1973 - 2011


First Ysgithrian Symposium of Heraldry

September 22-23, 1973, Tucson, Arizona

The Herald and His DutiesAddison the Wanderer1-1
A Short Article on Titles, Forms of Address, and Other Unrelated ThingsHulda an Moria von Jael2-1
Heraldry for the Non-HeraldHans von Bremen3-1
Heraldry in the Non-Heraldic CultureIoseph Locksley4-1
How Names, Arms, and Devices Are Registered with the Imperial College of ArmsBoncoeur5-1
A Sense of Period (A brief historie of shields, helms, mantlings and embellishments in the Middle Ages)Hans von Bremen6-1
Heraldic ConventionsSarkanyi Gero7-1
Basic Field HeraldingBoncoeur8-1
Ordinary for the Society for Creative Anachronism (9/1/73)A-1
An Ordinary of Middle EarthKaththea of the CitadelB-1
Like-Seeming Shields [armory in Spencer's The Faerie Queene]Ruth BermanC-1
Illustrations [of heraldic charges]D-1
Texts for Awards of Arms and Scrolls of AppreciationG-1

Second Bienniel Ysgithrian Heraldic Symposium

January 30-February 1, 1976, Tucson, Arizona

Notes on Court ProcedureDaemon de Folo1
An Introduction to Court HeraldryHans von Bremen5
Outlandish Heraldry UnveiledKristijan Olavssen Ankestjerne39
The Herald as a DiplomatTagan the Talesmythe47
PapelonneDäwyd Äspärä Suomainen50
The Road Less Traveled By (A Few Notes on Heraldic Design in the Society)Alfgar the Sententious56
The History of Japanese HeraldryYamaguchi no Matsutaro Yukio Futoshi59
Where's the Fire, Harold? (Blazing Harolds, an heraldic game)Sikhijvala Gehe Candradsya67
The Heraldry in the King Arthur LegendsAddison the Wanderer73
A Bibliography for HeraldryDäwyd Äspärä Suomainen85
Index--Official Proceedings, First Ysgithrian SymposiumTagan the Talesmythe102
The Art of ScrollmakingRobert Fitz Norman107

Caerthan Heraldic Symposium

August 29-31, 1981, Denver, Colorado

An Ordinary of Hateful HeraldryVuong Manh1
An Introduction to Terms in French BlazonLouis-Philippe Mitouard14
Japanese Heraldry - The Mon: Design and UseMinowara Kiritsubo23
On the Etymology of GulesMarina of Eastcliffe30
Period Practice in English SurnamesLouis-Philippe Mitouard36
Some Books on Personal NamesBaldwin of Erebor38
Anglo-Saxon Personal NamesAelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor48
Scandinavian Personal Names in the Domesday BookAelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor54
An Abbreviated Introduction to the Elvish Language for the Instruction of HeraldsAtaniel Unessë62
In Defense of the Clan Taira: On Clan and KingshipCharles Stewart O'Connor64
Alternative Translations of SCA TitlesWilhelm von Schlüssel76
Some Information on the Historical Use of Mottoes, Crests and SupportersAnebairn MacPharlaine of Arrochar82
Of Scrolls and Rolls and Sealing Wax, Or, Why SCA Scrolls Are So Hard to DesignEowyn Amberdrake85
Some Remarks on Authenticity in Preparing DocumentsJehan de la Marche91
A Computer Data Base for AwardsYrjö Kirjawiisas94
Unlearning HeraldryLee Burwasser107
A Non-Herald's View of HeraldsTheodric ap Breken Beaken114
Getting It Right: New Directions in SCA ArmoryYrjö Kirjawiisas117
Teaching, Politics and ResearchLee Burwasser128
Some Attributed ArmsIathus of Scara139
Voice of the King: The Herald in CourtElric of Erehwon140
Investiture of a SquireCaitlin MacCraobh144
SigillographicaAlisoun MacCoul of Elphane146
The Boke of St. AlbansTelbyrne Morningstar163

The Meridian Heraldic Symposium

October 1-4, 1982, [Barony of South Downs]

On Italian NamesGiovanni Clarenza3
Use of Heraldic Devices in Costume During the Middle AgesFuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn8
Pre-Heraldic HeraldryMichael Kennethson18
The Cross in HeraldryOreta Heinemann20
Field Heraldry As Practiced in MeridiesOreta Heinemann27
Artistic Taste in HeraldryKate the Curious37
Shield Cards and Their UsesZuren Uff Eiren39
May I Use a Collie in My Arms?Ammalynne Starchild Haraldsdottir45
Cats and SCA HeraldryEoin Caimbeul56
The Heraldic Order in Later Medieval EuropeCathal MacEdan an faeled60
Meridies Name and Device Submission Forms67
Rules for Heraldic Submissions in the SCA69

Caer Mear Heraldic Symposium

May 6-8, 1983, Richmond, Virginia

The Use and Display of MonMinowara Kiritsubo1
Choosing a Spanish NameNige of Cleftlands9
In Search of Samothes, or, Some Pitfalls on the Border of Myth and LegendRuth of the Far North15
Teaching Basic Heraldry -- Followup ReportLee Burwasser20
Period English Surnames Derived from Usage Associated with the Armourers' GuildTamora Valcon Bridge30
Some Notes on North American Heraldry and Related TopicsSimahoyo Yahola34
Modern ChivalryGregory C. Duerden46
Silent Heraldry [Court Heraldry for the Deaf]Thea Northernridge59
Heraldry at Very Large Events: The Experience of Pennsic XIStephen of Silverwing61
French Names and Naming PracticesNige of Cleftlands66
Some Vocal Techniques as Applied to Field and Court HeraldryFevronia Murometsa74
Shakespeare's Use of HeraldryIrene Chadyoyck von Schmetterling76
The Heraldry of the ManesseCharles Stewart O'Connor83
Guide to Heraldic SubmissionsWilhelm von Schlüssel105
A Brief Bibliography of Books Containing Material on Medieval Heraldic PracticeLee Burwasser111
A Bibliography of References on Romance Language NamesNige of Cleftlands117
A Cumulative Index to the Proceedings of the SCA Heraldic SymposiaVuong Manh120

Aspilogia Pennsica: Some Essays on Heraldry and Nomenclature


The Forms of the By-Name in Some Eastern European LanguagesDietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis1
Remedial Reading for HeraldsJohannes von Nierenstein10
A Good Mac Is Hard to Find: Some Notes on Gaelic Naming ConventionMairghread Ros FitzGarret of Desmond16
A Matter of PositionDaniel Eyesham of Tweed21
A Background in Irish HeraldryCharles Stewart O'Connor29
An Ordinary of Irish ArmsCainneachan Vaire33
A Listing of Period Icelandic Names from the Njal's SagaArval Benicoeur55

Fasachian Heraldic Symposium

August 25-26, 1984, Salt Lake City, Utah

Heraldry for ScribesEowyn Amberdrake1
Reflections on the Image of HeraldsElinor Aurora of Rosewood17
An Illustrated Guide to Heraldic Extraordinaries [Humor]Seilide of the Desert Lands/Gwynaeth Nathair23
Some Medieval Heraldic Documents for Use in the SocietyAelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor27
Starting a Herald's Office from ScratchLucie de Villebruyant Boniface43
A Brief Survey of Japanese Names and Name ElementsAelfric Bernson of Westbrook49
German Names of Rheinland-Pfalz and Westfalen ProvincesMarilynn Knighton55
The Care and Feeding of CornetsLucie de Villebruyant Boniface63
Japanese Names and Related TopicsMorimoto Koryu69
Rules and Procedures for Heraldic Submissions in the SCAWilhelm von Schlüssel85
Corpora Sections and BoD Policy Decisions Dealing with the College of Arms and the Laurel Sovereign of ArmsApp.I
Guidelines on OffensivenessApp.II
Encouraged and Discouraged PracticesApp.III

Aspilogia Pennsica Vol. II: Essays on Heraldry and Nomenclature

August 10-11, 1985, March of Tirnewydd

An Essay on SemeEowyn Amberdrake1
Das NesselblattMarten Jeros Broker7
Medieval Place Names in Kreis Darmstadt-DieburgJanos a sovany Barcsi12
Personal Names from King Harald's SagaJanos a sovany Barcsi16
On Tabards and the Livery of HeraldsDawyd z Gury20
An Introduction to the Use of Banners for Heraldic DisplayAndreanna Innes26
A Guided Tour of Court in the Kingdom of CaidTheresia von Tux35

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 27-28, 1987, Berkeley, California (2 vols.)

The History of the College of ArmsWilhelm von SchlüsselI-1
Heraldic DefaultsBruce Draconarius of MistholmeI-13
Some Crosses and Their FormsErasimierz WaspanieskiI-19
Arabic Naming PracticesDa'ud ibn AudaI-39
Russian Names Made UnderstandableTatiana Nikolaevna TumanovaI-55
How to Use and Not Abuse Your VoiceTheresia von TuxI-63
A Survey of Heraldic CostumeAstra Christiana Benedict and Zenobia NaphtaliI-69
Transcription of the Discussions: General PrinciplesII-5
Transcription of the Discussions: Names DiscussionII-27
Transcription of the Discussions: Armory DiscussionII-52
Procedural Review of the Laurel OfficeMelinda SherbringII-79
The Ombudsman's ObservationsJohn TrimbleII-83
Letter to the Board of DirectorsJ. Patrick HughesII-85
On the "Mandate for the College of Arms"Robin of GilwellII-90
Some Thoughts on Mundane ConflictsAlison von MarkheimII-93
On the Rules for SubmissionsMarten BrökerII-95
Position Paper on Difference in ArmoryFrederick of HollandII-97
Growth TrendsTheresia von TuxII-101
A Study of Rejected ArmoryAlison von MarkheimII-106
Society Heraldry - Fact or FictionErasimierz WaspanieskiII-113
The Role of the College of ArmsGuillaume le CanardII-117
The New Rules and the BoD's DirectiveDrogo the ForgetfulII-121
Heraldic Won'tsRichard of SeahavenII-122
A Position PaperKeridwyn o'r Mynydd GwyrddII-123
Position Paper on Naming PracticesGeoffrey GeometerII-125
Some Thoughts on the Name RulesEilis O'BoirneII-127
Real Problems - Real PeopleWilliam the LuckyII-131

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 17-19, 1988, Leavenworth, Kansas

Order of the Medieval Universe as Exemplified by Attributed Heraldry
(God and the Devil)
Sherry Foxwell1
A Grammar of Blazonry, or, Master Bruce's Guide to Correct BlazonBruce Draconarius of Mistholme6
The Extraordinaries, or, When Heralds Go BadRobin of Gilwell14
How to Draw and Pain Heraldic BeastsStephen Ironhand19
Some Aspects of Period Ship Design: A Guide for Heraldic ArtistsGawain of Miskbridge24
Heraldic Display Marking Book Ownership - Book-plates (ex libris) and Book-StampsZenobia Naphtali28
Muslim Heraldry, an IntroductionDa'ud ibn Auda37

Caidan Heraldic Symposium and Scribe's Conclave

July 8-9, 1989, Los Angeles, California (2 vols.)

The Last HeraldConrad von RegensburgI-1
Blazoning BirdsÉowyn AmberdrakeI-4
Per Fess and Per ChiefBruce Draconarius of MistholmeI-9
Blazoning Comets and SparksBruce Draconarius of MistholmeI-9a
Jewish HeraldryEleazar ha-LevyI-41
Ksiazat Polskiego Heraldika (The Chronicle of Polish Heraldry)Stefan LaskòwskiI-41
Blazon as an Artificial Intelligence LanguageDagonell CollingwoodI-48
A Discussion of Tertiaries: a Follow-upDagonell CollingwoodI-60
Blazon, Emblazon, and Period PracticeBruce Draconarius of MistholmeI-65
On the Period Usage of TincturesFrederick, Eilis, BruceI-65
On Blazoning Details: a ConversationBruce and ErasimierzI-121
Welsh Name FormationKeridwen o'r Mynydd GwyrddI-67
On Period BynamesBruce Draconarius of MistholmeI-72
Welsh Compound Given NamesKeridwen o'r Mynydd GwyrddI-73
Feminine Given Names from the Italian RenaissanceAnebairn MacPharlaneI-104
Italian Personal NamesRhian Lyth of Blackmoor ValeI-107
One Hundred Most Beautiful Names of GodMustapha al-MuhaddithI-111
Arabic Personal Names from the FutuwwahMustapha al-MuhaddithI-113
Western European Names of the 13th CenturyArval BenicoeurI-115
Welsh Metronymic SurnamesKeridwen o'r Mynydd GwyrddI-116
Welsh Legendary NamesKeridwen o'r Mynydd GwyrddI-117
Some More on TSCA BynamesBruce Draconarius of MistholmeI-118
Notes for ScribesGerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, et al.II-1
Are Pencils Period?Loren BlackthorneII-4
Period PigmentsLoren BlackthorneII-5
Binding Media for IlluminationLoren BlackthorneII-10
Period Pigment ToxinsLoren BlackthorneII-11
LeafingLoren BlackthorneII-14
Building BrushesLoren BlackthorneII-15
A Vocabulary and Selection of VinesBeryl de FoloII-18
Handling MantlingÉowyn AmberdrakeII-29
A Sense of ProprietyAlison MacDermotII-30
Trompe l'OeilDavid Fletcher StanwoodII-32
Insular InterlacingÉowyn AmberdrakeII-39
Twisty BeastiesÉowyn AmberdrakeII-47
OrnithomorphsÉowyn AmberdrakeII-52
Notes on a Presentation by Donald JacksonMerewyn de LyonesseII-54
Arabic and Roman NumeralsFiona Mairi MacQuarrieII-59
A Collection of AlphabetsBeryl de FoloII-60
Scribe's ResourcesLoren BlackthorneII-65
Books for Students of Insular ArtÉowyn AmberdrakeII-67
Supplies and SuppliersÉowyn AmberdrakeII-70

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 1990, Fort Worth, Texas

Hausmarken: Burger Heraldry of the German RenaissanceErasimierz Waspanieski1
A Cookbook Approach to Heraldic Design, or 101 Recipes for BarracudaAodhan ite an Fhithich21
Armory and Blazonry for the Completely UninitiatedConor Diarmuid mac Ruis31
Mongolian Naming PracticesMarta as tu Mika-Mysliwy39
Chinese SurnamesOttar Ericksson47
Medieval Official Document FormsTadgh Liath of Duncairn51
The Dogs of the Lichfield GospelsÉowyn Amberdrake56
The Complete AchievementCatrin Rhiannon d'Arc58
Islamic ScrollsSayf al-Qamar Tarik ibn Adbul and Robin of Rhovanion63
The Medieval HeraldSaerlaith l'Estrangere112
Transcription: Seminar on Precedence117
Transcription: Seminar on Court Heraldry147
Welsh Noble Titles and Terms of RankKeridwen ferch Morgan Glasfryn168
Index of SCA PublicationsÉowyn Amberdrake213
The Meaning of ColorsWillow de Wisp229

Knowne World Heraldic Symposium

June 28-30, 1991, Laurel, Maryland

Luftwaffe HeraldryDathi O Cooney1
The Medieval Herald: A Partner in ChivalryDeirdre O'Siodhachain12
On the OrleHonore Pierre d'Ardres14
Automating Rule and Conflict CheckingDagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake17
Heralds' ReputationsDagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake24
The Argentaye Tract: A TranslationTalan Gwynek26
Bluffing Your Way Through Gaelic NamesMyfanwy O'Mwyle ni Cambion55
A Beginning Onomastics LibraryCateline de la Mer la souriete58
Annotated Name Book ListJaelle of Armida62
Names and Naming Practices in the Merioneth Lay Subsidy Roll 1292-3Keridwen ferch Morgan Glasfryn75
Names from A Distant MirrorAlison MacDermot121
Jewish Naming Conventions in Angevin EnglandEleazar ha-Levi134
Vikings in RussiaDagonell Collingwood144
Rules for Submissions147

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 26-28, 1992, Seattle, Washington

ProtocolCharles Stewart O'Connor1
Silliness - Part 1 [A Review of Laurel's Tenure]Joseph d'Aquitaine4
Names and Naming Practices in Some Pembrokeshire Toll Records (1599-1603)Keridwen ferch Morgan Glasfryn5
SCA Dates in DBase IVHirsch von Henford44
To Knot or NotCharles Stewart O'Connor53
Silliness - Part 2 [Song: "Old Man Laurel"]62
Charge Groups in English Medieval HeraldryRouland Carre63
A Roll of Japanese ArmorySolveig Throndardottir70
Procedural Review of the Laurel OfficeMelinda SherbringApp. A

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 25-27, 1993, Chicago, Illinois

Advice on Registering Your DeviceStephen of the GroveI-1
"The Herald and the Lady"Da'ud ibn AudaI-4
Regional Style Heraldry in the SCADa'ud ibn Auda and Alison MacDermotI-5
WarthavenWilliam BlackfoxI-26
Spring Submissions - Part ITalan GwynekI-27
A Tenth Century Viking Peerage CeremonyThóra Sharptooth and Arval BenicoeurI-31
The Staff of Aesculapius, the Caduceus, and the Bronze Serpent of MosesÆlfreda æt ÆthelwealdaI-37
Canting in António Godinho's Livro da nobreza e perfeiçam das armas dos reis christãos e nobres linhagens dos reinos e senhorios de PortugalZenobia NaphtaliI-45
The Biccherne Tablets of SieneHonoré Pierre d'ArdresI-51
Armorial Style TestÉowyn AmberdrakeI-57
Practical Taxonomy and Conflict-CheckingTadgh LiathI-61
"Twinkie Herald"Da'ud ibn AudaI-66
Formal Syntax for BlazonryTadgh Liath and Aodhan Ite an FhitichI-67
WarthavenWilliam BlackfoxI-71
Spring Submissions - Part IITalan GwynekI-73
In Support of the Case for Tripartite BadgesEdward WenzerI-81
Use of Charge Groups containing Multiple Types of Charges in Late-Period Scots ArmoryZenobia Naphtali and David of MoffatI-85
Heraldic Geek TestAlan Fairfax AluricsonI-94
In Support of the Case for TrimountsEdward WenzerI-95
What are Rubber Submissions REALLY Made Of?Jaelle of Armida and Evan de CollaureoI-103
"The Codpiece Or"Leofflae Heofondelde and Cionaeth MacLachlanI-106
Lady Argent Snail's Armory Insta-Boing ChecklistJaelle of ArmidaI-107
Spring Submissions - Part IIITalan GwynekI-109
On Blazoning Armory in Medieval WelshKeridwen ferch Morgan GlasfrynI-119
WarthavenWilliam BlackfoxI-170
Designing an SCA NameCateline de la More la souriéteII-1
Language Notes for "Reading Unpronounceable Names"Simón Santiago de CordóbaII-5
An Introduction to the Consideration of SCA Household NamesKeridwen ferch Morgan GlasfrynII-17
WarthavenWilliam BlackfoxII-20
Book Report and List of 16th Century German NamesElaine LaddII-21
Arabic Names and Naming PracticesDa'ud ibn AudaII-23
"Lady Laurel Nuked My Name"Myfanwy ferch TangwystlII-36
Russian NamesPaul Wickendon of ThanetII-37
Information from Ye Merry Olde Listmaker -- NamesEtain WinterbourneII-47
Hebrew Equivalents of SCA TitlesEleazar ha-LeviII-69
Medieval and Renaissance English Heraldic TitlesRouland CarreII-75
WarthavenWilliam BlackfoxII-82
Introduction to Anglo-Saxon NamesAudrey Adelicia of CanterburyII-83
Introduction to Japanese OnomasticsKitahama MiyukiII-107
A Glossary of the Personal Names in Diez Melcén's Apellidos Castellano-LeonesesTalan GwynekII-113
Carving Document Seals for WaxDark Oak of MooneschadoweIII-1
Researching a ScrollBarbary de FoloIII-3
The Golden Gospels of EchternachBarbary de FoloIII-6
Beneventan ScriptBarbary de FoloIII-17
Two Gothic ScrollsBarbary de FoloIII-25
An Islamic ScrollBarbary de FoloIII-33
Japanese Documents and CalligraphyKitahama MiyukiIII-39
Tir Ysgithrian Development of Islamic Scrolls in the SCASayf al-Qamar Tarik bin AbdulIII-47
WarthavenWilliam BlackfoxIII-68
Calligraphy SamplerRokkehealdan Scribal ConsortiumIII-69

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 24-26, 1994, Orlando, Florida

Period Style: An IntroductionDa'ud ibn Auda1
The Art of Effective CommentaryAlison MacDermot11
On the Origins and Development of the Sejant Erect PostureZenobia Naphtali15
An Analysis of Heraldic Complexity in Some Medieval Rolls of Arms and Other SourcesThorfinn Hrolfsson23
Court and Government in Medieval JapanKitahama Miyuki31
An Overview of Costume in HeraldryAnn of Hendon39
SCA Tourney CrestsGeoffrey of Lincolne41
A Brief Introduction to the History of NamesCateline de la Mor la souriete45
How to Document a Name (to within an inch of its life)Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn49
A Survey of English Place-namesCateline de la Mor la souriete59
Tangwystyl's Top Ten Welsh Name Peeves (Plus One)Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn65
Welsh Names in France in the Late 14th CenturyTangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn67
Names from Foix and LanguedocCateline de la Mor la souriete77
Sixteenth Century Norman NamesCateline de la Mor la souriete79
Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English SurnamesTalan Gwynek81
Sources of Books on Heraldry, Onomastics & CalligraphySerwyl ap Morgan115
Annotated Name Book ListJaelle of Armida117
Heraldic Symbolism as it Relates to the Medieval Christian ChurchIefan yr Colledig ap Donal o Abertawe129
Heraldic Art in the Style of Matthew Paris (England, ca 1244)Éowyn Amberdrake135
Heraldic Art in the Style of Herald's Roll (England, ca 1270-80)Éowyn Amberdrake139
The Proper Default: A Survey for the Heraldic ArtistEvan da Collaureo143
White Vine EntwiningÉowyn Amberdrake145
Decorated Initial Letters IÉowyn Amberdrake147
Decorated Initial Letters IIÉowyn Amberdrake149
What Should I Do With My Scroll?Morwynna Cryw151
Rules for SubmissionApp. I
Administrative Handbook of the College of ArmsApp. II

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 24-25, 1995, Denver, Colorado

De Rerum Sigillae (On the nature of seals)Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme2
Why Did the Seal Fall Off the Scroll?Éowyn Amberdrake7
Making Painted BannersLothar von Katzenellenbogen12
Two Elizabethan Heraldic Creation Ceremonies from the Accedence of ArmoryLothar von Katzenellenbogen18
"A Chicken Is Not a Bird" - Feminine Personal Names in Medieval RussiaPaul Wickenden of Thanet20
What Did Heralds Wear?Eirikr Mjoksiglandi Sigurdharson24
The Historic Form of the Herald's TabardLothar von Katzenellenbogen31
I Didn't Know That Was Period! Documentation for lines of divisionLothar von Katzenellenbogen36
Banners from the Battle of TannenbergLothar von Katzenellenbogen45
Heralding a Royal Court, or How to Keep Your Head ...Susan MacGregor53
Medieval Heraldry in Half an Hour: The Art of Effective Armory ConsultationLothar von Katzenellenbogen60
Conflict-Checking Strategy Under the Current Rules for SubmissionOwen ap Morgan64

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 22-23, 1996, Montgomery, Alabama

Titles and Forms of AddressCatrin ferch Dafyddn/a1
Hebrew Equivalents of SCA Titles Taken from Three Period TextsEleazar ha-Levin/a
Locative Bynames in Medieval RussiaPaul Wickenden of Thanetn/a
An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of ParisColm Dubhn/a
On the Documentation and Construction of Period Mongolian NamesBaras-agur Narann/a
An Index to the First Eleven Centuries of Peter C. Bartrum's Welsh GenealogiesColm Dubhn/a
On Reserved and Prohibited ChargesDmitrii Volkovichn/a
Regional StyleZenobia Naphtalin/a

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 20-22, 1997, Rochester, New York

Analysis, Armorial, and Ordinary of Armory recorded in Armorial de Flandre du XVIme Siécleby Paul Bergmans<Walraven van Nijmegenn/a2
Hungarian Personal Names of the 16th CenturyWalraven van Nijmegenn/a
Names found on List of 11thto 16th Century Italian Jewish ScribesEleazar ha-Levin/a
Russian Personal Names: Name Frequency in the Novgorod Birch-Bark LettersPredslava Vydrinan/a
Russian Feminine Names on the Western BorderlandsPaul Wickenden of Thanetn/a
Have You Met John?: A look at later period English namesJulian Goodwynn/a
Court HeraldryErnst Nuss von Kitzingenn/a

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 19-21, 1998, Tucson, Arizona

The Accedence of Armorie: An Introduction with ExcerptsGhislaine d’Auxerre and Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme1
An Annotated Bibliography of Scottish Heraldic MaterialsZenobia Naphtali and David of Moffat15
A Presentation of Information Relating to the Battle of Bosworth Field and the Heraldry Associated With ItShauna of Carrick Point21
On Difference of Charge Type: Some Thoughts on Documenting Period PracticeRouland Carre49
The Commentary ProcessDa’ud ibn Auda53
Building an Heraldic LibraryBorek Vitalievich Volkov57
A Little Kingdom Anthropology, or What Does It Mean in This Kingdom?Rory ua Riada67
Precedence Sorting Program For Use in the SCA and Its College of ArmsShauna of Carrick Point73
SGML, Electronic Documents, and the College of ArmsEirikr Mjoksiglandi Sigurdharson97
Snapshot of a Cantref: The Names and Naming Practices in a Mawddwy Court Roll of 1415-16Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn125
Names and Naming Practices in the Red Book of Ormond (Ireland 14th Century)Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn135
Names and Naming Practices in the Fitzwilliam Accounts from 16th Century IrelandTangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn151
Names from English Wills 1498 to 1526Julian Goodwyn159
English Inn and Tavern Names of the Middle AgesColm Dubh165
Mongolian Names RevisitedMarta as tu Mika-Mysliwy171
An Alphabetical History: The History of the Latin AlphabetThomas Brownwell183
Knots and Dots: The EvidenceÉowyn Amberdrake187
Advanced Knots and Dots: Using Diagonal BreaksÉowyn Amberdrake197
Double-Stranded KnotsÉowyn Amberdrake199
Knot Good ExamplesÉowyn Amberdrake201
Historical Knot LayoutsÉowyn Amberdrake205
Wise Guys Get LenitedVarious207
Index of KWHS Proceedings 1973-1997Da’ud ibn Auda213

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 11-13, 1999, Uppsala, Sweden

Heraldry Is An Art, Not A ScienceDa’ud ibn Auda1
The Philosophical Basis of Difference, or What Are Little CD’s Made OfPedro de Alcazar11
Emblazoning DragonsÉowyn Amberdrake19
Emblazoning WyvernsÉowyn Amberdrake25
Emblazoning GryphonsÉowyn Amberdrake30
Monster Postures, Part IÉowyn Amberdrake37
Roll of the College of ArmsJohan Magnusson40
The Bynames of the Viking Age Runic InscriptionsLindorm Eriksson50
Cornish (and Other) Personal Names from the 10th Century Bodmin ManumissionsTangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn61
On Being a Kingdom External Submissions HeraldDaniel de Lincoln92
On Mailing the CoADaniel de Lincoln103
Societas Silvestris – A Heraldic Mendicant OrderPietari Uv110
Court HeraldryClarissa Wykeham116
Azure and Argent and Gules, Oh My! Heraldic Teaching BannersAlanna Volchevo Lesa120

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 23-25, 2000, Houston, Texas

Gold LeafingGeoffery Cathan4
Index of Given Names in Commercial Documents from Bordeaux, 1470-1520Aryanhwy merch Catmael6
Occupational By-Names in the 1292 Tax Roll of ParisColm Dubh9
SCA Field Heraldry and Its Finer PointsYves de Fortanier16
Heralds at EventsYves de Fortanier21
Augmentations of ArmsDa’ud ibn Auda22
15th and 16thCentury Dutch NamesAryanhwy merch Catmael34
Getting Started With Period PigmentsMairi Broder45
Concerning Earls’ CoronetsBruce Draconarius of Mistholme49
Spanish Names from the Late 15thCenturyJuliana de Luna57
How to Teach Officers’ ClassesAnnes Clotilde von Bamburg65

Known World Heraldic Symposium

June 1-3, 2001, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Herauldic Philosophy: A Personal ConstructTaliesynne Nychymwrh1
“May the Voice Be With You”2
Basic Heraldic Design (or, “I want a device, where do I start?”)Clarissa Wykeham3
“May the Voice Be With You”5
Blazoning of CreaturesEldred Ælfwald6
Humility”Eldred Ælfwald10
How to Run a Consult TableEglentyne Merryweather11
I See By Your Outfit: Order Robes, Historical and ModernÉowyn Amberdrake14
An Heraldic PurseÉowyn Amberdrake25
The Care and Feeding of Heraldic Consultation TablesEvan da Collaureo and Pedro de Alcazar26
“May the Voice Be With You”28
History of HerauldrieTaliesynne Nychymwrh29
Baronial PursuivantÆlfric of York32
An Overview of the Linguistic History and Geography of Northern BritainCainnech Ruadh macGuairi33
Scots-Gaelic PronunciationCainnech Ruadh macGuairi34
Court HerauldrieTaliesynne Nychymwrh35
“May the Voice Be With You”37
Spelling Russian Names in Period EnglishPaul Wickenden of Thanet38
“May the Voice Be With You”42
Jewish Women’s Names in an Arab Context: Names from the Geniza of CairoJuliana de Luna43
“Herald’s Point”Eldred Ælfwald45
Period Order NamesKwellend-Njal Kollskeggsson46
Introduction to IlluminationGevehard von Baden54
Screamingly Novice Calligraphy, Or, What are all those funny marks, Mister?Rychard Dusteyfete55
Insular Gospel IlluminationMoraig Anne Drummond58
Period Pigments and Binders for Use on Manuscript Page and PanelGevehard von Baden61
Manuscript Production at the Court of Jean duc de BerryGevehard von Baden62
Six Centuries of London Charters: A Compilation of Historical DocumentsKwellend-Njal Kollskeggsson63
Awards and Orders of the Knowne WorldGuenievre du Dragon Vert72

Knowne World Heraldic and Scribal Arts Symposium

June 21-23, 2002, Orlando, Florida

Medieval Monster Mix and MatchEowyn Amberdrake3
Heraldic Gleanings from the Canterbury TalesIen Echban O'Cinaede9
Field Heraldry for Greyhound CoursingRandwulf aet Blacwulveslea13
Beyond Lions, Dragons, and Unicorns: An Out of the Ordinary BestiaryTaliesynne Nychymwrh17
The Genealogy of an Heraldic Charge: SnakestonesTaliesynne Nychymwrh41
An Essay on SemeÉowyn Amberdrake45
Names from a 1587 Tax Roll from ProvinsAryanhwy merch Catmael49
16thCentury Given Names from Ormskirk Parish RegistersAryanhwy merch Catmael53
Feminine Names in France 9th-15th centuriesColm Dubh59
Basque Feminine NamesAryanhwy merch Catmael75
Introduction to Scroll Layout and DesignEldred Ælfwald77

Knowne World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 6-8, 2003, St. Louis, Missouri

The Ban-Shenchas: A Dated IndexColm Dubh1
Feminine Chinese NamesYin Mei Li5
Occupational Bynames in Medieval RussiaPaul Wickenden of Thanet30
Period Arabic Names and Naming PracticesDa’ud ibn Auda42
Attested Medieval Arabic Names of WomenMichael and Nethery of Safita57
Consulting on the Front LinesEvan da Collaureo67
Heraldic Conflict Checking for BeginnersGwenllian ferch Maredudd70
Heraldic Myths: Information to Clear Up Misconceptions Involving SCA HeraldryModar Neznanich78
Heraldic SoundTherasia von Tux91
An Essay Upon MonsMeradudd Cethin99
Using Tablet and Inkle Weaving for Heraldic Display in the SCARory ua Riada104
Heraldry AidsEleazar ha-Levi110
Project OrdensnamenMeradudd Cethin115
Faith in Life and LimbAlban St. Alban129
Making Paint from Powdered PigmentsEllen of the Scholars153
Beyond ‘Be It Known’: Writing Scroll Texts in a Period StyleLady d’Javaudan164
White WorkEnid nic Eoin167
Index of KWHS Proceedings 1973-2002
Indexed by SymposiumDa’ud ibn Auda172
Indexed by SubjectDa’ud ibn Auda186
Indexed by AuthorDa’ud ibn Auda200

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 25-27, 2004, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

An Introduction to the Documentation of NamesCateline la sourieteI:1-6
Researching Mongol Names in the SCAGülügjab TangghudaiI:7-17
And the Last Shall be First: The connection between language and name order in Hungarian namesKolozsvari Arpadne JuliaI:18-32
Basque Onomastics of the Eights to Sixteenth CenturiesKaren LarsdatterI:33-76
Names of Aliens in London, 1571Aryanhwy merch CatmaelI:77-88
A Jewish Memory Book: Nuremburg, 1349Eleazar ha-LeviI:89-91
Patterns in Middle English Names with Multiple BynamesCateline la sourieteI:92-95
Hungarian Feminine BynamesKolozsvari Arpadne JuliaI:96-107
On Citing A ReferenceAletheia Isidora of PhilaeI:108-115
Canting of ArmsEldred ÆlfwaldI:116-118
New World Flora and Fauna in Period or Near Period ArmoryJaelle of ArmidaI:119
Depictions of Heraldic Imagery on Apothecary JarsJadwiga ZajaczkowaI:120-121
The Coronation Ordo of Roger II of Sicily translated from the LatinSettan ap KennyddI:122-127
Heralds in Renaissance EpicsPedro de AlcazarI:128-131
To Be a Court Herald at Coronation, or Final Destination Meridian StyleRory ua RiadaI:132-136
Heraldic Titles in MeridiesRory ua RiadaI:137-145
Toward a More Period TextAdhemar de VillarquemadaI:146-155
I Wanna Be Gyrth OldcastleEvan da CollaureoI:156
Depictions of Heraldic Imagery on Apothecary JarsJadwiga ZajaczkowaII:1-2
Toward a More Period TextAdhemar de VillarquemadaII:3-12
An Easy Reference for the Use of Historical PigmentsRoxelana BramanteII:13-19
Easy INKDespina de la BraşovII:20-27
Transferring Design Elements—Methods of TracingOlwyn ni ChinneidighII:28-29
Sweden’s earliest surviving calligraphyHrefna in heppna ÞorgrímssdóttirII:30-31
Websites for Scribal InspirationDespina de la BraşovII:32-34
The Scribal Bookshelf: Or, what to buy, and what NOT to buyOlwyn ni ChinneidighII:35-37
Annotated Scribal Resource ListingEldred ÆlfwaldII:38-42

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

July 22-24, 2005, Longmont, Colorado

A guide for “gentill men and honest persons”: An overview of the heraldic portions of a Fifteenth Century treatise: The Boke of St. AlbansDa’ud ibn Auda5
How to be a Better Group HeraldYves de Fortanier11
Naming Practices of Regal and Republican RomeMeradudd Cethin15
Names from Southwestern Switzerland, 12th to 16th centuriesAryanhwy merch Catmael23
Names in the Courtbook of Orkney and Shetland, 1612-1613Colm Dubh29
Making Parchment Using a Period RecipeCinara beguy Urdina31

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 16-18, 2006, Metairie, Louisiana

Nicknames from Geirr Bassi Haraldsson’s The Old Norse NameGeffroi le crieur3
An Index to the Given Names in the Roles de Taille of Paris, 1292-1313Colm Dubh32
An Index to Names from Wills in Late Medieval Crete, 1312-1420Colm Dubh45
Names from Dorset, 1453-1460Geffroi le crieur59
Low German Names from Hamburg, 1475-1529Aryanhwy merch Catmael67
Medieval and Renaissance Jewish Communities in the Modern Czech RepublicSabine Beard78
Jewish Names in an Arab Context: Occupational and Locative Bynames from the Geniza of CairoJuliana de Luna82
Given Names in Medieval PicardyColm Dubh93
A Quick Overview of Aztec (Nahuatl) NamesBrónach ua Mochonne99
Heraldry With a Point – Triangular Charges and Field DivisionsMeradudd Cethin103
Serving as the Court HeraldOctavio de Flores108
To Herauld the Lyste Myriad: List Mastering Beyond the Double-Elimination TournamentMeradudd Cethin114
A Witch’s Kitchen: A Brief Introduction Into Medieval Materials for the Beginning ScribeMaeva Eiriksdottir118

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 15-17, 2007, Los Angeles, California

Seal BagsTonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur1
Medieval Painted Flags – A StudyRebecca Robynson28
The Weldisshe Grant of Arms CopyLachlan of Cromarty44
The proper care & feeding of DrolleriesMaeva Eiriksdottir56
A Witch’s Kitchen: A brief introduction into medieval materials for the beginning scribeMaeva Eiriksdottir61
Jewish Names from the Roman CatacombsEleazar ha-Levi69
Personal Names from l’Armorial des Rois de l’ÉpinetteChrestienne la pescheresse82
Some Names from Picardy in the 14th CenturyChrestienne la pescheresse97
The Odd Couple, Part I: OSCARTanczos Istvan148
The Odd Couple, Part II: FELIXRobin Gallowglass154

Known World Heraldic Symposium

September 5-7, 2008, London, England

Commenting on OSCARJuliana de Luna5
Place names in Orkney from 16th- and 17th-century mapsLachlan of Cromarty11
Heraldic titles: an overviewJuliana de Luna27
Locative and toponymic bynames in 13th- and 14th-century West YorkshireWenyeva atte grene45
Names from The Itinerary of Benjamin of TudelaEleazar ha-Levi67
Names of property owners in northern Hungary, 1427Kolosvari Arpadne Julia79
Manuscript and e-text sources from northern EuropeAnna de Byxe93
Mein büchlein–re-constructing Dürer’s sketchbookMilesent Vibert99
Medieval college “diplomas”: determination announcements at the University of Vienna, a report and reconstructionJohannes von Narrenstein111
Use of heraldry in the Luttrell PsalterGenevieve la flechiere de Duram123
Canting arms: a comparison of two regional stylesGwenllian ferch Maredudd139

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

September 4-6, 2009, Omaha, Nebraska

The A&S of HeraldryAnplica FioreCD3
A Grammar of BlazonryBruce Draconarius of MistholmeCD
Gilding the TrumpetBronwyn ferch Gwyn ap RhysCD
Name Research in the Monasticon AnglicanumBronwyn ferch Gwyn ap RhysCD
Name Documentation, Evaluation and SubmissionColm DubhCD
Feminine Names in Medieval CataloniaColm DubhCD
Repertory of Catalan names 9th-10th c.Colm DubhCD
Heraldry in a FlashDorcas WhitecapCD
And Yes It’s RegisteredEleanor ProudfootCD
Painting Squished Bugs and FlowersFionnuala inghein FhearghuisCD
Vellum DocumentationFionnuala inghein FhearghuisCD
Helpful Hints for ScribesHrefna KarsefniCD
Paper Suggestions for ScribesHrefna KarsefniCD
White Work in 3 Easy StepsHrefna KarsefniCD
KWHSS Tax DeductionJames of OdoCD
Copying and Its Influence on the IlluminatorJehanne BeningCD
Geometric Diapering ColorJehanne BeningCD
How to Run a Tournament - A Field Herald’s PerspectiveKathalyn NimetCD
How to be a Royal HeraldKathalyn NimetCD
Court Heraldry ... Life Behind the ThronesKedivor Tal mab CadwganCD
Choosing a Name and Creating a PersonaModar NeznanichCD
Heraldry for Those Who CantModar NeznanichCD
Painting 14thC Bohemian Acanthus LeavesRolf HobartCD
Charter Painting 101Sarah di RiminiCD
Archive Files Scanning ProtocolsShauna of Carrick PointCD
Court Preparation and PaperworkSimona de Sant MartíCD
Preparing New Nobles for CourtSimona de Sant MartíCD
Medieval Russian Titles and RanksSofya la RusCD
Russian Calligraphy and IlluminationSofya la RusCD
Beginning IlluminationVictoria LaRussaCD
A Short History of IlluminationVictoria LaRussaCD
Illumination WebsitesVictoria LaRussaCD

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 11-13, 2010, Forest Grove, Oregon

Master Bruce’s Introduction to Remarkably Obscure ChargesBruce Draconarius of Mistholme4
An Incomplete Analysis of Some Bordures Found in Period ArmoryTeceangl Bach8
An Overview of Plants as Found in Medieval HeraldryEarc Mac Fithil26
Early Fifteenth-C names from East AngliaAlisoun MacCoul of Elphane29
Database for Norwich Heresy TrialsAlisoun MacCoul of Elphaneon the CD Proceedings only
Glossary of German Terms and AbbreviationsGotfrid von Schwaben37
Silent Heralds GuideMagdalena Lucia Ramberti52
Book Dragons and How to Drawn ThemEowyn Amberdrake59
Drawn Knotwork Decoration of the First MilleniumEowyn Amberdrake71
Insular Manuscript ColorsEowyn Amberdrake74
On Angel WingsEowyn Amberdrake77
They Wrote Books: Insular Scribes of the First Millenium and Their ManuscriptsEowyn Amberdrake83
Index of KWHS Proceedings 1973-2009Da’ud ibn Auda90

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 24-26, 2011, High Point, North Carolina

Herald’s Titles Derived From Order Names: What Do We Know?Juliana de LunaCD4
Heràldica Catalana: Catalan Heraldry in the Middle AgesThomas LongshanksCD
Inn Signs and House Names in 15th Century ParisJuliana de LunaCD
Introduction to Pre-17th Century Chinese OnomasticsIi Sabouro KatsumoriCD
Introduction to White Vine IlluminationRhonwen verch TuderCD
Names from the Port Books of Southampton (1427-1430)Alys MackyntoichCD
Names of Women in Late 16th Century Hungarian Court Records from TransylvaniaKolosvari Arpadne JuliaCD
A Preliminary Survey of Names from the Historical Dictionary of Personal Names in BialystokLillia de VauxCD
A Step Towards Period Practice: Medieval Jewish Use of Biblical NamesEleazar ha LeviCD
A Visual Survey of the Chevron and Friends: Fun with Triangular Field DivisionsEmma de FetherstanCD
A Heraldic Coloring BookEleazar ha LeviCD
Heraldry in Stained GlassRhonwen verch TuderCD

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

June 22-24, 2012, Warwick, Rhode Island

Documenting a French NameBrunissende DragonetteCD4
General Engineering for Tourney Car ConstructionIsabella de BoyceCD
Index to the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon EnglandKenric of WarwickCD
Jewish Physicians in Southern France in the 13th and 14th CenturiesEleazar ha- LeviCD
Names from 13th Century Scottish Parliamentary RecordsAlys MackyntoichCD
The Ordo of Kenric and Avelina: an Experiment in Court HeraldrySteffan ap KennyddCD
Tips For Painting Capitals: Shading & WhiteworkGiovanna del PennaCD

1 No page numbering system was used in this Proceedings, though two of the individual articles have page numbers.

2 No page numbering system was used in this Proceedings., though two of the individual articles have page numbers

3 The articles in the Proceedings of the 2009 KWHSS are individual .pdf files on a CD-ROM. There are no page numbers.

4 The articles in the Proceedings of the 2011 and 2012 KWHSS are individual .pdf files on a CD-ROM. There are no page numbers.