SCA College of Arms - Precedents

Precedents of the SCA College of Arms

Important decisions of the College of Arms are have been organized by time-period and topic, for quick reference. In recent years, these mainly have to do with submissions processing. All the collections that have been compiled are available in hardcopy form from Free Trumpet Press West.

These articles commonly make use of a special notation to represent characters outside the typical English alphabet and US-ASCII encoding. This notation is called Da'ud Notation, after its developer, Da'ud ibn Auda.

Newer rulings have not yet been indexed. In the meantime, they and older rulings can be searched using the search box on the Morsulus website:


The College's standards have changed dramatically over time. Newer rulings override old ones, so past precedents do not necessarily indicate the current policies and practices of the College.

Collections of Precedents: