotter, 2002.05
Silverdoes not conflict withSilviaFionnghuala Gliobach Mael Ailbe, 2002.10
Silviadoes not conflict withSilverFionnghuala Gliobach Mael Ailbe, 2002.10
Simonconflicts withfitz SymonWilliam fitz Symon, 2002.10
Stephensconflicts withStevensonUilliam Stephens, 2002.11
Sterneconflicts withSturmSebastian zem Sterne, 2002.11
Sterneconflicts withSturmeSebastian Sterne, 1999.12
Stevensonconflicts withStephensUilliam Stephens, 2002.11
Stiubhardconflicts withStuartKatharine Stuart, 2001.11
Stuartconflicts withStiubhardKatharine Stuart, 2001.11
Stormconflicts withof StormRichard of Storm, 2003.09
Sturmdoes not conflict withzem SterneSebastian zem Sterne, 2002.11
Sturmconflicts withSterneSebastian zem Sterne, 2002.11
Sturmeconflicts withSterneSebastian Sterne, 1999.12
the Blackconflicts withBlakeAlexander Blake, 2003.12
the Brewerconflicts withBrewerJohn the Brewer, 1995.08
the Danedoes not conflict withinn danskiEiríkr inn danski, 2001.11
the Greenconflicts withGreeneCatheryne Greene, 2003.05
the Greyconflicts withde GreyMorgan de Grey, 1991.01
the Peregrineconflicts withPerigrynneRowena the Peregrine, 1993.12a
the Reddoes not conflict withRuadhBrighid the Red, 1996.01
the Wandererconflicts withWandererErich Wanderer, 1998.06
Thorhallsonconflicts withÞorvaldsonEiríkr Þorvaldson, 2000.10
Thorvaldsonconflicts withTorvaldssonBjörn Thorvaldson, 2002.11
Þorvaldsonconflicts withThorhallsonEiríkr Þorvaldson, 2000.10
Torvaldssonconflicts withThorvaldsonBjörn Thorvaldson, 2002.11
Ulfsdottirconflicts withOlafsdatterAstrid Olafsdatter, 2001.06
Under The Woodconflicts withAttewodeRobert Attewode, 2003.02
van Ghentconflicts withof GauntJan van Ghent, 1999.11
vic [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/Mc/mhic/vik/nic/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
vik [patronym]conflicts withMac/mac/Mc/mhic/vic/nic/nyk/inghean mhic [patronym]2002.04 (Cover Letter)
Wandererconflicts withthe WandererErich Wanderer, 1998.06
Warrenconflicts withof WarranWilliam of Warran, 2002.03
Welwynconflicts withof WelewenWilliam of Welewen, 2003.05
Woodconflicts withof the WoodsElena Wood, 2004.03
Yongedoes not conflict withle YoungerWilliam le Younger, 2003.01
zem Sternedoes not conflict withSturmSebastian zem Sterne, 2002.11

Non-Personal Names:

(including branch names, order names, household names, etc.)

(Alphabetized by first substantive element)

Name Element:conflicts with /
does not conflict with:
Name Element:Ruling, LoAR date:
Aethon Heralddoes not conflict withAten Principal HeraldMiddle, Kingdom of the, 1996.05
Ancaster, Houseconflicts withLancaster (real-world house/family)Azelin Cola of Wishford, 2000.08
Anvil and the Rose, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the RoseBlackstone Mountain, Barony of, 1997.07
Argonaut Heraldconflicts withArgonauts (of Greek legend)Trimaris, Kingdom of, 2003.02
Argonauts (of Greek legend)conflicts withArgonaut HeraldTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2003.02
Argos (ancient Greek city)conflicts withHouse ArgusCiaran Mac Darragh, 1997.01
Argus, Houseconflicts withArgos (ancient Greek city)Ciaran Mac Darragh, 1997.01
Aten Principal Heralddoes not conflict withAethon HeraldMiddle, Kingdom of the, 1996.05
Baronial Rapier Champion (generic identifier)does not conflict withRapier HeraldAnsteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Bryn-a-Môr, Canton ofconflicts withBryn Mawr (the mundane college)Bryn-a-Môr, Canton of, 1998.08
Bryn Mawr (the mundane college)conflicts withBryn-a-Môr, Canton ofBryn-a-Môr, Canton of, 1998.08
Caer Darth, Shire ofdoes not conflict withCanton of Caer DreathCaer Draeth, Canton of, 1995.08
Caer Draeth, Canton ofdoes not conflict withShire of Caer DarthCaer Draeth, Canton of, 1995.08
Caldera Heraldconflicts withProvince of CalderiumAn Tir, Kingdom of, 1997.05
Calderium, Province ofconflicts withCaldera HeraldAn Tir, Kingdom of, 1997.05
Caltrop, Order of theconflicts withCaltrop PursuivantÆthelmearc, Kingdom of, 1999.10
Caltrop Pursuivantconflicts withOrder of the CaltropÆthelmearc, Kingdom of, 1999.10
Carolingian Rapier Company (generic identifier)does not conflict withRapier HeraldAnsteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Chusan (mundane location)conflicts withChuzan, Canton ofChuzan, Canton of, 1993.12a
Chuzan, Canton ofconflicts withChusan (mundane location)Chuzan, Canton of, 1993.12a
Compass Rose Heraldconflicts withCompass Rose of Ansteorra, Award of theTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2001.08
Compass Rose of Ansteorra, Award of theconflicts withCompass Rose HeraldTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2001.08
Corbeau, Chateauconflicts withThe Order of the CorbieMorgaine FitzStephen, 1998.01
Corbie, The Order of theconflicts withChateau CorbeauMorgaine FitzStephen, 1998.01
Cordon Rouge, Order of thedoes not conflict withCouronne Rouge HeraldPolitarchopolis, Barony of, 1996.01
Couronne Rouge Heralddoes not conflict withOrder of the Cordon RougePolitarchopolis, Barony of, 1996.01
Croissant, The Order of the (mundane order)does not conflict withGesellschaft mit der MondsichelKlaus the Red and Thaddeus von Orlamünde, 2004.05
Darchester, Shire ofconflicts withDorchester (mundane location)Darchester, Shire of, 2003.04
Darchester, Shire of, 2002.04
Defender of Darkwater, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Defenders of Mons TonitrusDarkwater, Barony of, 2003.09
Defender of Darkwater, Order of theconflicts withDefenders of the West, Order of theDarkwater, Barony of, 2003.09
Defenders of Andelcrag, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Defenders of Mons TonitrusAndelcrag, Barony of, 1997.02
Defenders of Mons Tonitrus, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Defenders of AndelcragAndelcrag, Barony of, 1997.02
Defenders of Mons Tonitrus, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Defender of DarkwaterDarkwater, Barony of, 2003.09
Defenders of Mons Tonitrus, Order of thedoes not conflict withOrder of the Defenders of the CitadelArtemisia, Kingdom of, 2003.05
Defenders of the Citadel, Order of thedoes not conflict withOrder of the Defenders of the WestArtemisia, Kingdom of, 2003.05
Defenders of the Citadel, Order of thedoes not conflict withOrder of the Defenders of Mons TonitrusArtemisia, Kingdom of, 2003.05
Defenders of the West, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Defender of DarkwaterDarkwater, Barony of, 2003.09
Defenders of the West, Order of thedoes not conflict withOrder of the Defenders of the CitadelArtemisia, Kingdom of, 2003.05
Dorchester (mundane location)conflicts withDarchester, Shire ofDarchester, Shire of, 2003.04
Darchester, Shire of, 2002.04
Draca Mor, Shire ofconflicts withHouse DragonmoorPetrus von Burghausen, 1994.12
Drachenfeld, Canton ofconflicts withDrachenfelsDrachenfeld, Canton of, 1996.11
Drachenfelsconflicts withDrachenfeld, Canton ofDrachenfeld, Canton of, 1996.11
Dragonmoor, Houseconflicts withShire of Draca MorPetrus von Burghausen, 1994.12
Dragon's Vale, Shire ofdoes not conflict withVale de Draco, Stronghold ofVale de Draco, Stronghold of, 1998.06
Dreiburgen School of Rapierconflicts withRapier HeraldAnsteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Fenix, Shire ofconflicts withDomus PhoenicisRhys Woolf, 1994.06
Finn, Clanconflicts withFinns (cultural group)William Guiscard, 2003.04
Finns (cultural group)conflicts withClan FinnWilliam Guiscard, 2003.04
Flames of Starkhafn, Order of theconflicts withFlammenhausEdward Drake von Nordstrom, 1998.06
Flammenhausconflicts withOrder of the Flames of StarkhafnEdward Drake von Nordstrom, 1998.06
Froschheimconflicts withFrostheim, Canton ofFrostheim, Canton of, 1994.06
Frostheim, Canton ofconflicts withFroschheimFrostheim, Canton of, 1994.06
Golden Fleece, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Silver FleeceMeridies, Kingdom of, 1997.10
Gray Hawk Heraldconflicts withGreyhawk (a setting for Dungeons and Dragons)Calontir, Kingdom of, 2002.02
Greyhawk (a setting for Dungeons and Dragons)conflicts withGray Hawk HeraldCalontir, Kingdom of, 2002.02
Griffindor (a setting in the Harry Potter books)conflicts withShire of Griffon's TorGriffon's Tor, Shire of, 2004.03
Griffon's Tor, Shire ofconflicts withGriffindor (a setting in the Harry Potter books)Griffon's Tor, Shire of, 2004.03
Hawk Heraldconflicts withHawks KeepArik Alton, 1999.08
Hawks Keepconflicts withHawk HeraldArik Alton, 1999.08
Heart, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Heart of ArtemisiaTwin Moons, Barony of, 1997.02
Heart of Artemisia, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the HeartTwin Moons, Barony of, 1997.02
Hippocampus, Ordoconflicts withOrder of the HippocampusStromgard, Barony of, 2004.03
Hippocampus, Order of theconflicts withOrdo HippocampusStromgard, Barony of, 2004.03
Lancaster (real-world house/family)conflicts withHouse AncasterAzelin Cola of Wishford, 2000.08
Lanner Heraldconflicts withLanyard PursuivantTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2001.08
Lanyard Pursuivantconflicts withLanner HeraldTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2001.08
Loch Mor, Houseconflicts withLochmere, Barony ofAlina of Loch Mor, 1996.02
Loch Mor, Houseconflicts withLochmorrow, March ofAlina of Loch Mor, 1996.02
Lochmere, Barony ofconflicts withHouse Loch MorAlina of Loch Mor, 1996.02
Lochmorrow, March ofconflicts withHouse Loch MorAlina of Loch Mor, 1996.02
Merlin Pursuivantconflicts withMerlyne PursuivantCalontir, Kingdom of, 2001.11
Merlyne Pursuivantconflicts withMerlin PursuivantCalontir, Kingdom of, 2001.11
Mondsichel, Gesellschaft mit derdoes not conflict withThe Order of the Croissant (mundane order)Klaus the Red and Thaddeus von Orlamünde, 2004.05
North, Principality of theconflicts withNorth, theNorth, Principality of the, 2003.03
North, theconflicts withNorth, Principality of theNorth, Principality of the, 2003.03
Palme d'Or (mundane award)conflicts withOrder of Le Pomme d'OrArn Hold, Barony of, 2000.01
Paramount Picturesconflicts withParamount PursuivantAtenveldt, Kingdom of, 1999.07
Paramount Pursuivantconflicts withParamount PicturesAtenveldt, Kingdom of, 1999.07
Pembroke (mundane location)conflicts withCompany of PembrokeConrad von Zuberbuehler, 2001.02
Pembroke, Company ofconflicts withPembroke (mundane location)Conrad von Zuberbuehler, 2001.02
Phoenicis, Domusconflicts withShire of FenixRhys Woolf, 1994.06
Phoenicis, Domusconflicts withOrder of the PhoenixRhys Woolf, 1994.06
Phoenix, Order of theconflicts withDomus PhoenicisRhys Woolf, 1994.06
Pisces (constellation & astrological sign)conflicts withOrder of the PiscesJararvellir, Barony of, 1992.02
Pisces, Order of theconflicts withPisces (constellation & astrological sign)Jararvellir, Barony of, 1992.02
Pomme d'Or, Order of Leconflicts withPalme d'Or (mundane award)Arn Hold, Barony of, 2000.01
Pooka (the word for an English malevolent spirit)does not conflict withPoukka, Canton ofPoukka, Canton of, 1998.02
Poukka, Canton ofdoes not conflict withPooka (the word for an English malevolent spirit)Poukka, Canton of, 1998.02
Rapier Champion (generic identifier)does not conflict withRapier HeraldAnsteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Rapier Heralddoes not conflict withBaronial Rapier Champion (generic identifier)Ansteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Rapier Heralddoes not conflict withCarolingian Rapier Company (generic identifier)Ansteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Rapier Heraldconflicts withDreiburgen School of RapierAnsteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Rapier Heralddoes not conflict withRapier Champion (generic identifier)Ansteorra, Kingdom of, 2003.12
Raven, Order of thedoes not conflict withRaven PursuivantWest, Kingdom of the, 2003.02
Raven Pursuivantdoes not conflict withOrder of the RavenWest, Kingdom of the, 2003.02
Rose, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Anvil and the RoseBlackstone Mountain, Barony of, 1997.07
Rose, Order of theconflicts withManor of the Silent RoseSterling Schawn Leopard, 1996.12
Rose, Order of theconflicts withHouse WhitroseBläß von Bremen, 1998.04
Sable Quill of Meridies, Order of Theconflicts withSable Quill PursuivantMeridies, Kingdom of, 1996.07
Sable Quill Pursuivantconflicts withOrder of The Sable Quill of MeridiesMeridies, Kingdom of, 1996.07
Saint Barbara, Order ofconflicts withSanta Barbara (mundane locations)Bright Hills, Barony of, 2003.07
Saint Barbara of the Hills, Order ofdoes not conflict withSanta Barbara (mundane locations)Bright Hills, Barony of, 2003.07
Saint Helenaconflicts withSanta ElenaStronghold Santa Elena, 2004.02
Santa Barbaraconflicts withOrder of Saint BarbaraBright Hills, Barony of, 2003.07
Santa Barbara (mundane locations)does not conflict withSaint Barbara of the Hills, Order ofBright Hills, Barony of, 2003.07
Santa Elenaconflicts withSaint HelenaStronghold Santa Elena, 2004.02
Silent Rose, Manor of theconflicts withOrder of the RoseSterling Schawn Leopard, 1996.12
Silver Fleece, Order of theconflicts withOrder of the Golden FleeceMeridies, Kingdom of, 1997.10
Silver Star (the US military decoration)conflicts withOrder of the Silver Stars of Mons TonitrusMons Tonitrus, Barony of, 2001.06
Silver Stars of Mons Tonitrus, Order of theconflicts withSilver Star (the US military decoration)Mons Tonitrus, Barony of, 2001.06
Solar Heraldconflicts withDomus SolarisChrétienne Angêle de Courtenay, 1997.04
Solaris, Domusconflicts withSolar HeraldChrétienne Angêle de Courtenay, 1997.04
Talbot Heraldconflicts withTalbots KeepConnor M'Eleam, 2002.08
Talbot Heralddoes not conflict withTalbots Keep, HouseConnor M'Eleam, 2002.08
Talbots Keepconflicts withTalbot HeraldConnor M'Eleam, 2002.08
Talbots Keep, Housedoes not conflict withTalbot HeraldConnor M'Eleam, 2002.08
Thorne Houseconflicts withThornholdYin Mei Li and Marie Lorraine de Montclair, 2000.01
Thornholdconflicts withThorne HouseYin Mei Li and Marie Lorraine de Montclair, 2000.01
Thunder, Houseconflicts withThunder PursuivantElisheva bat Simon Halevi, 1998.06
Thunder Pursuivantconflicts withHouse ThunderElisheva bat Simon Halevi, 1998.06
Triskele Legion of Trimarisconflicts withOrder of the Triskele of TrimarisTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2003.09
Triskele of Trimaris, Order of theconflicts withTriskele Legion of TrimarisTrimaris, Kingdom of, 2003.09
Vale de Draco, Stronghold ofdoes not conflict withDragon's Vale, Shire ofVale de Draco, Stronghold of, 1998.06
White Horn, Order of theconflicts withWhitethorne ManorÆthelmearc, Kingdom ofBremen, 2002.03
Whitethorne Manorconflicts withOrder of the White HornÆthelmearc, Kingdom ofBremen, 2002.03
Whitrose, Houseconflicts withOrder of the RoseBläß von Bremen, 1998.04
Wolf Keepconflicts withHouse of Wolf's KeepCiaran Mac Darragh, 1998.12
Wolf's Keep, House ofconflicts withWolf KeepCiaran Mac Darragh, 1998.12
Wyvern Cliffe, Shire ofdoes not conflict withWyvern HeyghtsElyramere of Tymbrelyne Heyghts, 1992.07
Wyvern Heyghtsdoes not conflict withWyvern Cliffe, Shire ofElyramere of Tymbrelyne Heyghts, 1992.07
Wyvern Heyghtsdoes not conflict withWyvernwoode, Barony ofElyramere of Tymbrelyne Heyghts, 1992.07
Wyvernwoode, Barony ofdoes not conflict withWyvern HeyghtsElyramere of Tymbrelyne Heyghts, 1992.07