ACCEPTANCES October 14, 1982 A.S. XVII

Kingdom of An Tir

Angharad Ryfedd ferch Gwenllian Dda. Per bend rayonny argent and vert, an acorn slipped and triply leaved proper and a double-bitted axe Or.

NOTE: Gwenllian the Good is Gwenllian Dda, not Gwenllian Ddu.

An Tir, Kingdom of. Badge. Checky Or and argent, a lion’s head caboshed sable, crowned gules.

An Tir, Kingdom of. Badge for Queen’s Escort. Quarterly Or and argent, a lion’s head erased sable, crowned, between in annulo four hearts crosswise in cross and four roses in saltire gules, seeded Or, all doubly leaved vert.

An Tir, Kingdom of. Badge for Costumer’s Guild--Journeyman A distaff Or.

An Tir, Kingdom of. Badge for Costumer’s Guild--Master A distaff Or surmounted by a maunch vert.

Cedric MacDugald of Caledonia Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Conrad von Graz. Blazon correction. Ermine, a fret couped of six two-pronged forks Or within a bordure gules.

Conrad von Graz. Badge. Argent, a fret couped of six two-pronged forks sable.

Cyril of the Sillie Stilus. Or, a dragon passant reguardant coward vert and on a chief triangular sable a unicorn couchant to sinister guardant argent, armed, crined, and unguled Or.

NOTE: I have corrected Stylus to Stilus, as this substitution of Y for I is definitely wrong for our period.

Evan ap Edmwnt o Coedwig. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

NOTE: Wrdd is a causative preposition or interjection I have corrected "of the wood" to the proper translation.

Geoffrey de Belleville. Or, a grapevine palewise throughout vert, fructed purpure, between two brown bears combattant proper.

Hugh de Ruthven. Or, on a bend sable a quill inverted argent, in sinister chief three escallops purpure.

James the Tristful. Or, a cross fleury gules surmounted by a winged unicorn salient, all within a bordure sable.

NOTE: "Tristful" comes from the Latin "tristis," or "gloomy." When words come from Latin, it is not correct to substitute a Y for an I In the Romance languages, Y is known as "the Greek I."

Jason of Rosaria. Per fess embattled vert and argent, in pale two bears rampant addorsed Or and three roses gules.

NOTE: You cannot have a title in your name, and Bard is a title, so I have deleted Bhaird.

Loren Shadwydpere o’Moerlonde. Per chevron abased azure and argent, in chief on a sun argent, eclipsed sable, a pear argent.

NOTE: Proper documentation for the spelling of the name was enclosed. Good show!

Maude la Savante. Per pale gules and sable, a winged sphinx sejant guardant erect argent and in chief a pinecone Or.

Nether Edge, Shire of the. Name approval only.

Owain of Corn Valley. Gules, a peregrine falcon rising, wings elevated and displayed, Or, grasping in both talons a halberd bendwise proper.

Richard de Hargrave. Per fess embattled vert and Or, a delf argent, charged with a fox’s mask gules, and a chevron abased sable.

Robert de Guerre. Or, on a pall conjoined to a bordure azure three swords conjoined at the points Or.

NOTE: The better idiomatic French translation for "of war" is "de Guerre."

Rose aux Mains Habiles. Or, a natural rainbow proper between in pale a decrescent vert and a rosebud slipped and leaved azure.

William of Woodland. Badge. Gules, goutté d’Or, a wooden bung-starter palewise proper.

Windwyrm, Shire of. Name approval only.

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Alexander Cabalisticus. Azure, on a pile Or an Oriental dragon tergiant displayed inverted, head and neck embowed to sinister chief, gules and in base a roundel argent.

NOTE: Cabalisticus is in fact a legitimate form for a Cabalist This is more of a scholar’s term than a magician’s. Thus, while this may be bothersome to some, it is not a forbidden term.

Anastacia Marie Travarra. Azure, a fess double-arched between a plate and a triple-towered castle argent.

NOTE: Stacia is not a proper shortening of Anastacia, so we used the latter. She can be known informally as Stacia, but her formal name would be Anastacia. Generally one should not try to register a diminutive of a given name instead of the given name. You can always use the diminutive in everyday speech.

Aulus Allemanius Draconis. Reblazon and name change from Duncan Carruthers. Gules, a cross formy within roundels in annulo, all within a bordure argent.

NOTE: The blazon means that there are at least eight roundels.

Belinda of Emeric. Badge for House Runa-Systr. Azure, a pallet dancetty couped between two candles enflamed argent.

Blanäch von Burnestow. Per bend purpure and argent, in sinister chief a martlet argent within a tressure counterchanged.

NOTE: Blanäck is not consistent with German usage, since -äck doesn't exist. We therefore changed this to Blanäch.

Bronwen an Briagha. Or, a fret embattled counterembattled gules between in pale two horse’s heads sable.

NOTE: Welsh Personal Names (Heini Gruffudd), p 17, says Bronwen and Branwen are two different names, so Bronwen doesn't conflict with the heroine Branwen. This is similar to the difference between Tom and Tim.

Carolyne Amaris of Castle Thunder. Per fess embattled azure and Or, a lightning flash bendwise sinister throughout counterchanged.

Charles the Sinister. Sable, in fess a tree stump eradicated conjoined to a tree trunk fesswise, couped at both ends, argent, the trunk’s single branch bearing in sinister chief a leaf vert.

Ciaran of Beresruth. Barry indented of eight argent and vert, a bezant within a bordure Or.

Edmund Löwenheim d’Escoville. Sable, a unicorn rampant argent, armed, crined, and unguled, between two bezants and a pheon Or, a bordure argent.

NOTE: Edmound is not a correct variant of Edmund, so I have used Edmund.

Erik of Flamewood. Vert, a tree blasted argent, its branch tips enflamed proper, between a pair of flaunches Or, each charged with an oak leaf gules.

Erik of Flamewood. Badge. Argent, a wyvern erect vert maintaining an oak leaf and a fireball gules.

Galan Pendoric of Avondar. Per saltire azure and argent, a sword proper surmounted by a saltire alisée, within a bordure counterchanged.

Gerard MacEanruig. Per chevron azure and Or, two polar bear’s heads erased respectant argent and on a roundel azure a goblet argent.

NOTE: We currently do not allow charged inescutcheons, lozenges, or cartouches, as these were the three shapes used to display arms and therefore their charged use could be taken as arms of pretence or augmentations of arms. I will bring up the question of charged cartouches to the CoA for discussion. For now, I have adopted the second choice and used a roundel, as charged roundels are acceptable.

Gerard Rupert Chamfleur. Or, on a cross between four crosses bottony azure a horse rampant between four crosses bottony Or.

Gunnar of the Many Names. Argent, a wingless dragon segreant azure, gorged of a collar Or, grasping in both forepaws a book sable, the book and collar connected of a chain counterchanged azure and Or.

Halfdan Thorgeirsson. Gules, a double-bitted axe enhanced argent between in pile two lightning flashes and a sun Or.

Hrolfric Redsleeves. Counter-ermine, a wolf’s head erased argent and a base barry wavy gules and argent.

NOTE: The wavy lines in base should be parallel.

Ivan Gregorivich. Badge. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a prickly pear flower gules seeded Or, leaved of acanthus vert.

NOTE: Nyetskoff is not a proper family name, so I have passed the name without it. Nyet is not a name root.

Ivar Battleskald. Name change from Ivar the Vulgar.

Jocelyn Celeste de Peregrina. Argent, a peregrine falcon stooping to sinister proper and on a chief vert a sword proper enfiled of a ring of keys reversed Or.

Kennard Gallowglass. Gules, two tridents in saltire surmounted by another Or, overall a tower argent, between two mullets Or and another argent.

Roselynde d’Angleterre. Azure, a Greek lyre and on a chief Or three fleurs-de-lys azure.

Roxanne de Portland. Per bend sinister ermine and sable, a tower and a horse’s head couped convex at the shoulder and gorged of a collar counterchanged.

Rurik Siegfriedsson of Ringsted. Per bend gules and sable, on a roundel counterchanged fimbriated a compass star throughout Or.

Wende of House Pegasus. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

NOTE: Wyndemyr is a lake, not a variation of Wendy. I have therefore used Wende, which is her mundane given name.

Kingdom of Meridies

Archon the Seeker. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

NOTE: Arcon (saddle bow) is not a given name. Archon (Leader) was a period given name, so I have used it instead. Chercheur is an incorrect spelling. As the submittor actually prefers "the Seeker" anyway, I have used the English.

Arielle de Brabazon. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

NOTE: Arielle means "Lion of God" in Hebrew and is an acceptable given name.

Beorn Collenferth. Azure, a chevron between a harp, an axe reversed and a sabre-toothed tiger statant.

NOTE: I have corrected the surname to correct Anglo-Saxon usage. Draw the chevron wider. Beorn submitted this many years ago, when prehistoric animals were allowed. (In point of fact, there are cave paintings of sabre-toothed tigers, so this particular beast could have been known in period.)

Chrystofer Larchxnont. Gyronny vert and Or, a dexter fist erased gules.

NOTE: The Red Hand of Ulster is specifically a dexter hand appaumécouped gules, and as an augmentation it is borne on a canton or an inescutcheon argent. This fist erased is not a conflict, although it is reminiscent. Chrystofer would be well advised to consider changing the color of the fist, but what he has is not illegal.

John Tinhart. Per pale sable and azure, a heart argent between three bells Or, a chief argent.

Saher Faux. Or, a staff bendwise, dependent from its dexter end a lantern, all within a bordure indented sable.

Shaddowmere, Canton of. Argent, on a pile throughout azure a heron close, dexter leg raised, argent, overall in base a laurel wreath vert.

Seamus McCryu McHoo. Name change from Seamus MacCryu MacHoo.

NOTE: I have now received proper documentation that "Mc" is in period.

Siegfried das Wiltekind. Vert, in bend two inescutcheons argent, at the honor point an annulet Or.

NOTE: I have dropped the final "E," as the word is Kind, not Kinde. I have dropped the "R" because wilte is correct, not wilter. Thus correct German usage is Wiltekind.

Kingdom of the Middle

Laurelen Darksbane. Azure, vettu ployé sable, fimbriated, on a compass star Or an annulet azure.

NOTE: Appeal accepted. Documentation was provided that proved Laurelen first submitted in 1973, nine years ago. I therefore grant him a grandfather clause, hardship exception and pass his name. Kriemhild of Stonecroft has given her permission for us to register his arms.



Kingdom of An Tir

Appledore, Shire of. Argent, an apple tree proper, fructed Or, issuant from a mount couped vert, between to dexter a dragon’s neck erect embowed to dexter with a goat’s head reguardant and to sinister a dragon’s tail erect embowed to sinister gules, both issuant from a ford, on a chief azure a laurel wreath Or.

NOTE: Name and arms rejected. The name conflicts with Appledore in Cornwall, which was made famous in A. A. Mime’s "Now We Are Six." I suggest you use Appledell or Applehill. The device is too complex. Unless you use the name Appleford, you really do not need a ford. The odd sea-dragon complicates matters considerably.

Cedric MacDugald of Caledonia. Azure, a scarpe serrated between a griffin and a dragon combattant argent.

NOTE: It was the opinion of a majority of the College of Arms that the use of "serrated" was not desirable in the SCA, as it is an extremely modern creation and could be confused with other lines of division I suggest that Cedric's scarpe serrated by changed to a lightning flash bendwise sinister throughout. (Note that this has the point of the flash just touching the dexter base edge of the shield.)

Conmoren Gallowglass. Argent, three gouttes de sang within a bordure nebuly sable.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. Conmoren is incorrect You do not put "the" at the end of a word. Try Conmor. If you use Connmor, you have a perfectly good Gaelic name ("Great Wisdom"). The device conflicts with Sir Jame Turner: Argent, three gouts de sang (Ordinary of Scottish Arms, Balflour). Make the nebuly line wider.

Evan ap Edmwnt o Coedwig. Argent, on a pile barry wavy argent and sable) fimbriated vert, between two slaughter-axes addorsed in pile gules, three fir trees vert.

NOTE: Device rejected. What you have drawn are slaughter-axes, not halberds. The three small trees have insufficient contrast against the barry wavy. Try using one tree or else use colors that contrast better than sable and vert. The problem here is that the trees are so small that they cover only three bars and they are arranged so that two of these bars are sable.

Sieglinde of Elfenstand. Papelonnée Or and azure, on an escallop argent a pellet.

NOTE: The surname is incorrect. Elfin as small is out of period (OED, 1741). In German, this means Elephant Ground. This looks more like a place name than a descriptive. Please rethink the surname and enclose documentation with your resubmission. The device is reminiscent of Atlantia’s Order of the Pearl badge: An escallop azure charged with a plate.

Satiera of Grand Chester Meadows. Vert, a sinister gore Or, in saltire three newts tergiant displayed inverted and two ewes salient addorsed counterchanged.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is non-period style. The addition of the gore makes it unbalanced. There are six charges. The whole effect is too complex. This newt position is acceptable.

Ting-nye-'dzin-gyi-seng-ge McPhee. Gules, a lion sejant erect affronty Or, grasping in its dexter forepaw a mace and in its sinister forepaw a sword argent.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. This violates common sense and period name usage. The use of McPhee implies you have adhered to your Scottish heritage. If this were the case, you would not have kept a complete Tibetan name. I could maybe see just a Tibetan given name, but not the complete name plus McPhee. Your documentation is sufficient to prove that Mc is in period. Those who had Mc changed to Mac may resubmit name corrections without a fee. The device conflicts with the Scottish royal crest, which differs only in a crown and an exchange of the sword and mace.

Zoran Dolmar of Dragonhead. Or, a dragon statant and a chief indented throughout azure.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. Made-up names must be compatible with period usage in a specific language. The submittor must specify the language. This name appears to English. Zoran is not compatible with English naming usages. We have passed a Zoren, but that was a made-up German name and Zoren was consistent with German usage. This chief is not period usage You cannot enhance a chief. Try a real chief indented.

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Ayesha Fatima. Sable, a camel courant Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. The name is not proper period form for Arabic females. You should be aware that many will consider taking the names of both the Prophet’s wife and daughter to be unduly presumptuous. In any event, in period Arabic female names used only one given name plus a patronymic. The device appears acceptable. (The default camel is the dromedary camel, the one-humped beast.)

Muireall Nighean dhe Rosebarrie. Per chevron azure and barry of 8 Or and azure, in chief two double roses Or, barbed vert.

NOTE: Name rejected. Rosebarrie is not a period given name, but it could be a place name. You could be Muireall of Rcsebarrie. The device seems acceptable.

Nara of Fernwel. Vert, on a pall azure, fimbriated, four birch leaves argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Please document Nara as a period given name. Lareina Rule’s book is notoriously unreliable and hardly ever tells you when the name came into use. Nara is a place name in Japan, so we want to make sure that Nara is a proper period given name. The device looks acceptable.

Shona of Redwolf. Badge. Purpure, a lozenge argent.

NOTE: Badge rejected. The badge conflicts with the mon for Takeda Shingen’s personal bodyguard. They used a lozenge argent on purple kimonos, so the conflict is exact.

Wende of House Pegasus. Pean, a dragon statant bendwise sinister Or maintaining in its jaws a garden rose inverted gules, slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: Device rejected. The rose is color on color, as it is entirely colored. Try an argent garden rose.

Kingdom of Meridies

Archon the Seeker. Sable, in chief on a fusil fesswise vert, fimbriated, a lozenge fesswise, throughout in pale, argent charged with a lozenge throughout in pale vert, the lozenge charged with a fusil throughout in pale argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. The device conflicts with Melisande Shadow: Sable, two cat’s eyes vert, pupilled sable, fimbriated argent . It is also drawn in a very modern style, and has too many layers.

Arielle de Brabazon. Barry wavy argent and azure, on a pale azure an iris argent, slipped and leaved vert, within a bordure argent semé of pommes.

NOTE: Device rejected. The device lacks contrast. Make the entire iris argent. The leaves vanish on the pale. The field should be barry wavy azure and argent so the bordure doesn't fade into the field in chief.


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain your servant,

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms


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