20 January A.S. VI;

Harold, Lord Breakstone, O.L.
Laurel Principal King of Arms of the S.C.A., Inc.
Sends greetings to:

Lady Karina of the Far West, Sequoia Herald
Principal Herald of the West;

Sir Koppel funem Lachsfalk, K.S.C.A., Mural Herald
Principal Herald of the East;

Bran of Cornwall
Acting Herald of the Middle Kingdom;

Ioseph, Lord Locksley, O.L., Aten Herald
Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Atenveldt

My Lady and Lords,

In order to further good communication between members of your Kingdom and your Kingdom College, you are hereby directed to hold at least one open meeting of your Kingdom College each three months.

Such open meetings should be announced in your Kingdom newsletter at least one month in advance of the meeting in question.

Pray believe me to be &c.


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