Alessandra di Teodoro. Name and device. Argent, a rose gules, overall two swords in saltire and on a chief sable three roses argent.

Please ask the submitter to ensure that the hilts of the swords are placed against the field not the rose.

Algar McCoulagh. Name and device. Per pale Or and argent, a phoenix purpure within a bordure sable crusily formy fitchy Or.

Astrid Radulfsdottir. Badge (see RETURNS for name change and household name). Argent, a cross formy sable and on a base embattled gules a wolf courant argent.

Submitted with the name Astrid Wulfkunzel

Caroline of Burgundy. Device. Argent, in saltire two rapiers sable between four roses gules barbed vert.

Please inform the submitter that the roses should be drawn larger. The device would also be more authentic if the roses were drawn as heraldic roses, not garden roses.

Charles of Alden. Name.

Ciarmhac of Stormsport. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Vert, a sun Or eclipsed vert and on a chief argent three gouttes-de-sang.

Submitted under the name Ciarmhac Sayenga.

Conrad Longespee the Blak Heart. Device. Sable, in pale two lions dormant, a chief embattled erminois.

Please ask the submitter to draw more embattlements and fewer ermine spots. In addition, the embattled line of division should be centered on the chief line, not begun at that line.

Daniel of Endless Hills. Name and device. Per fess azure and sable, a demi-sun issuant from line of division Or, in base a winged foot contourny argent.

Fiona ingen ui Fhaolain. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Fiona ingen ui Faolain, we have lenited the patronymic to conform to Gaelic grammar.

Gareth MacDuff. Name and device. Azure, a unicorn rampant, a chief invected argent.

Gareth MacDuff. Badge. (Fieldless) A gauntlet fesswise reversed aversant sable sustaining a unicorn's head erased contourny argent.

Geraint Morys. Name.

Guillaume de Saint Jacques. Name and device. Sable, a lion sejant ermine.

Submitted as Guillaume de S. Jacques, we have spelled Saint in full as we don't register scribal abbreviations. It would be quite proper for him to use the submitted form, though.

Please ask the submitter to draw fewer ermine spots on the lion.

Iago Benitez. Badge. Or, a popinjay rising wings displayed gules within an orle of ermine spots sable.

Iago Benitez. Badge. Quarterly gules and Or, a cross bottony within a bordure counterchanged.

Isabel de Santiago. Name.

Jolivette du Louvre. Name and device. Per pale argent and vert, three wolf's teeth issuant from sinister argent and in chief three frogs sejant counterchanged.

Kaithren Rowand. Name.

Kateryna Ty Isaf. Name and device. Vert, an owl argent, on a chief embattled Or two feathers fesswise inverted crossed at the tips gules.

Lavina Knappe. Name.

Margaret Acton. Name and device. Azure, a chicken close contourny, a chief invected argent.

Please ask the submitter to draw deeper and fewer invections.

Mary Elizabeth Clason. Name and device. Azure, a horseshoe inverted, on a chief Or three round buckles sable.

Muirgen Kincaid. Device. Per chevron inverted sable and argent, a lute Or and an estoile vert.

Please ask the submitter to draw the charges larger.

Philippa Graves. Device. Per saltire argent and vert, four cats couchant counterchanged sable and argent.

Rosamund du Grasse. Device. Argent, a willow tree blasted and eradicated, on a chief gules two geese close respectant argent.

Sabina de Lyons. Name and device. Gules, three lion's heads caboshed argent.

Nice armory!

Una the Bashful. Name and device. Sable, a chevron ermine between three Catherine's wheels argent.

While the entry in Withycombe is somewhat vague, Ó Corráin and Maguire state Úna "is an extremely popular name especially in later medieval Ireland." The byname in turn would seem to follow such examples as Skamful 'Modest', found in Jönsjö's Middle English Nicknames, vol. I.


Elisabeth de Besançon. Name and device. Per fess wavy azure and Or, five gouttes two and three argent and an annulet vert.

Salih al Hasan ibn Da'ud al Hashimi. Name and device. Per bend sinister embowed counter-embowed azure and argent, in pale a natural salamander tergiant fesswise contourny Or and another tergiant fesswise gules tails entwined.

Werburg of Wenlock. Device. Argent, five pavilions two, two, and one within a bordure embattled sable.


Angelina de Cicco. Name and device. Per bend azure and purpure, on a bend between two roses argent an arrow proper.

Celeste Courtenay de Montmorency. Device. Per bend wavy purpure and vert, a bend wavy between a bustard rising and a fleur-de-lys Or.

Please ask the submitter to make the waves deeper.

Christine Magorlick. Name and device. Gules, a swan naiant contourny between three roses Or.

Doireann inghean uí Brolcháin. Name.

Duncan Hepburn. Badge. (Fieldless) A petrel migrant to base head to dexter sable.

Erasmus von Eisenwald über Tauberbischofsheim. Name and device. Or, three piles wavy issuant from dexter chief sable.

Submitted as Erastus von Eisenwald über Tauberbisholfsheim, the given name was only documented as a byname. Since the submitter is interested in the sound of the name, we have made a one-letter change and made it a documentable German/Dutch name. We have also corrected two spelling mistakes in the byname, changing it back to the spelling used in the submission forms.

Please ask the submitter to draw the piles so that the division between them is parallel to the per bend line rather than the top of the shield. In addition, the waves in the three piles should move back and forth together. For an example, see Siebmacher, Wappenbuch, pg. 236.

François la Flamme. Badge. (Fieldless) A ladder Or.

Genevieve de Courtanvaux. Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, two panthers combattant guardant counterchanged.

Marion Ravendel. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a heart counterchanged, on a chief vert a pair of shears blades to dexter Or.

Miguel Sebastian da Oporto. Name and device. Or, a continental sea panther gules within a bordure sable.

Morgan MacAlpin. Device. Per bend sinister azure and gules, a griffin segreant, a mountain Or.

Siobhán níg Fhloinn uí Donnabháin. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross of ermine spots azure.

Walter Robin. Name and device. Per bend vert and sable semy of hearts argent.


Brian Broadaxe. Device. Argent, goutty inverted, a demon and on a chief azure two winged boars passant argent.

Briged O'Daire. Household name House Kegs End.

Submitted as Keg's End, Smith, English Place-Name Elements, under ende lists Sewards End. Forming a hypothetical place name in the form <surname>s + End seems therefore reasonable. We have, however, removed the apostrophe, to conform with period usage. Similarly we have added the household designator as required by the Rules for Submissions III.2.b.

Caitlín inghean uí Shirideáin. Name.

Submitted as Caitlin O'Sirideain, we have changed the gender of the clan designator to match the given name. Since she is interested in an authentic 16th century Irish name, we have also added the accents to the given and clan names.

Charles the Bear. Name and device. Argent, two bear's heads erased, addorsed, and conjoined proper.

Christian of Sundragon. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per fess azure and vert, a swept-hilt rapier argent impaling a heart Or.

Submitted under the name Ashir al-Zahir.

Damiana da Firenze. Name and device. Bendy sinister sable and Or, a horse's head cabossed and wearing a chamfron gules.

Submitted as Damiana Forenze, she requested an authentic Italian name. We have therefore changed the spelling of the byname to a documented form and added the preposition to make it a typical locative byname.

David Macalpin of Dalcross. Name and device. Azure, a lion's head cabossed Or pierced of a sword inverted, on a chief enarched argent two crosses of Cleves gules.

Deille of Farnham. Device. Or, on a saltire vert a cat sejant guardant Or, overall an orle counterchanged.

Dougal O’Sirideain. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Egan of Atenveldt. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, a rapier inverted bendwise sinister between two dumbeks sable headed Or.

Submitted under the name Egan Taitnyssagh Smilebringer.

Elspeth Flannagann. Name and device. Per chevron argent and gules, two hands couped sable and a foi throughout argent.

Gallchobar macc Faelchon. Name and device. Per pale gules and argent, two dragons combattant counterchanged, on a base embattled Or a Celtic cross sable.

Submitted as Gallchobar MacFaelechoin, he requested an authentic 6th–8th century Irish name. This time period is problematical, since it falls right in the transition between Ogham inscriptions and Old Irish documents. Since no direct precursors of either name were found in a search through the Ogham material, we have changed the name to a form suggested by the most archaic Old Irish forms.

Please ask submitter to draw more embattlements on the base.

Gareth of Bloodwine Gorge. Badge. (Fieldless) A sword inverted entwined by a serpent argent.

This is clear of Barbara Fitzhugh de Brandhard, Azure, a sword inverted proper entwined widdershins of a poppy proper. As with the snake, the poppy is large enough to count as a co-primary charge and therefore there are CDs for changing the type and tincture of half the primary charge group.

Giovanna Beatrice di Grazia. Name and device. Vert, three bees within an orle Or.

Gõcauo Diego Ramiriç. Name and device. Per bend argent and Or, two crescents gules, a bordure charged with the words "Verdade Honra E Sobretudo" argent.

Please inform the submitter that a translation of the text should be included with the submission. In this case members of my staff were able to provide the translation of the original phrase "Verdade Sobretudo E Honra" as "Truth Overall and Honor." As blazoned the words do not make a sensible phrase, but they are not required to make sense, only to be non-offensive.

Griffith Ash the Archer. Device. Per pale sable and azure, a griffin segreant contourny argent winged Or.

Guillaume Beauvin. Name and device. Argent, a cow salient and a chief purpure.

Submitted as Guillaume de Beauvin. Since Hund provided us with examples such as Beaupain 'good bread' we feel comfortable with the hypothetical construction 'good wine'. The preposition, however, is not attested in period documents so we have dropped it.

Gunnar of Jomsborg. Badge. Or, a bend sable between a dragon's head couped vert and a drakkar sable.

Gwenhevare Holleran. Name and device. Vert, a unicorn rampant between in cross four dumbeks Or.

Submitted as Gwynhevare Holleran, we have changed the given name to a documented spelling.

Haley of Atenveldt. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale gules and Or, a comet throughout headed of a compass star between a decrescent and an increscent counterchanged.

"The comet has sufficient width to keep it from falling under the ban on 'long skinny charges' counterchanged along their long axis, which was meant to apply to charges more like swords and spears and arrows." (Da'ud ibn Auda, November 1994 LoAR, p. 9, s.n. Shire of Steren Codha)

Submitted under the name Haleya Olofsdottir.

Jerusha a’Laon. Name and device. Sable, in pale a hanging balance Or and an open book argent.

Johannes von Helmstedt. Device. Azure, a winged lion salient contourny, a bordure embattled Or.

Julian Faith McCabe. Name.

Katherine Bradon of Carlisle. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Kedivor Tal ap Cadugon. Badge. (Fieldless) In pale a peacock close perched atop a hawk’s bell Or.

Lí Ban ingen uí Dhuinnín. Name.

Submitted as Li Ban O Duinnin, we have changed the clan affiliation to the proper feminine form and added back the accents, dropped in kingdom, to match the forms and documentation.

Maliusha Sepukhovicha. Name and device. Per pale argent and azure, on a fess between three annulets, three crosses crosslet, all counterchanged.

Submitted as Maliusha Sepukhov, we have changed the locative byname to a grammatically correct feminine form.

Moira O’Droogan. Name and device. Per pale vert and argent, two dragonflies counterchanged.

Morann of Conamara. Name and device. Per bend gules and sable, two Latin crosses raguly argent.

Phoebe MacGregor. Name and device. Quarterly vert and Or, a horse passant argent caparisoned azure.

Rhys ap Gwylym. Device. Per bend Or and sable, a bear’s paw print sable and a mouse rampant argent.

Robert Delion. Name.

Sabine Bryght of Ash. Device. Purpure, a dragonfly argent within a snake involved in annulo argent lozengy purpure.

Seaan Mac an Ghabhann. Device. Argent, on a single-horned anvil reversed vert a Celtic cross Or.

Sean Holden. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Sverrir Valthjofsson. Name change from holding name Robert of Tir Ysgithr.

Théophile de Jonchere. Name and device. Or, a scarpe vert and a scarpe azure between a fleur-de-lys azure and a trefoil vert.

Submitted as Theophille De Younkiere, the documentation for the given name had been slightly misread and the byname was not documented at all. We have changed the spelling of the given name to that supported by the submitted documentation; the byname we have changed to a period spelling provided by Nebuly.

The use of two colors in the scarpes constitutes a weirdness, but it is the only one.

Tieg ap Gwylym. Name.

Waldham af Torshavn. Name.

Submitted as Waldham von Torsvan, the byname had two problems. First, the spelling of the place name (and the spelling Tørsvan used in the forms) is undocumented; second, the name changes languages within one element. We have therefore changed the locative to the documented spelling and made it entirely Norwegian.


Alasdair MacKenzie. Name and device. Per chevron azure and Or, two swords in saltire Or and a lion rampant gules.

A conflict was called against the name of Alexander MacKenzie, Prime Minister of Canada 1873–1878. While we agree this is as close as one can get, we eventually decided to side with the commenters who felt that the difference in both sound and appearance is significant enough that the names do not conflict.

Alicia of Greyhill. Device (see RETURNS for name change). Per pale sable and argent, an eagle displayed within a bordure dovetailed counterchanged.

Submitted under the name Alicia d'Avignon.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Azure Decrescent Herald.

Azure is used as an adjective in period not only for heraldic charges in an English context but also for normal English nouns.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Narwhal Herald.

Álvaro Rodrigo de León. Reblazon of device. Quarterly vert and argent, a goblet Or between and sustained at the stem by two lions sejant erect reguardant respectant sable.

Bethoc ingen Alpin. Device. Per pale vert and azure, on a pile ployé Or a sprig of borage proper.

Carolyn of Bright Hills. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per chevron sable and argent, three wolves sejant counterchanged argent and gules.

Submitted under the name Snæúlfrún Rauðúlfsdottir.

Dáithí Ó Briain. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a horse rampant Or.

Submitted as Daiti Ó Briain, the submitter apparently missed the accents in Woulfe. We have changed the given name to the form supported by the documentation.

Duibheasa Maeve of Strikkenwoode. Device. Per chevron inverted vert and sable, an increscent between in cross four mullets of four points Or.

Please ask the submitter to draw the per chevron line a little higher up on the field (although still issuing from the sides of the shield).

Dun Carraig, Barony of. Badge for the Champion of Dun Carraig. (Fieldless) A seadog rampant contourny gules maintaining a trident sable.

Elspeth MacKenzie. Name.

Geneviève de Loire. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Geneviève de la Loire, the term Loire refers not only to the river but to a region. We have changed the name back to the originally submitted form and dropped the article added in Kingdom.

Helmut Kruger. Device. Argent, on a bend enarched gules between two crosses formy sable three standing balances bendwise sinister Or.

Karsten Werner. Device. Sable, a saltire couped between in pale two roses Or, flaunches ermine.

Lochmere, Barony of. Association of badge with order name Order of the Blasted Oak. Ermine, a tree blasted and eradicated and a chief wavy within a bordure sable.

The order name was registered in September, 1991, but is not listed in the Armorial. Furthermore, the Letter of Intent requested that the order name be associated with this badge, which was transferred to Lochmere in August 1991. To get a registered name listed in the armorial one only needs to contact Morsulus; however, the latter action must be done here.

Maura MacPhairlain. Badge. (Fieldless) On a shamrock Or a thistle proper.

Miriam bat Moshe. Name change from Sofya Vladimirovna.

Her old name is released.

Raven Jäde vom Schwarzwald. Badge. (Fieldless) A raven vert.

This is clear of the badge for Brian of Leichester, A dodo close vert armed Or. There is a CD for fieldlessness and another for the change in type between a raven and a dodo.

Raven MacGregor. Name.

Rieinmelt ferch Owain. Device. Per pale sable and vert, two lions rampant addorsed tails entwined argent.

This is clear of Godfried of Frisia, Azure, two natural tigers rampant addorsed argent, their tails entwined around a sword inverted proper. The sword is sufficiently large to be considered a co-primary, giving a CD for the field and a second for the number of primary charges.

Please inform the submitter to draw the lions larger.

Thomas of Calais. Badge. (Fieldless) On a tower sable masoned Or a lion's head cabossed argent.

This badge was returned in the June 1999 LoAR for conflict with Frederic of the West Tower, Argent, a tower sable, on its base a cross patonce voided argent, as the cross in Frederic's device was actually argent. However, the submitter appealed this decision on the grounds that there is not only the one CD for fieldlessness but another one, by X.4.j.i for the changes of type and position of the tertiary.

While some of the commenters recalled that Frederic's cross was not really in the base but simply slightly below the top of the tower, this is not the case: the emblazon on file clearly shows the cross in the lowest third of the tower. We therefore have a change in both type and position of the tertiary, which gives the required second CD.

Thyre of Andover. Name and device. Per chevron purpure and vert, two escallops inverted and an oak leaf argent.

Wolfgang the Gameman. Name change from Wolfgang the Gamener.

Submitted as Wolfgang the Game-man, the documentation provided lists the period gememen and argues that the submitted form is a modern singular acceptable under the Lingua Anglica rule. We do not find any justification for the hyphen in either the period form or modern English orthography, so we have dropped it.


Ana inghean uí Riagáin. Name.

Ciar inghean ui Mhaoildeirg. Device. Vert, a stag at gaze, between its attires a roundel argent.

Gavinus Lupus. Name and device. Per bend azure and vert, a hawk's head erased and a wolf's head erased argent.

Lina Valentine. Name.

Marguerite le Swan. Release of name and device. Argent, a swan naiant wings elevated and addorsed purpure.

Nichola de Lyne. Name and device. Gules, in bend three gouttes d'Or.

Pádraic Amadan. Name.


Yosef Alaric. Reblazon of device. Vert, a Southern Blue Flag blossom affronty proper.


Caitrìona inghean mhic Leod na Iae. Name.

Submitted as Catrìona Maceòid Na Iona, the submitter asked for an authentic Scots name. We have changed the patronymic to the proper feminine form and the locative to an attested period spelling. The name would be much better without the locative byname, as these were vanishingly rare in period; however, she does not allow major changes.

Gwir ferch Madog. Device. Azure, in chief three rustres Or.

Nice armory!

Jan Antheunis van Ghent. Name change from Lyssandre le Téméraire.

His old name is released.

Osanna Katzgraw von der Tann. Name and device. Purpure, a winged cat sejant wings close licking its sinister forepaw, on a chief wavy argent three roses proper.

Submitted as Osanna Katzgbraw von der Tann, we have corrected a spelling mistake in the LoI and changed the name back to the form originally submitted.

Ulvar MacVanis. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Úlfarr MacVanis, he requested an authentic Norse/Scots name. The combination of an Old Norse given name and an Anglicized Scots patronymic had too severe a temporal disparity. We have therefore changed the spelling of the given name to medieval Norwegian.


Andrew of Theodford. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Avice de Mortagne. Name.

Brianna Baptista. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Brianna was ruled SCA compatible in December 1995.

Caecilie Selig. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Caecilie the Blessed, she requested an authentic German name. We have therefore changed the byname to a German one with the same meaning. As the given name was dated to 16th century we have chosen the header spelling as given in Bahlow's Dictionary of German Names; this seems a better choice than the 13th century variants found in Socin's Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch and Brechenmacher's Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Familiennamen.

The question was raised in commentary whether the byname is presumptuous, as Blessed is the level just below Saint in the Catholic process of canonization. However, it has also been used as a byname both in England and in Germany at least since late 13th century. If the general public didn't find a problem with this in period, we are disinclined to see a problem now.

Celestria de Laudre. Badge. (Fieldless) An iris purpure.

This is clear of Yosef Alaric, reblazoned elsewhere in this letter, Vert, a Southern Blue Flag blossom affronty proper. There is one CD for fieldlessness, and a second CD for the orientation of the flower.

Damon Annaeus Licinius. Name and device. Or, on a pile purpure a thunderbolt argent.

Drogo of Axbridge. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Emma of Woodborough. Name and device. Vert, in pale three stags courant argent within a bordure Or.

Fáelán mac Finguine. Name and device. Sable, on a bend sinister between two wolves sejant argent four wolf's paw prints bendwise gules.

Submitted as Fáelán Mac Finguine, we have changed mac to lower case since this is a patronymic byname instead of a surname.

Finnguala ingen Dauíd. Badge. (Fieldless) A crescent bendwise argent.

Gabrielle d’Anjou. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, a cross bottony counterchanged, a chief checky azure and argent.

There would be no problem with either an azure field or an argent field with a checky chief including that color; given that, there is no reason to not accept a split field with checky of both colors.

Inigo el guapo. Name.

Iohann se pipere. Name (see RETURNS for device).

James MacDoual. Name and device. Vert, a sheep rampant contourny and on a chief argent two thistles proper.

Submitted as Hamish MacDoual, the given name is a 19th century Anglicized form of the vocative case of Seumas. We have changed it to the normal period Anglicized spelling.

James of Leycester. Name.

Jannet nyk Donnachie. Name and device. Azure, a Latin cross throughout and on a chief engrailed argent a laurel branch vert.

If the submitter wants a standard cross, she should draw the cross centered below the chief and not as if the chief was placed over the cross; i.e., with the cross piece substantially closer to the top of the shield..

Jeanna of Melton. Name and device. Azure, a lace bobbin argent.

Katerine Radford of Dreywick. Device change. Gyronny vert and Or, a unicorn’s head couped and on a chief sable three feathers bendwise sinister argent.

Her current device, Gyronny gules and argent, a unicorn's head couped and a chief sable, is released.

Kathelyne de Leycester. Name.

Ladislaus de Brody. Name.

The submitted documentation had this as a mixed Hungarian/Scots name. No evidence was presented that these cultures were in contact to an extent that would justify registering the name. However, Ladislaus is actually a Latinized form of a relatively common Slavic name, found almost all over Eastern Europe; also, de Brody is found in Reaney and Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames. We can therefore simply refer to the precedent from March 1993 that says a Russian/English mixed name is registerable.

Leonora Simonetta d’Este. Name change from Artemesia Leonora Simonetta d'Este.

Her old name is released.

Leopold von Heidelberg. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Leopold Von Heidelberg, we have changed von to lower case to conform to standard German spelling.

Magnus the Black. Device. Per pale sable and argent, a chevron rompú within a bordure counterchanged.

Margot du Bois. Name and device. Azure, on a mullet of eight points Or a turtle tergiant gules, an orle Or.

This does not conflict with Leah bat Yehiel, Azure, a mullet of eight interlocking mascles within an orle Or. While there is a precedent (June, 1994, p. 15) that calls the mullet of eight interlocking mascles insufficiently different from a voided mullet, that is not the same as saying the two are interchangeable. In particular, we feel that Leah's mullet cannot be considered equivalent to a charged mullet. Therefore, there is CD for the type of mullet and another for adding the tertiary charge.

Minerva York. Name.

Miriel MacGregor. Device. Quarterly argent and azure, three fleurs-de-lys within a bordure counterchanged.

Moira McKay. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Moira was ruled SCA compatible in June 1997.

Niamh ingen Maolán. Name.

While there is no evidence that Niamh was actually used in period, it appears in period sagas, in some cases as the name of a human being.

Niccolo di Francesco. Name change from Nicolas di Francesco.

Submitted as Niccolo diFrancesco, we have added a space between the preposition di and the name Francesco.

His old name is released.

Odrán Fhionn. Name.

Submitted as Órán Fionn, the given name was a modern spelling. We have changed it to a period form and lenited the byname to make it grammatically correct.

Ranulf fitzStephen de Acre. Name and device. Sable, two bulls combattant argent.

Nice armory!

Robert Juste. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Robert the Just, he requested an authentic 12th century English name. We have therefore changed the byname to a form based on early examples in Reaney and Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames.

Roderick of Glaedenfeld. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Azure, two estoiles in bend between two bendlets Or.

Submitted under the name Roderick Zweisterne.

Rónnat inghen Máelán. Name and device. Argent, three ferrets erect azure.

Roscelin of Hawkhaven. Name.

Submitted as Roslyn of Hawkhaven, the submitted documentation was for Roslyn as a place name. We have therefore changed the given name to a known period form.

Saturninus Nonanus Fortunatus. Device. Purpure crusily Cerdaña, a chief enarched Or.

Sile Linet O'Loughlin. Badge (see RETURNS for household name). Gules, a dragon’s head erased argent, a bordure lozengy argent and sable.

Simon MacLeod. Device change. Vert, a lion sejant erect contourny maintaining in its dexter forepaw a sword inverted, in chief a coronet Or.

Simon is a Court Baron.

His current device, Vert, two chevronels, in base two Latin crosses formy in fess Or, is released.

Simon MacLeod. Release of badge. Per chevron counter-vair sable and argent and sable, a chevron and in base a cross formy Or.

Simon MacLeod. Release of badge. (Fieldless) A lion sejant Or atop an anvil sable, maintaining a sword inverted argent transfixing the anvil's horn.

Simon MacLeod. Release of badge. Purpure, two chevronels, in base two Latin crosses formy in fess Or.

Sorcha Valdimarsdottir. Name and device. Or, a Lacy knot azure within a bordure vert.

Stefan le Gascon. Name.


Clarissa Wykeham. Device. Or, a seeblatt azure.

Dananir bint Zang al Tabib. Name.

Degary Golafre of Pembroke. Reblazon of device. Quarterly sable and gules, a griffin segreant coward maintaining in its dexter talon a Celtic cross and in its sinister talon a sword inverted Or.

Eloise of Tree-Girt-Sea. Device. Argent masoned sable, on a bend sinister azure a unicorn’s horn argent.

Elsa von Heilbronn. Device. Argent, on a pale wavy azure between two roses proper a cross bottony argent, a bordure azure.

István Valkai. Device. Gules, three chevronels enhanced and a basset hound passant Or.

Please ask the submitter to draw internal detail on the basset hound.

Midewinde, Shire of. Device. Azure, a bend sinister wavy cotised argent, in dexter chief a laurel wreath Or.

Northshield, Principality of. Badge for the Award of the Hearthstead. Sable, a brazier Or enflamed proper within a bordure Or masoned sable.

Northshield, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Crwth. (Fieldless) A crwth argent.

This is clear of the badge for the Blue Band (Fionnbhárr Starfyr of the Isles), A harp argent. A crwth is visually distinct from a harp.

Ysolt Pais de cuer. Name and device. Quarterly gules and Or, four compass stars counterchanged, a bordure vert.

Blazoned as suns on the letter of intent, the large emblazon showed them to be compass stars.


Adam Stedefast. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Alwyn of Kittisford. Device change. Per saltire azure and gules, a compass star pierced within a bordure Or.

His current device, Per saltire azure and gules, on a compass star Or a pellet and a bordure Or, is released.

While we are blazoning this as pierced, this does not mean that we will allow compass stars to be pierced on fieldless badges. In this case, it is simply shorthand for on a compass star a roundel per saltire azure and gules.

Daniel Archer the Bear. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Danial Archer the Bear, we have changed the given name back to the spelling used on the forms.

Donnchadh mac Shithich. Name.

Submitted as Donnaichadh Síomaigh MacKeith, he requested a name authentic for 15th century Scotland. We have therefore not only dropped the middle name, not used in Gaelic, and changed the given name to a documented spelling but also changed the patronymic to a Gaelic form as well. The name could have been equally possible in the entirely Anglicized form Duncan MacKeith.

Gabriela Silvana. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Gabrielle Silvanus, we have changed the given name to a documented period form and the byname to the proper feminine form.

Galiana fitz William. Name and device. Argent, a talbot passant sable and a chief indented gules.

Submitted on the LoI as Galiana William, we have changed the name back to the form originally submitted.

The device was blazoned as having three triangles issuant from chief. This style of indentation can be found in period (for example Lowell of Balumbye (Lindsay of the Mount, pl. 107)), but it was blazoned as either indented or three piles. As current scholarship believes that such chiefs were originally indented with deep indentations, we decided to blazon it as indented and leave the depth to artistic license.

Gwillim Glamorgan. Name.

John of Ravenspur. Device. Per bend sinister gules and sable, on a bend sinister between a mermaid in her vanity and two arrows inverted in saltire Or three stars of David palewise azure.

Please ask the submitter to draw the secondary charges larger.

Outlands, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title Ardent Herald.

Outlands, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title Black Elk Herald.

Outlands, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title Cat’s Paw Herald.

Outlands, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title Musimon Herald.

Simonis Karatas. Device. Per fess azure and vert, on a fess wavy argent a cat sejant contourny guardant sable, in chief a plate.

Talore MacConlae. Name and device. Azure, a chevron argent between in dexter chief a sun in his splendor and in base three aspen leaves Or.

The use of a single charge in dexter chief and three charges in base creates a very unbalanced appearance; however, as this is the only oddity in this device, we have decided that it is barely registerable.



Astrid Wulfkunzel. Name change from Astrid Radulfsdottir.

The constructed name Wulfkünzel has the problem that Künzel seems only justified as a protheme. That is, based on the Wolf- names and Konrad submitted as evidence, we would get Wolfrad (which would not need such hypothesizing, since Bahlow cites Wolfradus von Stain, 1291).

It is possible to construct a name from these elements, however. Wulf is found as both protheme and deutherotheme, so swapping the elements should be acceptable. In Anglo-Saxon we even have evidence of such a name: Searle has in Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicum several cites of Coenwulf in the 8th–11th century.

Astrid Radulfsdottir. Household name House Wolfgang von Neunkirchen.

No evidence was provided that ships in period were named after specific individuals. On the contrary, based on the knowledge we have, this seems not to have been the case. As an alternative, the submitter would have accepted House Neunkirchen. Unfortunately, however, the town has its own entry even in the one-volume pocket encyclopedia we checked (Tasku-Tietojätti, Gummerus 1984), so it falls in the category of protected real-world names.

Ciarmhac Sayenga. Name.

While we allow real-world name elements in SCA names without further documentation, this is restricted to cases where "such elements are not excessively obtrusive." Combining a Gaelic Irish given name with what appears to be a non-European surname falls afoul of this restriction.

His armory was registered under the holding name Ciarmhac of Stormsport.

Fiona ingen ui Fhaolain. Device. Or, a pharaoh hound statant sable.

Conflict with the badge for the Guardians of the Crossroads (Madoc Arundel), Chevronelly argent and gules, a hound passant sable, and Robert of Lahinch, Vert, an Irish Wolfhound statant sable, fimbriated Or. There is not a CD for fimbriation; therefore in both cases there is a single CD for the changes to the field.

Ingridr Hikri Fridriksdóttir. Device. Or a sea-unicorn contourny and in chief four escallops purpure.

No paperwork was received for this submission.

Sven Tyrvisson. Device. Purpure, on a pile indented Or a double-headed axe sable.

The pile is not drawn properly; a pile should not issue from the corners of the shield, but from farther in on the chief. As the pile also does not extend to base, it cannot be reblazoned as a chaussé field. Even with a correctly drawn pile, it conflicts with Thorkell Óláfsson, Purpure, on a pile Or a Danish axe gules. There is a CD for the line of division of the pile, but the two types of axes are not significantly different, therefore there is not a CD for changing the tincture only of the axes.


Avacal, Principality of. Badge for the Order of the Gilded Griffin. (Fieldless) A griffin segreant Or.

This was an appeal of the kingdom return of this badge for conflict with Degary Golafre of Pembroke, reblazoned elsewhere in this letter, Quarterly sable and gules, a griffin segreant coward maintaining in its dexter talon a Celtic cross and in its sinister talon a sword inverted Or. As seen by the reblazoning, the held charges are maintained (that is, are significantly smaller than the griffin) and thus do not contribute to difference, even in combination. Therefore, there is but a single CD for fieldlessness.

Morgaine of Glastonbury. Name.

While the given name would be registerable as her real-world middle name, the name as a whole has serious problems. As early as the excavations by the monks of Glastonbury in 1191, there was an association between Glastonbury Tor and Isle of Avalon or Avallon where Arthur was said to be buried. As this association has continued to the present day, we should be very careful about using the locative Glastonbury in any context where we would not happily use Avalon; after all, the two have been seen as the same place from the twelfth century on. Looking at another twelfth-century work, the Vita Merlini, which was written in verse around 1150 and is generally attributed to Geoffrey of Monmouth (author of the History of the Kings of Britain), we see Morgen as the ruler of the Isle of Apples (i.e., Avalon).

All in all, the name is tantamount to a claim to be Morgan le Fay and therefore falls afoul our rules against presumption.


Matilda Merryweather. Device. Per bend sinister wavy azure and vert, a Latin cross bottony Or, a bordure argent.

By long-standing precedent we do not allow a charge to overlap a low contrast complex line of division except when the overlap is so small that the line of division is not obscured. In this case the arms of the cross interfered with the identifiability of the wavy line.


Akilli Asian Sarolta. Name change from holding name Sarolta of Tir Ysgithr.

This name has several problems. First, Hurrem/Roxelana, cited in the submission, was known by her original Russian name only to the West; to Turks, she was known by the Turkish harem name. Combining the two names seems to be restricted to modern history books.

Second, an epithet is not acceptable simply because a native speaker says so; modern-day people do not normally have that kind of knowledge about period naming practices. Third, Sarolta is incompatible with the rest of the name: it is only known from 10th century Hungary, and by the time of the Turkish invasion, pagan-era Hungarian female names had already disappeared.

Arnak Haifisch der Laut. Name and device. Sable, a shark haurient affronty argent.

This name has several problems. First, no dated evidence was submitted for the given name. Second, neither was evidence given for the unusual byname Haifisch, meaning 'shark.' Third, the second byname der Laut does not mean 'the Loud' but 'the Tone'; this doesn't fit with our knowledge about period bynames. Finally, no evidence was submitted for using two descriptive bynames in German.

No device forms were included for this submission. In addition, we would like evidence of this posture's use in period armory.

In redesign beware of Gest Grimsson, Vert, a narwhal hauriant embowed argent, and Balin the Fairhaired, Sable, a whale hauriant argent.

Ashir al-Zahir. Name.

No documentation was provided for the given name, nor was the College able to find such.

His device has been registered under the holding name Christian of Sundragon.

Charles the Bull. Badge. Sable, on a Celtic cross argent a thistle proper.

Conflict with Keii Gerard de Courtenay, On a Celtic cross argent, a candle vert, lit proper. There is a CD for fieldlessness, but Charles' thistle is primarily vert, so there is not a second CD for changing only the type of the tertiary charge.

Dougal O’Sirideain. Device. Per saltire sable and gules, on a plate a Celtic cross conjoined to a Thor’s hammer gules.

The device technically violates rule XI.4, Arms of Pretense: "Armory that uses charges which themselves are charged in such a way as to appear to be arms of pretense is considered presumptuous. Period and modern heraldic practice asserts a claim to land or property by surmounting an individual's usual armory with a display of armory associated with that claim. Such arms of pretense are most commonly placed on an inescutcheon or lozenge, but may also appear on other geometric charges such as roundels, cartouches, etc. For this reason, such charges may not be charged in such a way as to suggest independent arms. Such charges may not contain an ordinary that terminates at the edge, or more than one charge." The device contains two charges on a roundel.

In addition the conjoining of the Celtic cross and the Thor's hammer made both charges hard to identify.

Egan Taitnyssagh Smilebringer. Name.

The name has several problems. First, the first byname is not really documented except as a modern Manx word. Second, the combination of Manx with Anglicized Irish, while registerable, is not generally found as a period practice. Third, and most importantly, the last byname does not really follow the cited examples of Norse bynames; it looks like something out of a modern fantasy novel. The submitter might consider the English byname Smiles, found as a header spelling in Reaney and Wilson.

His device was registered under the holding name Egan of Atenveldt.

Haleya Olofsdottir. Name.

Unfortunately for the submitter, Geirr Bassi does not actually say that all Old Norse male names can be feminized. His example of Helgi ~ Helga is especially irrelevant in this case since Helgi is a weak masculine and Háleygr is a strong one; that is, their declinations are quite different. Since none of our sources show a feminine form of Háleygr or a pattern of similar feminizations we have to return this.

The submitter should know that metronymics, like the submitted one (which would be grammatically correct as Ólöfardóttir), were extremely rare in the Viking culture. Essentially, a metronymic byname signifies not only a bastard but one whose father is not even known. She might consider the similar-sounding patronymic Óláfsdóttir instead.

Her device has been registered under the holding name Haley of Atenveldt.

Juliette de Deuxmont. Device. Argent, a compass rose sable within and conjoined to a mascle azure, in chief a sprig of holly vert, fructed gules.

The holly in chief is not in a blazonable position as it is neither fesswise nor is it chevronwise (which itself is not a position typically found in period armory). In addition, the conjoining of the mascle and the compass rose reduces the identifiability of both charges.

Katherine Bradon of Carlisle. Device. Argent, a spiderweb throughout azure charged with a spider sable, a bordure embattled azure ermined argent.

The spiderweb is unidentifiable as drawn. It does not match the examples of spiderwebs in Guillim's Display of Heraldry, nor does it match any standard depiction.

Seamus McDaid. Device. Per bend sinister argent and gules, a bend sinister cotised sable between an equal-armed Celtic cross and a trefoil counterchanged.

The device has an entire sable cotise on the gules field. As cotises are treated as a secondary charge group, this violates RfS VIII.2, Armorial Contrast.

Sean Holden. Device. Argent, a wooden guillotine proper bladed sable.

Guillotine-style machines are permissible in medieval forms, such as the Halifax Gibbet. This submission is of a modern guillotine, which did not exist until the mid-seventeenth century. In particular, we found no period examples using a slanted blade. The submitter should be informed that in no depiction of guillotine-style machines is the blade freestanding. All depictions showed the blade running along guides on each side.

Sean of the South. Device. Vert, on a pile argent a mullet of six points elongated to base vert.

Conflict with Nicholos of the Hill Folk, Vert, on a pile argent, a dragon rampant gules. There is only a single CD for multiple changes to the tertiary charges.


Alicia d'Avignon. Name change from Alicia of Greyhill.

This name conflicts with that of Alix d'Avignon, registered in July of 1985.

Geneviève de la Loire. Device. Vert, three estoiles Or.

Conflict with Alissende du Soleil Vert, three suns Or. There is a CD between suns and estoiles but not the substantial difference needed for X.2 (Difference of Primary Charges) to apply.

Iain Bán Menzies. Name.

The name has two moderately serious problems. First, the name Iain, while ruled SCA compatible, is not attested in period. Second, the name Menzies is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mèinnearach, so the submitted name as a whole mixes Gaelic and Anglicized orthographies. Neither of these problems would in itself be grounds for a return; however, the combination of the two makes this submission not acceptable.

Snæúlfrún Rauðúlfsdottir. Name.

Contrary to what the submitter thinks, -rún is not simply a feminine suffix. It is rather a deuterotheme meaning, roughly, 'secret'. Adding it to the compound name Snæúlfr would result in a three-part compound name, for which we do not have evidence.

We are left with two possibilities. We could change the name to Úlfrún Rauðúlfsdottir, keeping it a feminine name but changing the meaning. On the other hand, we could change it to Snæúlfr Rauðúlfsson, which would retain the meaning but change this to a male name. As neither of these changes would result in the meaning and gender the submitter is requesting we have to return this.


Calafia, Barony of. Order name The Order of the Serpent's Fang.

While fang was indeed used in period, it seems to have been applied only to canine animals. No new evidence was provided that a serpent's fang follows period patterns for order names — or even that it would have been a meaningful concept in period. We therefore have to deny the appeal.


Ulvar MacVanis. Device. Per pale purpure and vert, a wolf’s head couped and on a chief wavy argent three roses proper.

While we have been generally lenient about the way animal heads are couped, this particular rendition is too far from known period practices. In period heraldry, couping was generally drawn as a straight horizontal line, although there are some examples where the line is tilted. In this case the line was very carefully drawn to follow the shoulder line; it is bendwise at the top and palewise at the bottom. Therefore, we are returning this for violating RfS VIII.4.c, Natural Depiction.


Andrew of Theodford. Device. Or, a cross quadrate couped checky gules and azure within a bordure sable.

The device violates Rule VIII.2.b.iv, Contrast Requirements. A checky charge must have good contrast between the two tinctures. Furthermore, please instruct the submitter to draw the arms of the cross significantly longer; many members of the College of Arms were unable to identify the charge.

Brianna Baptista. Device. Gules, on a sun Or a decrescent sable, a bordure Or.

There are a number of conflicts, including Eleric Sønn Hvittann, Sable, on a sun Or an anvil sable, within a bordure Or, and Alwyn of Kittisford, Per saltire azure and gules, on a compass star Or a pellet and a bordure Or. In both cases there is a CD for the field, but not another one for changing the type only of the tertiary charges.

Caecilie Selig. Device. Purpure, a standing seraph proper winged and vested argent haloed Or.

Conflict with Angelica Winter of the Willows, Purpure, two standing seraphs and a willow tree eradicated argent. There is but a single CD for the number of primary charges. The combination of the device and the name Selig, blessed, is not presumptuous: there are many examples of the byname "blessed," and while a standing seraph is a religious symbol, it is not associated with either the cult of saints in general or with Saint Cecilia in particular.

Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross crosslet argent surmounted by a dragon’s head couped gules.

The dragon's head is barely overall which would be reason for return even if this badge had a field. Furthermore, as the badge is fieldless, it violates the current precedent banning overall charges on fieldless badges except in designs involving long skinny charges where the overlap is small. This has been in effect since the November 1992 LoAR.

Drogo of Axbridge. Device. Per saltire sable and gules, a sun in its splendor Or.

The device has multiple conflicts including Wendryn Townsend, Azure, a sun in glory Or, and the flag of Macedonia, Gules, a sun Or.

Iohann se pipere. Device. Sable, a musical note argent.

Current precedent disallows the registration of solitary abstract symbols.

Leopold von Heidelberg. Device. Or, an eagle displayed sable, a chief triangular gules.

The device has numerous real-world conflicts, for example, Germany, Or, an eagle displayed sable. There is only one CD for adding the chief.

Moira McKay. Device. Argent, a rose azure barbed and seeded Or between three hedgehogs sable.

Conflict with Alyanora of Vinca, Argent a periwinkle (vinca minor) proper. Periwinkles are bluish purple and by current precedent (see the September 1996 LoAR, pg. 17, s.n. Rosalyn MacGregor) they are not significantly different from either blue or purple roses. Therefore, there is only a single CD for the addition of the secondary charges.

Naadira an-Noor. Name.

The byname as submitted has serious problems. Nur appears to be a modern given name (in use, for instance, by the current Queen Mother of Jordan), but we could not find evidence of its use as a period byname. Also, Salahuddin Ahmed's A Dictionary of Muslim Names, notes that al-Noor 'the Light' is one of the names of Allah, so the name appears to be presumptuous as well.

On the other hand, there is a masculine byname al-Nuri in Da'ud ibn Auda's Arabic Names List. While this byname is derived from the city of Nur and not the meaning 'light', the submitter might want to consider the feminine form al-Nuriyya.

Robert Juste. Device. Per fess embattled argent and sable, in base a standing balance Or.

Conflict with the badge for Elena Anatolievna Pavlova, A standing balance Or. As Elena's badge is fieldless, there is not a CD for the position on the field. Thus there is only a single CD for fieldlessness.

Roderick Zweisterne. Name.

No evidence was provided of a cultural contact that would justify an English/Swiss mixed name. Since the submitter did not provide copies of the S. Gabriel letter we decline to say anything definite about the suitability of the byname.

His device has been registered under the holding name Roderick of Glaedenfeld.

Sile Linet O'Loughlin. Household name Dragon's Bower.

No evidence was provided that this is a reasonable construction for the name of an inn, or any other organized group of people.


Agnes van Kouwenhoven. Name.

The byname was dated to 1652, which is beyond our gray area. While van Berkel and Samplonius, Nederlandse plaatsnamen, mention the place name Coudenhove in 1585, the submitter requested an authentic German name, more specifically one from Saxony. We are therefore reluctant to give her a Dutch one.

Fasach Mor, Canton of. Name.

No petition of support was included with the submission. Also, the submitter might want to know that the name means 'Great Meadow'; fasach is both a masculine noun meaning 'field' and a feminine noun meaning 'wilderness'. To get the intended meaning 'Great Wilderness' one would have to use the feminine fasach and therefore also a feminine form of the adjective. This would give Fasach Mhor as the name with the desired meaning.

Gleann Iaruinn, Canton of. Device. Per chevron inverted gules and sable, a chevron inverted between two laurel wreaths Or.

No petition of support was included with this submission.

Peter Trevor. Device. Per bend sinister bevilled azure and argent.

Bends and per bend field divisions should be bevilled along the pale line or along the opposite bend direction (bend sinister for a bend line or bend for a bend sinister line), not along the fess line. The August 1992 LoAR cover letter explains in detail the lines of division that match period practice.

Stephana Relicta le Clark. Device. Or, three piles in point, the center one charged with a comet Or.

No paperwork was included for the device.


Adam Stedefast. Device. Per chevron azure and sable, a phoenix Or rising from flames proper issuant from the line of division and a rose argent.

The flames should not extend along the entire line of division, but should be only under the phoenix's body and slightly beyond. By extending to the edge, the flames appear to be a chevron of flame, which is not allowed. In addition, while not a reason for return, the per chevron line should extend higher onto the field.

Daniel Archer the Bear. Device. Per pale Or and vert, a bear sable and a lion Or combatant within a bordure embattled counterchanged.

The addition of a bordure does not remove the appearance of marshalling, as required in RfS XI.3. Because the bordure is counterchanged the coat is a legitimate impalement of Or, a bear rampant contourny sable within a bordure embattled vert and Vert, a lion rampant within a bordure embattled Or. The embattling does somewhat reduce this appearance, but, as complex bordures were used for cadency on quartered arms, we believe that embattling the bordure is insufficient to remove the appearce of marshalling for impaled arms as well.

Gabriela Silvana. Device. Vert, a tree blasted and eradicated argent, a chief doubly enarched checky purpure and argent.

Conflict with Ioseph of Locksley, Vert, a tree eradicated argent. There is no CD between a tree eradicated and a tree blasted and eradicated, as noted in the August 1994 LoAR (Ælfwine Akeworthe, p. 18). This is because there are period depictions of trees with only a few leaves. Therefore, there is but a single CD for the addition of the chief.



Artemisia da Quieto d’Arzenta. Device. Per saltire purpure and sable, a legless dragon tergiant head to sinister and in chief three mullets argent.

The name was pended until October 2000; therefore, the device is also pended until that date. Please ask the submitter to draw the dragon flatter and less three-dimensional.


Niccolo di Francesco. Device. Per pale vert and sable, a cross of Jerusalem argent, on a chief Or three bunches of grapes purpure.

The letter of intent blazoned the grapes as vert, therefore this is pended until December 2000 to allow conflict checking. We also ask the College for discussion as to whether the bunches of grapes are recognizable as such.

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