OSCAR Acceptable Use Policy

OSCAR Acceptable Use Policy - Violation of this use policy is grounds for revocation of any and all privileges.

  • Keep all commentary and other non-publicly displayed information here in confidence. Commentary, even if overwhelmingly positive or negative, is not the final decision.

    Relatedly, do not share your password or account with others.

  • Do not share any commentary elsewhere without the permission of the author. With explicit permission of the sovereigns (Laurel level) or the submissions herald (kingdom level), you may share information without revealing the author of the comments. Violating either of these two items is grounds for permanent removal of OSCAR privileges.
  • OSCAR is for providing commentary to the Sovereigns of Arms (Letters of Intent) and to the kingdom submissions heralds (Kingdom Letters of Intent) to aid them in making decisions on submissions and proposed rules changes. Please stay on topic.
  • Relatedly, be aware that Letters of Intent are not educational documents. Laurel level commentary is not a place to ask basic questions.

    Kingdoms may choose the extent to which internal (kingdom-level) letters are used for educational purposes, but in general basic questions should be asked in other locations.

  • Be nice. Not being nice will get your account moderated and/or locked.

    The SCA’s policy on Harassment and Bullying  applies on OSCAR equally as it does at events, practices, and online locations.

    In particular, ad hominem attacks and insults towards other commenters will not be tolerated.  Similarly, attacks against submitters are not allowed - we cannot assume intent, even though impact is more important than intent.

  • Be aware that, in discussing possible offensiveness of names and/or armory, it is likely that offensive terms will come up. As long as they are relevant to the specific point and not directed at individual people involved in the submission or commentary, this is acceptable.
  • Read over the Admin Handbook, section VII, especially VII.E, for more guidance on commentary.
  • Accounts should be created under your personal information and retained across all offices you may hold.

    If you change position, please do not change accounts. Your title and permissions can be changed by your PH or Laurel, and OSCAR retains historical data -- if Sally is Green Kumquat herald, the Green Kumquat LoCs will always remain labeled as from Green Kumquat, even if Sally becomes Blue Aardvark Herald in the future.

  • Please DO NOT use your heraldic title as your username unless it is your permanent Herald Extraordinary title.
  • Again, for clarity, no accounts for offices.