Kingdom of Ansteorra

Robin of Gilwell. Ermine, on a chief double arched gules a mustache Or.

NOTE: Appeal granted. A mustache on a cross was used in 1671 in France. That is close enough to indicate that they did use that sort of thing in period. (See Odrowas, p. 337, Menestrier, Le Veritable Art du Blason (enclosed).)

Robin of Gilwell. Badge. A mustache pointed.

NOTE: See above.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aleta of Helsgard. Badge. Sable, mullety, a horse passant regardant argent upon a base embattled sable, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Nicknames are not registered by the College, so "called the Cruel" was deleted.

Aleta of Helsgard. Badge. Gules, a horse forcené argent upon a base embattled sable fimbriated argent.

Alianora Alexandra da Lyshåret. Name change: formerly Alilianora Lysharet,

Arian Rowan of Featherfin. Name approval only.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Badge for Office of the Hospitaler. Gyronny azure and gules, a dexter hand couped apaumy Or.

NOTE: This is a transfer of this badge from Mary Margaret of Derby to the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Caer Galen, Shire of. Per bend rayonny azure and Or, a harp and a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Gerald de Rapalje. Gules, an escallop argent, on a chief dovetailed Or a grozing iron sable.

Kubista der Bohnestiel. Per bend sable and azure, a bendlet argent, in sinister chief in pale a flame proper Or and a plate.

NOTE: "Bohnestiel" is the proper spelling in German for "beanstalk."

Maria Teresa de la Peña. Vert, a rabbit rampant within a bordure argent.

Nicholas le Noir. Name approval only.

St. Golias, College of. Name approval only.

Thomas DeGuy Bassard. Sable, a compass star of sixteen points argent, on a chief azure fimbriated, three covered tankards argent.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Arianell merch Iestin. Badge. Sable, two tiger lilies slipped and leaved, the stems tied in a Carrick bend knot, between on a pair of flaunches argent two estoilles of eight rays sable.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Crown Prince. Per pale argent and azure, on a fess wavy cotised counterchanged a crown vallery Or.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. King. Per pale argent and azure, on a fess wavy cotised counterchanged a crown vallery Or, overall a laurel wreath vert.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Nereid Herald. Name approval only.

Elaina la Sinistre. Name approval only.

NOTE: In French, "de" is only used before place names. Therefore I have replaced "de" with "la."

Ian of Gloucester. Argent, a grey wolf dormant proper and on a chief sable three fountains. (Canis lupus)

Michael of Bedford. Badge for Dinas Moryn Shieldwall. Argent, masoned sable, a chief embattled azure and a base vert, all within a bordure sable.

Rorik Frederiksson. Badge for Clan Cambion. Sable, a baton sinister argent within a bordure compony argent and sable.

NOTE: This was passed at the Conclave, but didn't get into the Ordinary.

Storvik, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Lozulet. On a lozenge Or within and conjoined to an annulet argent a drakkar proper under, a full sail argent, charged with three pallets gules.

NOTE: Charged lozenges are acceptable so long as they do not look like arms of pretense or arms within arms. Only charged single cantons, inescutcheons and cartouches are specifically restricted. One could have three inescutcheons, each charged with a mullet, for example, but not just one.


Kingdom of Caid

Eowyn Amberdrake. Badge. Azure in fess a dragon sejant erect to sinister Or and an enfield rampant proper.

NOTE: Based upon the opinion of the College of Arms, the enfield is hereby ruled compatible with period usage and is thus allowable for SCA use. An enfield proper has a red fox's head and forequarters, a grey wolf's back half, and yellow hawk's talons for the front forelegs.


Kingdom of the East

Adela de Shea. Per fess sable and erminoise, in pale an open book argent, charged with a quill bendwise sinister, and a heart gules.

NOTE: I have deleted "Valeria Victrix" as that was the name of a Roman Legion in Britain, and hence not acceptable in a person's name.

Aislinn nic Eoghainn. Argent, a gore sinister azure, overall an annulet counterchanged.

Alan Redbeard of the Cauldron. Per fess embattled azure and per pale, argent and sable, a demi-sun issuant from fess Or and in base a cauldron counterchanged.

Alexandre sur la Mer. Azure, a compass rose argent.

NOTE: He has established that this sort of symbol is in period. By default a compass rose has a fleur-de-lys in chief to point to north.

Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane. Badge for Silver Dragon Company.

Sable, two dragons segreant combattant argent.

Alys of Lynnencorre. Sable, on a bend gules, fimbriated argent, three garlanded white rosebuds, slipped and leaved proper.

Anne of the Golden Mantle. Vert, on a plate a swan naiant, couped on the fess line, sable.

Arianna of Wynthrope. Pean, a saltire vert, overall on a lozenge Or another vert charged with two barrulets Or.

NOTE: This was approved on my November 1979 LoAR, but was left out of the Armorial.

Ardis Bluemantle. Name approval only.

Barak Elandris Bomilcar of the Axe. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a bear statant and an axe bendwise sinister counterchanged.

Baschamp-Paul Montargent. Gules, on a mountain argent, enflamed, a flame of five tongues, all within a bordure of flames proper.

NOTE: Draw the flames wider. The flame on the mountain should be Or on the inside and gules on the outside. The flames around the mountain should have gules next to the mountain and Or next to the field. The bordure of flame should have Or next to the field and gules on the outside.

Catherine of Greenfields. Vert, a vair bell Or, overall a raven's quill bendwise sinister proper.

Delftwood, Shire of. Name approval only.

Gilíniel Silmelíne. Change of device only. Azure, a horse's head between in chief three mullets one and two and in base a crescent, argent.

NOTE: For name change, see REJECTIONS.

Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis. Name approval only.

Elizabeth of Blackwood. Name approval only.

Elizabeth Ruthven. Argent, in chief a cat couchant to sinister and in base two cats rampant regardant addorsed sable.

NOTE: Having a surname and a patronymic is improper in English usage. In particular, the patronymic uses only the father's given name. I have therefore dropped the patronymic.

Endless Hills, Shire of. Per fess indented azure, goutté d'eau, and vert, in base a laurel wreath Or.

Friederich vander Delft. Badge for Bards' Guild of Thescorre. Per fess indented purpure and argent, in pale a snowy owl in winter phase descending proper, and a bard's harp purpure.(Strigdae nyctea scandiaca)

NOTE: Document the translation to "Sean Caidthe." I have registered it under the English translation.

Gwenneth ni Gallighir. Sable, a fess dancetty, argent between in chief three apples, leaved, proper, and in base a grenade argent, flamed proper.

Heinrich von Kreiner. Per bend sinister sable and gules, a sword inverted proper between and conjoined at the tip to two lightning flashes conjoined in pile Or.

Heldur Jää Karu. Name change accepted.

Katryn du Reynard Argent. Name approval only.

El of the Two Knives. Badge for Kay the Minstrel. Azure, a cracked lute bendwise proper.

NOTE: The College of Arms does not restrict the usage of secondary personae at events by members of the SCA. It does, however, require a single Society name for a given mundane person to register all submission and awards to, because awards are given to the mundane person, not the persona, and the College deals with the mundane person, but registers submissions under a Society name. If El wants Kay to be his primary persona, then he can change his name to Kay the Minstrel. The College will not register alternate personae, although it will, as in this case, register badges for them under the primary Society name. This ruling is FINAL!!

Lind MacAindraes of the Falconshield. Vert, on a mullet of six points argent a falcon displayed, wings inverted, azure.

Michaele de la Vaga. Argent, three yellow marigolds slipped and crossed in estoile proper, bound by a ribbon forming a quatrefoil knot azure.

NOTE: "Vaga" is a feminine noun, and so

takes "la," not "el."

Mjothvitnir the Large. Sable, on a bend sinister between two tuns palewise argent a double-bladed axe gules.

Moshe Pantera del Fuego Negro. Argent, a natural panther salient incensed of flame, all within a bordure sable.

NOTE: "Pantera" is the proper Spanish form for "panther." I have omitted Diablos, as the combination of it and the black flame is too close to calling oneself a devil.

Philip of Stryer. Argent, four walnut leaves conjoined in cross vert, between as many walnuts in saltire proper.

Renne Michaeline. Argent, a wingless dragon couchant regardant vert and on a chief double-arched sable an increscent between in fess three mullets in increscent and three mullets in decrescent argent.

NOTE: Renne is her mundane name.

Rhodri ap Elydyr of Killanin. Azure, an elm tree eradicated Or within an annulet argent within a bordure pean.

Robert Falford. Badge for Circle of Swords. Per fess Or and sable, in pall three swords conjoined at the pommels counterchanged.

Siegfried von Halsstern. Argent, a lightning flash bendwise sable enfiled of a mullet voided proper.

NOTE: "Halstern" doesn't mean anything in German, so I have changed it to "Halsstern." (Hals + Stern = throat + star)

Siegfried der Wachsame Kreuzfahrer. Per pale vert and gules, a wolf's head erased close argent.

NOTE: The proper spelling is "wachsame," not "wachsam."

Umbar in Harchiral Dandachi. Name change. Argent, chaussé ployé cotised and in chief a kindjal dagger palewise inverted sable surmounted by a madu shield fesswise gules.

Wanda von Halsstern. Or, a heart gules surmounted by a spray of five daisy flowers, stalked and leaved, proper within a bordure engrailed gules.

NOTE: As for Siegfried, Halstern means nothing in German. See above note.

Yosef Alaric. Badge. Vert, a Southern Blue Flag blossom proper. (Iris Virginia)

NOTE: The leaf lines are diapering and do not appear in the blazon.


Kingdom of the Middle

Thrym Oddomsson. Name approval only.

NOTE: Appeal accepted. "Thrym" was used in period by a mortal and Oddomson is a variant of Adamson.


Kingdom of the West

Abdul the Half-Crazed. Gules, on a saltire azure fimbriated, in saltire a sword inverted Or surmounted by a scimitar inverted argent, in base a war-hammer Or.

Alfric Favnesbane. Counter-ermine, a winged manticore salient to sinister gules.

NOTE: Appeal accepted. "Favn" means embrace or fathom. Favne means embrace, hug or clasp. Thus Favnesbane means hug's bane. This is acceptable, albeit strange. (Source: Norsk-Engelsk Ordbøk by H. Scavenius, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo, 1939, p. 70.)

Alric of Castleburg. Name approval only.

Antadina Exeter du Nordlac. Argent, on a bend between an estoile and a cross patonce three snowflakes argent.

NOTE: Snowflakes are now acceptable charges. They must have six-fold symmetry, but the exact details are artistic license.

Aryana Silknfyre. Badge. Quarterly argent and Or, a snowflake azure.

Aryana Silknfyre. Badge. Argent, three chevronels braced gules, in chief a compass star sable.

Aryana Silknfyre. Badge. Per chevron sable and Or, in base a caltrop sable.

Bernadette de Faireskiie. Name approval only.

Borealis, Shire of. Azure, two wolf's heads erased addorsed and conjoined at the neck environed of a laurel wreath Or.

NOTE: It is more period to put shire at the end of a name, like Rieslingshire, than to have a Shire of something.

Briany Asfala Exeter du Baraine. Badge for House Ice Star. Argent, a shepherd's crook bendwise sinister proper surmounted by an estoile of four major rays and four minor dismembered rays azure.

Čirilo Zmajdrugada. Argent, a dragon segreant to sinister, tail coward, vert, winged, within a bordure sable.

Corlaine of the Crags. Name approval only.

Cynthia Fitz Colline. Joint household badge for Unserheim.

NOTE: For blazon, see Wilhelm von Schlüssel.

Edward the Gentle. Argent, an amphisbaena statant respectant vert, winged Or, gorged of two oak wreaths Or connected between the wings by a chain containing three Catherine wheels sable, in base a point pointed gules.

Edward Ross. Per bend sinister Or and sable, two crosses crosslet fitchy counterchanged.

Elana of Coran. Per fess dovetailed gules and argent, a winged panther passant and two cat's pawprints fesswise to sinister, one and two, counterchanged.

NOTE: With our new ruling on allowing out-of-period usages that are compatible with period practice, I hereby allow dovetailed for SCA use.

Eskalya, Barony of. Badge for Chatelaine's Star Keep Award. Ermine, on an estoile Or a tower sable.

Fallen Oak, Shire of the. Argent, on a bend sinister indented to chief gules two laurel wreaths Or, overall an oak tree eradicated proper.

Freydis Tollefsdottír. Name change from Christina Northlander.

Greid o' the Wastes. Badge. Vert, a duck naiant within a bordure Or.

Gwendolyn the Rat Keeper. Badge. A rat sejant erect to sinister sable, tailed Or.

Gwendwyn the Silent. Azure, a bend sinister between a winged unicorn countersalient and a batwinged manticore couchant argent.

Hilary of Serendip. Badge. The letter S with the upper arm reflexed into the foreparts of a salamander.

Hirsch von Henford. Badge. Per bend sinister vert and Or, a stag's head erased counterchanged.

Ingrid the Fair. Or, three inkwells gules, on a chief azure a drakkar without sail argent.

Jacob de Sithia. Counter-ermine, a lightning flash bendwise sinister argent, overall a dragon rampant gules.

Jacob de Sithia. Badge for House de Sithia. Sable, three lightning flashes crossed in estoile argent, thereon a mullet of six points sable.

James Addison the Lame. Azure, a dove descending and a chief invected argent.

James Addison the Lame. Badge. Per fess wavy argent and azure, a sea-wolf erect counterchanged sable and argent, scaly vert.

Jannette of the Square Circle. Gyronny sable and azure, a delf Or pierced of the field.

Joanna Christabel. Sable, an oak tree Or between three single arches argent.

Julia des Grenades. Vert, in cross four pomegranates bendwise Or, seeded gules.

Kafyre bint Assad. Name approval only.

NOTE: The correct word for "daughter of" is "bint," not "ibn."

Kylson Skyfyre. Azure, a unicorn rampant argent, crined Or, on a chief arched Or three snowflakes azure.

Laurel Venustas di Firenze. Vert, a rosé slipped and leaved, in chief two crosses crosslet fitchy Or.

NOTE: Firenze is the proper spelling for a person of Florence. Venustas is the correct Latin form of beautiful. Laurel is the person's given name. This is close to the limit of which given names can be used. Titles such as Rex, Regina, or Sir cannot be used, even if they are given names.

Mairi nic Colin. Azure, a rabbit countercourant bendwise sinister between two cinquefoils all within a bordure engrailed argent.

Mercenaries of the Great Nameless Waste. Badge. Tierced per pall inverted sable, azure, and gules, an arrow fracted in chevron to sinister, a wedge of Swiss cheese, and an oak tree eradicated, all Or.

Mireille Chantelle de Ferrier. Argent, a trident bendwise azure, overall a sea-horse erect counter-ermine, crined, all within a bordure azure.

Morrigan Fitz-Rolf. Badge. An enfield sejant with its tail curled beneath it azure.

NOTE: Based upon the opinions of the College of Arms, the enfield, while out of period, is compatible with period usage and is hereby authorized for SCA use.

Radnor of Guildemar. Ermine, a sword inverted Or, overall a hawk displayed gules, within a bordure dovetailed Or.

Raibeart Lachlaness MacGhille Mhaolain. Per fess sable and barry wavy azure and argent, on a fess wavy Or a demi-sea-serpent haurient issuant from base, gules.

Renfield Morgan Claybrook Wanderscribe. Name change. Badge.

Argent, semy of house wrens close proper. (Troglodytes aedon)

Sarah Fletcher. Per fess vert and gules, a fess embattled between a mullet of seven points and four lozenges in cross argent.

Sebastian von Baden. Per bend counter-embowed sable and gules, in sinister chief an ermine spot argent.

Southern Shores. Badge for Warlord of Southern Shores. Per chevron azure, ermined Or, and azure, two armored and gauntleted arms conjoined in chevron and in base a seagull close argent.

Southmarch, Shire of. Argent, a wolf sejant affrontée sable, overall a laurel wreath vert.

Steven Shirebourne. Per bend argent and vert, a tree couped voided between four mullets, two and two, all counterchanged.

NOTE: Steve is out of period. I have therefore changed it to the period form of Steven. If his legal name is actually Steve, without the N, then he can have Steve.

Sunset Shire. Name approval only.

Tivina Wycliffe. Purpure, a rainbow proper, on a chief nebuly argent three fleurs-de-lys purpure.

NOTE: This is the heraldic rainbow: banded Or, gules, vert and argent and bridging between two clouds argent. The natural rainbow must be specified as being natural.

Wade of Many Places. Per bend sinister, per bend sable and vert, and azure, a bottle-nosed dolphin embowed argent.

NOTE: Appeal accepted.

Wendolyn y Breuddwydwr. Bendy wavy gules and Or, three doves volant argent, a chief purpure.

Wilhelm von Schlüssel. Joint household badge for Unserheim. Azure, a key fesswise, a decrescent and an increscent, one and two, argent.

NOTE: A lord and lady may jointly register a household badge consisting of a combination of their devices. The blazon must appear under only one name, so it doesn't appear twice in the Ordinary. In keeping with period practice the default practice shall be to list the blazon under the lord's name and have a reference to it under the lady's name, unless otherwise specified in the submission. There should be a copy of the forms for each of the two file folders.

Wolfram Flammenherz. Azure, a scarpe Or cotised argent between a wolf salient to sinister and a unicorn salient Or.






Kingdom of Ansteorra

Elynor Glyndewyn.

NOTE: Appeal denied. The name was rejected because Glyndewyn does not mean "Valley of Friends," as she stated. The word dewyn does not exist in Welsh. Dewin means wizard, not friend, and we would prefer she not use it, but I won't prohibit it. I want her to resubmit a proper Welsh name or else document Glyndewyn.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Arian Rowan of Featherfin. Azure, a winged trout rising to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed, argent, orbed vert.

NOTE: Conflicts with Von Damme: Azure, a flying fish bendwise argent(Rietstap, p. 508). Try changing the field.

Elliott Arelluin of Ragotheia. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a crested eagle displayed, head facing sinister, azure, fimbriated argent, in chief a mullet of four points azure.

NOTE: Excessive use of complex fimbriation. What is Ragotheia? There is no contrast between the eagle and the field, except in chief.

Lucie de Villefore Boniface. Per pale argent and gules, an endorse ermine between a mask, its ribbons pendant, sable, and a lucy haurient argent.

NOTE: The French word for noisy is bruyant or tapageur, not fore. Either use something like Villebruyant or document Villefore. You cannot have an endorse or a cotise standing alone. Use a pallet ermine, so there is room for the ermine spots.

Matthias MacBrian O'Cenedi. Purpure, a pair of wings conjoined in lure bendwise abased argent, in chief three hearts in fess sable fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. You cannot be the son of Brian Boru. The device seems acceptable.

Nicholas le Noir. Gules, a heart sable pierced by a branch raguly bend-sinisterwise and distilling three gouttes in pale all sable fimbriated Or.

NOTE: Excessive use of complex fimbriation. Use Or charges or else go to an Or field.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Elaina la Sinistre. Sable, on a bend sinister argent, an apple gules, slipped and leaved proper.

NOTE: Conflicts with Kevin Perigrynne: Sable, on a bend sinister a peregrine falcon descending, talons extended and wings addorsed, azure.


Kingdom of the East

Angharad of the Sleeping Lion. Argent, a lion dormant sable within a bordure azure charged with three roses argent

barbed and seeded proper en soleil Or.

NOTE: The white rose en soleil was the royal badge of Richard II and Edward IV and may not be used. Try using white roses without the en soleil. In Welsh, lion is llew. Sleep is cysgu or huno. Of is o or gau. The is yr. Therefore (allowing for elisions and other spelling changes--consult someone educated in Welsh), a possible construction would be similar to Angharad o yr Cysgullew.

Ardis Bluemantle. Or, on a pile embattled a salamander tergiant palewise gules, enflamed Or.

NOTE: Conflicts with Vargskol Halfblood: Or, on a pile throughout gules a wolf's skull argent.

Dan-El Ironhand. Sable, a leather-hilted claymore, interlaced with a bow fesswise between in base two leather-hilted dirks, one bendwise, the other bendwise sinister, all proper.

NOTE: As drawn, the sword has a tang, quillons and pommel, but no hilt. Brown is invisible against sable. The rules on proper require sufficient contrast, which this doesn't have. Try replacing brown with Or. Dan-El is not a period name form. Instead, it is either a typo for Daniel or a name from Superman's homeworld. Why not just use Daniel?

Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis. Argent, two chevronels azure, between two roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, and a chess-rook sable.

NOTE: Conflicts with Bockenheimer: Argent, two chevronels azure between three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper. A chevron voided has the two chevronels connected by bands along the edge of the shield.

Elizabeth of Blackwood. Argent, chaperonné sable, a dragonfly displayed proper and in chief two bezants, each charted with a thistle proper.

NOTE: We must have genus, species, and breed for the dragonfly, as dragonflies come in all colors. Choose one that is in period. The thistle is drawn incorrectly. Only the upper tuft should be purpure.

Gilíniel Silmelíne. Name change to Diana Rhiannon of the White Horse rejected.

NOTE: Diana was the goddess of the moon and of wild animals (including the horse). Rhiannon was a Celtic goddes also linked to the moon and specifically to a white horse. Coupled with the white horse's head, crescent and stars, this is a clear claim to divinity, and is thus not allowed.

Glíno Gilgalen. Vert, in chief a bar gemel indented and in base a sun Or.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Patrick of Innisfree: Vert, on a sun Or a dexter hand couped at the wrist vert. Name: Document Glíno and Gilgalen. The badge looks OK, but must wait for the name to be approved.

Gorbeg le Poisson Sauvage du Forêt. Purpure Per chevron concave argent and azure, two fleurs-de-lys purpure and a fish haurient

embowed argent.

NOTE: Document the given name Gorbeg. The only thing that I know that is close is Gorbag, an Orc in the Lord of the Rings. The device seems acceptable.

Jaelle of Armida. Gules, in bend a bell palewise Or and a tower palewise Or chased azure.

NOTE: Name rejected. Names from Darkover are not acceptable. Jaelle was a famous Free Amazon on Darkover and Armida is the ancestral home of the Alton Domaine, again on Darkover. If these are not Darkover names then document them. The device seems acceptable.

Katryn du Reynard. Argent. Sable, an Arctic fox rampant argent, gorged and chained gules.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Louis: Sable, a wolf rampant argent (Papworth, p. 98).

Knarlic Wulfherson. Per pale wavy argent and gules, in dexter a leopard's face gules.

NOTE: Document the name. The device seems acceptable.

Marishka of the Romanies. Name change to Beau Marishka of the Romanies rejected.

NOTE: Send the documentation on Beau to me. Don't just claim you have it.

Østgardr, Province of. Argent, a bend sinister Or, fimbriated purpure, overall a sea-horse erect azure, crined, unguled and langued Or, gorged of a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: Change of device rejected. The fimbriation should be wider. You will have to add a large laurel wreath, as in your current arms. It would be a better idea to gorge the sea-horse with an Or laurel wreath than a vert laurel wreath, since the beast is azure. The Or bend sinister has poor contrast.

Pryderi mab Aurddolen. Vert, in pale an arrow fesswise and another reversed, both Or, barbed and fletched gules.

NOTE: Name rejected. Pryderi was a demi-god, the son of Rhiannon and either Pwyll or Manawyddan, all of whom were immortals. You cannot use Pryderi unless you can show that it was used as a given name in period. The device seems acceptable.

Robert Falford. Per fess Or and sable, in pall three swords conjoined at the pommels counterchanged.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Ersein: Or, three swords in fess sable, and Gates: Or, three swords in bend sable. You only have 1 point of difference for arrangement of charges (Papworth, p. 1109).

Sarant the Myopic. Sable, three wooden tuns erect in fess proper banded argent, each bearing upon the sinister rim a candle enflamed Or, in base a bar gemel argent.

NOTE: Myopic is out of period. Try short-sighted or near-sighted. You cannot put brown on black, as there is virtually no contrast. Why not make the barrels argent, banded sable?


Kingdom of the West

Aki Ryu Satsugaisha. Argent, three dragonflies displayed in pall inverted, tails crossed, sable.

NOTE: Name rejected. The given name comes last in a Japanese name. You seem to have literally translated Aki the dragon-killer word for word into Japanese. This isn't proper practice for Japanese names. They rarely had more than two names. Please consult with somebody who knows about Japanese names. The device seems acceptable.

Alric of Castleburg. Bendy sable and argent, a cross pattée gules within a bordure sable.

NOTE: Device is rejected. That is not a cross pattée. It is not a known cross. The closest I could come is a Maltese cross couped. If you resubmit this with a proper cross pattée, I will pass it.

Bejvulf von Ramshaffen. Sable, two rams salient combattant, the dexter Or, the sinister argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document the name. Ram in German is Widder. Haffen does not exist in German. Hafen is harbor or port. You may not combine two languages in a single word. Beowulf is an English variant of a Scandinavian name. I question Bejvulf as a variant of Beowulf. Why not just use Beowulf? The device seems acceptable.

Bernadette de Faireskiie. Per pale Or and gules, three pomegranates counterchanged seeded counterchanged.

NOTE: Conflicts with Bataglia: Gules, three pomegranates Or. Counterchanging by a line of division is 1 point of difference. You need another minor point. Explain the second name.

Börn Trekorsson Foradan. Per pall inverted vert, azure and sable, a pall inverted and in canton a unicorn salient argent winged Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Trekorsson is not a proper patronymic because Trekors (three crosses) is not a proper given name for a father. Device seems OK.

Börn Trekorsson Foradan. Badge. Argent, a pall voided sable.

NOTE: Make the pall voided in the badge as wide as the pall in the device.

Corlaine of the Crags. Per chevron argent and sable, in chief a rose sable distilling a goute de sang.

NOTE: Device rejected. Except for the nearly invisible gout, this is the arms of the seventh son of Aston: Per chevron argent and sable. Normally we do not worry about mundane arms consisting only of fields, but you cannot have a device consisting of one of them plus a mark of cadency. Try having two roses in pale counterchanged, or some such change.

Fyodor Feather Fluffer. Azure, an owl displayed between three marten's heads caboshed, one and two, argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Fluffer is out of period. The device seems acceptable.

Hirsch von Henford. Badge. Per chevron Or and azure, two garden roses gules, slips in saltire vert, and a phoenix displayed proper.

NOTE: A phoenix is defined as an eagle rising displayed out of flames. What you have is not a phoenix. Redraw and resubmit.

Kafyre bint Assad. Argent, two peacocks pavanated respectant proper, a point pointed vert.

NOTE: Device rejected. Document pavanated as a period heraldic term.

Karolyn Johnston of Lindley. Per pale vert and azure, a ram's head caboshed argent, armed and a chief urdy Or.

NOTE: Carolyn (and therefore Karolyn) is out of period. The only possible form that might be in period is the Italian form Carolina. The device seems acceptable.

Marli of Beth Amber. Argent, within a Mogen David a unicorn's head couped azure.

NOTE: Conflicts with the flag of Israel: Argent, a Mogen David azure. Beth Amber means House of Amber. This plus a unicorn's head comes too close to the Royal House of Amber, from the Amber books by Roger Zelazny.

Regina Masquer. Counter-ermine, a bend sinister vert, overall a bull's head caboshed Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. You cannot use titles as given names, even if it is your given name. The given-name exception allows names that are otherwise out of period, but does not provide exemption from the other rules on names. The device is acceptable although lacking in contrast.

Stephen of Westmarch. Badge for House Powys of Machynleth. Or, on a saltire sable between four lions rampant gules two swords inverted in saltire enflamed at the blades proper.

NOTE: You cannot use a real place or a real family or house name as a household name. Machynlleth is the chief town of modern Montgomeryshire, formerly known as Powys. This household name conflicts with the Princes of Powys. The badge is too busy for a badge. It is close to Bricher: Or, a saltire between four lions rampant sable. Try taking off the flames. Choose a different household name.

William of Hoghton. Badge. Sable, a grey wolf's head erased proper. (Canis lupus)

NOTE: Conflicts with Talanque's badge: Sable, a horned wolf's head erased argent. Close to the badge of the 104th Infantry Division: Vert, a grey wolf's head proper. Also Kotzau: Azure, a wolf's head proper.

Wolf Feder Weiß. Or, a bar gemel enhanced gules between a quill fesswise reversed and three goutes azure.

NOTE: Name rejected. Wolf is a nickname and may be part of a name, but is not a given name. This should be Weißfeder, not Feder Weiß. Try Wolfram.


Pray believe, my Lords and Ladies, that I remain

Your servant,

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms