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Filling out the Forms - Individual Device/Badge Forms

Society Name

The Society Name is your registered name (or the group's name). If you don't have a registered name, then put the name you are trying to register here. Pay attention to capitalization and accents; certain options lower on the page will restrict how we can modify your name (if necessary). For characters you can't find on your keyboard, please use Da'ud notation (a system for writing non-Latin alphabet characters using regular letters and punctuation). Please do not write your name all in capitals; use both upper and lower case.

The Laurel office uses your Society Name to file all your paperwork. This is why you must register a name at the same time as or before you can register a device, badge, or household name.

Legal Name

This is your modern-world name (or the contact for the group). This is the name used to notify you of the results of your submission.


This is your modern-world address (or the contact for the group). Many kingdoms will notify you via mail when your submission is sent to Laurel, accepted, or returned. Please pay special attention to the postal/zip code you use; if this code is incorrect, your notification will be returned to the kingdom and you will not receive it.

Branch Name (for individuals only)

This is the name of the college, canton, shire, or barony that you are a member of. Many kingdoms will send a copy of your notification letter to the herald of the group.

Phone Number

This is your modern-world phone number (or the contact for the group). The kingdom may call you if they need more information regarding how your name is processed.

Date of Birth (for individuals only)

To be honest, the heralds don't care what your birth date is. This date is only used when two submissions share a Society name and a modern-world name, but the addresses are different. Believe it or not, that happens several times during each Laurel's tenure; most of the time, this indicates someone who moved. The heralds match up the Society name, modern-world name, and this date to confirm that the person is the same submitter. At least once during each Laurel tenure, there will be the odd coincidence of two different people with the same modern-world name choosing the same Society name.

If you are not comfortable giving your full birth date, just provide month and day. In most cases, this will be enough to allow the Laurel office to identify submissions as being from two different people. If this is still too much information, select a date that is important to you and that you will remember. You will need to use this date on all submissions so the Laurel office will be able to confirm that you are the submitter and not someone who shares your name.

E-mail Address

This is your e-mail address (or the contact for the group). Many kingdoms have chosen to begin notifying submitters of the results of their submissions by e-mail.

Date Submitted

This is the date you put the submission into the mail.

Consulting Herald

This is the Society name of the herald who helped you with your submission.

Herald's E-mail/Phone

This is the e-mail address or phone number for the herald who helped you with your submission.

This Name Is

This administrative category describes the status of the armory submission:

  • Already registered - The individual or group name is already registered.
  • Submitted with This Device - The individual or group name is accompanying the armory submission.
  • Previously submitted from the Kingdom of - The individual or group name is currently in submission through the specified kingdom.

If the name of the individual or group has already been returned for further work, a new name submission must accompany the armory submission. For group arms, a new petition must be included.

Action Type

This is the type of administrative action:

  • New - The submission is new; no submission of this type has been made. Full payment must be made.
  • Resubmission - This submission is in response to a return of an action type and where the original was returned. Resubmissions may not require payment; talk to a herald for your kingdom's policy.
  • Change - Indicates that you are changing an item, usually a primary name. You will need to indicate what you want done with the old submission.
  • Appeal - Indicates that you think an item was returned in error and that you are requesting that the item be considered again. If the return was a kingdom return, this will require the kingdom to forward the item to Laurel.
  • Other - If you can't figure out what type of action it is, check this box and describe.

Reserved Charges

If you want to use a reserved charge in the SCA, you must provide some support that you are permitted to use that emblem of rank. Reserved charges are:

Name Reserved for
Baldric, White Masters of Arms
Belt, White Knights
Chapeau Order of the Pelican
Chaplet of roses Princesses
Charged canton Augmentation
Multiply charged single inescutcheon Augmentation or arms of pretense
Two straight trumpets in saltire Heraldic offices
Crown/Coronet Kingdom/Principality armory; Personal armory of Society Royal Peers and Court Barons/Baronesses
Laurel wreath Society branch arms
Orle or annulet of chain Knights
Pelican in its piety Order of the Pelican
Pelican vulning itself Order of the Pelican
Wreaths of roses Members of the Order of the Rose

If you are registering your device with an augmentation, you must first register the device, then register the device with the augmentation. You must provide proof that you are granted the augmentation and the augmentation must follow the Rules for Submission.


Describe the device/badge. If you do not know the terms used for blazoning, describe the device in plain English. Believe it or not, most heralds do speak English.