ACCEPTANCES October 31, 1982 A.S. XVII

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Andeleon of Axegarth. Sable, on a bend Or between two fleurs-de-lys argent three fleurs-de-lys palewise sable.

NOTE: The preposition should be in the same language as the noun following it. Axegarth is English, so I have used "of."

Arion Cornellion of Blackhawk Moor. Per chevron enhanced Or and vert, a unicorn couchant to sinister reguardant argent, armed and crined Or, and in chief two hawks combattant sable.

Aristide du Landolet. Azure, in fess two dolphins naiant respectant between in pale an escallop and another inverted argent.

Arrowyn of Emerald Moor. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for arms and badge.

Aureliane Rioghail. Badge. A mascle azure.

Aureliane Rioghail. Badge. A pair of hames Or.

Branwyn O'Brallaghan. Badge. In pale two foxes counter-passant reguardant addorsed Or enflamed gules.

Eleyne de Clermont. Or, three piles in point throughout vert, overall a demi-cat couped at the hindquarters rampant, tail spiraled, Or, ermined vert.

Elspeth Cathlin MacGilbert. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Giles Hill of Sweetwater. Azure, on a saltire invected Or two keys and a mascle fretted sable, on a chief argent a label azure.

Harald Bodvarson. Sable, a wolf argent and a boar Or combattant, overall a base of flames proper.

NOTE: Proper Norse is Bodvarson, not Bodvarsson.

Harald Bodvarson. Badge. Gules, a boar's hoofprint Or.

NOTE: Draw the hoofprint bigger. There's no difference between a boar's hoofprint and a deer's hoofprint, except to a naturalist or a hunter.

Joanna Hurley. Per saltire argent and vert, semé of shamrocks counterchanged, in fess a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy pilewise conjunct Or.

Marcus de Clermont. Gules, an osprey volant to sinister within a bordure embattled argent.

Martha Armorel McDonald de Alvorada. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Theresa of the Gardens. Tierced en pointe Or, argent, and ermine, a pine tree eradicated and an eglantine flowered and budded azure, slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: We do not register diminutives of names unless they were actually used in period as independent names. Tessa is the modern diminutive of Theresa. I have thus used Theresa for your formal name. You can still be called Tessa of the Gardens in common speech.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Amelia von Altburg. Or, in pale a mullet azure and a tulip gules, slipped and leaved vert.

Beau Marishka of the Romanies. Name change; formerly Marishka of the Romanies.

NOTE: Appeal accepted. "Beau" is both adjectival and a diminutive of Isabeau. We do not want to see a name whose single given name is a diminutive, but since she has a second given name, which is not a diminutive (Marishka), this diminutive (Beau) can be accepted as an additional modifier.

Brion Tarragon. Or, goutte-de-sang, a two-headed dragon sejant affronty, wings displayed, heads addorsed, azure.

Gabrielle Boivin. Sable, a bend Or between an increscent and a mullet argent.

Gwynhavyr of Heather Glen. Pean, a dove volant argent maintaining in its beak a heart gules.

John the Idiota. Name correction; formerly John of the Idiota.

NOTE: This would be even more correct as John Idiota.

Kelvin Anders. Per fess azure and argent, on a roundel throughout in pale two wolves statant to sinister, all counterchanged.

Kenard Eisenwolf. Gules, a chevron inverted pean between in cross a wolf's head erased, two wolf's paw prints, and an anvil Or.

Koris Natterhelm. Badge. Sable, a griffin segreant vert, ducally gorged and fimbriated, endorsed of six clusters of three strawberry leaves each Or.

Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm. Reblazon. Gules, a cat-a-mountain couchant guardant Or within a berdure vair ancient.

Morgana Elena Tregarthen. Name approval only.

Outlands, Principality of the. Ensign. Vert, a stag leaping argent within a bordure embattled Or.

NOTE: This is for use by all subjects of the Outlands. I withdraw my objection to the use of the name "Outlands" when it becomes a kingdom.

Siegfried von Nordland. Name approval only.

Suzanna of the House of Jewells. Or, a bend sinister cotised between a heart and a lozenge, all sable.

Tamsina of Norwich. Name approval only.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Alais Llewella du Bois. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Badge for Order of Probus. Azure, in pale a wine amphora inverted and a unicornate natural sea-horse erect argent.

NOTE: Did you know that Probus was slain by his own troops, who objected to the way he ordered them to work in the vineyards?

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Title for Morwch Rudd Herald.

NOTE: In Welsh, the proper word order is Morwch Rudd Herald, not Rudd Morwch Herald. Heralds' titles are registered to the kingdom College of Heralds and kept in the kingdom's file.

Bojzena z Osturna. Azure, a unicorn's horn bendwise argent within a wreath of woodbine Or, slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: Because the wreath is multi-colored, it won't be confused with a laurel wreath.

Bronwyn Eventide. Name approval only.

NOTE: Correct form for "evening" is Eventide, so I have changed Eventine to Eventide. Bronwyn is masculine and Bronwen feminine. You may want to change to Bronwen Eventide, but what you have is acceptable, as it seems that both forms were used interchangeably at the end of our period.

Corwyn Wodewarde. Or, a bend sinister between a legless corby close to sinister and a wildman statant affronty proper.

NOTE: Draw the bend sinister and bordure wider. A wildman (wodehouse) is different from a savage, being covered with green leaves, with bare spots at the knees and elbows.

Curragh Mor, Shire of. Per fess azure and vert, on a pile fesswise reversed throughout argent a mastless drakkar reversed, oars in action, proper, and in canton a laurel wreath Or.

Curragh Mor, Shire of. Badge. Barry wavy argent and azure, five mullets conjoined in mullet within and conjoined to a bordure Or.

Dressel of Seven Bends. Purpure, a sword inverted throughout voided argent surmounted by a sun Or, between in chief two mullets of eight points argent.

Gwendythe merch Edin Saepe of Rhamshed. Reblazon. Argent, a unicorn's horn bendwise throughout and in sinister chief a phoenix azure emerging from flames gules.

Kapellenberg, Canton of. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a tower azure and a laurel wreath Or.

Kapellenberg, Canton of. Badge. Azure, three towers conjunct in pall inverted argent.

NOTE: Conjunct means conjoined so as to overlap or merge rather than to just touch at a certain number of points.

Lost Cavern of the Amber Mount, Canton of the. Badge. Vert, a cloudless natural rainbow throughout proper between a mullet of seven points Or and a tiger's skull reversed argent, all within a bordure wreathed Or.

NOTE: Draw the bordure wider. Please submit your arms. While rather long, this name is legal.

Luce Urquhart. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: Yonge gives Luce as a given name variant of Lucius or Lucy (p. 287).

Nicholas Demere of the Oaken Staff. Per pale sable and argent, an ermine spot counterchanged.

NOTE: Counterchanging by a line of partition is sufficient difference from mundane arms.

Olaf Askoldssonn. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Patruska Vozon d'Angoumois. Azure, a stag lodged to sinister within a tressure Or.

Reynard the Brown. Argent, a Norse serpent nowed sable encircling in its upper loop a Maltese cross gules.


Kingdom of Caid

Algorn of the Forest. Quarterly wavy Or and barruly sable and argent, in bend a dragon salient to sinister vert and a griffin sejant to sinister, sinister forepaw raised, gules.

NOTE: Draw the wavy more prominently wavy. Otherwise it looks too much like quartered arms.

Aliskye MacKyven Raizel. Badge. A rose sable, barbed and seeded proper, within an annulet sable.

Ann Marie du Moineau Chantant. Name correction; formerly Anne-Marie du Moineau Chantant.

Ari ben Abraham. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Armand de Sevigny. Name change; formerly Armand-Sebastian de la Forat de Savigny. See REJECTIONS for badge.

Arnulf af Asgeirsgard. Name change; formerly Arnulf of Goldenhall. See REJECTIONS for device.

Brian the Inquisitive. Per fess rayonny argent, ermined gules, and gules, in chief a dragon rampant Or.

Caid, Kingdom of. Badge for the Scientific Caidan. An open book per pale argent and Or, charged in fess with a caliper and a crescent sable.

Cassandra of Greymoor. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Ceridwen MacAoudhegain. Badge. A mullet of four points voided Or, surmounted by a wolf's head erased, all within a mullet of four points voided sable.

NOTE: As the inner mullet voided and the wolf's head form a compound charge of metal and color, I am willing to accept this as, placed upon argent, the badge will show up. Without the wolf's head, there would have been two separated floating charges and, in that case, placing it on argent would cause the mullet voided Or to vanish.

Darkwell, Shire of. Name approval only.

Diana Alys de Fay. Per bend sinister sable and azure, on a bend sinister gules fimbriated between two double-bitted axes bendwise sinister, a death's head palewise, all argent.

NOTE: The Dictionary of British Surnames, by P. H. Reaney, has, on p. 117, the statement that deFay is a period French surname based upon an actual French place. The use of "le Fay," I am informed, specifically means "the fairy," which is not allowed. Thus I have changed "le Fa" to "de Fay." (Her mundane name is Diana.)

Eden of Summerhawk. Badge for House Summerhawk. Purpure, a sun Or, overall two gyrfalcons rising respectant, wings elevated and addorsed, the dexter in white phase, the sinister in dark phase, proper. (Falco rusticolus)

Éowyn Amberdrake. Badge. Azure, in pale three dragons passant Or.

Greymorn, Shire of. Name approval only.

Hrorek Halfdane of Falconwood. Badge. Azure, a unicorn's head couped to sinister within eight mullets in annulo Or.

Isabell Turpin. Badge. Upon a bell, a terrapin statant to sinister.

Isles, Shire of. Badge for Order of the Crimson Tower. Gules, on a sun throughout Or a tower gules, overall a base engrailed barry engrailed azure and argent.

John Fettersson of the Misty Hills. Tierced per pall dovetailed azure, gules and sable, a crescent, a dexter arm, vambraced and gauntletted, issuant from the line of division argent maintaining a sword proper, and a lion rampant Or.

Katherine Brianna Coldrake Kyven. Per chevron sable and purpure, in chief issuant from the line of division a demi-sun, and in base a natural seahorse erect to sinister argent.

Keradawc an Cai. Badge. Argent, a barrulet debased gules, a chief barry argent and gules.

Keradawc an Cai. Badge. Argent, a sinister gauntlet fesswise sable grasping, by the neck, a duck palewise to sinister, wings addorsed, gules, in base a key fesswise sable.

Kipp Silverlock. Per pale argent and gules, a wyvern displayed, breathing flames, and on a chief three wheels, all counterchanged.

Manfried von Falkenmond. Badge. A falcon's head couped and hooded quarterly, charged in base with a crescent.

Manfried von Falkenmond. Household badge. Gules, perched atop a tower a hooded falcon, within a bordure argent.

NOTE: Household name rejected. "Schloß" is castle or palace. It is not house. Household is "Haushalt." You could have Falkenheim, Falkenhaus, just Falkenhorst, or Haushalt Falkenhorst.

Maren of Kilbride. Azure, semé of roses Or, a dragon dormant argent.

Marina niChlurain. Badge. See REJECTIONS for device. Per fess wavy azure and vert, a bottle-nosed dolphin embowed to sinister proper holding in its mouth a quill Or.

Reinhardt Dietlieb von Vogelsang. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Robert de Chateau du Dragon. Vert, a tower argent within a dragon dormant widdershins in annulo Or, a chief embattled argent.

Rose Briara of Glendwry. Per bend Or, semé of shamrocks, and vert, in bend abased three roses Or.

Sebastian Blackwood. Per bend sinister sable and purpure, upon a bend sinister argent three dragons segreant palewise vert.

NOTE: Previous device becomes a badge.

Starkhafn, Shire of. Fighters' badge. A six-sided coffin palewise sable charged in chief with a mullet of eight points argent.

Tamara Devereaux. Azure, a tabby cat sejant argent, striped sable, its dexter forepaw raised and maintaining a quill, on a chief embattled argent two quills addorsed sable.

NOTE: Withycombe (2nd ed.) doesn't list Lianne at all, so it is likely out of period. I have therefore deleted it. If you can show it is a period name, you can have it. Devereaux is an existing surname without a capital V, so I have used the existing form.

Theodoric the Forgetful. Per bend sinister purpure and sable, a sun in splendor Or and an eagle rising argent.

Theodoric the Forgetful. Household badge. Azure, chapé argent, a grape cluster purpure, leaved vert, a chalice sable, and a sun Or.

NOTE: Household name rejected. "Boondock" is modern WWII slang from a Tagalog word meaning mountain or back country ("bundok").

Western Seas, Barony of. Name approval only.


Kingdom of the East

Johanna von Griffenhurst. Badge. Vert, an amanita muscaria mushroom couped proper.

NOTE: This was approved in 1971 but later left out of the Ordinary. It was submitted from the West, but she is now living in the East.


Kingdom of Meridies

John the Bearkiller. Badge for House of the Candy Merchants.

NOTE: Name change. Formerly registered to John Fulton.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge for Fleam Chirurgeon--formerly badge for Kingdom Chirurgeon, Per pale sable and argent, a fleam counterchanged.

NOTE: This was registered as a badge for the Meridies Kingdom Chirurgeon before the national Chirurgeon's badge was registered. It is now a badge for ex-Kingdom Chirurgeons, known in Meridies as Fleam Chirurgeons. The badge for the Meridies Chirurgeons' Guild, Argent, a fleam gules, is hereby released.

Oldenfeld, Shire of. Reblazon. Vert, in pale a lion couchant guardant and a laurel wreath Or.

Richard Ericksson, the Burgundian Norseman. Reblazon. Sable, on a bend cotised Or a castle palewise and a hurst of three pine trees palewise sable.

Sakura Kimineko. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Sakura Tetsuo. Name approval only; see PENDING for mon appeal.


Kingdom of the Middle

Æthelred de Lowther. name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Alan MacMillan. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device and badge.

Alfrik Thorvaldsson. Per fess Or and azure, a fess embattled gules between two mullets and a lion's head jessant-de-lys counterchanged.

Axed Root, Shire of. Name approval only.

Barthel aus Pennswald. Per pale gules and sable, a pall inverted cotised argent between three stags trippant Or.

Ben Dunfirth, Canton of. Name approval only.

Blackhawk, Shire of. Name approval only.

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for Order of the Calon Lily. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for badge.

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Fyrdmen of Calontir. Sable, on a pile embattled between two spears in pile argent a cross of Calatrava purpure.

NOTE: I have added the words "of Calontir" to prevent a complete lock-up on the general term "Fyrdmen."

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Huscarls of Calontir. Per chevron embattled sable and argent, two battle-axes in saltire argent and a cross of Calatrava purpure.

NOTE: Again, I have added "of Calontir" to make the name acceptable.

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Leather Mallet. Purpure, on a pale dovetailed argent three leather mallets proper.

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Sword of Calontir. Sable, a cross of Calatrava elongated in base so as to form a sword inverted, within a bordure argent.

NOTE: This is a lot of orders for one principality.

Coeur d'Ennui, Shire of. Name approval only.

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Dark River, Shire of. Name approval only.

Dearnhelde, Shire of. Name approval only. Azure, atop a cloud argent a tower Or enfiled at its base by a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: This would be more correct as Dearnhold.

Dragon's Mark, Shire of. Name approval only.

Elkshire. Name approval only.

NOTE: You cannot be the Shire of Elkshire, as that is redundant. You are simply Elkshire.

Erzebet von Schachendorf. Per bend Or and sable, a rose azure, barbed and seeded proper, and an anchor argent.

Firebrand, Shire of. Name approval only.

Gawain of Miskbridge. Sable, mullety argent, a lymphad Or, fore and aft castles enflamed proper, issuant from base a demi-sun Or.

Genevieve's Lake, Shire of. Name approval only.

Great Crossing, Shire of. Name approval only.

Grinfells, March of. Sable, on a pile throughout Or a spiderweb throughout sable charged with a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: Draw the spiderweb strands thicker.

Illiton, Shire of. Azure, on a pale argent a mermaid erect affronty proper, scaled Or, crined vert, maintaining in her right hand a trident bendwise sinister and in her left and upraised hand a grey granite tower proper, and in base a laurel wreath vert.

Jason of Westershire. Azure, on a heart Or a sword inverted sable, a bordure Or.

NOTE: The preposition should agree in language with the noun. As you want an Anglicization, I have changed "d"' to "of." If you want a Norman persona, you could use Jason de Westershire. If you want a French persona, then you should translate Westershire into French.

Karin von Heim. Lozengy azure and Or, on a pile fesswise reversed throughout argent two bars dancetty azure.

NOTE: This means the pile is issuant from sinister and its point touches the dexter edge of the field.

Kathryn McLain of Faire Haven. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Lindendale, Shire of. Name approval only.

Lonely Tower, Shire of the. Quarterly sable and gules, in pale a tower and a laurel wreath argent.

Longridge, Shire of. Name approval only.

Maegril Elentur o Amon. Sable, on a pile inverted throughout Or between in chief two mullets of eight points argent in base another sable.

NOTE: Proper Sindarin for "of the hill" is "o Amon."

Mag Mor, Shire of. Name approval only.

Meagn-Elisabethe de Chagny. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: Meagn-Elisabethe is her mundane given name.

Morgan Morfydd Gwilym. Pean, a phoenix displayed gules, issuant from flames, maintaining in its beak a dexter hand couped proper.

NOTE: Glamorgan is a county in Wales and cannot be used as a given name. I have therefore taken your suggestion and changed Glamorgan to Morgan.

Mugnort, Shire of. Sable, on a mug inverted bendwise sinister argent an acorn sable and on a chief embattled argent a laurel wreath sable.

NOTE: Draw the mug bigger.

Mynydd Coron, Shire of. Name approval only.

Mynydd Seren, Shire of. Name approval only.

Noergate, Canton of. Name approval only.

Noerlanda, Canton of. Name approval only.

Nordskogen, Barony of. Azure, seme of snowflakes argent, in canton a laurel wreath Or.

NOTE: Northwoods gives permission for the name.

Oak Heart, Shire of. Name approval only.

Rising Waters, Canton of. Name approval only.

Riverhold, Canton of. Name approval only.

Roaring Wastes, Canton of the. Name approval only.

St. Carol on the Moor, College of. Name approval only.

Shadowdale, Shire of. Name approval only.

Shattered Crystal, Shire of the. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for arms.

Silver Swords, Shire of. Name approval only.

Sternfeld, Shire of. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for arms.

NOTE: Proper German is Sternfeld.

Tana of the Ivory Dungeon. Or, a dragonfly-winged and dragonfly-headed dragon sejant tergiant erect reguardant azure.

Terra Draco, Shire of. Name approval only.

Tree-Girt-Sea, Province of. Name correction; see REJECTIONS for reblazon.

Unicorn, March of the. Name approval only.

Var of the Ivory Dungeon. Reblazon. Sable, a dragon dormant to sinister reguardant, the tail curled to sinister around the body, the dexter wing lowered to cover the body, the head peeking out to dexter base from beneath the dexter wing, argent, spined gules.

Windhaven, Shire of. Name approval only.

Zornica Rugmaker. Azure, in pale a mullet of four points elongated to base, its tip between three roses gules, barbed, seeded and fimbriated Or.


Kingdom of the West

Adelaide de Beaumont. Argent, a unicorn courant between three chevronels inverted braced and three chevronels braced azure.

Adelaide de Beaumont. Badge. Argent, three chevronels inverted braced and three chevronels braced azure.

Adrian of Longacre. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Athena Catarina of Windcrest. Azure, an antelope rampant argent.

NOTE: This is an heraldic antelope. In the SCA, it is assumed that an animal is in the heraldic form unless it is termed natural. Amazingly, this doesn't conflict. Everyone take note of her achievement in getting such a nice, simple heraldic device through. It is still possible to get such things-through. Athena Catarina is her mundane name. An antelope was one of the royal badges of Henry VII and Henry VIII but, as an antelope is a regular heraldic charge (unlike a rose en soleil), it is not restricted.

Champclair, Shire of. Name approval only.

Elaine of Rainbow's End. Name change; formerly Elaine the Manipulator. Reblazon. Azure, a pair of hands, couped at the wrists appaumé argent, and in chief a rainbow couped gules, argent, vert and Or.

NOTE: Rainbow's End is a descriptive term and can be used for a number of places, like waterfalls, in addition to the connection to Faerie.

Gael Haven, Shire of. Name approval only.

Garth of Windhaven. Argent, on a cross cotised azure a heart Or pierced by a sword inverted proper.

Gregory Falconheart the Cloudwatcher. Tierced per pall Or, vert, and azure, two hounds rampant addorsed argent, spotted sable, and in chief a grape cluster slipped and leaved proper.

Rodbert Cospatrick. Or, on a pale gules a sinister armored arm embowed to sinister maintaining a hammer Or, a bordure gules.

St. Hildegard, College of. Name approval only.

Silveirgaard, Shire of. Name approval only.

Suderland, Shire of. Name approval only.

Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova. Argent, on a pale endorsed vert a unicorn's head couped at the shoulder Or, armed and crined argent.

Thomas of Eastbrook. Per chevron counter-ermine and vert, three pegasi rampant to sinister argent, crined Or.

Ylasta Ulvaeus of the Wildhair. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a sun sable and a pair of mail gauntlets argent.

William Magnusson. Barry wavy argent and azure, on a triangle throughout sable between three mullets a thistle Or.

Windy Meads, Shire of. Name approval only.






Kingdom of Meridies

Edward of Effingham. Name appeal.

Name appeal pending to December l9, 1982 meeting so College of Arms can comment. Date comments by Ensign's letter of 9/28/82. Hereafter all appeals must go through LoIs (except for Virgule, Greenwood and Green Staff.

Sakura Tetsuo. Mon appeal.

Mon appeal pending to December 19, 1982 meeting so College of Arms can comment. Date comments by Ensign's letter of 9/28/82.






Kingdom of Ansteorra

Arrowyn of Emerald Moor. Vert, a decrescent conjoined at the base horn to a demi-unicorn erect, argent.

NOTE: Arms rejected. This design is modern style and looks like a pretty piece of jewelry. It unfortunately is not period heraldic style. Try in fess a decrescent and a unicorn rampant.

Arrowyn of Emerald Moor. Badge. Argent, a wreath of Bells of Ireland vert.

NOTE: You cannot have any type of all-green wreath, no matter what kind of plant is involved, as that is too reminiscent of a laurel wreath. You can have your Bells of Ireland in any position other than a wreath.

Elspeth Cathlin MacGilbert. Per pale purpure and argent, a winged cat passant to sinister guardant within a bordure counterchanged.

NOTE: This conflicts with Clea de Hunedoara: Per pale purpure and argent, a sea dragon erect within a bordure counterchanged. If you remove the bordure, you will remove the conflict.

Martha Armorel McDonald de Alvorada. Gules, on a demi-sun enhanced issuant from base Or a lymphad sable.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the Oregon National Guard: Gules, on a demi-sun or a beaver sejant erect proper.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Ark of Ringholden. Argent, a raven close to sinister sable, bearing in its beak a ring gules, between a chief and a point pointed azure.

NOTE: Name rejected. Ark is either a type of chest or boat. It is not a given name. Try Arkil, an Old Danish form of Arnketill (Old Norse). The device seems acceptable

Myrby of Riff. Gules, a bend sinister bevilled between a daisy and a battle axe inverted bendwise sinister, all Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Myrby is not consistent with period English naming practices. Try Maribelle or Mary. The Riff are a Berber tribe and so you would be "of the Riff." The Rif is a mountain range in Northern Africa, so if you were "of Rif," this is where you would be from. The arms seem acceptable.

Shane Gavelock MacLough. Argent, in bend sinister a fox gules and a cat sable counter-passant.

NOTE: Lough is not a given name and so you cannot have the patronymic MacLough. Try MacLoughlin. The device seems acceptable.

Shanta de la Mar. Counter-ermine, a bomb Or, the flame proper, and a chief Or.

NOTE: Shanta is not consistent with Spanish naming practices. There are no Spanish names beginning with "sh." The device seems acceptable.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Alais Llewella du Bois. Sable, a garden lily, the blossom environed of seven mullets in demi-annulo, all within a bordure embattled argent.

NOTE: Conflicts with Fernando Salazar y Perez: Sable, estoily of seven points, a bordure embattled argent. Try a different line of division on the bordure.

Armand Vozon d'Angoumois. Household badge. Azure, a snail rearing argent.

NOTE: Rejected. Vozon is a village in France. You cannot register a mundane place name as a household name. The household badge conflicts with Peridot of the Quaking Hand: Azure, a snail guardant argent.

Carissa of Burgundy. Badge for House Bedford. A lion dormant Or within a wreath of natural roses gules, stalked and leaved vert.

NOTE: Rejected. You cannot register a mundane city name as a household name. John Robert Russel, 13th Duke of Bedford (true head of House Bedford), has as his ancestral home Woburn Abbey, which has roses and lions. A wreath of roses is reserved for the personal use of Countesses, Duchesses, and Queens, not for their households. Note that the wreath is colored and the lion is metal and so this badge would violate tincture if placed on either a metal or a color.

Landor na Skye. Vert, a bend sinister Or between a decrescent argent and a mullet pierced Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Both Landor and Skye are surnames. You have no given name. Please add one. In Scots Gaelic, the translation of "on the Isle of Skye" is "an Eilein Sgitheanich," since Isle of Skye in Scots Gaelic is ant-Eilean Sgitheanach. If you want Skye as a surname, then you shouldn't use the Gaelic "na" but instead use "of." The device seems acceptable.

Luce Urquhart. Sable, on a cartouche between two roundels Or a swan naiant, wings elevated and addorsed, sable.

NOTE: Conflicts with Cedric the Dark: Or, a swan naiant within a bordure sable, bezanty. The two are too visually similar.

Olaf Askoldssonn. Argent, a horned great helm voided and orbed within on a bordure sable six bezants.

NOTE: The device is not periot style. Horned great helms were unusual, and you have not voided the horns. Try a sable great helm orbed argent. What you have is too modernistic.

Reja Viljestark Ljus. Per pale embattled argent and vert, in fess a flat-bottomed amphora and a goblet counterchanged.

NOTE: Name rejected. You cannot use a translation of Queen as a given name unless you can show that it was commonly so used in period in that language. Two descriptives together were rather uncommon. The device seems acceptable.


Kingdom of Caid

Angelina Nicollette. Badge. A bottle-nosed dolphin's tail couped inverted proper.

NOTE: This conflicts with the pendant sold by all the Save the Whale groups. There is no difference in appearance between a dolphin's tail and a whale's tail.

Ari ben Abraham. Sable, in pale a lion's head caboshed and a mullet of eight points within a bordure Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the following: 1) Astrid of Hawk Ridge: Sable, a lion's head caboshed Or within 14 suns in annulo gules fimbriated Or; 2) Alden of Newarkshire: Sable, a lion's head erased within a bordure Or; 3) Felicia NicChlurain: Sable, a lion's head caboshed Or between upon a pair of flaunches argent two thistles proper.

Armand de Sevigny. Badge. Gules, a lion's sinister jamb erect erased Or, armed argent.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Bellini of Novara: Gules, a lion's jambe Or (Rietstaap).

Arnulf af Asgeirsgard. Azure, two bendlets wavy Or between two suns argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Sentier de Chuignos: Azure, two bends wavy Or (Rietstaap).

Cassandra of Greymoor. Per fess sable and gules, a mullet, an increscent and a lion rampant, all within a bordure compony Or and argent charged on each line of division with a roundel sable.

NOTE: Device rejected. The bordure is not period style. Put the pellets on the compony sections, not on the lines. Better yet, remove the whole bordure.

Corwin du Mont de Maine. Sable, a garden rose slipped and leaved, in base a crescent, between two flaunches argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. Because of the fame of Corwin of Amber, you cannot have Corwin plus a white rose, no matter how many other charges you add. Change the color of the rose or use a different charge.

Eldar van Grenevich uit Middleburg. Sable, a chevron gules, fimbriated Or, piercing a compass star argent between three demi-compass stars Or.

NOTE: Eldar is the name of the race of elves in Middle Earth and cannot be used as a given name. Proper Dutch is Middelstad, not Middleburg. Pick a Dutch given name. Piercing a compass star like this is not period style. Place the compass star on top of the chevron.

Gedrond the Oblivious. Argent, a drawn bow fesswise sable, nocked with a lightning flash gules.

NOTE: Name rejected. This name (Gedrond) is not consistent with any European language's naming practices that I can think of. The device looks rather modern.

Grel of Finnmark. Argent, seme of endorses and barrulets sable, overall a pike naiant vert.

NOTE: Name rejected. According to Master Yrjo's sources on Finnish, no Finnish word or name, native or imported, can begin with more than one consonant. Furthermore, the letter G only occurs in the combination NG, so no Finnish word begins with G. You will have to send me the documentatisn that shows that Grel was used in the 1500's. The device seems acceptable. Since you do not draw the latticework as fretted, I have just treated it as a field semé of endorses and barrulets.

Jasper Greensmith of the Sea-Girt Glen. Badge for Procrastinators' Guild. Purpure, an expired hourglass voided Or, sanded argent.

NOTE: Badge rejected. Transparent charges are not in-period heraldry. Hourglasses were borne in solid tinctures. You could have Purpure, an hourglass Or.

Lyra Aithne of Aethelgard. Argent, a swan naiant sable and on a chief embattled azure three pink dogwood blossoms proper. (Cornus florida)

NOTE: Name rejected. Lyra is Latin for harp and is not a period given name. you could be Aithne of Aethelgard. Dogwood blossoms are either pink or white and must be so specified. The device seems acceptable.

Marina Ariadne niChlurain. Azure, an estoile of eight rays Or between three bottle-nosed dolphins one and two naiant clockwise in annulo argent.

NOTE: This new device conflicts with l) Paul of Sunriver: Azure, an estoile of four greater and four lesser points Or; and 2) Ogaad: Azure, an estoile of eight points Or. It is also close to Hillary Stormrider: Azure, an estoile between six dolphins naiant counterclockwise in annulo within a bordure Or. Thus she will have to keep her bordure engrailed argent to avoid conflict.

Megwyn of Glendwry. Argent, a unicorn-headed dragon, with lion's forepaws, segreant tail to base purpure, armed and orbed Or, balanced on a lozenge sable charged with a garb, entwined by the tail, Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is non-period heraldry. Adding a lozenge is the wrong way to provide contrast. Try a field per chevron argent and sable, or else per fess argent and sable, or else make the garb sable.

Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion. Vert, a barrulet embattled counter-embattled between a horse's head erased, crined of flames, and two thistles pilewise argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. We do not use thin lines in SCA heraldry. You cannot have one barrulet.

Mylrune, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Please document the name: what does it mean?

Patee Pautaay of Smaland. Badge. Quarterly azure and sable, a cross wavy between in the first quarter a three-masted ship under full sail, in second and third quarters a fleur-de-lys, and in the fourth quarter ermined, all argent.

NOTE: Rejected. The Society name is still rejected, as Patee is not a given name. We cannot register a household name or badge until we have a valid Society name. The badge is too complicated for a badge.

Reinhardt Dietlieb von Vogelsang. Sable, on an inescutcheon argent a cross paty and on a chief sable, fimbriated, issuant from the line of division two eagle's heads argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is an inescutcheon of the arms of Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin, which is not allowed. We do not use thin lines. You cannot have a chief sable fimbriated argent on a sable field, as that results in a thin line. A bordure either surmounts a chief or a chief surmounts a bordure, but bordures do not run underneath chiefs, despite what Parker implies. Note that Parker does not give an emblazon of a bordure underneath a chief.

Setting Sun, Province of the.

NOTE: The name conflicts with Sunset Shire (Half Moon Bay, California).

Stephanie of Oultre-Mer. Per pale Or and azure, two horse's heads couped addorsed between a chief and a base counterchanged.

NOTE: This conflicts with Cusak: Per pale azure and Or, a fess counterchanged. Both a chief and a base are usually one-third of the height of the field, leaving a fess between them.

Titus Flavius Ignatius. Vert, a bezant charged in chief with a Roman façade and surmounted by three lighting flashes crossed in estoile gules.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. The name is almost correct Roman form, but Ignatius as a cognomen is wrong. It is a given name and instead should be a descriptive. The device is not period style. The façade is too small to identify at a distance and the cluster of lightning bolts is not period heraldry.

Wilihelm Heimrich von Donnerkeil. Badge for Rhydderch ap Gruffydd. Per pale and per chevron raguly sable and gules, a chevronel raguly and in base a pheon inverted Or.

Note: Badge rejected. We do not use thin lines in SCA heraldry. This is a cotise raguly, not a chevronel. You cannot have a single chevronel, anyway.

Kingdom of Meridies

Sakura Kimineko. Vert, conjoined in fess a demi-sun eclipsed and a lion's head erased Or.

Note: Appeal rejected. This conflicts with Patrick of Innisfree: Vert, on a Sun Or a hand couped appaumé vert. Both have a very blob on an Or sun on a vert field. There is only one point of difference. The last known address for Patrick of Innisfree is c/o Patrick Stockton, 174 North Azusa Avenue, Apt. H, West Covina, CA 91791. I this doesn't work out, ask Crescent for help.


Kingdom of the Middle

Aethelred de Lowther. Azure, a sword proper between in chevron five annulets Or and in base an open book edgewise argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. A book edgewise is not a heraldic position. In heraldry, a book must be either open or closed; in any event, shown upright.

Alan MacMillan. Vert, in fess an alembic and a beaker proper, both containing a fluid Or.

Note: Device rejected. Charges are not transparent in heraldry. They have specified tinctures. Glass vessels such as these are 17th century innovations and thus out of period. In our period, such vessels were made of metal or ceramic. I suggest that you resubmit with both charges argent, sans fluid.

Alan MacMillan. Badge for House Tallo. Argent, two tridents in saltire sable surmounted by a domino mask gules, orbed and stringed sable.

Note: Household name and badge rejected. Tallo means "redhead" in Darkovan, which language is not allowed. Use a language from Earth to translate "redhead". The blazon in the LoI was totally unintelligible as "Corsicans" were not defined. Resubmit with a proper blazon so the CoA can comment properly.

Andelcrag, Barony of.

Note: Name rejected. Andelcrag is the principality ruled by Prince Camoran, friend of Prince Valiant in Hal Foster's comic strip.

Brummbär von Schwarzberg. Sable, two Danish war axes in saltire proper surmounted by a passion nail invertes azure, fimbriated and charged with a drakkars Or.

Note: Name and device rejected. The Brummbär (grizzly bear) was a type of German Howitzer in WWI. Brummbär also means "grouch". It is not a given name, but it could be an epithet. Add a given name. The device lacks contrast. The axe hafts do not show on sable. What you have is not a passion nail, which is much thinner. What you have doesn't exist in heraldry. It also looks like marshalling or an augmentation.

Byron of Beaumaris. Per chevron nebuly gules and Or, two martlets respectant Or and a bear passant sable.

NOTE: Name rejected. Byron was a surname in period. It didn't become a given name until the poet Lord Byron's time. you need to add a given name. The device seems acceptable.

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Calon Lily. Or, a fleur-de-lys purpure.

NOTE: Badge rejected. This was misblazoned on the LoI. Resubmit with the correct blazon so that this can be checked by the CoA.

Calontir, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Swan. Azure, three swans naiant argent.

NOTE: Name and badge rejected. The name of the order conflicts with Atlantia's Order of the Swan and Cygnet. The badge conflicts with Carey: Azure, three swans argent (Papworth, p. 330).

Cluaran, March of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Name conflicts with Clan Chlurain. They sound and look too similar. You will have to get Clan Chlurain's permission. Write to Catriona NicChlurain.

Cynnabar, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. This conflicts with Cinnabar, a city in Ed Bryant's novel Cinnabar.

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr. Per pale and per chevron purpure and Or, within a compass star of sixteen points pierced and dismembered along the lines of the points a roundel, all counterchanged.

NOTE: Device rejected. The device is exceedingly complex and is not period heraldry. Start over.

Elenithil, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Sindarin is not acceptable for branch names.

Faindraya Toorsdottir. Sable, on a cross raguly azure fimbriated Or a sword inverted proper.

NOTE: The name is not consistent with Norse naming practices. You cannot be the daughter of Thor (Tor). The device lacks contrast and has excessive fimbriation. Use a field Or instead.

Gnomountain, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Gnome Mountain is not a mortal place. If you want Nomountain, then use that form.

Jonquil du Battenhelm. Azure, five jonquil blossoms crosswise in cross, the outer blossoms edgewise, within a bordure potenty Or.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. Jonquil does not appear to be a period given name. Discovering Christian Names by S. M. Jarvis says, "Jonquil is a flower name of modern use." As Battenhelm is English, "du" is incorrect. Use "de" or "of." Edgewise blossoms are not period. Turn them all to face forward.

Eathryn McLain of Faire Haven. Argent, a bend dancetty purpure between a thistle proper and a unicorn's head to sinister couped at the shoulder reguardant azure.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is not a proper form for a horse's head. Draw it in a correct fashion and resubmit.

Kerr of Skane. Gules, on a Viking sun Or two serpents entwined palewise respectant sable.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. Kerr is a surname, not a given name. Try Kerry. Document a Viking sun. Since they didn't use heraldry, is this a design motif?

Kif, Canton of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Kif means marijuana, and thus could be offensive to many.

Mithrandiel Mardi, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Gandalf Tuesday, Gandalf Shadowhome, or Grey Wandering Tuesday are all not acceptable names. Sindarin may not be used in branch names.

Meagn-Elisabethe du Chagny. Per bend enhanced purpure and gules, three piles fleury bendwise throughout conjunct issuant from canton argent, in canton a heart gules pierced of a fleur-de-lys bendwise Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. You cannot have a heart jessant-de-lys, as that means the fleur-de-lys passes through the mouth, which a heart doesn't have. This field is unbalanced. The line of division should pass through the middle pile. Three piles should take up more width than this. The LoI was badly misblazoned, so the CoA couldn't comment correctly. The whole effect here is non-period style.

Naryaration Elduath Etewyn. Per bend sinister purpure and gules, a salamander biting its tail in annulo enflamed Or, in canton a mullet of eight points elongated to base argent.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. These words are not correct Sindarin name forms. Narya was the Ring of Fire. This plus Firebrand is presumptuous. Document Etewyn. You should not combine Sindarin with Welsh. The only languages that can be combined with Sindarin are English and Anglo-Saxon. No other language occurs in Middle Earth, other than Orcish and Dwarvish, which we do not allow. The flames are incorrect form. They should be connected to the salamander.

Robert James Stewart of Grandloch. Or, a lion's head erased, an anvil sable, and a sinister gore, one and two, azure.

NOTE: Name rejected. Stewart/Stuart was the royal clan. While we allow its use, we do not allow the use of Robert or James with Stewart, as these were the names of most of the Stewart kings (Robert II 4 III, James I-VI and James II of Great Britain). Combining them is far too presumptuous, even if your mundane name is L. James Stewart. James is not your mundane given name. Choose different given names, preferably only one. The device was misblazoned on the LoI, so the CoA couldn't comment properly.

Shattered Crystal, Shire of the. Azure, a lozenge argent within a laurel wreath vert, fimbriated, between eight lozenges in mascle argent.

NOTE: Arms rejected. The laurel wreath has insufficient contrast and overly complex fimbriation. Try a laurel wreath argent. Is this supposed to be an X-ray diffraction pattern of a powdered (shattered) crystal?

Skya Morgatha. Vert, on a bend argent between a harp reversed Or and a wolf salient reguardant argent three oak leaves palewise vert.

NOTE: Name rejected. Skye is a placename. Skya could be used as a surname, but it isn't a given name. The device seems acceptable.

Starcrossed, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. You cannot use an adjective as a branch name. There has to be a noun. you could be Starcrossedshire or Shire of the Starcrossed or Shire of Starcross.

Sternfeld, Shire of. Azure, mullety of four points, on a bend Or a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: The arms conflict with Persam: Azure, estoily, a bend Or. Try a bend cotised.

Svend Njalsson. Azure, in chief a wolf couchant reguardant and in dexter base a cross moline Or.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. Svend is incorrect. This should be Sven Njalsson. The device is unbalanced and therefore non-period style. Either place the charges in pale or in bend sinister.

Tree-Girt-Sea, Province of. Reblazon. Argent, on a pale azure between two apple trees fructed proper an ancient crown of five points within a laurel wreath Or.

NOTE: Reblazon rejected. Only kingdoms and principalities can have a crown. Tree-Girt-Sea will have to retain its current blazon, which is: Argent, on a pale azure between two apple trees eradicated fructed proper in chief a laurel wreath Or.

Ystrad Straddele, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document and translate the name.

Zevak of the Woodlands. Per fess gules and vair, in pale an anvil Or and two seaxes in saltire proper.

NOTE: Name rejected. Zevak is not consistent with Gaulish naming practices as we know them. Note that Seviklos is Greek, not Gaulish. Zevak is not a proper Gaulish form of Seviklos. Since you use English for the rest of the name, you will have to send us the documentation for Zevak to get it. The device looks acceptable.


Kingdom of the West

A'Bakki, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document the name.

Aurora Isabella Bolkonskaya. Per bend sinister indented sable and argent, a rose slipped and leaved and a wilting columbine slipped and leaved, counterchanged.

NOTE: Name rejected. This name is not consistent with period Russian naming practices. Isabella is not a period Russian name. There should be one given name, one patronymic, and one surname, in that order. This cannot be an expatriate Russian family, as then the surname would be in the male form: Bolkonsky. Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn. you cannot use the name of a goddess. The device seems acceptable.

Eric Ybbrador av Huit. Quarterly Or and sable, a cross fleury throughout between in first and fourth quarters a lion rampant and in second and third quarters a castle, counterchanged.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document the name. The device seems acceptable. Resubmit with a proper drawing.

Fanchion Mountainrider of Skyhaven. Per pale gules and argent, on a chevron inverted a lute and a falchion inverted proper and in chief a seagull displayed counterchanged.

NOTE: Name rejected. Fanchion is a variant of falchion and is thus not a given name (Stone's Glossary). Draw the lute facing outwards, not in trian aspect. The device seems acceptable.

Thousand Isles, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. The name conflicts with the Shire of the Isles in Caid and Thousand Islands, New York.

Adrian of Longacre. Per bend sinister gules and sable, a manta ray displayed Or.

NOTE: Conflicts with Rachadell, Gules, a ray in pale Or (Rietstaap).


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain your servant,

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms