18 January A.S. VI;

Harold, Lord Breakstone, O.L.
Laurel Principal King of Arms of the S.C.A., Inc.
Sends greetings to:

Lady Karina of the Far West, Sequoia Herald
Principal Herald of the West;

Sir Koppel funem Lachsfalk, K.S.C.A., Mural Herald
Principal Herald of the East;

Bran of Cornwall
Acting Herald of the Middle Kingdom;

Ioseph, Lord Locksley, O.L., Aten Herald
Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Atenveldt

My Lady and Lords,

So that proper Imperial College records may be maintained, we must have the following information and items from you:

1) A statement from the King who appointed you indicating that you are acceptable to him as herald of the Kingdom. (If such a document already exists, a xerox will do.) (Also, if that former King is not around to sign a backdated document, a statement of testimony from your current King will be sufficient).

2) A list of all of your Kingdom titles subordinates or other major assistants. This list should include the following for each individual:

a. 20th Century name
b. Society name
c. heraldic title, if any
d. job description
e. location (i.e., which barony, canton, &c.)
f. address (no necessarily home address, just one thru which he or she can be reached)
g. length of time in office
h. previous positions within the College, if any
i. other jobs within the Kingdom,if any (include info. on knighthood, mastership of arms, or award of the Order of the Laurel, if any)

Please attempt to prove this information to Imperial College Headquarters (28 Winfield, San Francisco, California 94110) by February 29, A.S. VI.

Pray believe me to be &c.


P.S. I suggest that you sue the "request for information for the great book of arms" forms to provide the info request in sec. #2


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