12th Century Scottish Women's Names
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12th Century Scottish Women's Names

by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn (Heather Rose Jones)
(Heather Rose Jones, contact@heatherrosejones.com)

Fortunately someone has done some of the work of extracting the feminine names from the data. Women's given names in George Black, Surnames of Scotland, from the 12th century include:
  • Aeschine 1160, Eschina 1170
  • Cicilia 1158
  • Deredere 1166 (i.e. "Deirdre")
  • Ede 1160
  • Florie 1190
  • Godit c.1200
  • Hextilda 12th c.
  • Muriel 1174
  • Orabilia 1200, Orabilis 1199
I'm not suggesting that these were the only names in use then, but we have the perenial problem of women's names being only rarely recorded.