The tenure of Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane

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While this volume is entitled "Precedents of Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane", it would really be much more accurate to entitle it "Precedents, Decisions, Rulings, Interpretations, Restatements and Explanations of the Rules for Submissions As They Have Been Applied to Submissions by Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, Laurel Queen of Arms", but that title becomes much too unwieldy. So we try for something simpler in the hopes that the entries herein will not all be considered as breaking new ground or as redefining the Rules for Submissions in some new way.

I have tried to follow the general format and philosophy of Master Baldwin of Erebor, editor of Precedents Vols. I, II and III, in this collection. For a more specific discussion of those, see his Introduction to Precedents III. Not all entries are a precedent per se, but are specific applications or clarifications of the Rules for Submissions.

In January, 1990 the Board of Directors of the Society approved a new set of Rules for Submissions. Thus, this volume of Precedents spans two sets of Rules. From November, 1989 through May, 1990, Mistress Alisoun processed all submissions using both sets of Rules; thus if a submission would pass under either set, it was registered. There were also explications of the new Rules in her decisions, and as a consequence, you will find many comments in this volume of Precedents referring to the "old rules", "new rules", or both. Many of these will be helpful in understanding the philosophy behind the new Rules for Submission.

This combined volume of Mistress Alisoun’s Precedents contains all those which have already been published in her Precedents, Volumes I, II, III and IV, with the exceptions that many repetitive rulings have been deleted and reference made to those deleted by the notation "(See also: ...)" following the citation which I considered to be the most clearly worded. In a few other cases, rulings which were clearly overturned by later precedent of Mistress Alisoun have been deleted.

Unless otherwise noted, all citations are direct quotes from Mistress Alisoun in LoARs or CLs. Emendations for clarity are enclosed in [square brackets]. Where material not necessary to the discussion is deleted, such deletions are noted by ellipses (...). Deletions at the beginning or end of a quote are made without comment. When the name of a charge or tincture is not pertinent to the topic, I usually replace it with [charge] or [tincture]. When the name of the submittor was not pertinent to the topic, it is usually replaced with [Name]. Some entries may be longer than necessary. I felt it best to err on the side of conservatism, and sometimes give more background to a decision to ensure that the reader has the information necessary to see why the decision was made the way it was without having to look up the cited LoAR.

A few obvious misspellings have been corrected without comment. Elsewhere, I have used Mistress Alisoun’s spellings. (However, responsibility for typographical errors is mine alone.)

Headings are placed here for ease in researching a particular topic, and are not to be ascribed to Mistress Alisoun. A specific citation may sometimes appear under more than one heading.


LoAR -Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns

These are listed by day, month (a three letter abbreviation) and year (the last two digits). All years are 19xx A.D. of the date typed on the letter, no matter when actually mailed, and then the page number of that letter to which citation is made.

CL -The Laurel Cover Letter accompanying an LoAR. Date may be different than that of the LoAR they accompany.

Individuals mentioned in one or more places:

Wilhelm von Schlüssel - former Laurel King of Arms
Master Baldwin - Baldwin of Erebor, former Laurel King of Arms
Crescent PH - Crescent Principal Herald, Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme
Badger Herald - Baron Marten Bröker



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