30 June, 1973 CE

8 AS

The Imperial College of Arms

Tempe, AZ 85282

The following are herewith registered with the College of Arms of the SCA, Inc.


Kingdom of the West

Erryk Blackwolf. Gules, a wolf's head erased contournee sable orbed and fimbriated Or.

Erryk Blackwolf. Badge. Per bend sinister sable and gules, a roundel argent.

Jeannie of Portland. Paly Or and purpure, per saltire counterchanged.

+10 bp.

Karl vom Acht. Gules, a labrys argent bearing two horns issuant from the haft and curving to meet the blades Or.

Kelson de la Croix. Sable, a bend sinister gules fimbriated argent, between a Latin cross and an olive branch bendwise sinister argent.

Kelson de la Croix. Badge. Quarterly erminois and counter-erminois, on a lozenge argent a sprig of heather bendwise proper.

Lenore of Lynxhaven. Or, a lynx's head cabossed sable, orbed Or.

Ronald Talbut. Vert, a fillet cross argent surmounted of a cross patee gules fimbriated argent

Sylvanus Andere. Badge. Argent, a cross erminee saltirewise sable, surmounted by a cross erminee Or fimbriated sable.

Thomas of Aberfoyle. Per fess wavy: per pale Or and gules two fleurs-de-lis counterchanged, and azure two bars wavy argent.

Vivianne of the Moon. Argent, on a lozenge sable a crescent argent.

+5 bp.

Zsoltan Kovacs. Sable, a cross potent rebated in annulo argent surmounted of a lion rampant gules.


Kingdom of the East

Akbar ibn Murad al-ben Muhammed ibn Hakim. Counter-ermine, a roundel engrailed gules, surmounted by four spearheads in saltire, points to fess point, Or.

Asbjørn Gustavsson of Røed. Azure, a Norse Jelling-beast nowed, erect and contourne argent.

+5 bp.

Carolingia, Barony of. Azure, a pall wavy and in chief a laurel wreath Or.

Christine the Accursed. Azure, a chrysanthemum slipped and leaved Or.

Garanhir of Ness. Argent, a wolf's head erased contourne gules.

John-Lance of Nottingham. Counter-ermine, on a dexter hand couped apaumee azure, a sword proper.

Patri du Chat Gris. Sable, a cat counter-s'elongant within a bordure argent.

+10 bp. Note: the term s'elongant denotes a cat in the act of stretching, while standing on tis feet, as opposed to their habit of stretching while lying on their back ....good work! See also "herissoneé" for a related position. (picture)


Kingdom of the Middle

Andrew of Seldom Rest. Or, a dragonfly displayed gules.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Alilianora Lysharet. Badge. Per fess sable and Or, on a narcissus blossom argent a Celtic cross Or.

Arlene the Soother. Vert, between two flaunches Or, a sea-horse argent.

+5 bp.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Banner for the Royal Engineer. Per pale azure and argent, in canton a sun in his splendour, in sinister base canton a swepe azure.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Banner for ambassadors. Per pale azure and argent, in canton a sun in his splendour, in sinister base canton two ambassadorial staves in saltire azure

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Banner for the Royal Costumer. Per pale azure and argent, in canton a sun in his splendour, in sinister base canton a spindle azure.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Badge for High Sheriff. Vert, a portcullis Or.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Flag. Per fess azure and argent, in canton a sun in Glory.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Badge for Atenvikings. Gules, a Norse Sun-cross Sable.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. For Clan Chlurain. Gules, centered on a Celtic cross simple patty throughout Or, a thistle proper.

Note: the Celtic Cross is, by definition, similar to the Latin Cross in shape. This Celtic Cross has the arms of equal length, as the simple Cross, and is thus described as a Cross simple.

Atenveldt, Crown Princess of. Azure, within a chaplet of four roses argent barbed and seeded proper, leaved argent, a sun in its glory.

Note: Queens in the Society use wreaths of roses, Princesses use chaplets.

Avar the Boneless. Badge. Ermine, entwined about a sword curtana point in base Or and hilted gules, a briar vine proper.

Barbara of Suir. Azure, between the horns of an increscent argent, a screech owl (Otus asio kennecotti) contourne proper, a bordure sable.

Barbara of Vandelalven. Per gyronny argent, azure, gules and sable, a dexter hand apaumee, couped at the wrist and fingers spread, Or, charged with a tongue of flame gules.

Cael-var-Gothwain of Palamort. Per pale azure and sable, on a pale argent a wivern affrontee, wings elevated, facing sinister, tail coiled, azure, grasping a death's head argent chased sable.

Cassandra of Padua. Per pale Or and gules, a swan counterchanged.

+5 bp.

Catherine of Vandelalven. Gules, two merlin feathers in pile, points crossed in nombril point, argent.

Curlew Drogheala. Per fess argent and vert, a doebird curlew (Phaeopus borealis) affrontee, facing sinister, proper perched on two rocks issuant from base Or.

Draconia, Barony of. Heraldic Title Tricune.

For the chief heraldic officer of the Barony of Draconia.

Derek the Sparrow. Per pale azure and argent, a sparrow migrant in pale counterchanged.

Erik von Kampf. Sable, on an estoile Or a Death's head gules.

Galán-Schol von Met. Vert, on a fusil throughout Or, a tree eradicated proper, a bordure argent.

Geoffrey the Grim. Gules, a bend argent, overall a wivern displayed head to sinister, tail reflexed behind, sable fimbriated argent, in base a cross patty argent.

Glamorgan of Dudley. Azure, a chevron inverted Or between three lion's heads erased argent.

+10 bp.

Glens, Province of the. Argent, within a laurel wreath azure, a rainbow gules, argent, azure, Or, and purpure.

Glens, Province of the. Ensign. Per fess argent and azure, a rainbow as the arms.

Ioseph of Locksley. Badge Per fess vert and argent, issuant from dexter a lady's arm proper within a maunch gules, grasping the head of a sauvage proper, crined sable, imbrued gules.

Kathleen Caslean an Bharraigh. Vert, in pale an Irish harp argent and a tower Or.

Kay of Locksley. Badge. Gules, a wooden pall raguly proper, cloee sable, and to dexter a dove migrant palewise argent.

Kemrith-Danil of Vandelalven. Argent, an owl countournee azure, perched on a twig proper.

Laurellyn of Isstarr. Per pall Or, azure, and gules, in chief a swan sable beaked gules, above two branches both Or.

Leofua (f). Gules, on a roundel Or, a leopard leaping bend sinisterwise, head to base, sable.

Loren MacChlurain. Per pale azure, a lion's head erased argent; and argent, and a lanthorn gules; overall a bordure engrailed counterchanged.

Louise of Woodsholme. Per fess embattled gules and erminois, in base a candle argent, in a flat candlestick sable, enflamed proper.

Margaret of the Misty Moor. Per chevron azure and gules, a lion's head cabossed Or grasping a broken sword hilt to dexter proper.

Margerette the Dog. Per graft vert, azure and sable, a horse's head couped Or.

Marta Brün Hild. Per pale vert and argent, two war-axes in saltire and in base two whales embowed confrontant, all counterchanged.

Megan St. George. Per pale vert and argent, a dragon passant pierced through the shoulder with a spear bendwise, all counter-changed, orbed, langued, and imbrued gules.

Michael of Armach. Barry sable and Or, a falcon descending upon a falconer's gauntlet, both argent.

Nichelle of Whitewolfe. Per pale gules erminny argent and azure, a shell argent.

Patrick of Isstarr, the Wanderer. Azure, between two lighting bolts in pile and issuant from chief argent, a leopard salient gardant, grasping in his dexter forepaw two lighting bolts in saltire argent.

Peregrine Mellyrn of the Last Mountain. Azure, within an annulet a mascle both argent.

Rebecca of Vandelalven. Vert, a domestic catts face affronty collared argent and grasping in his mouth a dagger argent hilted sable.

Richard of Montroyal. Badge. On a mogen david sable, a saltorel Or.

Robert of Erewhorn. Argent, above two palm trees conjoined and issuant from base, an osprey volant, bearing prey; a bordurelet, all sable.

Robert of Lahinch. Vert, an Irish Wolfhound statant sable, fimbriated Or.

Note: the Laurel King-of-Arms wanted to register the first wolfehound in the Society, as a badge for his own hounde, but...oh well. Does this person own a wolfehound?

Robert Strongbow. Vert, a wolf rampant argent, grasping in its erect sinister forepaw a bow gules, held fesswise, and in its dexter forepaw a sheaf of three clothyard shafts Or, armed and flighted argent.

Note: this wolf is usually emblazoned as an off-whitish grey, which is close enough to argent as to effectively make no difference.

Rolf Jarsson. Per pale azure and argent, a pale counterchanged.

Sandovar of Palestine. Gyronny Or and gules, a Mogen David counterchanged.

+ bp.

Stargate, Barony of. Argent, on a pile sable, a star of three greater and six lesser points argent, in base two towers counterchanged and a laurel wreath sable voided argent.

Steppes, March of the. Per bend sable and vert, a bend, indented on its upper edge Or, and in honour point a laurel wreath argent.

Steven of Shadowkeep. Badge. Vert, a castle Or above a castle inverted sable, conjoined at their bases.

Sun, Province of the. Argent, within a laurel wreath azure a fireball proper.

Talmara Theta de Nøn. Sable, chappe ployee purpure, fimbriated argent.

Tarl Mapt. Argent, a pile issuant from chief and two piles from base sable; in base and overall a battle-axe argent hafted proper, fimbriated sable.

Tatiana of the Swans. Azure, on a sun in glory, a mullet of four points purpure charged with a swan argent.

Thamzine of the North Sea. Per fess wavy-crested azure, a mullet Or, and vert, a roundel ermine.

Thomas the Diaemus. Vairy vert and argent, a bat displayed sable.

+ 10 bp.

Vishalyrne of Stackeryd. Badge for Clan Reul. Azure, a thistle slipped and leaved argent and a bordure sable fimbriated argent charged with eight tongues of flame argent, enfiled by rings Or.

Wyvernwoode, Barony of. Vert, within a laurel wreath Or, a wivern passant argent, winged and bellied Or.

+15 bp.


The following are herewith rejected by the Imperial College of Arms for reasons given.


Sherna of Green Hills.

This is not rejected per se, but rather the following must be pointed out: that it is the policy of the Imperial College to register the individual parts of marshalling rather than the full marshalling itself, tho We do wish to be informed of any marshalling in use, to comment on &c. Let this Lady and her Lord submit individual applications and emblazons.


Laura de Segovia.

These imply inherited arms too closely for Our liking. Let her take one charge and place it over the whole field, or place it in one quarter, or place both charges in, for example, the 1st. quarter. See the article in TI 15, vol. 4 #2 Summer, 1970



Hermann Otto Koelermann. Badge.

We must have an emblazon before we may act.



Alfyrhynn Taurdinen,

This conflicts with the 20th cent. Coat of Orton, Or, a squirrel gules. Papworth pg. 97.


This conflicts with arms previously registered in the Society, specifically Azure, a sun in glory, of the Lady Wendryn of the West, and with several others.

Brandalyn the Flaming.

This conflicts directly with the trademark/badge of the Future Teachers of America,

Deidre Celeste.

We must have the specific breed of Siamese cat, that is, is it sealpoint, bluepoint, or what?

Ilya (of al-Baron(,

While We find no problem with the badge, We must ask for more differentiation of the name. Is he Ilya Kuriakin of a certain television show? Is he Ilya Bodonovitch? Who is he? Add more to the name, please.


Ioseph, Laurel