2018 KWHSS Proceedings

Table of Contents

Creating Peerage Ceremonies (PDF)

by Nicolaa de Bracton

Discussion of the philosophy of SCA peerage ceremonies, historical background, framework/required elements, and how to research and write custom ceremonies.

Creating Personal Mythologies:  A Case for Personalized Award Documents in the SCA (PDF)

by Mariette de Bretagne

A brief treatise about making awards texts (of all levels) specific to the recipient, as it has the potential for aiding in persona development and participant retention.

The Customer is Always Right – even when they are Wrong (PDF)

by Corbin de Huntyngfeld

A discussion of customer service practices in order to minimize issues with clients and heralds alike.

Demystifying Kanji Lookup (PDF)

by Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze

Advice on how to look up kanji for Chinese and Japanese, help with stroke order for writing kanji, and common translation issues.

Heraldry Simplified - Armorial (PDF)

by Corbin de Huntyngfeld

A lesson on how to teach armorial heraldry to non-heralds and new heralds.

Landholders in the Districts of Thessaloniki and Strymon, 1265-1388 (PDF)

by Maridonna Benvenuti (Andrea Hicks)

This replaces two earlier articles, "14th Century Names of Lay Proprietors in the Themes of Thessaloniki and Strymon" and "Early 14th C. Byzantine Names of Macedonia". Included are three military division names, and a few Slavic spellings of Greek names.

Online Researching for Scroll Inspiration, or "Pinterest is the Devil!" (PDF)

by Arianna of Wynthrope

How to search online for period manuscripts to use as sources for SCA scrolls without losing your mind to Pinterest.

Viking and Norman Heraldry (PDF)

by Eleazar ha-Levi

A discussion of how to create heraldry in the Viking style and a brief discussion of the heraldic forms at the Battle of Hastings, as shown in the Bayeux Tapestry.