On 20 September A.S. VI (1971 C.E.) the Lord Laurel Principal King of Arms and the Lord Clarion King of Arms approved the following Devices and Arms for registration in the Archive of the Imperial College of Arms of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

These entries are made in two columns so that they may be removed and mounted on individual 3x5 index cards if the recipient desires to construct, easily, his own Armorial and Ordinary in the form of a card file. All further lists of Arms and Devices approved, emanating from the Office of the Lord Clarion, will be established in this form. Wish we had thought of it sooner!


ALAÑA (f). Per fess wavy azure and gules, a tyger passant Or.

AVAR THE BONELESS (m). Ermine, in saltire a human femur gules and a sword inverted Or hilted azure.

NOTE: By Society convention, the word "hilted" covers "quillioned" and "pommelled" when all three are of the same tincture.

CARE CHERI OF THE FALLEN STARS (f). Gyronny gules and ermine, on a mullet of four greater and four lesser points Or a fox's head erased gules.

NOTE: Gyronny is by convention of eight unless otherwise specified.

LEON THE CLAW. Counter-ermine, a lion's paw erased bendwise Or, claws sanglant gules.

NOTE: The Imperial College of Arms now uses the term "Counter-ermine: in lieu of "Ermines" since the latter can be too easily confused with "Ermine" and "Erminois".

LOQUAR OF THE DRAGONLORDS (m). Sable, issuing from a dragon's foot affrontée a pair of dragon's wings argent.

NOTE: A pair of wings of any kind is by convention displayed unless otherwise specified in the blazon.

SANDRA: Vert, between the horns of a crescent per pale Or and argent, a martlet migrant bendwise sinister Or, orbed gules.

SEQUORA OF ZAGAMAR (f). Quarterly per saltire ermine and Or, and estoile of eight points sable.

SORIN THE AMOROUS (m). Gules, upon a heart sable, fimbriated Or, a bend sinister ermine.

LORD WOODFORD OF LORIEN (change from previously registered Arms). Or, a swepe sable; a chief vert.

NOTE: a "swepe" is a trebuchet. By convention, objects are drawn with their "business end" to dexter; thus, the swepe is seen from the side as if aiming a missile at a target offstage dexter.


1. ENSIGN OF THE KINGDOM. Or, an anchor within a laurel wreath below a crown dancetty of three points voided, all vert.

NOTE: the Ensign is the naval flag, unless otherwise specified. To say "Naval ensign" is as much a tautology as to say "chain mail" and is as much to be avoided.

2. OFFICE OF THE CONSTABLE. Azure, a flanged mace Or.

NOTE: Since long, narrow objects usually found upright are by convention emblazoned in that position unless otherwise specified in the blazon, and by convention with the business end (point of a sword, for instance) up, it is unnecessary to say "a mace erect." An exception to this rule is the arrow, which is usually shown with the head down.

From Mistland.

ARDRAL ARGO VERKAEYSC, K.S.C.A. (Change from previously registered Arms). Sable, a pall argent surmounting a pall reversed Or.

BRANDY OF MIRKWOOD (f). (device). Per pale undy, ermine and gules, in pale three casks azure hooped Or.

BRANDY OF MIRKWOOD. (badge). Azure, a tree issuant from base sable.

BRUCE OF BRANDY HALL. Purpure, on a sun Or a dagger gules.

NOTE: See the Constable above. It is unnecessary to say "a dagger erect gules" since the default position for a dagger is erect.

CORRMACC NA CONNACHT (m). Azure, on a pale argent a sword inverted gules.

NOTE: Here we have to specify that the point of the sword, contrary to the default position, is down.

GEOFFREY OF NORTHHAVEN. Vert, a saltire engrailed ermine between four mullets of six points Or pierced vert.

NOTE: By convention a mullet has five points unless otherwise specified in the blazon (as here).

JAMES GREYHELM K.S.C.A. Per bend sinister, argent a sinister dragon's wing erased azure, and azure a pair of spears bendwise sinister argent.

LINDYRE OF VALREINOR (m). Or, on a cross fleury purpure a goblet Or.

MARY OF LIVERMORE. Per chevron argent and gules, in base a goblet Or.

MEGGAN MONG RUAD. (f). Per fess vert and Or, a vixen's head erased Or orbed vert above a maunch vert.

PIERRE LYON GOULES. Or, a lion counter-rampant double-tailed gules, armed langued and orbed sable, below two crosses fleury fitchy gules.

NOTE: The convention for a lion is that it is armed, langued and orbed gules unless either it or the field is of that tincture, in which case it is armed langued and orbed azure. Should a different case, as here, prevail, it is necessary to specify the tinctures. If no tincture is specified, the default tinctures are assumed.

LORD QUESTIFOR OF HIGHTOWER (badge). Per saltire Or and counter-ermine, a pile counterchanged within a bordure gules.

TERENCE OF WEYRDHAVEN. Per pale vert and gules, a cobra's head affrontée erased argent.

THOMAS OF THE PINES. Argent, a chevron azure between three pine trees sable.

4. From the Southern Shores.

PROVINCE OF THE SOUTHERN SHORES. Per bend, azure a seagull rising argent, and Or a laurel wreath vert.

CAROL OF BELLATRIX. Per bend argent and vert, six octofoils in bend 3 and 3 counterchanged, all pierced Or.

NOTE: The Imperial College of Arms has dropped the former distinction it used to make between "counterchanged", "countercharged", and "countercolored", as being unnecessary hair-splitting. It now uses the single term "counterchanged" in all cases, relying upon the structure of the remainder of the blazon to assure clarity.

PAUL OF BELLATRIX, K.S.C.A.. Sable, upon a bend Or three mullets of eight points gules.

RAYMOND WILLIAM. Azure, a fess argent, three keys fesswise in pale counterchanged.

NOTE: The Society's convention, the opposite of mundane heraldry, is that the wards of the key, though they are drawn to dexter, are shown downward. This is because the original use of a key, for the Seneschal's office, was so emblazoned in the early days of the Society.

5. Province of Shasta.

BERGEN VON RAUCH. Gules, on a gore sinister vert fimbriated Or, a chess knight orbed gules.

NOTE: in the fanciful system of "rebatements" evolved by decadent heralds later than our period, a gore was a rebatement for cowardice. However, in this system, the rebatements were always of the stains, particularly tenné. Neither stains nor abatements have so far been allowed to intrude upon the purity of Society heraldry, so the gore sinister in this case is simply another pretty kind of partition of the field.

A chess knight, of course, by heraldic convention has two heads set back-to-back on an ornamental base.

RANULF OF THE NORTH COUNTRY. Chequy of twenty sable and gules, a boar's head cabossed argent.

6. PROVINCE OF LYDD. Vert, nine escutcheons 4, 3, 2 argent beneath on a chief indented Or a laurel wreath vert.

7. From the Barony of the Angels.

ANNE DES ANNEAUX. Purpure, five annulets in saltire Or.

BEGADON RAVENSCLOAK. (m) (badge). Argent, upon a pale sable a cross humetty upon an annulet Or.

BURRELL DE GILLISON. Azure, in chief two dolphins embowed and in base a hulk dismasted all Or.

CRAG ZU ANDERSWO. Sable, a battle-axe argent above flames of fire proper.

NOTE: "Flames of fire proper" consist, heraldically, of an odd number of tongues rayonée tinctured Or and gules. If shown on a colour, the two outermost tongues are Or; if on a metal, the two outermost tongues are gules. Within this scheme the tongues then alternate tinctures.

JOAN OF CRADFORDSMUIR. (change from previously registered device). Per saltire vert and argent, a saltire pattée throughout counterchanged.

MÁRKUS VÖRÖSI. Argent, a man dismembered gules.

WILLIAM OF YORK. (badge) Per pale sable and argent, a rose counterchanged seeded counterchanged.

NOTE: this rose is not barbed.

YUSUF METIN EL RUMIN. Vert, within a bordure a hand of Fatema fesswise between in pale a crescent inverted and a crescent, all Or.

NOTE: A "hand of Fatema" is a conventional hand-shaped figure with three fingers between two "thumbs". A sketch is worth 1,000 words.

8. BARONY OF THE ISLES. Barry wavy argent and azure, a tower gules.

NOTE: Barry is conventionally of six, as are paly, bendy, and the like, unless otherwise specified in the blazon.

9. Barony of Calafia.

CURTIS OF WESTLAKE. Azure, an eagle displayed sable fimbriated Or; upon a tierce sinister Or three francisque sable.

NOTE: Like a pale, a tierce sinister or dexter will occupy one-fifth of the shield, roughly, if uncharged, and one-third, roughly if charged.

10. Barony of Three Mountains.

BARBARA OF GALLOWAY. Per pale Or and gules, a bend counterchanged.

CIJA OF THE ROSES. (f). Purpure, a fess embattled Or within a bordure ermine.

EROLD OF LITHOSTONE: Per fess, purpure a mullet argent, and argent a mullet inverted sable.

ERLISS GREYLIZARD. Per pale Or and sable, counterchanged by a chevron inverted gules.

NOTE: This could be more clumsily as " Per pale and chevron inverted OR and sable, a chevron inverted gules. We prefer the simplicity of the first blazon, from which we can extrapolate the general case of a field party counterchanged by an ordinary or subordinary running in a direction different from that of the original line of partition of a field.

ERNST OF THE GATE. Per pale Or and sable, a portcullis gules.

NOTE: By convention, a portcullis is shown with a short chain attached to the upper part of either side.

GERARD OF THE ROSES. Quarterly per saltire vert and argent, in first quarter a rose argent barbed and seeded Or.

GRANE THE GOLDEN, OF HIPPOGRIFF TOWER. (m). Sable, three stalks of wheat as in a garb, Or.

NOTE: This is creative heraldry. The center stalk is palewise; the two remaining follow roughly what would be the outlines of a pair of flaunches.

GUNNAR MULCHA OF ODIN'S SEAT. Counter-ermine, a butterfly Or.

NOTE: the default position for a butterfly is seen with the body palewise, wings spread out flat to either side, fully extended. This is sometimes called "volant en arriére."

HAROLD OF PLEASURE. Gules, dexter gauntled from sinister proper holding a goblet Or.

JEANNIE OF PORTLAND. Paly Or and purpure, counterchanged per saltire.

NOTE: Paly, like barry, bend and the like, is conventionally of six.

ROY DES CASCADES. Four gyrons gules and argent issuant from dexter chief.

NOTE: If you are confused by this, imagine it as the 4th quarter of a gyronny of sixteen.

TUAN TAICO THE NECROMANCER. (m) Or, two bars dancetty vert.

NOTE: Dancetty is by convention of three points.

WOLK. (m). Vert, beneath a chief indented argent, four wolf's teeth inverted from the sinister argent.

NOTE: Wolf's teeth are like little curved piles. When issuant from the sides of a shield they conventionally point downward. Here, they curve upward.

11. Barony of Madrone.

CRISPUS ALEXANDER. Gyronny of three arrondi, gules, Or, and purpure.

NOTE: Alternative blazons for this pinwheel-like field division are "Tierced in gyrons arrondi" and "Tierced in gyron gyronnant." We believe the first one given is the clearest and most descriptive, for someone who has acquired the basic heraldic vocabulary.

GWINEVER OF ARRAN. (f). Azure, a unicorn's head couped argent; on a chief nebuly argent, a thistle proper.

GWYNFFD OF OGG. (f). (Change from previously registered device.) Purpure, on a bend sinister Or a blackbird perching upon a log sable, holding in its beak an annulet gules.

SAVANNAH LEE. (f). Per pale, argent and bendy-sinister azure and argent, a cross formée throughout counterchanged within a bordure sable.