November 19, 1979


Kingdom of Ansteorra

Frank the Illiterate Scribe. Badge. Argent, a sun in glory gules within a bordure Or.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Radon of Ered Isen. Sable, a sword inverted debruised by an alembic fesswise gules, both fimbriated Or, distilling from the alembic a gout Or.

The name Radon is out of period, having been coined for the element. His mundane name is Radon, as his father was a chemist. The name is Latin for :radiant one", and so could have been coined for a sun in our period. Radon may use his name in the SCA because it is his mundane name and does fit period use but nobody else can.

Raymond the Quiet. Argent, a bend between a compass star of eight points vert and in bend two hawks Volant affrontée fesswise sable.

This is a change of blazon from bendlet to bend.

Theo of Mightrinwood. Purpure, a sun of eight wavy rays sable, fimbriated Or.

This is a change of blazon adding the word wavy to show that all rays are wavy.


Kingdom of Caid

Roland of Lancaster. Argent, semé of roses gules, barbed and seed proper, a demi-lion rampant queue-fourchee Or, fimbriated sable.

Normally the fimbriation would not suffice to avoid lack of contrast, but the seme adds enough extra contrast to make it work.


Kingdom of the East

Airmid Godwin. Azure, crusily Celtic Or.

Very simple and elegant.

Alain FitzWilliam l'Aileleon. Or, a winged lion statant gules within a serpent biting its tail in annulo vert, in chief two catherine wheels sable.

Alaric von Rotstern. Badge for Household of the Red Mullet. A mullet of eight points gules pierced and charged with an annulet Or.

Alric Bowbreaker of the High March. Badge. Sable, in saltire two arrows inverted between in pale a crescent inverted, engrailed in chief, and a crescent, engrailed in base, argent.

Appeal accepted. This is a simplified form of his device, which is already registered.

Aneron of the Vale of Springs. Vert, in pale a hippogriff passant gardant and an anvil, argent.

Gardant means the head is turned to look directly outwards from the shield.

Arianna of Wynthrope. Pean, a saltire vert, overall on a lozenge Or another vert charged with two bars Or.

Clan Cambion. See Roderick MacFarlene.

Deadre Colin Dristant Madoc of Caer Mear. Argent, a drover's whip bendwise sinister, lash in action, sable.

Jamina Krakowska. Badge. Sable, in fess a J-Rune and a mullet of six points elongated to base, argent.

John Emeris of Caer Bannog. Sable, seven piles inverted conjoined in point, surmounted at the points by an eye, embattled in chief, Or, on a chief argent a lion passant gules, overall a fillet per fess gules and Or.

Melicent de Belvoir. Sable, in base an estoile, a chief argent.

Change of Blazon.

Caer Maer, Barony of. Per fess gules and azure, in pale a triple-towered castle argent, portaled andlighted Or, and a bezant charged with a laurel wreath and surmounted by a sword proper.

Plate changed to bezant to increase contrast.

Michael of Hammond. Per fess gules and vert, in chief in saltire a mace surmounted by a sword, both surmounted by a bow reversed palewise Or, and in base a brown bear statant proper. (Ursus arctos)

When two charges are in saltire you first mention the one in bend, and then that in bend sinister. The default position is for the charge in bend to lie on top of the charge in bend sinister. If not you have to say it is surmounted by the other charge.

Rannveigr Haakonarsdottir. Badge. Azure, a falcon counter-close argent.

Roderick MacFarlene. Badge for Clan Cambion. Sable, a baton sinister argent, within a bordure company argent and sable.

Rosalinda la Mal Guardée. Azure, a cross of Lorraine argent entwined with a garden rose gules, slipped and leaved vert, in dexter chief a catherine wheel Or.

Rhydderich Hael, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Ice Dragon. Ermines, a base argent, overall a dragon segreant Or.

Salaamallah the Corpulent. Papillonny Or and gules, a chess-rook sable.

Appeal accepted.

Thylacine Aquila of the Frosty Mists. Badge for House of Deir Eideand. Sable, a blasted tree argent and in chief flames proper.


Kingdom of Meridies

Bryn Madoc, Shire of. Purpure, a lymphad with flag and banners flying Or, sails unfurled and oars in action argent, within a laurel wreath Or.

This is the most massively documented appeal I have ever seen. It was well done.


Kingdom of the Middle

None received.


Kingdom of the West

Andréa de Champs de Batailles. Azure, on a bend argent a unicorn's head couped palewise sable between two cinquefoils purpure.

The head is palewise, not the line of the coupe.

Arminius the Alchemist. Name only.

Beyond the Rainbows, Province of. Azure, on a mullet of four greater and eight lesser points Or a laurel wreath vert within a rainbow and a rainbow inverted conjoined in annulo gules, argent, azure, Or, and purpure.

This is a change of name and device from the previous name Ceantyre. The new name is tacky but legal, and refers to the rainbows on the tunnel through which one passes when traveling the province.

Caressa the Chased. Per fess gules and sable, issuant from base a stalk of three sunflowers, one and two, throughout proper. (Helianthus annus)

Edwyn the Player. Per pale gules and azure, a partizan spear Or, overall a Pierrot mask argent, orbed and capped sable, with lips gules.

Elandir the Quiet. Vert, a dragon passant Or, breathing flames proper, in chief on a chevron throughout in chief a compass star azure between two mullets gules.

The chevron is touching the top of the shield and looks like it is on a chief.

Michael, Younger of An Alltan. Per bend azure and argent, a cross moline gules, overall a claymore bendwise proper, in chief a label throughout counterchanged.

Rowena Douglas of Falconhurst. Azure, on a pile inverted argent a swan affrontée, wings addorsed, head to sinister, sable.

Ruth of Eldstir. Or, an estoile and on a chief double-arched vert a bow inverted Or.

By default, the bow is placed fesswise.

Séoras of An Alltan. Per bend azure and argent, a cross moline gules, overall a claymore bendwise proper.

Normally the sword would show on the argent half, most of it is on the cross so the contrast is enough.

Vladimir ap Gwynne. Badge for Fellowship of the White Bear. Vert, a lymphad, sailed furled, oars in action, Or, flying three pennants, overall a bear counter-passant argent.

The pennants, of course, are argent.

Winter's Gate, Shire of. Per fess indented sable, estoily argent, and argent, in base a laurel wreath sable.


Yvonne de la Hippocampus. Per bend sinister azure and argent, issuant from the line of division a horse's head to dexter and another inverted to sinister, counterchanged.

The effect is a line of division in the shape of two horses heads, rather like an Escher print.


The following submissions are rejected for the stated reasons:

Kingdom of the East

Atlantia, Principality of. Badge. A wyvern statant azure, scuted and webbed argent, orbed and langued gules.

This conflicts with the arms of Andrew of Riga: Sable, a wyvern Volant azure, fimbriated argent, and the counterchange of the arms of Karina of the Far West: Azure, a wyvern statant argent.

Bridge, Barony of the.

Appeal denied. You cannot place a laurel wreath proper or azure or vert, as there is not sufficient contrast. In addition, in this case, the laurel wreath is too small.

Feuergeift Salamandre. Gules, in canton a bezant within an annulet, surmounted by a fillet cross throughout and a fillet saltire throughout Or, overall on flames proper a salamander turgiant fesswise reversed sable.

The first name means fire spirit in German. The name salamander is a variant of salamander, the classical form of a fire elemental, also known as a fire spirit. Thus the two names are redundant. Neither name is a given name, as both are descriptives, implying a fiery spirit or personality. The combination could be taken to imply non-mortal status. The device is acceptable if a different first name is chosen, leaving the Salamandre for canting purposes. This new first name must be a given name.

Marie-Simone de Barjavel la Fidena. Ermine, a wyvern's head erased proper, resting upon a rod fesswise and grasping in its beak an arrow bendwise Or.

There is no such thing as a Wyvern's head proper, because a Wyvern is a mythical beasts, and did not exist. You must specify the tincture. A wyvern's head is an eagle's head with ears.

Merloren the Hermit. Per chevron azure and sable, two sprigs of oak and an owl close gardant and in chief a crescent, all argent.

Merlin was a hermit, and Merloren is too similar. All of the charges used are druidical symbols and add to the image of Merlin the Druid. If you use a different name the device will pass. Appeal denied.

Poulydamus the Navigator. Or, a penacontre sable, oars Or, sail argent, fimbriated sable, on the said a sun of 23 rays gules.

Fimbriation is a wide band, not a thin line. Please redraw the mullet to look like a mullet instead of a sun. There is a real danger of placing charges on sails because then you might conflict with the arms thus represented by the sail, seeming to indicate you have some relationship to those arms. I need documentation for the pentacontre before I will allow it. It would be best to remove the mullet, as it looks a lot like Japan, right now.

Storvik, Barony of. Azure, on a pale wavy argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert, overall a drakkars under sail proper, the sails bearing argent, three pallet gules.

The arms on the sail are those of the family of Berchen (Papworth, p. 1014). You may not charge a sail if the resulting sail conflicts with existing arms. It would imply a relationship to that family. You may use paly of four, or play of eight gules and argent. (paly of six is taken). Badge: the ship and wreath from above. You cannot place a laurel wreath in a badge. Only the arms of branches have them. Modify the sails in the badge as stated above, and remove the wreath. It might be a good idea to add a bordure azure to avoid conflicts when the wreath is removed.

End of Submissions


Kingdom of Ansteorra


Steppes, Barony of. Arms submitted had oak leaves and acorns in a wreath shape.

The rule is that branch arms must have a Laurel wreath, which the submission by the Steppes did not. They must add a laurel wreath of some tincture.