Virtual Heralds Point

Sign ups for Virtual Heralds Point are now closed. We will continue to complete the consultations in our queue for all sign ups received by Feb. 14 to the best of our ability, at least until the end of February.

If you signed up for the VHP more than 4 days ago, please check your email for a message from us. We are using alternate contact methods (e.g. text messages, FB) to reach out to submitters who have not responded to us. Remember that you'll have to approve artwork (if you have armory) and pay the Paypal invoice (if there is a charge) before they're done. So please keep an eye out for those emails.

If you would like to check your status, please email


Please be aware that there is a lag in assigning a herald, and the full consultation may take a few days due to the nature of the submission and method of communication (e.g., email).

  1. You'll get an e-mail from confirming your information, giving you the name of the herald (or heralds) who will be working with you, and how you'd prefer to talk to them.
  2. You and the herald (there might be more than one if you have multiple kinds of items) will do the consultation and help you get what you want. If you have any concerns during that process, or you have not been contacted by your assigned herald(s), please feel free to reach out using the above e-mail address.
  3. Your submission will be entered into a program that allows us to enter your information, and to review and double-check that everything is okay -- we double-check everything, it's not a judgement on you or your herald. This program will create your submission forms.
  4. If you have armory: Once the art is drawn, you'll get another e-mail asking you to take a look at the art and approve it. If it's not right, don't hesitate to let us know; we're happy to work on it until we get it right. It might mean some more back and forth with a herald. Once you've approved the art, we'll move on.
  5. Once your submissions are ready to go, you'll get copies of the forms for your records and an e-mail invoice from our exchequer. Follow the directions to pay the invoice via Paypal. If you cannot pay using Paypal, kingdom will follow-up with you to pay another way.
  6. You'll get a confirmation from us that we've received payment and you're done! If you don't receive a confirmation in a few days, just answer that e-mail to check in.
  7. Your submissions will be transferred to your kingdom and go through the normal commentary and decision process.
  8. The entire registration process (from arrival at kingdom to the final decision by the Sovereigns of Arms) should take approximately 8-9 months: There will be at least one month of commentary at the kingdom level and two months at the Laurel/SCA level, decision meetings at both levels, and then the time needed to write and proofread the decisions. If you have not received any notifications about the status of your submission by this time next year, please contact your kingdom College of Heralds.

Questions or Comments?

Contact Lillia de Vaux ( for general questions.

For technical issues with the forms program, please contact Tanczos Istvan (