18 June, 1973 CD

8 AS

The Imperial College of Arms

The following Arms, devices &c., still outstanding from this Office, have apparently been lost in the transition from the West to Atenveldt.

These people should re-fill out forms, with colour emblazon, and send them in thru their Kingdom Herald. Fees are waived.

From the Kingdom of Atenveldt

Eric of Sheffield (device)

Eric the Fierce (device and badge)

Julie of Blackwater (device)

Terryl of Talavern (device)

Lothar (device)


From the Kingdom of the East

Alain duRocher (device)

Shlomo ben Shlomo (device) Rumor hath it that he is resident in the Kingdom of Atenveldt now.

Baron(y) Beyond the Mountain

The following were sent in, as a letter of intent only, by Sir Koppel when he was Lord Herald of the East. We have no applications or fees on any of them, and they should re-apply.

Aravid del Clare

Brian of Green Hills

Bruce of Cloves

Zuralai Yassin del Kebir Hassan

Vardak of Iloi

Thomas the Wrestler

Stuart of Somerset

Robin Fitz-Osbert

Murad al ben Muhammad


Gil-firiel bint Murad al ben Muhammad of Donegal

Frederic the Silent

Ettare de Toictesne

Guild of Equerries

Eiolf Eriksson

Guild of Diviners

Danielle de Giann

Crispin von Dusar

Aemelyn Octavya of St. Ogilvy-in-the-Meadow


From the Kingdom of the West

Caradoc ap Cador (the whole file is missing....)

There might be more from the West, but We haven't been advised.


From the Middle Kingdom

Guild of Exotic Dancers

Barrinn de Taahe

Finnvarr de Taahe

Franz von Blinkenlichetn

Theoderich von das verloren Tal

Morgan ap Ries

Jaime de Legion

Ealanor Averile of Roycokay

Phillippe de Sourraine

O'Rhyenn the Ranger

Eric Odinsoon, the Footloose (rumor hath it that this fellow is resident in the West now.)

Province of the Tree-Girt Sea

Worshipful Company of Tailors, Clothiers & Dressmakers

Fellowship of Scribes, Calligraphers and Illuminators

Michael Bradley of that Ilk (device and badge)

Eochaid the Musical

Nicholar de L'Eau Vivant

Bran Kernow

Haakon Redbeard, the Red

Roland de Rourgrise

Cyprian of the Wheel

Hael of the Broken Mask

Amren the Stygian

Signy Dinmerelda

Don't even bother sending in Arms for the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds. You can't have them, and must use the Arms of the Imperial College. We are, after all, one group.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When you send these in, please simply add them to your current Letter-of-Intent, and allow the other heralds to comment on them all over again. . . .to keep Our books straighter.

We remain, much harassed: