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My submission was returned for a non-standard or outdated form. What happened?

The Laurel office has created official forms for each kingdom to use. This ensures that every submission contains the same information in the same place. Because the office processes over 200 submissions a month, keeping the forms the same makes the paperwork and decision-making go faster. In armory, it also helps ensure that Wreath is able to compare apples to apples and not try to figure out if a difference is being caused by the armorial display shape.

In addition, older submissions are being scanned and archived. During this project, the Laurel office is also creating an reference archive for use in checking for old blazon accuracy and for comparing armory for visual conflict. For the reference archive, Laurel has decided to not scan personal information, such as names and devices. Because all of the old forms have different size escutcheons (some have lozenges) and roundels, all of the armory has been scanned by hand and then all the personal information has to be cropped out. Hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent to bring the archive current through 1995.

By standardizing the size and location on the page of the escutcheon, a template can be created that will only scan the relevant parts of a form. Fewer volunteer hours will be spent cropping and the possibility of using a self-feeding scanner to scan forms. This will significantly reduce volunteer time while increasing the speed the office can complete this project with.